Ryan and Trista Sutter Announce Second Pregnancy

10/14/2008 at 11:00 AM ET
Courtesy Life & Style

The Bachelorette‘s Ryan and Trista Sutter have announced that they are expecting their second child. Trista, who is just over three months along, tells Life & Style that she and Ryan were shocked to learn — just a few weeks after son Maxwell ‘Max’ Alston‘s birthday in late July — that they will be welcoming a new member of the family come spring.

"I had just taken the test when Ryan came up the stairs. I showed it to him and said, ‘I think I’m pregnant.’ His first words were, ‘Holy crap!’ It was positive shock, one of the best kinds you can have in your life."

Trista and Ryan previously shared with CBB that they struggled for two years to become pregnant with Max, now 14 months, and believed that it would take just as long to conceive their second child. They started trying in again in January and found that  success didn’t take as long this time around! After taking a few negative tests in prior weeks, Trista took one more and found that "the line was extremely faint, but it was there!"

Despite previous claims that she would like a little girl, Trista now says she just wants "a really happy and healthy baby," adding that "I know that sounds cliché, but it’s the God’s honest truth." Even though part of her still wants a daughter, she would love to have another son because "Ryan has a brother, and they’re about the same age difference as Max will be with his new sibling. So it would be fun to have two boys, too." No matter whether it is a little boy or girl, the couple is also considering adoption "because I’m leaning toward having my tubes tied" after the birth of the baby.

"I think I’ll be happy with two kids … If we hadn’t been able to get pregnant again, I was 100 percent happy with my life. This new baby will just add a little bit more life and spirit and happiness and fun!"

Trista, 35, and Ryan, 34, were married December 6, 2003.

Source: Life & Style

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kmb on

Yay i’m so excited and have been waiting for this!! I watched the entire season of The Bachelorette from the beginning, (I loved Ryan!) and I’m so glad they’re establishing such a wonderful life together. Congrats to them!

amanda on

Congrats to them! I know how much they wanted another one so I’m glad they got it so easily after struggling so much the first time. Hopefully this labor goes smoother for her and I can’t wait to see this baby as Max is such a cutie!

Tracy on


Congratulations to them both!!!

Serenity on

OMG congrats Trista and ryan and soon to be big brother Max I’ve been watching these two since the day she chose him to be hers. i know how much they tried for Max and now they are expecting baby number congrats and i hope that this Pregnancy goes smoother then Max’s

Michelle on

Wow, that’s awesome! They are lucky to not have had to work so hard this time around. I know it took them over 2 years to get pregnant with Max. It’s the same with me – my son is 14 months old now and I am 29 weeks pregnant with #2. We tried for 2+ years to get pregnant the first time and I was on clomid for 6 months before anything happened. This one was a total shock, we were not trying and obviously not “preventing” it because of how long it took the first time. I wonder if there’s any truth to the rumour that after you give birth, you are extra-fertile for a while. Congrats to Trista & Ryan! Max will just love being a big brother and how nice to have a sibling so close in age.

natasha on

OMG congrats!! I love these two and I’m so happy for them!!

Stéph on

She nearly died??
I didn’t know that.

What do they say in the Mag about Jamie Lynn and Maddie??

Christine on

Congrats to them! Thats great news. Hopefully she doesn`t have such a difficult pregnancy this time.

(And lets hope they don`t spend this babys first year discussing her weight)

Autumn on

Aw congrats to Trista! She’ll be a busy mom this next Spring, but that’s defintely what she wanted. I also hope this pregnancy goes smoother for her than her son Max’s.

(On a side note, that pic of JLS on the cover of L&S makes her look sooo young, although her daughter is adorable. I wonder if Maddie looks anything like her cousins?)

Ashley on

Congrats to Trista, Ryan, and Max on the new baby!

Hope this pregnancy and delivery goes much more smoothly than the last. I am eager to read this article and see to what extent Trista is “risking her life” for the baby… I know sometimes these magazines can dramatize things (although I do know she was in life-threatening danger last time with Max, it seemed like more of a freak thing and not something that will for sure occur again).

I also don’t think we really need to know that she’s contemplating having her tubes tied… just saying that they think they’re done having children is more than enough information (at least for me).

