Angelina Jolie Nurses Twin on Cover of W Magazine

10/13/2008 at 06:00 AM ET

Update: See a few of the photos and read the interview at

Originally posted October 9th: The cover of the November issue of W Magazine has leaked, featuring a smiling Angelina Jolie nursing one of her and Brad Pitt‘s 3-month-old fraternal twins. The photos were snapped by Brad in mid-August at the couple’s chateau in France, and the issue will hit newsstands on October 21st. Sharing with the magazine that "one of the life changing thingsthat [Brad] did, one of many" was to convince her to get pregnant, even though she had never planned on having biological children. After seeing him with Maddox and Zahara, Angelina saw that, "He stopped talking abouthaving other kids in the other way. So I suppose in myheart I realized he was happy with them as his children, completely. Iknew he would never see them as different, and that gave me a certainpeace."

"Then I suppose I just looked at him and loved him and just feltopen to [getting pregnant]. I suddenly wanted to. It’s one of thosethings you can’t explain. I was absolutely never going to getpregnant. I never felt that it was the right thing to do. Now I wouldn’t trade thatexperience for the world. It taught me a lot about life, just theprocess of it, and now we have three other beautiful children thatwouldn’t otherwise be here.”

After giving birth to three children, the actress notes that her body is different, but she’s okay with the changes, and feels even sexier postpartum. "I’m with a man who’s evolved enough to look at my body and see it asmore beautiful because of the journey it has taken and what it hascreated," Angelina explains. "He genuinely sees it that way. So I genuinely feel sexier."

Angelina’s new movie, Changeling, is in theaters October 31st.

Source: W Magazine


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Darlene on

She looks simply beautiful.

Morgan on

Go Angie!😉 I hope one day our society will advance enough to fully appreciate the beauty and blessings of nursing. That said, I was unable to nurse my daughter directly (I had to pump), but still found it so rewarding.🙂

regina on

a breastfeeding photo on the cover of W … AMAZING! love it.

Kennie on

Could Angelina be any more beautiful? She looks so relaxed and happy.

Lacey on

She looks so happy and peacefull. A very beautiful photo. on

That’s a beautiful photograph!

KW on

Lovely picture! She looks very content. I almost didn’t recognize Angelina; she looks quite different here.

I can just imagine how much negative press it will garner, given that she’s breast-feeding. (rolling eyes)

Jenna on

OMG, I love that you can see the little baby hand! Gorgeous photo! If Demi can pose pregnant and nude on a mag cover, I think it’s definitely about time to show another amazing woman while she’s nursing. She looks so serene and beautiful. Kudos to ‘W’ magazine for putting that particular photo on the cover.

Nicole on

What makes it even more beautiful to me is that she’s looking at Brad behind the camera. I want to see this shoot just to be able to see Brad’s family through his own eyes.

phoebe on

What a sweet photo! I’m surprised they made something so private so public though. Angie looks lovely.

Carolyn on

My daughter has 8 month twins. A boy and girl. She has been committed to providing mama moo juice and will until they turn 12 months. I nursed all four of my children. It is what the breasts were made for. It took Angie a bit to realize her true calling in life and now she exemplifies motherhood. I wish she and Brad a long and happy life together.

phoebe on

Btw, my comment about the public/private thing wasn’t meant in a bad way at all, I think it’s fantastic the photo has been released, I just found the decision surprising, that’s all.

Sara on

I agree that it is a beautiful picture and I hope no one gets offended by it.
However, I had to laugh at the headline … Brad’s private photos of Angelina … splashed on the cover of a magazine!

Colleen on

This woman looks more stunning then ever. She looks like every other new mother….thrilled and exhausted, yet only this woman does it with total physical perfection! Yeah, I’m jealous! LOL

Ash on

Beautiful picture!!!

Andrea on

Wow. I looked at her face, and thought, “That is a picture of a woman smiling at the man she loves.” Very different from the public A.J. smile we see.

Afina on

I like seeing such an honest photo on the cover of W! Such a contrast with other W covers!

JM on

I am not sure it will get backlash. If Demi and Britney can pose on covers with their bear belly’s this is nothing!

Liza on

Beautiful! All the pics my husband got of me, Im all chunky and my gut is hanging out and my boob is bigger then my kid’s head. lol.

sil on

Beautiful picture…but i don’t understand why (and what for) should they give their private family pictures to a magazine….sometimes i don’t understand celebrities…they ask for respect of privacy but then they sell their family pics so everybody can see them.
Not fan of Angelina and Brad, but is a very sweet picture anyway.

Indre on

You know she looks here like one of us. I just love this jolie-pitt family. they are so humble. Look at his pic, brad personally made it. I dont see here a big superstar. All i see is amazingly beautiful woman who is firstly a mom!

sleekraven on


Dear Lord Angelina, enough! You get enough publicity, you don’t have to work so hard for it.

Rachel on

Could this woman be any more beautiful? I love, love, this magazine cover. I don’t have kids yet, but in the process of concieving. I hope to one day nurse my children.

MaríaM2 on

Love it so much. In my world nursing is now, and has always been something you didn’t even think of as odd or a non option. It’s a beyond beautiful photo and can’t wait for the mag.

coltcasmom on

Nothing more beautiful, than a mother nursing her child!!!

teena on

What a beautiful natural picture of a mother caring for her baby. I think Angelina is the most down to earth actress, and has a big heart for everyone. I’ve never heard her put anyone down and she never discusses her personal life with anyone. The Jolie-Pitts are the ALL AMERICAN FAMILY and I think they are awesome!

Katie on

Sil, I don’t think they “gave” there pictures to the magazine. From what I understood, Brad took these pictures FOR the magazine. I may be wrong though! Stunning photograph either way!

Jennifer on

Completely amazing photo!!
I’m so happy to see that she is breastfeeding! I loved that bond with my child and never understood how people felt it was okay to treat it like it was disgusting!
So beautiful.
The Jolie-Pitts can sure grow on you!!!! Love them now!

Amanda on

So many emotions conveyed through one smile! Love, adoration, pride, exhaustion, tenderness. She has never looked more peaceful or serene in her life.

What I like about this photo is that it is conveyed through Brad’s eyes. We see what he sees. Stripping away all the fame and the money and the movies and the jetsetting, this is how he sees her. If this is anything to go by, the rest of the pictures will be stunning.

