Katie Holmes and Suri Grab a Sweet Treat

10/15/2008 at 08:00 AM ET

Have spoon, will travel! Katie Holmes treats her little sweetie to a sweet treat — ice cream! — during an outing with 2 ½-year-old daughter Suri in New York City.

See more photos of Tom, Suri, and Katie in our Holmes-Cruise Family Gallery! Want to discuss when kids should be allowed to dress themselves? Check out this week’s CBB Reader Sound Off.

Suri wears Juicy Couture’s Miniheart Print Dress ($102).

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Michelle Z. on

I don’t usually comment on stuff like this, because parents are entitled to do things their own way…but I really wish they’d trim her bangs or use a hair band or clippie or something.

How cute is it that their bodyguard is carrying the stuffed animals?

Bethy on

Katie looks really cute in this picture. I like her outfit, and she doesn’t look so tired or distracted. Little Suri looks like she’s having a big time with Mom!

Léa on

Suri is cute… and I don’t like the fact her parents dress her in so expensive clothes. She does not need that, she is too young, and when you think children of her age die every second because the lack money..
*anyway i love her green eyes !

sigh on

Red is their best color. They both look great in it.

kaya on

Oh come on, how much money do they make per movie? how much does their appartment cost? how much for the bodyguard? how many $2000 purses, shoes, jeans… does Katie own? But it’s ridiculous that they’re spending so much on Suri’s dresses? I agree that she’s ‘overdressed’, but seriously… they have PRIVATE PLANES. why are you even surprised??

Anyway, Suri’s really cute!

Noelle on

Suri looks like she is dreaming while she’s walking. It’s cute….

That said, I don’t understand why people have to go on about Suri’s (or any other child’s) expensive clothes. Parents work hard enough for it and they (just like us) are entitled to buying their child everything they want and can afford. I would the same. What’s the point of money if you can’t spend it…. You can’t take it with you when you die. And it’s unfair for us to expect rich people to donate all their money to charity. I’m sure they do enough as it is.

SH on

Lea – You can SEE her green eyes?
That child needs a TRIM! Katie probably gets her own hair attented to on a weekly basis…take care of your daughters as well!

Emily on

Her hair does seem to be in her eyes….I’d think for safety sake they’d pin it or something….
I’m with Lea….it seems the girl is ALWAYS in dresses and ALWAYS in REALLY expensive ones at that. I kinda feel she’s their doll to show off…dress her up to show her off. I mean, I dress my kids up sometimes to show them off, but not in velvety dresses and designer shoes.
Oh well. To each his own. If I had the money, maybe I’d be like that (doubt it…but hell, I’ll never know).

Léa on

@ Sh : lol no I can’t see her green eyes but everytime i see a close up of her face I thinks she has amazing eyes !

and I agree with Emily you can find so many beautiful outfits for children I just can’t understand what they want to dress her in designer clothes… even if they have the money what is the interest of doing this ? she is cute and would be cute even with “regular” clothes !

Elizabeth on

Emily stated exactly what I came on here to post. I just can’t understand why they feel the need to ALWAYS dress the poor child in thses fancy designer dresses. Why not dress her in some jeans and a tshirt so she can romp around and play in the dirt. She’d still be just as cute in a pair of pants. I swear its like they’re trying to show her off 24/7, kind of reminding me of beauty pageant mothers.

phoebe on

I don’t think it’s even a cause for debate at this point, that child NEEDS her fringe cut! When she’s older, she might choose to have a long fringe as a fashion statement, but toddlers don’t care about that stuff, they aren’t even aware of it! Please, someone cut that poor child’s hair! It must irritate her as well as impair her vision!

I also would like to see Suri in ‘normal’ clothes. Sure, daddy has a tonne of money and mummy is a big earner in her own right, but as Suri gets older, it would be nice to think that she would understand the value of things in terms of how not every child can walk around in hundreds of pounds worth of clothes all the time. Of course, we don’t know that Suri isn’t dressed ‘normally’ sometimes, but my issue is not so much with the clothes, but more so with the fact that expensive things may give a child the wrong message as he or she grows up. A child like Suri will want for nothing as she or he grows, but IMO, it doesn’t mean they should expect it because mum and dad have the means to give it to them.