Again, congrats!

brooke on

Aww congrats to her, she is lucky to be having a 2nd child. I think it’s a smart move to get her tubes tied after baby # 2. A lady in my town had 2 really risky pregnancies and was lucky to have two children a boy and a girl, a few years later she wanted a 3rd child and got pregnant with twins, doctors advised her it wasn’t a smart idea and sadly the twins died stillborn and the lady at age 36 died giving birth, and now her two young children are without a mom. Lije trista says girl or boy at this point it doesn’t matter, and you don’t wanna push the limits too much if you have risky pregnancies.

Jane on

I don’t want to be mean but Trista and Ryan are NOT celebrities!

NOt quite sure why they are on the cover of a magazine!

nosoupforyou on

I’m so happy for them. I kinda hope they have another boy.

Stephany on

YAY! This is great news. I’m so happy to hear they’re having another baby. Max is so, so cute!

brooklyn on

Aww! I’m soo happy for them! They are such a cute family. I kind of hope they have a girl, that would be tremendous!

OnyxJones on

Trista & Ryan are such a beautiful couple. Congrats to them and little Max. Hopefully, Trista will have a smoother pregnancy and delivery.

jory on

Yeah!! I am so excited for them!! WOOHOO!! Hope they have a safer delevery this time!!!

Kristina on

That is so funny. I have like the same road as her. Our first kids are 9 days apart. Now, we are due within a week or two a part.

Congrats to her. I can absolutely 100% relate to her conceiving and surprise conception road!!

Summer on

Congrats to the family!!!
I’m so happy for them!

Elisabeth on

Michelle thank you so much for sharing your story, my husband and I have been ttc, off and on for 4 years but full time for over 2, we’ve even tried adoption and that fell through 9 months into it. We are going to start clomid soon. Congrats to you on your pregnancy!

That is wonderful Trista is expecting again. Congrats to her Ryan and little Max!

Allison on

There are rumors- yes, still rumors- that Jamie Lynn is pregnant again, but she’s denying it.

Congratulations to Trista, Ryan, and big bro Max!

Liz on

We don’t need to keep hearing about Trista- she was on a dating show and that’s all and a not very exciting one at that. Her moment in the sun has come and gone.

Paula on

Awww, congrats to them! Hope it’s another boy!

tracy on

Trista had HEELP syndrome with her first pregnancy. I also had HELLPs and was forced to deliver my daughter at 28 weeks. The doctors didn’t diagnose my HELLPs until the morning I delivered. I was terribly ill and came very close to dying. They told me if they didn’t take the baby that day we both would not me it. I had to be put under for my c-section because a spinal was to dangerous. HELLPs causes liver failure and your platelets to drop dramatically. My daughter was 905 grams when she was born (1lb 15 1/2oz). She spent 84 days in NICU and came home 3 days after her due date at 4lbs 3oz. I am happy to say she is now a chunky 16lb 4oz 8 1/2 month old happy baby. I was told there was a 1 in 4 chance of having HELLPs again, so I am really scared to get pregnant again, but would love to have another baby. I’m curious to see how this pregnancy pans out for Ryan and Trista and wish them only the best. I’m sure she’s a little aprehensive, I know I would be.

Sarah on

Aw congrats!! I’m so happy for them!

Anne on

Wow…she found out pretty early, didn’t she? That was the same exact day I got a positive test result, and I’m over a month ahead of her!

Kelly on

aww congrats i never watched that show but Max is cute & i hope this birth is easier!

Gemma on

Congrats to them!! Max is beautiful and I’m sure baby #2 will be as well! I also hope Trista has an easier pregnancy and delivery this time around.

Belinda on

This is fantastic news! I am currently rewatching the Bachelorette with Trista, and you can see when it is that she actually falls in love with Ryan. He is a perfect fit for her. Congratulations to Trista, Ryan and baby Max!!

Nicki on

So happy for them! I love them as a couple…hoping this pregnancy is a little easier on her!

Kathy on

Celebrity baby blog, it looks like you’ve just increased the number of American ignorant people when you wrote: “they were pregnant again”… What kind of phrasing is that?!

Eve on

Why would she have her tubes tied after this baby?!

emily on

congrats to trista and ryan

CelebBabyLover on

Eve- I’m guessing because any more pregnancies would probably be too risky for Trista, given the complications she experienced with Max.