And just to add, I love that W was brave enough to pick this shot as their cover. The stigma that comes with breastfeeding in public still suprises me. Perhaps it’s different in other countries but here in England, I was out with my sister and her baby a few weeks ago and I lost count of the funny looks she got when she breastfed. I wish more people could understand what a beautiful moment it is between mother and baby. It’s one of the most natural things in the world and something most mothers I know do with the greatest love and pride.

Lauren on

Sara and Sil, I completely agree with what each of you said. While I don’t have a problem with the photo itself, I have a problem with Brad and Angelina promoting their new films via an intimate family photo. If they didn’t both have big Oscar-bait films coming out this fall I’d have no problem with it. I just hate when celebrities boo-hoo about privacy and how sacred family is and then exploit both to get big headlines for a project. I have nothing against a pregnant belly or a nursing mom on the cover of a magazine (or anywhere else) but I am so tired of the insane kabuki dance certain celebs do with the media. Bottom line, did you see Johnny Depp hugging his partner and kids on the cover of “W” to promote any of the “Pirates” movies? There’s an example of a guy who says he wants privacy and to protect his kids and then walks the walk.

sigh on

“Wow. I looked at her face, and thought, “That is a picture of a woman smiling at the man she loves.” Very different from the public A.J. smile we see.”

I agree, Andrea.

Effing gorgeous photo… I can’t wait to see the rest. (BTW, I think the only people who will have a problem with the cover are the Angie haters, who would *still* hate it even if the cover was announcing she’d found the cure for cancer.)

Joeanne on

Katie, you’re right. Brad took these photos specifically for the magazine. “W” was the one to come up with that strange “Private Photos” title. I agree with those who said it’s lovely to see how Brad Pitt sees Angelina. I’m glad they were willing to share these moments with us.

ana on

They didn’t give the pictures to a magazine – Brad took pictures for the magazine. It was a photoshoot, just instead of a photographer it was Brad. It is beautiful, I think. We can see her through his eyes. Instead another fashion shoot, we have seen plenty of these, this is different.

(LOVE- aJ ) on

I love her and her family.

yoco on

Celebrities release private photos to magazines all the time especially People and InStyle.I’ve only heard Brad and Angie complain about paparazzi when they get to close to kids. Angie said she would prefer they use longer lenses.Brad complained about them coming on private property.They realize paparazzi comes with the job.There are some semi nude pics inside the magazine according to Wenn we’ll see which pics garner the most criticism

Mia on

I’m very excited for this magazine and I think the cover is beautiful.

It will definitely be an interesting perspective because it’s so private/home-photos being Brad Pitt took them, and it’s a very inside look at their family life. Which although they have a lot of money, and luxury: they’re very normal.

I think it’s great how much their love has grown and how they’re not afraid of putting a little info “out there” instead of when they first got together they were very hush/hush because obviously there was some controversy regarding their relationship and family life. I’m very happy for both of them.

Moore on

I don’t think I’ve read about Brad or Angie boo hooing about their lack of privacy. It seems to me like they deal with it the way they can. As for the photos, they didn’t sale personal photos. He took them for the magazine. This isn’t the first time Brad has gotten with W magazine to do a photo shoot nor is it the first time that Angie has been involved. As always, she looks beautiful and I can’t wait to see the photos Brad has taken of his family.

ana on

Lauren, Vanessa Paradis, J. Depps partner, did the breastfeeding photoshoot too – it was just way more revealing than this (I posted it below, but with the warning). It is not fair to judge when you don’t know the facts.

Nicole on

I think a lot of people try to apply standards to Brad and Angelina that they apply to everyone else, and they just aren’t. You put every single celebrity couple out on the street, just walking, at the same time, and who would all the photographers follow? That’s right, Brad and Angelina. They get photographed getting out of CARS in OTHER COUNTRIES, for goodness sake.

I think part of why Brad did this is because all these tabloid magazines are constantly using these pap photos, and Brad and Angelina don’t really have a lot of control over HOW. (Seriously, all the nasty tabloid headlines?) So I think this was Brad’s way of kind of striking back at that – “This is how my family really is, this is how we live.” I don’t blame them for wanting one magazine cover that isn’t a tabloid, no offense to People intended.

Joey Tribiani on

i’m pretty sure jennifer aniston is furious still about this.

check out this thing i found about a jolie-aniston debate. crazy stuff.

Faye on

Aside from your twins issue, I would say this is probably the most beautiful cover photo of Angelina I have ever seen. Simple and natural. This woman adores being a mom and it shows.

Amanda on

The way I see it, it was probably written into Angelina’s contract that she would have to promote Changeling via an interview and photoshoot in a major magazine. When you’ve just given birth to twins and have 4 young children, I would guess that dressing up in fancy clothing and having to sit in a chair for hours whil someone fussess with your hair and make-up might not be the most appealing suggestion in the world.

So what better way to work round that than to have your partner photograph you in your natural surroundings, whilst you interact with your children (which is very apt considering Changeling deals with the loss of a child, the strength and endurance of a mother’s love and the lengths she will got to to protect her child.) I think they came up with the perfect solution and the result is stunning.

Just to add, the only time Angelina and Brad have complained about a lack of privacy is when photogrpahers have trespassed onto their land and/or taken photos of their children whilst they were on private property. And heck, I’d complain too. That is against the law. I actually find that Brad and Angelina are very accomodating to the paparazzi. They understand that they have a job to do and that being who they are, their children automatically become public people. There are no histronics, no losing their temper. Just a polite request they they refrain from scaring the children and use long lenses as often as possible. Which they are well within their rights to do, I reckon.

Jade on

Aww the little fingers are too cute.

Marinka on

I’m not sure that she’s capable of taking a bad picture, but this is just lovely.

(Although Brad and I may have different ideas of “private”)

ekaterina on

wow- kudos to her for brining bf back into the media spotlight! I am sure that this will bring lots of contraversy with it ( and press too)

Well I am niave and will say that I am happy to have nursing brought the forfront in a manner to demonstrate to all that it is a beautiful natrual event that is to be celebrated-
I have LOVEd nursing my kids and am proud of it!
thanks ANIGE!

Aurora on

To me, she is THE most strikingly beautiful woman. ever. I love her with a bit of weight on, i love the dark unhigh-lighted hair. She’s just GORGEOUS, as is her children, charity work and, oh yeah, her partner is pretty cute too😛
Seriously though, I have never bought this magazine before, but I will search for this issue of it. Call it celebrity obsession if you wish, but I just think looking at photos of this kind is like looking at fine art: naturally beautiful, peaceful and they have a calming, pleasing affect on me!

