Jamie Lynn Spears 'Blessed' With a New, Better Life

10/14/2008 at 07:00 PM ET
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Despite spending much of her childhood in Hollywood filming her sitcom Zoey 101, Jamie Lynn Spears says those days — for now — are in the past. "You know, Hollywood is not really for me right now — not in the place that I’m at," explains the actress. Instead, Jamie Lynn and her fiancé Casey Aldridge have turned their focus to their baby girl, Maddie Briann, 3 ½ months, as they settle into their new life as a family in Louisiana, the couple’s home state. Although Casey shares that they "didn’t plan [having a baby] at all," he is more than thrilled with his new role as a dad, saying the situation has "turned out for the better."

While Jamie Lynn does admit that Maddie’s doctors "say don’t do it," according to the 17-year-old, Maddie is "perfectly happy sleeping right in between" her parents in their big bed! With a baby that sleeps well, Jamie Lynn stresses that neither of them lose any rest with their nighttime arrangements. In fact, co-sleeping, for Casey, allows him to spend each morning next to his daughter when she is "happier," moments he calls his favorite time with her. Casey, 19, — who reveals he has "changed a few" diapers and is "pretty good at it" — enjoys his bonding time with Maddie, whose favorite past-times these days include laughing during tummy-time. As for Jamie Lynn, who considers herself "so blessed," when it comes to her favorite time with her baby girl, she is quick to say "everything!"

"It is a whole new life, but it is a better life than I could ever ask for. Every day, waking up with a reason to go and do something. It is something to live for and to work for. It is that reason every day, right here in my hands."

Click ‘More’ to read about Jamie Lynn leaving Maddie at home for the first time, and her and Casey’s commitment to each other.

A full-time student at a nearby community college, Casey is studyingprocess technology, preparing himself to work on a pipeline after hegraduates with an associate’s degree. While his schedule has him inschool two days a week from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Jamie Lynn is not yetready to join him at college. While the star agrees that she "could takeonline courses right now," she shares that with "Maddie being so young,it’s hard to sit down and focus." Instead, Jamie Lynn hopes to spendtime with her daughter until she is "a little bit older," before goingto college and earning her degree, something she says is definitely inher plans. However, as a recent trip to a football game proved, JamieLynn is still reluctant to leave Maddie at home even though the tinytot stayed with Grandma Lynne. Noting that the day trip was the "longest I’dever been away from her," the new mom admits longer breaks frommotherhood are not in the immediate future.

"Oh, not overnight! I’m not doing that until she’s at least a year."

Aftermonths of break-up rumors surrounding the couple, Casey swears that thestories are all fabricated, as he reveals that the threesome is "doinggreat." Says Casey, "I’m just happy and I love Jamie and Maddie morethan anything." While the new family is blossoming, as of now, there isno set date for the couple to tie the knot, a decision that Jamie Lynnand Casey both agree on. However, that certainly doesn’t mean thattheir special day won’t come, as the actress says that "definitely, oneday" they will get married, but not until Maddie is old enough to "be apart of it, so that she won’t just be sitting there the whole time."For Casey, the traditional timeline of marriage and then a baby is notfor him, as he explains that it is important to make the commitment forthe right reasons.

"Some people think that you should just get married if you have a baby and you’re young. I think you should try it out and see."

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Mary on

I wish them only the best. It can’t be easy raising a child at such a young age. Gosh I had my first baby at 25 years of age. That was 16 years ago, And it was hard at 25. As long as you have a support system.

mel on

I sincerely wish Jamie Lynn the best. She does seem as if she had risen to the occasion and matured. With that being said…Casey has changed “a few” diapers????? Please…that is pathetic! The baby is 3 months old!

Jo Ann v. on

I hope they’ll make it work !!

Sam on

“While Jamie Lynn does admit that Maddie’s doctors ‘say don’t do it,’ according to the 17-year-old, Maddie is ‘perfectly happy’ sleeping ‘right in between’ her parents in their big bed!”

There’s a reason doctors say “don’t do it”! Do Jamie Lynn and Casey realize how many children have been killed when their parents roll over on top of them and crush them in their sleep?