I don’t mean to suggest that Katie and Tom are raising Suri like that, I just hope that she does learn the value of things, despite the enormous wealth of her family.

SH on

I really have no issues with Suri’s clothes…if they want to dress her like a doll or treat her like a princess then fine, that’s their perogative and their business….BUT – it just FLOORS me that they would let Suri walk around in all of her expensive clothes and custom shoes with her bangs COMPLETELY COVERING her eyes…no offense, but her hair looks like she’s a homeless kid and she has a 100 dollar dress on! Insane!

Brandi on

Maybe Suri just likes to wear dresses. They can afford to replace them when she ruins them playing, so let her wear what she likes.

Jane on

I don’t know why, but it kind of bothers me that the bodyguard ends up having to carry the doll. It just doesn’t sit well with me. I see the need for the bodyguard, but I think it would teach Suri more of a sense of human equality to not have the bodyguard do that. Many parents easily carry a bag to put the supplies in. I get upset seeing people have other people carry their bags, purses, etc- things that truly they should do (especially if they are in a paid service position.. unlike a family member, etc). And I think this kind of things teaches children (in subtle ways) that they may be
“better” than someone else.

Hea on

Suri is so gorgeous!

I can’t, however, figure out if that’s a male or female bodyguard? Oh well, it’s not important.

brooke on

I have no issues with suri or any celebrity child dressing in an expensive clothes. Their parents make way more money than the average person does, so their overall lifestyle including their homes, traveling, clothes, etc is gonna be different than average children. I love juicy couture for kids and I’m not even as rich as tom and katie. I dress myself well, why would my kids be any different. Suri and salma’s daughter valentina are two of the best dressed ittle girls IMO. I rather see girls dressed up girly in pretty dresses, than unmatched clothes, messy hair, etc, kids that look messy are a no no for me. It’s celebrities money, they can do as they please with it, and $102 for a dress is nothing for someone as rich as them. As for suri she is one of the most beautiful children.

Bethy on

Suri may have all these designer clothes given to her from the designers/clothing stores/etc. Who says Katie and Tom buy them for her? With all the publicity that they get, it’s a big advertisement when Suri wears a specific brand name. How many times have we seen on this website people saying “Oh I love Suri’s outfit…anybody know the name? I want that for my daughter.” Just a thought….

Lisa on

It funny how we see Tom and Katie in jeans all the time but never Suri for some reason? I would think that she would love to wear jeans just like her Mommy does?

As far as Suri’s bangs, I wonder if she is pushing them out of her eyes yet? I would think that soon she won’t be able to see too well and start to get annoyed with them. Heck, I get annoyed when my bangs are too long and I am an adult! ha haaaa

I would think here in the next week or so, she will have “something” done because her hair seems to grow pretty fast. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Stacey on

I don’t see it, I think all kids are cute, but I just don’t see her as the most beautiful child in the world…Kingston is a cutie. This one kinda looks goofy.

michelle on

I have a 3 1/2 year old little girl who is very much a tom boy. She wears comfortable clothes because she loves to run and play outside. That being said, she can easily do the same in a dress when on the rare occasion that she wears one. All children have different tastes and I would imagine that many little girls love to wear little dresses. I think that their little girl is adorable and that the true indicator of what type of parent you are has nothing to do with what the cost of your child’s clothing.

Elle on

My daughter is 2 1/2, she loves wearing dresses and despises jeans. I was the same way when I was little, I found them uncomfortable. Maybe Suri simply likes wearing dresses, they are fun, cute, comfortable and she’s a little girl. I would much rather see a 2 year old in a dress than a 2 year old in skinny jeans.

UggaMugga.com on

Suri’s dress is made of cotton…I’m sure she’s quite comfortable. And I don’t see the price being an issue…and only with Suri. Violet Affleck wears Juicy Couture on a daily basis and no one seems to have an issue…I’m tired of the double standards.