Kris on

Officially my favorite photo of her. Love it! Love that the mag chose it as the cover.

Janis on

I think it is the strangest thing in the world that anyone, anytime, for any reason would have any sort of problem with a woman breastfeeding in public. Are women supposed to be shut-ins with their infants? Or deprive their children of nourishment while in public? Absurd!

I love that Angelina is doing her part, knowingly or not, to condition people to the fact that breastfeeding openly is natural, normal, and necessary. And she looks absolutely gorgeous, I might add.

Shirley on

Ah, how sweet. What a great picture. Best wishes to all the family.
Hey Brad, can you take some Halloween pics of the kiddies too? I would love to see what they dress up like this year and what fun trick or treating with all of them.
Have fun!!

Kim on

Oh, come ON. Are we really so obsessed with these people that we need to see a picture of her breastfeeding? On the cover of a magazine? Of course it’s a lovely picture and she looks beautiful. I don’t even really mind Brad and Angelina, in general. I just can’t believe that we’ve reached the point where absolutely nothing is sacred anymore.

Janis on

Kim, or somebody, please help me understand what’s sacred about breastfeeding. It’s a child getting nourishment. What’s sacred about that? Is it sacred when a three year-old shoves Cheerios in her mouth or when you eat a bagel in the morning on your way to work? I don’t get it. . .

mimi on

A lot of you are missing the point. This is to encourage breast-feeding amongst those who look upon breast-feeding as something to be carried out only behind closed doors. If someone in her position can do this and show it to the public many parents embarrassed about breast-feeding in public, this will surely help in removing the stigma attached to breast-feeding in public. Afterall, breast is made for feeding babies, that is what God intended it for and not for the sexual gratification adults use it for. In London I see mums breast-feeding their children in public, ten years ago it would have been unheard of or something to be frowned upon. The inflocks of Eastern Europeans have changed things and it is good. Why should mums feeding their babies in public be made to feel ashamed. Breast is the best natural source of food fot babies. Good on Angie to lead the way again. I love this woman.

Kim on

I guess what I was trying to say is, the act of breastfeeding itself is not necessarily “sacred.” It just seems like a family moment that shouldn’t necessarily be displayed on the cover of a magazine. I would feel the same if it was a picture of them changing the diapers or giving them a bath or putting them to bed. It just seems weird to me, that’s all. Anyway, didn’t mean to offend anyone.

Janis on

I was in no way offended, Kim. I understand your point. Thanks!

carie on

gorgeous photo! can’t wait to see the rest. Amanda….you said it perfectly. That’s the most accurate, balanced statement about the photos and about how AJ and BP feel about paparazzi. You definitely said it best.

Lauren on

Perhaps I shouldn’t have said the boo-hoo part. Okay, fine. I still find it odd that celebrities incorporate their children into formal interviews and photoshoots. When they’re walking down the street with their kids they’re in a public space and thus are fair game for photographers, unfortunately. I get that. However, when they’re on Access Hollywood or being interviewed by InStyle, I don’t see how it’s relevant to talk about or show (however slightly) your kids just because you’re fulfillinig your contractual obligation by promoting your project. In my work enviornment, if I was asked my philosophy about raising kids or how my toddler was dealing with sibling jealousy I certainly wouldn’t find that anyone’s business, at least at that moment. I’m at my job, not entertaining you with the blow by blow of my private life. I don’t discuss breastfeeding or teething or diapers or display intimate images of our family life because it’s an inappropriate invornment to do so. I don’t hate Brad and Angelina, or Demi or any parent who shows the reality of life as a parent. I just think there’s a time and a place for some things. I also don’t talk about sex at work. Or politics. I talk about those subjects with people I work with, but never on the job. And by the way, I love my coworkers and we know about eachother’s private lives because we’re friends and we care about one another. In a celebrity’s case, they usually don’t know the interviewer or photographer personally (except seeing eachother on a semi-regular basis to promote the new film, book,etc.), much less call eachother about a parenting queston in the middle of the night. Maybe I’m missing something, and if so tell me! I wont be offended, but please respect my right to say how I feel without being called a hater or any other ridiculous high school taunt. I’m just trying to have a back and forth with you guys.

Kristin on

I don’t feel like breastfeeding is sacred or private. It’s just feeding a baby the way they were born to be fed. My 2 month old son nurses every hour and a half and if I didn’t nurse openly, I’d never get to leave the house!

Angelina is a big humanitarian, so it doesn’t surprise me at all that she would want to publicly support breastfeeding. It’s a lovely picture. I love the little baby hand and her beautiful expression.

J on

I wish some would stop saying that this photo is something to encourage others that breastfeeding is normal and natural, especially in public. The photo was taken at home, how does that encourage public breastfeeding really?

It’s a family photo Brad took for a magazine, that’s all.

Please stop using Angelina’s new photo as an example for breastfeeding soapboxes. It’s a simple photo, nothing more.

J on

Well said Lauren!🙂

Beautiful on

Beautiful. Nursing mothers are gorgeous.

Natalie S. on

Wow that’s a gorgeous picture of Angelina with one of the twins..awe I could just melt seeing that lil’ hand. So precious!

4416 on

I think this is the greatest, most natural picture I’ve seen of her. Very natural, sincere, serene.
Angelina is truly beautiful and has a calm and in love expression on her face.

CTBmom on

Wow. Angelina looks absolutely lovely here (not that she doesn’t usually, but she’s especially beautiful here. You can tell she cherishes being a mother and is devoted to her children and to Brad. I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.