OnyxJones on

I’m so glad Jamie Lynn is enjoying being a mother. I wish all the best for her and new litle family. At least they are working towards building a strong foundation and not jumping right into marriage.

gemini on

I’m sure that isn’t completely literal with “a few diapers”…and for all you know, maybe Jamie Lynn prefers to do it herself. I’ve had friends who wanted it done a certain way and just didn’t like the children’s fathers to do it…there’s no reason to be judging him based on one quote, that for all you know could have parts left out or taken out of context

Doc Liz on

She is worse than her sister, Britney — the child should be removed by protective services — a child sleeping in a bed with an adult, let alone two, is a murder 2 case waiting to happen.

sam on

I am soo happy for jamie lynn! I think she is a wonderful mother and she is so mature for her age. I wish her and her family all the best!

Lisa Johnson on

I wish her the best, it sounds like everything is going well for her. I love that she’s at home in LA and not out club hopping in L.A.

But for the love of pete CBB, were there “enough” “quotation marks” in this story?

Melanie on

While I do understand your concern about “rolling on top of the baby and crushing them”, you must understand that there are PLENTY of ways to co-sleep with your infant that makes the possibility of that non-existent. There are dozens of sleepers and sleeping mats (with walls) that make it entirely safe for babies to co-sleep with their parents. Jamie Lynn never mentioned whether they were using any type of sleep system, so unless she does, I don’t think we should jump to conclusions that it’s unsafe for them!

J on

I think it’s good that they seem to be taking parenthood seriously. I can completely relate to her having a hard time being away from her baby. my son and I came home from the hospital when he was 2 days old and since then the longest I’ve ever been away from him in 2 years is maybe 4 hours. it seems weird to me that they got engaged right around the time it was announced that they were expecting a baby,but now they’re sayin there’s no rush to get married.

MommyX2 on

Sam, there are millions of families that co-sleep. I highly doubt that all those babies are in danger of being crushed.

Heather on

Way to go Jamie Lynn. While she didnt plan to be a teen mom, she is setting an example that she can still be a great mom and that she knows what is best for her daughter. As for the co-sleeping, there are many benefits to it. Its actually been proven, especially with breastfeeding mothers (which she is from what i’ve read), that it is very safe to share the family bed. its called SAFE co-sleeping. everything you hear about babys dying from SIDS, most of that are babies in their crib, where you cant hear them/feel them being in another room.
here is an article on safe cosleeping for anybody that is interested:

lele on

as others have said… co sleeping is the norm all over the world. i sleep with my 6 month old (she starts out in her cradle and comes into bed whenever she needs to) and I did the same with my now 4 year old. she co slept with me or my husband until about 5 months ago and the transition was seamless. co sleeping for me is a beautiful, wonderful, natural experience that i feel has made the bond i share with my girls stronger (not saying if you do not sleep with your kids you are not bonded just my personal experience) so i commend jamie and think most out there sleep with their kids regularly at some point!

Lee on

I am a young mother and me and my fiancee are going through the same thing right now. he graduated college in may and i am trying to finish now. My advice to jamie is that trust me when she is a little bit older it is i would say harder to get through school my son is almost 2 and forget about me working when he is around. It is a true joy being a mother no matter how old you are and i think great things of jamie and casey for dealing with being young parents while hearing all the crap about it too. they share a lot of the same feelings and opinions as me.

momtotwo on

The main risk factors for baby dying due to suffocation during co-sleeping is drug/alcohol use and severe obesity. I start my 3 month old out in his crib, and when he wakes up, I bring him into bed with me. I am so aware of where he is, I know for a fact I wouldn’t roll over on him…
Think of it this way… how often do you roll out of bed at night? Not very often. Why? Because even though you are asleep, you are aware of where the edge of the bed is. The same goes for having your baby in bed with you. You’re asleep, but aware of exactly where they are. Unless you’re under the influence of a substance, then it’s not safe. When done safely, co-sleeping is great! With a newborn and a 2 1/2 year old, it was the only way to make it through the day without passing out during lunch from exhaustion. I got great sleep, only woke up to pull up my shirt and latch him on, then he’d be right out again. We both slept great and I haven’t felt sleep deprived yet!

