Rapper T.I. Wants Children Raised Together

10/14/2008 at 06:00 PM ET
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Rapper T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris, may already be father to six kids, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be happy if more children came along. On the topic of expanding the family, the 28-year-old shared with CNN that, "I’ll have as many as the Lord blesses me with … as long as I have enough money to take care of them." Also, although T.I.’s children are by different mothers, he wants them to be raised alongside one another.

"I don’t ever want to have kids who don’t know their brothers and sisters. I want them all to grow up together, knowing each other, living together."

T.I. is father to Messiah Ya’Majesty, 8, and Domani Uriah, 7, with ex-girlfriend Lashon Dixon, Deyjah Imani with another ex, and Clifford "King" Joseph III, 4, Major Philant, 4 ½ months, and the late Llayah Amour with fiancée Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle.

Source: CNN

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kay on

Sounds like he has quite a collection of ‘baby-mamas’. Only 28 yrs old and already has 6 children with three different women? Maybe the good Lord will bless him with a package of condoms.

OnyxJones on

I pray after his recent troubles with the law, TI has truly turned his life around. I enjoy his music and he always raves about his children.

Bancie1031 on

T.I. is a very proud daddy. I wish him and Tiny the best. Also I hope that we get to see a picture of Major soon 😀

Jay on

I love to hear him speak…he’s a smart guy. Wish him and Tiny all the best.

nosoupforyou on

It’s a lot easier to raise children together when each of them don’t have a different mother.

Gina on

Dude must pay a heck of a lot of child support. Don’t see how it is worth it.

The Thug Report on

This guy is a lunatic. And if he wasn’t a wealthy musician, he’d be considered a promiscuous pig. Who names their kid Messiah Ya’Majesty? Give me a break!

By the time these kids are grown up, he’ll have spent all his money on smokes and lawyers, and his kids will have moved from Celebrity Baby Blog to The Thug Report.

Nancy on

Only 28 yrs old with 6 children by three women? hmmm….Not sure how having them ‘live together’ is going to work. I’ll assume he means he would like them to spend time together on occasion. It is difficult, though, to be impressed with a young man whose goal is have all of his children know each other. He may want to reassess what has made this goal a necesity.

OnyxJones on

It’s called a blended family. Is having 6 children by 3 women an ideal situation?? No, but TI makes it work for him and his family. I was raised with both of my brothers and my stepfather’s two daughters. I used to go to my stepfather’s ex wife’s house all the time. Any situation can work if the adults are mature, open minded and have the children’s best interest in the fore front. Shouldn’t TI be applauded for being in his children’s lives? Some men are not around to raise their child or children.

Nancy on

Far from ideal, yes. If TI had gone through a lifetime with six children from three women, it would be easier to understand. But, at only 28 years of age it seems to be an irresponsible trend of impregnating whoever he is seeing at the time and then moving on. As far as men who are not around to raise their children…they don’t even deserve the title,’father’.

jasmine on

i love you ti u is so sexy

Jackie on

TI is a smart man who needs to realize that and stay on this side of the law so he can share it with everyone. He also needs better taste in women cause that chick is ugly and ghetto. He can do better.

gro on

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