And as for the price, how many parents spend $30 on a pair of jeans for their child, $30 for a shirt, and $30 for a sweater…that adds up to an outfit just as expensive.

Susan on

Get that kid some jeans and a sweatshirt! Let her run around and get dirty. I don’t question their parenting style (I don’t agree with many of their views, but Suri is there child and she is clearly well cared for) but all kids need clothes that can get ripped, torn and dirty at the playground.

ruthella on

It would never even occur to me to mention Suri’s fringe! Maybe because I’m too busy admiring her BEAUTIFUL outfits… She is one gorgeously dressed toddler!

As Bethy said, it’s very likely that Suri gets sent a lot of clothes by designers. But even if she didn’t, who can blame Katie for spoiling her little Princess?

I spend quite a lot on my daughter’s clothes; I can’t stretch to the Armani but I love Juicy Couture (for both of us). I admit it’s more for my benefit than hers at the moment but what harm does it do?

Relatively speaking, I probably spend a far greater percentage of our household income on clothes than Tom and Katie, and no-one I know criticises me for it!

We see Katie spending lots of time with Suri, and to me, that is far more important than how much she spends on her wardrobe🙂

Gina on

It’s cool and all that she likes her dresses but my complaint is that the people all around her in these photos are dressed much “warmer”. Her own mom (and bodyguard) has on pants and a long sleeve shirt. Shouldn’t she at least have a jacket on…

Marie on

some comments are way to critical! Suri may have just handed the toy to the person she also trusts! They have security for her and she does not know that! She just knows the familiar face! Cutting hair leaves lasting memories!If she crys when her hair is being trimmed, they may have deceided it was not worth the fear and tears associated with the cutting! And they do it when they think its best for her! We dont know! Leave them alone about thier care of her! I bet they believe as we all do, that we do whats best for our kids!

Denise on

She’s so adorable, no matter what she’s wearing. Suri looks like a girly-girl so she probably enjoys wearing dresses more than jeans. Some little girls are like that. I was as a small child, however, nowadays I rarely wear dresses.

And over the haircut debate…perhaps Suri doesn’t like getting her hair cut. Not many toddlers will sit still for a haircut. Romeo Beckham was the exact same. He had long hair for years because he didn’t like getting his hair cut. Also, most toddlers pull clips and bobbles out of their hair so Katie maybe doesn’t bother with them because she knows Suri wont wear them.

However, I don’t really care whether she’s wearing an expensive dress or not…she’s still a beautiful little girl.

Jen1 on

So adorable. Lovely pic of Suri and Katie!

re: her clothes. I really don’t understand the problem here. Are these clothes made specifically for Suri? With the exception of those red buckle-flats she has, all of her clothes are from some children’s line. Certainly, they are all couture, but it’s not like she’s the only one who’s wearing it. These designers wouldn’t just create a line of clothes for Suri. Other parents are buying it too, otherwise it wouldn’t be worth the companies’ time, marketing, etc. If non-celebrity families are buying these outfits, why can’t the Cruises? Look at how Isabella and Connor dress. They have their own style. So will Suri.

AP on

Come on people…no one ever comments on the expensive clothing Violet Affleck wears…and she is in expensive clothing a lot, it just isn’t as dressy as Suri’s. Violet has been shown on this website wearing Marc Jacobs and other outfits that cost more than $100.00.

Sarah on

Good grief!! I’m glad everyone here is so perfect!

So much for not insulting the celebrities! Every time there is a post with Suri Cruise, Katie Holmes’ judgment is insulted left and right. Why not just delete the rules? I’m not even a fan of her or Tom Cruise, but I’m so tired of people hiding behind their computers and the beating up on her or anyone who does anything slightly outside the norm.