Kelly on

Seriously the most beautiful and serene picture to grace the cover of W. Makes me wish that my husband had taken pictures of me breastfeeding my sons.

brooke on

Nothing wrong with the picture, but it’s not gonna make more people breastfeed or not because angelina is. She is no better or no different than tons of other women celebrities or not who choose to breastfed or not breastfed. I do think though this is why we have paparazzi that love celebrity kids and pictures, because celebrities do themselves use their families to promote their movies. Nothing wrong with that, as long as you don’t complain about wanting privacy, when your doing photoshoots for no reason lol. You can’t be private when you want too, and other times the total opposite. Some celebrities are private in every way though as far as their kids are concerned jodie foster, halle berry, salma hayek, holly robinson,jennifer garner, you don’t really see them ever selling baby pics or posing in magazines with their kids, the pics we see are them out and about, which is totally normal because obviously they are gonna go out with their kids.

kaya on

Lauren, Kim…

I agree. Thanks for saying it.

emily on

That is the most beautiful picture of Angelina Jolie that I’ve ever seen.

ana on

Brooke, you don’t think of Holly Robinson Peete, because she took her kids to Oprah, did several People spreads, and, I almost forgot, did a TV special in which she renewed her wedding vows which included all her children. I am sorry, I know that many people don’t like Angelina, but to give examples (like with Jonny and Vannesa) that are just so bias is really not fair (and I am not even gonna comment on Halle Berry Zoo photoshoot).

Jess on

What a beautiful cover!

I see no reason why any being should have a problem with this…after all, breast feeding is the most natural process of all.

Hopefully, just like it did with overseas adoption, those who see Ange breastfeeding will try it with their newborns too. Angelina is almost showing mums that breastfeeding is “cool” and “hip” something thats been needed for a long time.

Ange is also showing no woman should be ashamed of her after-baby body…she’s showing hers on the front of a world-wide distributed magazine. She has my utter respect for this.

People can slate Angelina and Brad for allowing this photo as much as they want, but there is no denying that this is simply serene. It’s beauty at core.

I’ve never seen a prettier, more natural photograph.

NLT on

If you think Jennifer Garner taking Violet to the Farmers Market each and every weekend was not a planned photo shoot, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Angie and Brad have never complained about privacy, they just want the paps to be further away from the kids.

These pics protray how they see themselves, which is very different from the way the tabs try to portray them, which unfortunately, some people who can’t think for themselves tend to believe.

Di on

It never ceases to amaze what lengths celebrities will go to in order to generate publicity. They will sell their wedding and baby pictures and now here comes a picture of Angelina Jolie breastfeeding plastered on the cover of an international magazine.
I do not have a problem with breastfeeing or nudity for that matter but I do have a problem with celebrities exploiting their children for professional or financial gain. Angelina has a film coming out so here comes an initimate photos designed to garner media attention.
It is so wrong and I feel sorry for every celebrity child who has or will have their privacy invaded whether by the hands of the paps or their own parents.

carie on

i don’t think this photo was done as a PSA. at all. It’s just a part of their life that he was photographing for the magazine. This is what she’s spending a lot of her time doing, so obviously this type of setting would be included.

sunny on

Johnny Depp’s partner Vannessa showed her breastfeeding on the magazine cover. I very much loved it.
I always thought Brad & Angie, Johnny & Vannessa have a lot in common. They are great artists but very family-oriented people and love being parents more than Hollywood business.

sunny on

And one more thing.
Vannessa was topless and the photo showed her baby drinking her milk. They looked very raw in that photo. At least Angie is wearing a gown and the cover showed only a baby hand.

zaraB on

This is perhaps the most beautiful photo I’ve ever seen of Angelina! She looks so serene and beautiful.

Laura on

OK, people…bottom line. NONE of us will ever know WHY Brad chose to take the pics, Angelina chose to pose, etc…I’m pretty sure none of us are their close personal friends and have in fact found out the answer to these questions. I find it amusing that we all sit here and discuss their motives, exploitation of their children, etc. when all of us chose to come to this blog to see celebrity babies and their parents! FOR THE LOVE!!! If we just saw a link that said “Nursing Angelina on cover of W Magazine”, and we couldn’t see it…we’d all be ticked. It’s called America, and with it comes a whole lot of freedom, thank God. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it or buy the mag. Furthermore, don’t come to a celebrity baby site and then criticize these people you’re coming to see!

jessica on

Wow. This picture is so sweet and natural, and very romantic in a way. Love it.

Kim on

I never thought Angelina could be anymore beautiful then she already is but this picture sure showed it! She is just absolutely gorgeous! She looks so happy.

DJ on

I assumed the majority of visitors would only come to a website called “CELEBRITY BABY BLOG” because they enjoy getting to see pictures and read about the kids of famous people. My mistake.

It’s very interesting to read the reactions on here and at other websites. It seems like people are ok with candids where paparazzi chase them down to get the money shot, but they get very angry when the celebrity is the one that has the control over what people get to see.

Jessica on

Why did you take the picture down CBB. The picture is beautiful, Angelina shouldn’t be ashamed and neither should any of us as women.


We needed to remove it for legal reasons.

— Sarah, Staff Editor

NLT on

Well said, DJ!

Lauren on

Laura, I don’t think you have to know celebrities personally to question certain actions they take. I questioned Brad and Angelina in this case because, as I said in my second post, I am curious about ANYONE who would mix business and family. In the whole history of celebrity-dom no star has ever done an interview or photo shoot without a calculated reason. Can we have a civil conversation without the old, if you don’t like it ignore it? I don’t want to burn Brangelina at the steak. I simply wondered about their motive, judgement, wisdon in this particular instance. If we disagreee, okay. Please don’t scold me for an opinion, one I know the Jolie-Pitt family could give a damn about.

Shelby on

I agree that it seems like such an intimate moment that I’m not sure I’d want to share with the public. Beyond that, however, I think it’s an incredibly beautiful and sweet photograph that I think could send a powerful message for breastfeeding.

Jessica on

I think the pic is beautiful but what do I know, I’m just a flaming liberal.

Different strokes for different folks I guess. Did all these people have a problem with the People spread of the twins, did they have a problem with the spread of Pax and Shiloh? I know some of you did, but not a lot of you. I think the main problem here (for some people) is that she’s breastfeeding. And when it comes to that I have no problem with it, breastfeeding is very natural.

It’s interesting the way some Americans process things differently than Europeans (this is all me speculating). I’ve seen more of Angelina’s breast in her movies than in this photo. But that’s a big deal. But if she’s does a photo shoot with a small area of her breast showing then the whole world falls apart. Why is this such a big deal?

But I’m not going to argue some people just don’t like Angie, some people just don’t like the selling of the photos, and some people just don’t like publicizing breastfeeding. And I think DJ made a good point.

Joeanne on

DJ, I appreciate your comment and I agree with it 110%.

FC on

She looks beautiful, about as natural as I’ve ever seen in any photos of her. And the smile she gave to Brad is priceless, as well as the baby’s little hand waving in the air.