One more is probably okay, but I can understand why she doesn’t want to push the limits with a third one!

Also, some people only want two children. I am my parents’ second child, and my mom had her tubes tied immeditely after I was born (she had a C-section, so they did the tubal right after they took me out!).

There’s nothing wrong with only wanting two kids!

Anyway, I wonder if Trista will have a C-section again, since she had an emergency one with Max and most doctors won’t even consider VBAC for women who are having their second child less than two years after their previous C-section.

Twana on

Wow! Congratulations to the happy family.

Rye on

Awww congrats to them! I kinda hope they have a girl too. Just cause they are probably going to be having a tubal ligation so It would be cute for them to have one of each.

My mom had her tubes tied after her second child also. She always knew she just wanted two kids. But, when my little brother and I were in our teens she always wished she had held back and had one more.

i think it’s completely fine for couples to do, ESPECIALLY if there are risk factors involved. Trista had a very vocal rough pregnancy, so I actually was possibly thinking she was even DONE after having Max…so this is a nice surprise! Hopefully, its a nice, smooth pregnancy and she has a very healthy, happy baby!🙂

MommyB on

Wow!!Congratulations to Ryan, Trista, and Max!! I hope that this pregnancy and birth are much easier and safer than the first!! And a healthy, beautiful baby is the result!! Max will be an absolutely precious big brother!! Good Luck to the Sutter Family!!

jo.ann on

Wow, she still gets magazine covers?

sadie on

I remember Trista saying they would start trying again when Max was 5 months because it took them two years to conceive. My son took a few years to conceive as well – eventually we went through IVF to have him – so when I read that I thought it was a smart move and did the same. Except I got pregnant FIRST month with TWINS, so it kinda backfired on me – I’m going to have 3 under 14 months!! Now whenever I see Trista I think ‘this is all your fault!’ LOL! Seriously, good luck to them. And Tracy, thanks for sharing your story on HEELP, that sounds incredibly frightening. Best wishes to you too if you choose to have another baby.

DLR on

Oh that is a nice surprise to read Trista is pregnant again so soon considering she thought she’d have some trouble again like she did conceiving Max. I am curious why she would be the one to undergo invasive surgery (it is still quite invasive when using a laproscope) to “tie her tubes” when Ryan could very easily get a vasectomy in an hour at the doctor’s office? I hope this wasn’t a case of Ryan going “there’ll be no touching my balls” stuff or something like that.

Ashley B. on

Congrats!!! I’ve been with you all since the bachlorette, and I am soooo HAPPY for you guys! And your son is beautiful!

Diana on

Congratulations! Hope all goes well and I can’t wait to see pics of the happy foursome!

Marqessa Njie on

Congratulations, I have been watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette since the beginning. I am so excited to see that real love does exist. I am extremely happy for Trisha and Ryan.

CelebBabyLover on

DLR- My guess is that Trista already knows she’ll have to have a C-section to deliver this baby (since she had an emergency one with Max, and in her case I can see why she and her doctor may not want to risk a VBAC) and plans on having her tubes tied then.

It’s probably a case of “As long as they’re going to be in there anyway….”

As I mentioned in an earlier comment on this post, that is exactly what my mom did. She had me via C-section (due to me being breech), and had her tubes tied immeditely after I was delivered.

I know of other women who have done this as well.

FC on

Aww, they’re expecting no. 2? Congrats on that, and good luck to them throughout the duration of the pregnancy and afterward!🙂

Liz on

We are so thrilled to hear their good news!
Trista has also been so very kind to be our Special Guest at our upcoming dinner next Saturday in Orlando to benefit The Embracing Hope Grant. The grant is for those struggling to become pregnant and needing funds to pursue ivf. We are truly grateful for her generosity and participation-to give others the hope of becoming first time parents. http://www.FertileDreams.org is hosting the event.

Michelle Samuel on

Oh Trista, girlfriend~

What amazing news. I watched “The Bachelorette”, and I knew that you and the Ry Guy were destined for eachother. I cannot believe that you are on number 2! Max is so beautiful….And number 2 will just as, if not more beautiful. You are such an adorable family, and bless your hearts, you deserve everything and more! Good luck with the little #2 and stay healthy!

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