Kate on

I think my concern with the Cruises isn’t just that they dress Suri in expensive clothes, but it seems as if their entire lifestyle is very.. excessive, for lack of a better word. Yes, they are famous & wealthy, but there are a lot of other celebrities who are just as famous & wealthy, & they don’t seem to go around with a gaggle of bodyguards, armored SUVs, etc. It all creates a certain image of superiority. One can still be famous without all the trappings that the Cruises seem to enjoy so much. I sometimes wonder if the paps would leave them alone if they’d just act more “normal”, just as many other celebrity parents do.

cindy on

I don’t understand what the problem is with dressing her up very girly all the time. I never ever wore a pair of pants when I was a little girl, nor did I want to. I loved being in dresses, tights, girlie shoes, and bows. I didn’t own tennis shoes until I was maybe 10? For those who want her to “run around and get dirty,” not all little girls like that, fyi. I never ever ran around and wanted to bike, climb trees, etc. I was a very girly girl. Not sure why everyone has to stick their nose into her business.

Alyssa on

Give me some scissors! I’m gonna cut those bangs!

Lily on

Can you say nit picky?

You’re allowed to dress your child in whatever you like; allow them to do the same. Sure, I wouldn’t if I had a daughter but I also don’t have the money they have to do so. Suri always seems comfortable and essentially, that’s all that counts.

And making comments on things such as trivial as the length of her bangs is just pathetic. As mom to two kids, ages 6 and 16 months, you try getting them to sit still long enough to cut hair. Both boys have long hair (oh, the nerve of me) and they’ve never had a problem with it.

I’m not even a fan of Tom and Katie but man, they can never win when it comes to how they raise Suri. I’m happy to see they’re being judged by perfect individuals.

Michelle on

First off, I think Suri is one of the cutest celeb babies out there. She looks adorable in all her pictures.

Secondly, re: the hair thing — maybe they’re thinking of growing out her bangs. Or like some posters said, maybe cutting it is a really big ordeal. But I do agree it’s not good to let the hair hang in the eyes. I’m sure they could get a cute headband or hair clips.

As for her clothes — she always looks cute and if they want to dress her up, that’s their business. What’s funny is recently there was a pic of Angelina w/ her four oldest and there were so many comments on why they didn’t look dressed up and the clothes weren’t fancy enough, blah, blah, blah So I think either way someone is going to complain.

And re: the bodyguard. It seems a little stange he’s holding the doll, but I guess as long as he doesn’t care. The one celeb habit I can’t stand is the personal umbrella holders. I mean, come on!

OK — that’s my rant for today. 🙂

Sarah on

these people can’t win. last week violet was wearing an outfit priced at $120, yet no one mentioned anything about the price. suri wears a dress the same price and her parents are accused of parading her around like a pageant girl. double standards much? her parents are rich and are going to spend their money as they see fit. get over it.

Alicia on

My favorite comments are the ones where they use the word “normal clothes.”
What’s normal for one person isn’t normal for another. Isn’t that what makes our world diverse and the comments ashame?
Some moms shop at Target, some Gap, some Janie & Jack, some boutiques(like one I use to work in)and some at the Goodwill.
I’m so not a Tom & Katie fan, but stop the nitpicking about what they girl where wears. There are children in this world who do dress like this everyday and for them its normal and thats fine.
Just because your normal is different doesn’t mean you have the right to pass judgement. Spend your time instead doing something to assist the children in this world who have nothing to wear.

Bb on

meh…they are probably just growing her bangs out and can’t get her to keep clips in right now.
What a beautiful little girl.

Des on

I think she looks cute! My little girl wears dresses a lot too. So do I. They are far more comfortable than jeans (although I like jeans too!)

I’m LOL that someone said long bangs are a safety issue? Seriously? Maybe the kid hates haircuts. Both of my kids do. My daughter even hates clippies or anything in her hair. If it bugged her that much, she would push it out of the way.

J on

Perhaps Suri asked the bodyguard to hold her doll. I’ve been around a lot of kids who from time to time who give you a “gift” of their doll or bear, etc and make you hold it for a while. When you tried to put it down or give it to the child’s friend or family member, they shout, “No!” and make you hold keep holding it.