I’ll probably have to check out the magazine when it’s released. I’d love to see what all Brad photographed. He seems to have a good eye.

TK on

DJ you are so so right. Sometimes this double standard is annoying.

CelebBabyLover on

When I saw that there were 85 comments on this post, I immeditely thought “Oh, boy, what’s the argument about this time?”

I was very happily surprised to discover that not only is there not really much of an argument, but that most the comments are, in fact, positive! That seems to be very rare on an Angie and Brad post, and I, for one, am happy to finally see an Angie/Brad discussion WITHOUT people going at each other’s throats (and yes, I realize that’s a bit of an exagerating)!

Anyway, I agree 100 percent with Amanda and Nicole as to why they did this photoshoot and the fact that they don’t actually complain about the paps that much.

Now, to the main attraction, the picture! It is gorgeous, and I LOVE that it is a picture of Angie breastfeeding one of the twins! I am very pro-breastfeeding, and it warms my heart to see celebs who are not ashamed of it in any way!

Also, is it just me, or is the nightgown Angie’s wearing in that photo the same one she wore in Knox and Viv’s first photoshoot in PEOPLE?

Oh, and I hope the pictures will be posted on the Internet, as I’d love to see them, but can’t really see myself buying the magazine (for one thing, I have no idea where to look for it!).

Finally…Way to stick it to the tabs, Brad and Angie!🙂

Autumn on

Aw beautiful photo I agree, and definitely not risque in the least. Lovely article too, at least for what I’ve read thus far.

In ref. to Angie’s quote about taking one look at Brad Pitt and wanting to have his babies, proves that she’s only human, just like the rest of us! lol! (Not surprised and I definitely don’t fault her there! ;))

Maggie on

Again…she is not like “us”. It’s lovely to think that all moms are the same. That each experience, each child, each situation is united. However, not one of us is in Angelena’s position. Therefore, discussing your dismay or even joy for that matter brings you no closer to understanding why someone whose lifestyle you couldn’t possibly imagine does what she does.

babyboopie on

I love Angie! She is so inspirational and is absolutely beautiful! Go you Jolie Pitts!

sunny on

Lauren says

Laura, I don’t think you have to know celebrities personally to question certain actions they take. I questioned Brad and Angelina in this case because, as I said in my second post, I am curious about ANYONE who would mix business and family.

Denis Richard
Tori Spelling
Jennifer Garner
Tom Cruise

Are most distinguish stars among who use their baby to promote their career, just my opininon as yours.

Noelle on

Isn’t it possible Angie and Brad choose personal photo’s in the hopes the paps will leave them alone for a bit. You know…. some sort of an agreement. We give you photo’s and you stop hunting us.

I don’t think Changeling has anything to do with it. I’ve read comments (not here) where people implied they had children just before films came so they could use it for publicity. Statements like that go waaaaay to far!!!!

Kay on

I find it sad that she would go to this length to promote a movie. I would feel different if she was promoting breast feeding. Sad. I wonder how much they were paid.

lilith on

DJ, it’s a double-edged sword. The more you play the media, the more they get interested in you. And this photoshoot is playing the media lock, stock and barrel.
If that’s what Brad and Angelina want to do, fine, but it leaves obviously not only me with a bad taste in my mouth.

And please, to everybody who thinks Jonny Depp and Vanessa Paradis handle their children and media in the same way, hands on your heart, if you were asked to pickup his son from school today, how many of you would know what his child looks like (without having to search their pictures on the net now)? How many of you do even know off the top of your head what their children’s names are?
See, there’s the difference between these two families.

Kate on


Fine, I agree that Johnny and Vanessa’s kids are not known to the general public as much as the Jolie-Pitt kids. How many years have they been living in France now, where paps are restricted in pursuing celebrities and kid’s faces are blurred in magazines? What happened when Brad and Angelina were in France the last 3 months – nobody saw a single photo of them and the tabs started making up wild stories about them to keep selling issues…

Bottom line – Johnny and Vanessa live in a secluded environment. Brad and Angelina cannot do that – they have to be in the public eye so they can champion their pet causes – helping in New Orleans, trips for the refugees’ organization, etc. You can’t do that while hiding in France permanently. And because of the public’s intense interest in this couple – we get to see a lot of pictures of their kids. Don’t tell me Angelina enjoys being chases by paps on the street or that she can’t take here kids freely to the parc.. It’s common sense..

Kate on

I also disagree with Lilith’s statement that “The more you play the media, the more they get interested in you”. If that were true – all the Holiwood hopefull hanging around the paparazi infested reastaurants in LA, would only need to keep walking the strees and keep sending pictures of themselves to the magazines, this will surely make them famous…

Let’s face it – never since the time of Elizabeth Taylor has there been such a strong interest in a movie star, people are intrigued by Angelina as she is not afraid to challenge and provoke and live her life the way she wants to. So there would be paps with night vision gogles and underwater spying devices around their house, if they were to keep to themselves and not give any photo opportunites out…

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The thing I love about this picture: she captures that radiance of a new mom. The breast feeding bliss moment, the overwhelming love we feel for our partner and our baby (and the love they feel for you) even if the house is falling down around you. I personally feel that I never looked or felt better inside and out than the first few months after my children’s birth. So if you ask me in my mind what I looked like I would say I looked exactly like that picture. The reality of course is that no way did I look remotely as stunning!!!! But looking at that picture of Angelina I can remember feeling that perfect, that beautiful and that happy.

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Angie looks flawless,she’s sooo happy, To be honest with you all i didn’t even notice that she was breastfeeding all in all she looks absolutely stunning!

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Don’t get me wrong please, but, more pics of them? They’re beautiful but they’re exposing themselves way too much, and then they claim privacy.

lilith on

To both Kates, whatever their motivation Brad and Angelina are not living private lifes and IMO they’re the ones mostly responsible for that. Again, they may have noble motivations for that, but it’s THEIR choice. Nobody forced them to do such a private photoshoot. Nobody forces them to reveal that much information about their children in interviews. They both are A-list actors and could easily demand that certain questions are not to be asked or only in limited doses. And frankly, I don’t see how giving away private family details is helping their causes.

You don’t have to live in France to protect your kids from the media, ask Julia Roberts.
And as for everybody just having to eat at certain restaurants to get famous, that’s why I said it’s a double-edged sword, once there is already a certain interest in you, you definitely have better chances in getting more famous by playing the media, ask Paris Hilton.

