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10/15/2008 at 03:15 PM ET
Danielle Friedland

The questions are closed now, thank you for your contributions!

Once again, we’ll be interviewing Alison Sweeney, 31, the busiest pregnant lady in showbiz, as she gets ready for the arrival of her and husband Dave Sanov‘s baby girl, due to arrive January 20th. This time we’re opening up questions to CBB readers! Post your questions for the Days of Our Lives and Biggest Loser star!

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Stéph on

Can she tell us name ideas that they have for their daughter? Or the name they have chosen?

How many kids they would to have?

J Hark on

Alison, how do your costars treat you when you are pregnant, are they more delicate around you?

phoebe on

I would like to know, when the cloning process is totally perfected, could I have some of little Ben’s DNA? Because he’s so cute and I would like one of my own lol. Seriously though, please tell Alison how gorgeous she is looking and how we can’t wait to see her no doubt equally beautiful little girl!

@ndie on

please ask if she appeared in “a baby story” when she had ben?

keeper of ej's eyes on

will sami and ej ever get together,if not i’ll stop watching.

Emily Jones on

Hey Ali!

I’ve been watching Days for almost 15 years now, and Sami has always been my favorite character! Just wondering, with the current storyline of EJ getting both Nicole and Sami pregnant..was this long planned? Or did the writers write in your pregnancy as you had said you hoped the would? Also, is the actress who plays Nicole pregnant in reality as well?
Also…are you disappointed that you will miss the end of Biggest Loser while you are on Maternity Leave? I think you mentioned before that you were going to be replaced for a few episodes at the end…
Thanks Ali! Good luck, and congrats on your little girl!

Desiree on

Hi Alison! I am 25 years old and I have been a huge fan of yours and Days ever since I was about 12 years old… I would like to know if you can give us any hints on how “Sami” will be written off the show for however long you decide to go on maternity leave??

P.S. – Lucas & Sami FOREVER!!🙂

J on

I’d like to know how they found out the sex of the baby so early in the prgnancy and how they’ll feel if they were wrong about the sex.

Amy on

I am curious if you will have a nanny once your daughter is born? I have a son about the same age as yours (also named Ben) and would like another baby but am afraid of the sleepless nights again…so I’m curious how you plan on taking care of your toddler and newborn while working but also manage to take care of yourself?

Andrea on

What is her name going to be?

Janice V. on

First of all, congratulations! I have watched you on Days for at least 15 years and have become totally addicted to the show to say the least. Your character is definitely my favorite…she always has that certain edge. How do you find the energy to do everthing that you do? You never look tired or unhappy etc. What is your secret?

J.J. on

First off, congratulations on your baby girl! But I would like to know if motherhood has changed you in anyway. Also, how’s Ben feeling about his baby sister coming? Hope he’s soo excited! And also, how do you feel about the transition of going from one to two? Do you think it would be challenging, simple, or not much of a transition?

Kim on

When will Sami tell EJ she is pregnant?

terry loves Molly and Shelley on

Hey Ali

Will EJ and Sami get back together. I hope so, your chemistry with James is amazing.

Also could you tell Molly Burnett and Shelley Hennig, that i am their #1 fan.

D on

I have a couple of questions.

If you could go back in time and meet your younger self, knowing what you know now and having experienced what you have experienced, what advice would you give little Alison?

What is the most inspiring aspect of the EJ and Sami storyline for you? Is there any hope of them getting together in the near future and sorting out there issues together while raising a family?

As a fan of Sami’s, how would you like to see her evolve?

What is the one thing in life that you are truly passionate and inspired about? How does it affect your daily life?

What is the one most essential value, philosophy or tradition that you want to pass on to Ben and his sister?

Elaina on

are you going to be on biggest loser 7?

Karlye Sills on

Do you have any names that you are considering for your baby girl?

Christine on

How do you balance your life with DOOL, The Biggest Loser and, of course, being Ben’s Mommy?
What does your schedule look like? A day in the life of Alison…?

Do you ask Jillian and Bob for health and nutrition advise?

What is your favouite healthy food? Favourite junk food?
What’s your favourite way to stay healthy/mode of exersise?

Will you host the next season of The Biggest Loser?

dawn on

Hi alison

your baby is due on my birthday january 20th (I’ll be turning 31 eeek!) that is so awesome!

I just want to wish you and happy,healthy stress free pregnancy.

how do you keep up with all the things you do? I can barely find the energy to run my errands on a daily basis.

dorothy on

I just wanted to say congrats on your pregnancy. I also wanted to ask you how you balance all the things you do and always look refreshed? I have watched Days for 23 years and have watched you grow into the beautiful young lady you are. Lets hope Days will be on for another 23 years. So good luck to you in all you do.(ej & Sami Forever)

Angela on

If you could have any job other than the ones that you have now, what would it be?

Christine on

Um how did you and your husband meet each other, I LOVE hearing about couples.

brooke on

Do you want anymore children or is two kids enough for your husband and you.

Kristen on

My first question for Alison is: DId you have any say in how the writers were going to write your pregnancy into the show? Also, any idea on what will happen when you go on maternity leave? (Stan was very creative last time!)

My other question is: The cameras usually only show you on The Biggest Loser at temptations, challenges, and the weigh-ins. Are you on campus a lot more and they cameras don’t show it? About how many times a week do you have to go and film?

Congratulations and good luck with the new little one and Ben too :0)

Dave H. on

Are you planning to use American Sign Language to talk to the baby? I am deaf, and I was wondering about it. Dave

Kristen on

Does someone cook for the contestants on The Biggest Loser or do they do it themselves? If so, are they shown the proper ways of cooking and eating healthy? Do they go food shopping or help get to choose what kind of food gets brought in?

Patricia Prior on

Ali,I feel I have known you thru your late teens and young womanhood. It seems I have watched Days forever and I have to say I am so proud of you and the type of human being you’ve become not to mention your great acting skills. My question is when you’re moderating The Biggest Loser, what do you do to keep from tearing up when someone has to leave? It gets pretty emotional and by the look on your face, you’ve come pretty close.

Jamie on

Congrats on the new baby🙂

I have been watching Days since I was 8 (turning 31 in December) I am a huge fan and you are my favorite on the show. I must say the EJ/Sami/Nicole storyline is dragging too long even for daytime. I miss the scheming fighting Sami. She never would have let Nicole take her man in prior years. Very unSamilike. I truly hope they wrap more of this up soon and that your character ends up with EJ. Who would you prefer to end up with? Do you agree that the plot is getting a little off and convoluted?

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