Happy Birthday Anya!

10/14/2008 at 01:32 PM ET
Anya at her third birthday party

Longtime readers of CBB will recall the birth of Founder/Senior Editor Danielle’s daughter Anya Lucia three years ago today. (New readers wondering who she is can check the archives!)

I’ve been remiss in my Anya updates since the last update in April but I wanted to make sure I got something up today on her third birthday. We had a fabulous princess-themed birthday party for her on Saturday, with approximately 40 kids and parents and grandparents.

Click here to check out the new album!

— Danielle

Anya’s first three years


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fuzibuni on

precious. what a magical little girl.

lilith on

Cute as a button! And it’s nice to see her pictures still around here.

elisabeth on

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! little princess. How time flies it seems like just yesterday she was just a baby.
It’s been so sweet seeing you grow up

Ashley on

She is so adorable!

Thanks for posting an update!

Ben'sMom on

Absolutely beautiful!~

Stéph on

Happy Birthday Anya!

I was just thinking about her 30 minutes ago, how we hadn’t had news about her in a long time.

Happy Birthday Anya, you’re a big girl now!!
I remember the day you posted ” Our beautiful CBB baby is finally here!!” as if it was yesterday. Time goes so fast. Anya is a cutie!

Debbie Savage on

Happy Birthday Anya!

She is so beautiful! Love the pigtails!

daisybug on

Happy Birthday Anya! You keep getting more and more gorgeous every tme we get to see your smiling face🙂

Christine on

Happy Birthday Anya!

It`s been a pleasure watching you grow into a beautiful girl!!

Candice on

I cannot believe how big she is! It’s been great fun watching her grow up. You should definitely post updates more often.

Happy birthday, Miss Anya!

Christina Bledsoe on

Wow, she is a beautiful little girl and I really mean that. Lucky mom🙂

Crystal on


(Wow, she got big! So beautiful)

Mom of Boys on

Happy 3rd Birthday Princess Anya!!!

Tracy on

She is turning into such a little lady!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Anya!

Xan on

Aw, nice album. Thanks for posting, Danielle. Anya is a sweetie:)

Melissa on

Happy Birthday Anya!

Lindsey Duthoy on

How wonderful! Anya is so adorable and I have loved reading this site since my first pregnancy. I have loved watching your daughter grow as mine have grown (our kids were born close…my son on 10/2/05 and my daughter on 10/19/06).

Cora on

I would just like to say that Anya is just so so gorgeous and I actually started reading when Danielle found out she was pregnant so it’s been a while, but I just wanted to tell Danielle that she is a gorgeous gorgeous little girl. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANYA!!

Becky's Daughter on

Oh, she’s so cute and has gotten so big! Her personality really shines through in these photos.

Thanks for sharing a little bit of Anya’s life with us over the years, Danielle. :o)

Michelle on

She’s gotten so big – I can’t believe it! And such a pretty little girl. Happy Birthday Anya!

Michelle on

Wow, cannot believe that she is 3 years old already. Happy birthday Anya x

ll65 on

Aww Anya’s a cutie. Happy Birthday.

Vicky24c on

I cant believe that she is 3 already! She has grown so much and she is super cute!

Kelly on

She’s adorable Danielle! Thanks for the update and pics of her 3rd birthday. I can’t believe how time flies 3 already.

Natalie on

Happy Birthday Anya!!!
I cannot believe how fast time flies by. I remember being pregnant with my son as well, and three years feels just like yesterday!!
All the best

kmb on

i was actually thinking today that there hadn’t been any anya updates in a while! she’s so cute, and getting so big! thanks for the update. happy birthday anya!

skipsie on

She is absolutley beautiful!
She has the prettiest eyes ever, and whoever takes the photographs does a fantastic job.
I have to ask, Danielle, what brand are your glasses? They’re really nice!

CTBmom on

Absolutey beautiful. She looks like a fairytale princess. Happy 3rd birthday, Anya!!!

Nicole on

I can’t believe she’s 3 already! I remember you being pregnant with her, Danielle. What a gorgeous, lively little girl. Happy Birthday, Anya!!!

Lauren on

Danielle, you’re daughter is absolutely beautiful. Beyond that, I’m sure she’s the brightest light in your life. Happy Birthday, Anya!

Paulina on

Happy Birthday, Anya!

What a cutie pie! Love the pics.

Julie Cole on

What a cutie! Happy birthday princess!!

Stephany on

My favorite: an Anya update! I cannot believe she is 3 years old. She is so big and so beautiful! She looks like she has such a fun personality!

Happy birthday, princess!!!

meghan on

she’s grown into such a beautiful little girl! happy birthday!

Lauren on

Did I really spell “you’re” – it’s “your”? Sorry!

OnyxJones on

I can’t believe it’s been three years since I stumbled upon CBB. Danielle has just given birth to Anya and I considered her the celebrity baby. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how Danielle found time to work, work on CBB and have a newborn. I love this site. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANYA!!

Andrea on

Happy B-Day!!!

Just wondering whether you are of POlish heritage? The reason – Anya is a Polish name and she does have Slavic features..she is BEAUTIFUL!!

ariana on

danielle, you have no clue how beautiful it is to see anya so big and gorgeous, as a reader…i remember when you were giving us your pregnancy diaries, and showing progress, and then she came along, and her updates, and now she’s going to be three?! god bless you and your family, i feel such a part of this blog and family

Brittany on

Wow, that was a fast three years…. she just gets more beautiful all the time!