Mimi on

The picture is lovely but I strongly feel it should have been kept private. No, there is no shame in breastfeeding ones child but to publish that photo and other personal family photos is wrong. Kudos to Nicole and Keith; Ben and Jennifer; and others who try to protect as oppose to promote and put their children on public display.

Lets not even get into the timing of all of this. Why weren’t the photos released prior to both of their movie releases? Remember Angie has the Changling and Brad Benjamin…

This is wrong. And they are trying to generate even more buzz as if they needed it.

What do they want his and her Oscars?

NLT on

Mimi: What exactly is wrong about it, other than the fact tht you don’t care for it?

Once again, Brad & Angie have never said they want to be left alone, that’s an assumption made by many in this thread.

How is this photo any different from the multitude of photos we see every day of children of celebrities?

Amanda on

“I assumed the majority of visitors would only come to a website called “CELEBRITY BABY BLOG” because they enjoy getting to see pictures and read about the kids of famous people. My mistake.

It’s very interesting to read the reactions on here and at other websites. It seems like people are ok with candids where paparazzi chase them down to get the money shot, but they get very angry when the celebrity is the one that has the control over what people get to see. “
Yup, I don’t get it either DJ.

Brad and Angelina have such an intense spotlight on them. One that doesn’t even compare with the likes of Halle Berry or Johnny Depp or Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. It doesn’t even come close. They’re every move has been followed and disected ever since they’ve been together and it’s only got worse as their family has expanded. The tabloids have got more vindictive, the paparazzi have got more aggressive and intrusive and the public have got more demanding. Angelina and Brad are trying to cope with that demand as best they can and I think they’re doing a pretty good job so far.

And for the record, I’d much rather see photos like these than candids, knowing what an awful, stressful situation it can be for the parents and the children. One look at recent pictures of Suri Cruise will tell you that.

Jade on

The photos were taken for the magazine ergo they were never private photos. They existed solely as photos accompanying an article. You can’t say it should be kept private when it was taken to be published in W.

Angelina is contractually obliged to do lots of promotion for her upcoming film. In the course of interviews of course interviewers will want to know about her family and ask personal questions. It’s not fair to expect her to close down, become difficult and only speak about the film. That’s not her nature anyway, she’s an open, friendly person.

Sure some parents prefer to try and keep their kids out of the spotlight, but the paparazzi still follow them round regardless. I mean they’re celebrities and accept they will be pursued and of course they have a right to ask that their children have privacy, but since laws in the US don’t seem to be too strict the photographers ignore this. The examples of Nicole and Keith, Jen and Ben and Julia Roberts are all people who perhaps have achieved some measure of privacy for their kids, but at a cost of virtually having to keep them in the house for ages/ moving v. far away. However all of these celebs talk about their families in interviews and speak more when they’ve got films coming out. Such is the inevitable way of things.

I think Angelina and Brad take a realistic view of their life in the public eye. Paparazzi will hound them, moreso than any other celebrity couple. So they don’t complain about it, only when the photographers trespass onto their private residence (a clear demarcation of where public and private life separates that’s why it’s a criminal offence) or when they are too close to their kids. Of course they probably wish their kids have more privacy but so long as the circus follows they never will. They can only do their best, ask that photographers use long lenses and not be all up in the childrens’ faces.

Side note:Angelina doesn’t need help getting an Oscar she’s already got one, should have been nominated last year and all indications point to her at least being nominated this time round. Brad was nominated for Twelve Monkeys, in the Oscar winning Babel and won the Volpi Cup in Venice. Think they’ve proved their acting calibre already. In any case doubt they’re losing any sleep over it!

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What a lovely photo!!! I can’t wait to see the rest of the pics. The look on her face says it all. Motherhood does agree with her.

carie on

I agree, Jade.

To the others, puh-leeze! Jennifer Garner and Violet are photographed non-stop. Every pap knows she will be at the Brentwood Country Mart religiously. And she also knows the paps will be there. And what do we get? A gazillion photos of them at the Country Mart. Jennifer A. is NOT hiding away Violet. And I don’t think she has to….my point is that holding her up as an example is totally illogical.

And for others, if you’re not comfortable with the photos, that’s great. You’re not in the magazine. All is fine.

Mimi on

Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Mine is that I prefer not to have a picture of this nature out for the public. I think this picture is better suited for a private collection. And yes, Violet, Suri, Nahla, Sasha, Savannah and etc. are constantly featured on this blog, captured by the paps, but I respect their parents for not setting up organizing opportunities like this to feature their children for a photo spread. The kids are not celebs. They didn’t choose this journey, they were born to it. Why chose to make them, or even the act of feedding them, the center of attention.

Mimi on

BTW…I do applaud Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman and others for not selling pictures for their children. Julia has three kids whom we very rarely see. We have yet to get a glimpse of Sunday Rose. And only a couple of Nahla. Celebs do have the ability to shield their children and still be a celebrity and promote their projects.


What a beautiful photo, I love the graininess of it, the look in her eyes…shes so in love with brad, the baby hand, the fact that she looks like a normal mom who hasn’t showered in a few days and is just all about baby!! (babies)…such an exquisite photo.

She’s so beautiful and I think they are both so great.

Tanya on

I do think breastfeeding is kind of a sacred, private thing because its creates a deep bonding between mom and baby. So when Brad and Angie choose to publish those breastfeeding photos I think its an OK thing to do. That coverphoto isn`t that revealing though, you don`t really see her breast and only the babys hand, not really the baby itself.And she looks really beautiful, shes got a glow in her eyes and her smile.. she looks different than we usually see her. So if that photo is anything to go by, I think those pics will be appropriate to show us.

ana on

Mimi, suri was featured in Vanity Fair photoshoot when she was a few months old with her whole family. Julia Roberts introduced her twins on pages of People – photographer was her husband. So did Marcia Cross

ana on

It is really so unfair to give examples of other celebrities without even checking what they did or not do with their children and then comparing them with Brad and Angelina and their level of fame. I think it is just bothersome for some people that it is Angelina, if it is anyone else, it would be perfectly fine, even lovely.

ana on

Just to add one more thing – to even compare how much we see Suri or Violet with Jolie-Pitt kids is ridiculuos.

shan on

I love that photo, and I do not think that woman could ever look awful, even with no makeup on and bad lighting she is stunning.
I love the calm & candidness of it, and the little hand, awww

carie on

Well, for all of you complaining, I would like you to, right now, go over to the Nicole Richie thread and express your outrage. Because that article is about their child, Joel has a new album/videos/tour going on, and NR will be guest starring in some TV series…can’t think of the name of it. You should be outraged! Show it! Be Consistent! Because unless you do, everyone will see the double standards plain and clear.