Laura on

I agree that they shouldn’t dress her in designer clothes but my neighbor is alittle older then she is and she loves to wear dresses and skirts. you hardly every see her in jeans.

tyla on

I like Suri’s clothes, but I totally see where some of you are coming from. All children should be taught the value of money and nice things and the sad thing is that sometimes this is the one thing that is forgotten in households with a lot of money, where children are used to parents dropping hundreds of dollars on clothes and other things without a second thought. This might not be the case with Suri, I just suspect this is why people are a little irked when all Suri is in is designer stuff. I love the way they dress her, she looks very cute, so to make it clear, I am not commenting on the clothes themselves. It’s just that it’s nice sometimes to see well-off children in less expensive clothes because it does impart a sense of value in them. I have the means to dress my son in more expensive clothes than I sometimes do, but I choose to vary his wardrobe because I want him to realise that he is the same as all the other children in his class, whether they have more or less money than his mommy and daddy. I don’t want him valuing himself or his friends on financial terms. I’m not saying for a moment that TomKat are raising their little kitten in a way that will make her feel more or less valued than her little buddies when she goes to school, this is simply why I choose to do this with my son, and why I understand why others see a point of debate in Suri’s wardrobe!

gargoylegurl on

Why are Tom and Katie – or any other rich person for that matter – obligated to donate to charity? Someone above alluded that Suri shouldn’t be wearing the clothes she has on because of the starving & dying children in the world. It doesn’t matter what income we make, most people on this site (myself included) could probably do without a lot of the stuff we buy and donate more to charity. It’s not just the responsibility of the “wealthy.”

Suri looks healthy and happy, I think her hair and clothes are trivial in the scheme of things!

Gina on

I wish someone would comment that she is strolling around NewYork in chilly weather without a jacket instead of ripping on her cute dresses.

Andrea on

Is it me, or does Katie look a little preggo?

Jay on

If nothing else…reading these comments have been entertaining. LOL And people are really serious about how the Cruises should spend their money and how they raise their daughter. Hilarious…LOL!!!!

phoebe on

Okay, to those who have been rude about people expressing an opinion again, people are allowed to agree or disagree on this site, sometimes that gets forgotten, please don’t be rude and/or sarcastic simply because you don’t agree with someone, there’s no need. Secondly, I still personally believe that Suri looks very sweet, but that Tyla was bang on point with her (or his??) post. It was what I meant, but that post said it better! Essentially, I feel that as long as Suri grows up to understand how lucky she is financially, then it doesn’t really matter how much money her mum and dad spend on her now. And I don’t think always dressing her up means she isn’t allowed to play in the dirt, there were pictures of her playing in the park after all.

Kerri on

Kate, I’d agree — excessive. It’s kind of off putting because Katie never seemed like that prior to Tom Cruise.

There just seems to be such an emphasis on making this little girl a fashionista.

Bancie1031 on

IMO no Katie Holmes doesn’t look pregnant.
SO what if they spent a $1,000 on Suri an outfit, if I had the money I would also.
I agree that Suri needs a trim, but for all we know their trying to grow out her bangs. ….. either way I do wish that they would get it out of her eyes!
AM I the only one it bother’s to see mommy and bodyguard in blue jeans and long sleeve shirts but Suri just in a dress? If it’s cold enough outside for you (and Your bodyguard) not only to wear blue jeans but a long sleeve shirt put more clothes on your small child that can’t hold their body temperature as well as adults.

Léa on

I think a debate is on the road so, I’ll just explain my point of view a bit better :

Suri is really cute and her parents can aford children dresses as expensive as suri wears.

The point is I don’t really see how little Suri will be able to know the value of things if she has been used so young to wear expensive things, dirt them or throw them away, to eventually buy others.

Maybe this is not the way Tom & Katie want to raise them, and it is their choice !

I just said I would not do it, but I’m not them !

Ashleigh on

Who cares how much her dress it. I dress my child in all Gymboree and baby gap, also alot of polo stuff… And to Katie I bet spending $100 a dress is like me spending $30 on a shirt. I don’t understand why anyone cares what they do with their $$.

Gelareh on

I dont understand whats the big deal with Suri’s cloths. Kingston is always dressed fashionably and everybody loves it. Just because Suri is a girl and dressing up means “skirts” and “dresses” everybody says they’re making her uncomfortable.