Liza on

God. It is SO hard to be young and finish school. My husband finally is finishing at the end of December, he goes to school Mon thru friday 730 AM to 2 and then works from 3 to 1AM. Tell me that isnt dedication! He has off Thurs thru Sat, but during the week he is a zombie and I dont expect very much. I also work full time, and somehow we do it, to provide our children with a great life in the future. We are on #3 and couldnt be happier~

Molly on

Its great to read stories like this about her, I recall all that bashing about teenage mothers. But you know what, seriously, not everyone really wants huge careers, master degrees and stuff… there are some people who are so happy in ordinary lifes of soccer or hockey moms and jamie lynn is just one of them, regardless the age, some just dont ask for more, cause they have it all. Ever since i was young, I wanted to the same, i didnt care about the career or degree, i just wanted to be a stay at home mom and i know i would be really happy in her shoes too

CelebBabyLover on

I’ve got to hand it to Jamie Lynn! She seems much more level-headed than her sister has been up until now (to be fair, Britney seems to finally be on the road to recovery). Even when Sean Preston was an infant (which was before all of Britney’s problems started), she never seemed as level-headed as Jamie-Lynn is.

I’m glad to see that it looks as though Jamie Lynn is NOT following her sister’s path, and I hope the tabs will realize that soon as well!🙂

Rae on

You shouldn’t co sleep if you have been drinking or taking drugs, are a smoker and obese. that is what we are told in N.Z.

Bancie1031 on

I understand your concern with Jamie-Lynn co-sleeping with Maddie but they do make devices to make co-sleeping safe, here is a link for one of them from Target (you can also pull them up on babiesrus.com and other websites also for anyone who wished to check on them):
This is for the Eddie Bauer® Infant Travel Bed. You just put it in your bed (between the parents if you wish) and place the baby inside and this item keeps parents from rolling over on the baby plus it also keeps the baby from rolling off the bed, so it’s a win-win situation.😀
This is also just one of the many devices for co-sleeping but there are many other’s out there. I think these are great babyshower gifts also.

gemini – I was one of them moms …… I still want to do everything myself for my daughter. I was a very selfish parent🙂

Now I’m proud of Jamie-Lynn and Casey, they seem to be doing great and enjoying parenthood. I understand her not ready to leave Maddie yet as this is a hard thing to do. My daughter just turned 8 two weeks ago and I have only let her spend the night away 2 times and I realized I’m not yet ready for her to take that big step. Jamie-Lynn said no overnighters before a year old, she might change her mind when that first year is up.
I wish them the best and hope that we get to see Maddie again soon, she’s just so precious

Emily Jones on

I applaud Jamie Lynn for growing up quickly and rising to the challenge of being a young parent. I had my first child at 19, and though it is hard,it is just as rewarding as having a child as an older adult. I was lucky to have a enthusiastic husband though, and I can’t imagine him only changing “a few” diapers! It seems as if every interview I’ve heard Casey quoted, he seems very nonchalant about being a parent. In the interview Jamie did this week she came off sounding very intelligent and down to earth, while Casey came off as a dumb hick…He even said in regards to those rumors about impregnating another girl: “No, Jamie Lynn is the only girl I’ve ever gotten pregnant”
I think she could do so much better, and I wish her the best of luck!

Emily Jones on

Oh, and there is a responsible way to co-sleep.
We co-slept with all three of our kids until they were sleeping through the night, and they were all just fine! I would swaddle them tightly and turn on my side away from the Hubs, and cradle them in the cocoon I made with my arms…it worked perfectly!
I do think placing a baby in the middle of the bed between parents is dangerous though….

Laura on

I have NEVER heard of anybody crushing their child when Co-sleeping!!!
That’s not to say it hasn’t happened but if it was as common as Sam suggested I think we would all be hearing about it a lot more!
Besides what do you think everyone did before cribs were around!!!