Keedee on

I thought about Anya a week or so ago. I can NOT believe it’s been THREE years! Seems it was not so long ago we were seeing mom’s belly shots. She just gets more & more Beautiful!! “Happy Birthday, Anya!”

jackie on

I can’t believe she’s three!! She is such a beautiful little girl. Please tell her we all wish her a very happy birthday and many many more!!

g.rocks on


robin m. on

I started reading this site shortly after she was born. How time does fly. Happy birthday, little princess!

Rosy J on

OMG! There are no words to describe this child. I am totally speechless. I want to stare at her and I can’t stop smiling. Do you see what I see? OMG! What an absolute angel on earth. OMG! So beautiful!

JM on

Gosh I remember her birth announcement and now she’s three. Time flies. She’s getting so big. And gorgeous as ever!

Happy B-day Anya!

Dana on

Wait! Didn’t she just turn 2 a couple of months ago? Wow, how time flies.

Happy Birthday, little cutie!

g.rocks on

hi! is today lourdes leon’s birthday? if so, princess anya shares a birthday with the pop queen’s daughter !

Alice on

Happpy Birthday Anya! She’s so adorable, and that pic in the album of her eating spaghetti is priceless😉

girlstar on

WOW! I can’t believe your beautiful daughter is 3 already! Time flies!

Stephanie on

She is amazing!

Thanks so much for posting this Danielle!

I was just thinking the other day that it had been a long time. As the sight has grown so much over the last couple of years and continues to grow PLEASE keep us old readers up to date! =)

Colleen on

I remember when Anya was born! She’s now so grown up & beautiful.

When you get a chance can we get an update?

Happy Birthday Anya!

Kelly on

oh my shes so beautiful! Happy Birthday Anya!!

Cynthia on

it is so wonderful to see you grow Anya! you are a beautiful little girl and I love looking at your pictures!

irene on

Happy Birthday Anya! Enjoy your day sweetie! Danielle–she is so beautiful!

Jennie on

I remember anticipating her birth. Time flys by so fast. What a beautiful little girl. I don’t comment much but I check the website about 10 times a day!!

Amy on

Congratulations on Anya’s third birthday. I’ve been following your blog since she was born. Where has the time gone? Enjoy your beautiful little girl!

gargoylegurl on

She’s stunning! Thanks for sharing with us. I started reading CBB when she was first born! =)

Jennifer on

Wow! Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday Anya was born, and now she’s three years old!

What an adorable little princess! Anya is such a beauty – those eyes are gorgeous, the pigtails are so cute, and her smile is just precious.

Thanks so much for the updates Danielle! And Happy Birthday Anya!🙂

LadyKitty on

Happy Birthday,little princess!
Its lovely to see some pictures again.

Carrie on

Oh wow! Three years already, I remember Danielles pregnancy updates, and photos of Anya from when she was tiny. She’s a precious little thing, and it goes by sooo fast, my own girls are 10 and 8 now and it feels like yesterday that they were born!!🙂🙂 xxx

Alicia on

Is she 3 ALREADY?

Wow that went fast! I remember the announcement of her birth (name pronounciation and everything!) like it was yesterday!

Happy birthday Anya!

Morgan on

It seems so surreal that our girls are 3!! I was pregnant with my daughter, Sofia while Danielle was pregnant with Anya and to look at Anya it’s amazing to see the change in her. Then I have to take a step back and say the same about my own🙂 Many blessings, Princess Anya & Happiest of Birthdays!!

LadyKitty on

p.s.I see Anya loves here Corolle Chou Twin(Baby Sally) as much as my little girls(aged 2 and 3).They so good for cuddeling and holding for that sort of age.It looks like Sally comes alonge on all of your trips out🙂.

Viktória on

She’s such a cute little girl.
I had to smile a bit, when I heard her name for the first time. Because “Anya” is the hungarian word for “mother”. The spelling is the same too. Children in Hungary say “Anya” or “Mama” to their mothers. But “Mama” is more often used for grandmother. I really like Anya as a name. I just never had the idea to use it as a name. Oh, I wrote so much-sorry…
Best wishes and



She’s a beauty. She’s dress in pink alot my favorite color. I dress the little ones in my family in pink alot.

Nancy on

Anya you’re three years old today! No longer a little baby, but a small lady ;o) Looks like you had lots of fun on your birthday! The crown and tiara making sounds like a very nice activity to do with a 3y old! I’ll keep that in mind ;o) Many hugs, kisses and cuddles little princess

ninaandtom on

Happy Birthday Big Girl!
Hope it was a good one.
You’re look’n super cute.

Nicola on

Happy birthday little one and huge congrats to the parents! It goes so fast. Keep enjoying every minute.

Heather M. on

Happy Birthday, Anya! I hope you enjoy your day!!!

Laura Anne on

I cannot believe she is 3!! When I first started reading this blog, Danielle was pregnant with Anya. Wow! Time flies.

Dory C on

oh my god….it’s been 3 years already?? I think i blinked and missed a few years! She has grown! ;O lol can certainly tell she’s your daughter Danielle! Beautiful little girl!

Mary on

Woooow, 3 already?! Has it been that long? Time sure does fly. Love her birthday party pics. And yes, that was a huge cake lol!

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