I personally won’t spend much money on a kid’s cloths because they grow out of it so fast, but I would if I had the money.

Suri looks cuter everyday…. red is definitely her color!

Kim on

I agree with most comments here saying its a bit ridiculous to dress her up in fancy dresses all the time, I don’t know if the money side matters as you can get pretty fancy dresses for cheap, like what child doesn’t get all grubby and dirty and things? Wouldn’t it be easier to dress her in pants or shorts and tshirts that are more practical? Its like she’s a little doll to play dressups or something. Also, surely walking in those shiny gold shoes she wears all the time wouldn’t be comfy. Ever heard of wearing joggers/runners for kids? If they treat her like a little princess shell grow up to act like one (e.g. Paris Hilton)

Sasha on

Lol, it sounds like people will feel so vindicated if Suri grows up to renounce all worldly possessions and becomes a great fighter of poverty in the world. And I bet her parents would be quite proud!

CelebBabyLover on

Bancie- Did it ever occur to you that:

1. Suri doesn’t want to wear a coat.

2. Katie is one of those people who feels cold all the time, hence her being bundled up (there have also been pictures of her in jeans and a sweater in the middle of summer!).

3. Katie is bundled up because, like most celebs, she wants to make a fashion statement.

4. Some combination of the above is the case.

Anna on

oh my word!

i think suri is darling and that’s all i have to say.🙂

Micaki on

Suri needs a haircut.
It’s weird they dress her in expensive clothes but fail to do proper grooming & upkeep on her hair.
It looks tacky.
If the excuse is they are letting it grow out then they should put it up in barrettes or a hairband.
We know she wears hair clips or rubber bands as we have saw her hair in pigtails lately, so the excuse about her not keeping things in her hair is lame.

Alicia on

How do you know what happens to her dresses?? Dirties them, throws them away???
Your assumptions are silly. For all you know they could quietly donate them to charity but even if they remain in a closet it still has no bearing on learning the value of things. That can be taught with a $1.00 t- shirt or a $100 dress.

DLR on

My goodness, why the attention on whether Suri is wearing “too fancy” or “too expensive” clothes for a 2 1/2 year old? Look at who her father is. If they want to spend $2000 on an outfit for her then good on them it is their money, not ours. Can’t we just focus on the fact no matter what people think of her parents or that she isn’t wearing “regular clothes,” Suri is one stunning child! So cute and pretty, and that is a really nice colour of red for her.

lizzielui on

It has been in the high seventies and a bit humid in NYC all week. No need for a coat at all or jacket at all. In fact, we turned our A/C on because it was kind of warm in the house. Anyone who is walking the streets bundled up either gets cold very easily or is making a fashion statement.

Georgia may on

I don’t usually comment on this family because I don’t really care for them. As far as the hair thing, my daughter is a month younger than Suri and she has some sensory issues and will not let anyone cut her bangs!! I can sneak a barrette for a little while but as soon as she realizes it’s there, she pulls it out. It drives me crazy!! Maybe Suri has some issues with her hair right now…

LanLan on

Suri’s clothes are usually really nice but I agree that Katie should give it a rest sometimes. Though who knows, maybe its SURI who insists on wearing these fancy dresses (so that she can look like a princess lol). Sadly I have always got the impression that Suri is terribly spoilt, it’s bad enough now but if she is spoilt when she gets older there is nothing more detestable than a spoilt brat, whether their parents are famous or not. I just hope for her sake her parents will instil upon her that there things that are priceless and she is very lucky compared to much of the world. It would be such a shame if she ends up like one of those brats on ‘super sweet 16’.

Nichole on

What a beautiful picture of Mom and Daughter! Suri is gorgous! I’m thinking that maybe Katie is having Suri’s bangs grown out? It’s possible that she doesnt put pins in her hair because Suri pulls them out..and at this age,she may still put objects in her mouth…resulting in choking. I see nothing wrong with her clothing,her bodyguards or her hair. Just a nice picture of Mom and Daughter:)

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