Melea on

My daughter is 3 1/2 months old also and we cosleep every single night. The rate of SIDS is just a tad bit higher for babies who DON’T cosleep compared to the ones that do. My daughter starts out in the bassinett next to my side of the bed (which Jamie Lynn HAS said she uses so I’m sure she does the exact same thing we do) and then when she wakes up she sleeps on the outside of our bed and nurses off and on all night. I sleep in the middle and my husband on the other side of me. My husband is a very heavy sleeper and I worry about him rolling over on her so she doesn’t sleep between us at all. Breastfeeding and cosleeping go hand in hand. I couldn’t imagine having to get up multiple times a night and repair a bottle, feed her and then put her back in her bed.

I think it’s wonderful that Jamie Lynn is a breastfeeding/cosleeping mommy! A wonderful way for them to bond.

As for the daddy changing a few diapers, I’m sure he was just being funny and modest. My husband will say the exact same thing and he changes more than I do.

I’m also a stingy mommy! I don’t share my kids with anyone. My son is 2 and has been left no more than 2 hours while we went to a movie maybe three times in his life. My daughter has yet to be left.

I-dra on

i love to be pleasantly surprised when i learn of celebrities attachment parenting practices. you read about someone & think “wow, i never would’ve pegged her for a cosleeper” & it just reminds me that i should learn more about someone before i judge them or make assumptions.
for the naysayers, humans have been sleeping with our babies since the beginning of time… literally. chillax, would you? my son is almost 2 & we all sleep together very soundly & safely. thanks for worrying about my kid, tho. i know you’re coming from a place of love.

*KP* on

My health visitor actually reccomended co-sleeping and we co-slept wih my daughter from about five months old to when she was about three with no problems at all. I do understand peoples concerns but thousands of families all over the world cosleep with no problems at all, and especially in alot fo developing countires there is actually no other option but to sleep all in the same bed. I think its so nice how kamie lynn is pproving averyone wrong and showing her maturity… i was a young mum too and got so sick of hearing “all young mums are bad mums”… i think it was solange knowles who said something like “all women have it in them to be good mothers regardless of age”, and i completely agree with that. Good for you Jamie Lynn for making all the right choices!!

DLR on

I really hope they aren’t trying to glamourize teen pregnancy with these stories in those gossip magazines. It just so happens this is a rich family, and JL gets paid everytime she gives an interview to OK!, unlike 95% of teen pregnancies. That is why JL can “afford” to delay college and stay at home with her kid. I also hope the two kids have learned from this experience and are now more diligent about using contraceptive unless the rumours they’re pregnant again are indeed true.

kaya on

Emily Jones, he really said that??? Priceless.

I’m the youngest of 3 children and I slept in my parents bed until I was…haha, that’s kind of embarassing. I was OLD. Regardless, I came out fine.:)

I disagree, however, with someone saying JLS is happy leading a “simple” life. She is rich, after all. She probably doesn’t have to attend college.
Anyway, that was a sweet interview:) she sounds very level-headed and dedicated.

steph on

When my first child was born she was the worst sleeper, the only way I could get some sleep was to lay her on my chest and sleep on the couch. We slept that way for 3 months. When she would get up during the night I would put her in bed with us. Luckily, my son came home from the hospital sleeping 8 hrs during the night. But if he would get up every once in a while I would put him in the bed with us. Jamie Lynn sure shows that she has more responsbility then alot of other “older” moms out there. I am glad she has made this transition so well. And before there was cribs I thought they put babies in dresser drawers? Or that is what I have always heard over the years. Like newborns. Just take the dresser drawer out and put them in, that always blew me away to picture that! as far as speculating why Casey hasnt changed many diapers, I think its great at his age he has changed any. I am sure she allows him to take a hands on approach to Maddie, I never have understood mom’s who critize the dad, when the dad is just trying to help. Who cares how it gets done as long as the baby isnt getting hurt and in the end it gets done.


MB on

Emily, that could be because Jamie Lynn is used to giving interviews. She’s grown up in the spotlight. Casey hasn’t. I’m inclined to give him a little slack.