Mimi on

Ok, I used a bad example with Suri, Savannah, etc. I forgot about Suri and didnt know about the others.

All I am saying is that I am not a fan of any celebs who sells shots or publize shots of their children. I repeat ANY celeb.

The kids didnt ask for the attention.

Paps taking pictures is one thing. I know celebs get tired of paps following them around and snapping pictures of their children.

I do not think the solution is selling and promoting their children.

Mary-Helen on

I know I’m in the minority but the smacks of a cry for attention from the Jolie-Pitt camp. I find it funny that right around the time the seperation rumours came out, suddenly she’s posting pics of herself nursing and Brad is posting “private” photos. While it’s a stunning photo, it should be left for personal and not public use. I find the Jolie-Pitts spend alot of time marketing their family as a brand and frankly it makes me a little uncomfortable. But the photo is gorgeous and would’ve made a nice photo to hang in one’s home or photo album.

DiamondGirl on

She didn’t just roll out of bed. Her hair is perfect and she’s in full makeup with heavy eyeliner.

I would doubt that’s the normal look for a breastfeeding mother of twins who has four other small children.

CelebBabyLover on

Mimi- Actually, we HAVE seen Sunday Urban. Here’s a link to one of those pictures:

True, we haven’t yet seen a good face shot of her, but the fact is we HAVE seen her, and more than a glimpse of her, I might add.

As for selling baby pictures…Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe Tom and Katie got paid for their Vanity Fair photoshoot with Suri. They basically donated the photos to the magazine.

I also don’t think Usher got paid for the photoshoot he did with his son. My point is that just because you see celebrity baby photoshoots in magazines doesn’t neccesarily mean the parents were paid for those photoshoots. In most cases, yes, they are, but not in ALL cases.

All of that said…Yes, Jen and Ben, Nicole and Keith, Halle Berry, etc. have chosen not to do magazine photoshoots with their babies. However, that’s because they can get away with it.

Angie and Brad, however, really can’t. As other posters have pointed out, they are, without a doubt, the most watched and followed celebs there are. If they had, say, taken Knox and Viv out without first doing a photoshoot, it more than likely literally would not have been safe.

We all know how crazy the paps can get trying to get photos of the J-Ps under “normal” circumstances. It’s a pretty safe bet that they would go at least 10 times crazier trying to get the first shot of Knox and Viv had the photoshoot not be done.

The sad fact is, if Angie and Brad took the twins out without doing a photoshoot first, they, the twins, and/or the other kids could have actually gotten hurt.

Are you really suggesting, Mimi, that Angie and Brad should have choosen to put their kids in danger rather than doing a photoshoot?

All of that said…After this issue of W comes out, how much do you guys want to bet that most or all of the tabs will come out with stories about how “painful it is” for Jennifer Aniston to see those pictures?

CelebBabyLover on

Mary-Helen- Brad never claimed the pictures were private, nor did he ever expect them to be. From what I understand, it was W that asked Brad to do that photoshoot.

Likewise, they were the ones who chose to put that rather weird headline on the cover. That was the magazine’s doing, NOT Angie and Brad’s.

And how exactly are they “marekting their family as a brand?” Please, let’s not exagerate here!

CelebBabyLover on

Diamond- IMO, it’s a little unfair to make assumptions about how much make-up she has on, considering the photo is in black and white and you can’t really see clearly how much make-up she really has on.

Some people DO have beautiful, even stunning looking faces without make-up, and Angie has always had an exotic look to her (not only that, but her mother had that same look).

Also, some women choose to *gasp* not wear any make-up. I NEVER wear make-up (I can’t stand the feeling of all that stuff on my face!), and I certainly don’t look like death warmed over or anything! You can look good without make-up!🙂

All of that said, obviously people weren’t implying that she literally just rolled out of bed. All they meant, I think, is that she sort of LOOKS like she did!

NLT on

Well, Mary-Helen:

Fact is, everytime we don’t see the JPs for a period of time, the break-up rumors surface. The tabs actually do this on purpose because they don’t have anything else to publish.

I ask you to, please do a bit of research if you can: Find out how many magazines within the past 3 years, 8 months have declared that the JPs have broken up? I think a website called PittImpressions actually has pics of all the 200+ mags that have declared a break-up; yet they remain together.

So, your theory that they’re doing this only to diffuse (sp?) break-up rumors doesn’t quite fit; especially since, according to the tabs, they’ve broken up at least 50 times by now.

I-dra on

i know i would much rather see photos of a newly postpartum celebrity mama doing what she does all day (breastfeed, lay around with baby, change diapers, be unkempt) than a planned, staged shoot of the ridiculously lavish nursery with mama all done up in perfect makeup & a girdle to hide her soft mama-ness. i enjoy these pics because it serves as a nice reminder that they are humans too & they cuddle their babies like everyone else. my partner’s sister once asked him why i was nursing in every photo we sent them (a formula family, btw) & he said, “well, that’s what she does all day!” they were not accustomed to seeing that & it was strange for her to see. i say, bring on the public nursing, even if it is in a photo taken at home. normalize breastfeeding in this culture.

Amanda on

So the general consensus among some people here is that it’s okay to allow celebrity children to be photographed by strange men who follow them down the street and shout their names? It’s okay for the paparazzi to trespass on private property, to stalk people and hunt them down? It’s okay for the paparazzi to make a child cower and hide their face, to make a child frown or get visibly upset? It’s okay for them to then sell the photos on for a nice, tidy profit that goes straight into their bank account? It’s okay for them to do all that, and then go out and do it all the next day to another family?

That’s alright but it’s not okay for Brad and Angelina to photograph their children in their natural environment where the children can be safe, relaxed and happy? It’s not okay to ensure that instead of fattening the wallets of sleazy paparazzi photographers any profit goes to charities that rely on donations to survive. Or in the case of these photos, are done with no money changing hand at all.

That’s an intersting moral standpoint some people have there. Very intersting.