Also, maybe someone here can answer a question for me, since we’re discussing co-sleeping. My husband and I were looking into getting some kind of co-sleeper for our upcoming baby, but when he read consumer reports, my husband said they didn’t really recommend any because there is not a wide set of safety standards. Do any of you know one that has been shown time and time again to be safe (maybe by parenting magazines or some other group?).

I know co-sleeping has it’s plusses and minuses. I’ve heard that if you are a very sound sleeper it can also be dangerous. Given that I am a very sound sleeper and end up all over the bed (my poor hubby!), I don’t feel comfortable doing it without a special co-sleeper. If we don’t buy one, we’re just going to keep the baby in a bassinet/crib near the bed for awhile.

Mom of 4 Boys on

MB…There is a product called the “co-sleeper” which sounds like the perfect solution for you, your hubby and your soon to arrive bundle (congrats!). It is like a small crib/bassinet combo, it connects to the frame of your bed so it’s safe. The opening makes it very convenient to reach for baby when they wake and it’s the next best thing to having the baby in bed with you. You should look it up and see if it would be a good fit.

kirsty on

I know someone who crushed his child while co-sleeping and he was not drunk or high on drugs. My daughter slept in the same room with us for 6 months and then moved to her own. She did sleep with us a few times, but that stopped when she would not sleep unless she was in bed with us. Since she goes to bed at 7 pm that is not a time I’m interested in going to bed, plus I do like some alone time with my husband

Jennifer on

MB, you actually don’t need to get any co-sleeping devices. Co-sleeping is perfectly safe for the average family (not for drinkers, drug users, people with sleeping disorders or who are obese). I am an anthropologist and geneticist so I have studied the issue extensively. I have co-slept with all of my children from the time of their births and they are all still welcome in our bed. Just a few simple caveats make it safe – 1) if one of you is a heavy sleeper do not place the baby next to that person; 2) remove all pillows and fluffy bedding – like duvets, feather beds, etc.) and have the baby sleep on a flat surface; 3) keep the room at a comfy, not too hot temperature.

I also recommend reading articles by Dr. Jim McKenna from Notre Dame University. He is awesome.

Angela on

MB, I just want to say that we co-sleep with our 6 month old and have since she was born. I used to be one of those ‘deep sleepers who roll all over the bed.” When your baby is in your bed, things change. I still sleep well but I do not move an inch any more. Like someone else noted, asleep you don’t roll off the bed because you know the edge is there. It’s definitely the same with a baby. And also I will say, even though I am so stiff in the mornings, I would never have it any other way. With my baby in bed, I know everything she needs instantly. She moves, I wake up. Sometimes I wake up a few seconds before she does, like I can sense it’s going to happen. It’s quite a bond. And I can proudly say that at 6 months in, I’ve never had to awake to a screaming baby, trudge down the hall in a sleep induced stupor, to try to calm a panicked baby, nurse, and then get her back to sleep. It’s so seemless with co-sleeping. And we are both happier that way.

I commend Jamie Lynn for making such a beautiful choice!

shea on

My girls never slept in their cribs except during the day for nap-time. As long as you are sober, don’t have any sleep disorders, and aren’t extremely over-weight, then it’s actually safer for your baby to co-sleep…..SIDs happens when the baby is alone (and usually within 48 to 72 hrs after vaccinations, BTW)….crushing a baby is rare. I mean do any of you have dogs or cats that jump up and sleep with you? Have you ever rolled over on top of them? Do you and your spouse knock each other out of bed because you aren’t aware of where you are rolling in your sleep? Do you roll out of bed because you don’t know what you are doing in your sleep? Chances are you said “NO” to all of those questions. A Mommy is *very* in tune with her baby, I always could sense when my were awake once they were in their own rooms (in toddlerhood)even if they weren’t crying or making any noise…it’s just instinct.

Dakota on

I hope they have an easy transition for Maddie when they choose to stop Co-sleeping.

We co-slept with my youngest daughter, because it was the only way to get her to sleep. She’d start off the night in the crib, but only last in there until her first feeding, then it was in bed with us.

She’s just past a year (15mo) And I’ve finally got her completely weaned. But now we’re having trouble breaking the co-sleeping cycle. Poor girl doesn’t want to sleep by herself.

Sam on

“MB, you actually don’t need to get any co-sleeping devices. Co-sleeping is perfectly safe for the average family (not for drinkers, drug users, people with sleeping disorders or who are obese). I am an anthropologist and geneticist so I have studied the issue extensively. I have co-slept with all of my children from the time of their births and they are all still welcome in our bed. Just a few simple caveats make it safe – 1) if one of you is a heavy sleeper do not place the baby next to that person; 2) remove all pillows and fluffy bedding – like duvets, feather beds, etc.) and have the baby sleep on a flat surface; 3) keep the room at a comfy, not too hot temperature.”

Say what you want, but I know someone who rolled over and crushed his baby to death–he was not drunk, high, or overweight. Even though it is not a common occurrence, it CAN happen and I would think that no one would want to put their children at risk! If you must cosleep, then do it SAFELY–get a device for the baby like a sleeper or sleeping mat that Melanie suggested. Even if your chances of crushing the baby are slim, remember, your child is your most precious possession! Your child is NOT something to take a risk with.

Courtney on

Fellow co-sleeper here. Good for Jamie Lynn. Doctors are great for medical advice…but I don’t take any parenting advice from them.

Bancie1031 on

When your baby comes your motherly instinct will kick in. I used to be a deep sleeper, actually I still am to everything but my daughter. Your body just knows. But if you and your husband are still worried about it I would go to babies r us (or online babiesrus.com) and check out their “travel bassinet” to place in the bed with you, or the one like someone else mentioned that hooks on to the side of your bed.

shea on

Sam….I know personally four kids that have one form of damage or another from vaccines in infancy….there are many other documented cases, yet, do you take your babies to be vaccinated? That’s taking a chance with your child (I selectively vaccinate my children and not until they are over 18 months old and I have strict rules on how many shots they can have at one time, etc…).
Many children die each year at the hands of child-care providers, so do you leave your kids with a sitter or in day-care?
Many children die each year in car accidents due to improperly installed car-seats, have you had your car-seat checked by a public safety officer?
There are so many, many things that put children at risk daily….co-sleeping deaths are one of the rarest.

Ali on

It is not recommended that men lie next to the child when co-sleeping. Men do not have the same awareness of the baby that women do. Co-sleeping is safe and is done worldwide with relatively few bad outcomes. As others have said, people who have sleep disorders, obese, smokers or those who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol should not co-sleep.

blythe on

We co-slept (made breastfeeding at night so much easier, more sleep all around), and my daughter had no trouble transitioning to her toddler bed. It was a very rewarding experience, and I would do it again.

Dr. Sears has a lot of tips for safe co-sleeping on his website. Our ped was fine with it too!

It’s certainly tragic anytime a child dies, but most of the stories you hear about such awful occurrences seem to involve a father, not a mother. Or a couch, which is a huge no-no. Women are naturally more in-tune with their infants, and they tend to match the infant’s breathing pattern and vice versa, keeping the risk of SIDs down. Someone already mentioned James McKenna, but I second that if you want to learn more about the benefits of co-sleeping.

I do say to each her own, but as Jamie Lynn is learning, we all have to parent as best we see fit. I don’t like to knock something without thoroughly researching it.

Anne on

We didn’t routinely have our daughter in our bed, however there were some nights when she woke up at 3 or 4am and I brought her into bed with me. She was about 5 or 6 months old, and she always slept on a raised, co-sleeping pillow in between us. There are plenty of safe ways to do it, just because Jamie-Lynn didn’t specify their method doesn’t mean she doesn’t use one. Also, I do strongly believe that its just a “mom” thing, to be aware of the baby. I am a very deep sleeper, however I specifically remember every night our daughter slept with us, I feel asleep and woke up and the same EXACT position, and I woke up much easier to her movements and sounds. I really do think its just an intuition mothers have.

Laura on

Has anyone else notice that pro Co-sleeper aren’t judging the people against Co-sleep for their decision not to Co-sleep.
I mean if you want to talk about unnecessary risk… what about the fact that the SIDS risk is slightly high for babies left by themself in their own crib??
I personally have two children the first one solely Co-slept with us for the first year, while our second mostly sleeps in his own crib because he just wants to play when he’s in with us!
I think people should make a choice that’s right for them without receiving judgement from anybody.
We are all just loving parents trying to do what’s best for ourselves and our families!

Paula on

I would like to know where people obtained their knowledge of co-sleeping. Where did you obtain the facts the co-sleeping is safe? Is is your assumption? Did you do research? I am very interested because I am a Child Protective Service worker. I receive the calls when an infant dies due to co-sleeping. It is common and it does happen (unfortunately too often). It happens to people that are not obese, not alcoholics and not drug addicts. Co-sleeping is not rare!! I realize that many families do co-sleep and their children have survived but children also die due to co-sleeping. I am hoping that Jamie Lynn is using a co-sleeping device to protect little Maddie.

Ilaria on

Children also die in cribs, Paula. Co-sleeping is safe, unless you are under the influence, obese or have lots of fluffy bedding.
You can google Dr McKenna.

anon on

Hey Jo anna:

Do you realize how many children have died from laying in empty cribs??


There are babies and children in worse conditions in ghettos and trailer parks right out in the public eye and CPS employees like you concern yourself with people who are trying to make the best decisions possible for their children. Co-sleeping or sleeping in cribs, I can say at least the parent cares. Try finding families who don’t try to provide for their children, do drugs around them, etc. I PROMISE you won’t have to go very far.

Audrey on

I am starting to change my tune with Jamie Lynn, she seems to have matured and has taken a responsible and hands on way of taking care of her baby, and its great that Casey is involved too! good on them!

As far as co-sleeping goes, I don’t see how anyone mother could take a chance like that barriers or not, especially when perhaps overly or very cautious of other things that are far less dangerous.
I was never allowed, but I know it was for the best, as when I was older I could sleep on my own and was independent and able to sleep without night terrors 99% of the time.

It is personal choice of course, but not a chance I’d take, as accidents do happen and I have heard parents say they can’t be aware 100% of everything they’re child does all the time.

Katie on

At the end of the day, you can do all the research you want, but whether crib or co-sleeping, neither one has been proven to be 100% safe for babies. Common sense and good judgement go a long way.

I have two children. When my oldest (son) was born he was perfectly healthy, came home and slept during the night in his crib near our bed. Outside of one feeding at night he slept soundly. The only times we co-slept with him was when he was sick (which was only 4 times in his 1st 2 years) because he became clingy and WOULD NOT sleep in his crib for some reason during these times.

My youngest (daughter) was COMPLETELY different. She had some health problems. She would only sleep in the bed with us (and yes we used a device). We worried about it because we weren’t all that pro-co-sleeping (if that is a word lol) at that time. We did take one other precaution because we wanted to be safe by attaching a body alarm to our clothes and bed on the side opposite the baby, so that if we rolled in that direction the alarm would go off. One word of caution though, the string is really short so if you move too much it can pull out without having rolled over. Needless, to say we learned how to move very little in our sleep LOL. We didn’t have to co-sleep very long (8 months) and she took to her crib.

Another thing, just be in tune with your body and use common sense. If you are so tired at the end of a day and are having a hard time staying awake or you haven’t been getting much sleep for a few days at a time, it’s probably not a good idea to co-sleep especially with a newborn. Not everything can be done by the book. Just a personal opinion.

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DLR- I don’t think it’s right to call them kids, especially Casey. At 19, and probably actually closer to 20 (since it seems like he’s been 19 since Jamie Lynn announced her pregnancy), he is legally an adult.

Jamie Lynn, at 17, isn’t yet a legal adult, but she’s certainly not a kid anymore, either! I know I would have been offended at being called a kid at her age!

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