Lucy on

DJ at Oct 9, 2008 10:19:31 PM
I assumed the majority of visitors would only come to a website called “CELEBRITY BABY BLOG” because they enjoy getting to see pictures and read about the kids of famous people. My mistake.

It’s very interesting to read the reactions on here and at other websites. It seems like people are ok with candids where paparazzi chase them down to get the money shot, but they get very angry when the celebrity is the one that has the control over what people get to see.

ana at Oct 10, 2008 5:37:43 PM
It is really so unfair to give examples of other celebrities without even checking what they did or not do with their children and then comparing them with Brad and Angelina and their level of fame. I think it is just bothersome for some people that it is Angelina, if it is anyone else, it would be perfectly fine, even lovely.


Thank You!

sigh on

Well, like I said, some people will hate the mag even if AJ had cured cancer. They’re just so jealous of her that it’s blinding.

Beyond that, though, I’m surprised that no one has mentioned that this is ART. And gorgeous art, at that. Some people have been like, “do we need to see these pics?” but I would say, do we NEED to see the Mona Lisa? Do we NEED to any of Annie Leibovitz’s work? Maybe not, but aren’t we all glad that we have?

Would we be better off without those Lennon/Yoko photos or the Greene & Stern photos of Marilyn Monroe? Or any of the glamorous old Hollywood stars, really. Whether some people like it or not, Brad and Angelina are this generation’s celeb royalty and they will be forever. In 50+ years, photos of/by them will be as famous and/or cherished as Monroe, Hepburn, Sinatra, etc. photos are today.

And btw, Angelina is far more deserving of her place as Hollywood royalty than Marilyn ever was. MM was good for three things: nookie, booze/pills, and showing up late (or not at all) to work. So what you’ve got there is basically a more attractive version of Lindsay Lohan. Fortunately, while AJ had her struggles with substance abuse, she got her act together and is now a valuable, contributing member of society. Much moreso than a lot of the people who are so eaten up with jealousy toward her.

lilith on

“They’re just so jealous of her that it’s blinding.”
And when people don’t have any more arguments than the gold old “oh , you’re nothing but jealous” inevitably comes up.
Indeed one big sigh.

sigh on

Any more arguments for WHAT? The only argument you seem to want to make is the one about the JP’s demanding privacy, which plenty of people have successfully “argued” with you.

ana on

Oh lilith, no problem, just ignore Angelina posts. It is easy – I don’t care for Jennifer Gardner posts, or Tory Spelling or Katie Holmes – kids are cute, but they just don’t interest me. Even though, there are pics and pics of them every other day, they don’t bother me,I just don’t care. If it bothers you that you see to much of Jolie-Pitt children, just don’t look at them.It is really easy, you should try. Because, Angelina is not gonna change and she is not going anywere, and there are lots of people who like her like she is and always was, and seeing family that she created puts smile on our faces. Let us be.

lilith on

sigh, you must mistake me with someone, I never said that they’re “demanding” privacy. So whoever argued with whom, my arguments still stand.
ana, enjoy, and I mean this without any sarcasm.
This is why I normally stay clear of Brangelina threads, if you have a different opinion and are stating it in a normal way, people get all prissy.
I’m out of here.

DiamondGirl on

CelebBabyLover, I didn’t make any assumptions about her wearing makeup – even in a black and white photo, heavy eyeliner is visible.

Someone did say that she looked like a normal mom who hadn’t showered for a few days.

We’re allowed to make comments on here without you personally replying to those of us with a different opinion from yours.

Whether or not you wear makeup has nothing to do with Angelina Jolie.

shan on

I personally think that Brad & Angelina have never run for privacy, if they are seen out with the kids, they never scream or rant at the offensive paparazzi, the only thing I have heard Brad say is please guys just keep it at a distance, away from the kids. But never told them to leave them alone.
I personally do not care what photos, whatever money they make goes to charity, when it starts going into their own pockets, then maybe I will change my mind.

And breastfeeding, nothing sacred about it, its a neccesity, people do not get offended when you feed your face in public, so why should we worry about a baby doing it.

Emily on

lilith, I agree with what you said.
Let’s not act like celebs have no control over their lives and are practically powerless against the paparazzi and media. With that said I like the photo and can’t wait to see the shots inside.

sigh, you’re entitled to your opinions but just because people are not in constant praise of the Jolie-Pitts does not mean they are “jealous”. That is the typical high school rational “if they don’t like me they must be jealous.” And I hope your around in 50 years to see if your theory proves to be true.

CelebBabyLover on

DiamondGirl- I apologize. I thought you were criticizing Angie for wearing make-up, but I realize now that I probably mis-intrepreted your comment. Your comment seems to be directed more towards the commetor who said Angie looks like a normal mom who hasn’t showered in days (which, techincally, could still be true! You can wear make-up without having showered for a few days) than at Angie herself.

Anyway, I’m still not convinced she is wearing eyeliner. Some people LOOK like they’re wearing make-up, such as eye-liner, but they aren’t. Shadows and such can make it look like someone has eyeliner on when in fact they don’t.🙂

sigh on

I did not say that people who “are not in constant praise” of the JPs are jealous.

“And I hope your around in 50 years to see if your theory proves to be true.”

What is that supposed to mean? If it’s a genuine sentiment and not snark, why bring it up?

And I’m sorry if I totally misconstrued your point (or non-point), lilith, but this:

“whatever their motivation Brad and Angelina are not living private lifes and IMO they’re the ones mostly responsible for that. Again, they may have noble motivations for that, but it’s THEIR choice. Nobody forced them to do such a private photoshoot. Nobody forces them to reveal that much information about their children in interviews. They both are A-list actors and could easily demand that certain questions are not to be asked or only in limited doses.”

Does sound like you’re complaining about the JPs complaining (which they don’t do) about privacy. Emily seemed to take away the same thing but fine, whatever. I actually DID have another “argument” besides the jealousy of the haters – I spent three whole paragraphs on it, actually. I didn’t throw in that last bit about Marilyn for my health, either. I did it to show that you can intensely dislike a celeb (think they’re not talented or a screw up, etc), as I do MM, yet still appreciate works of art featuring them. My feelings about Marilyn are not so blinding that I have to trash every beautiful photograph taken of her.

shalow on

the jealousy is so sad. no matter what anyone thinks good or bad, Angie has a life EVERYONE is so interested in that they take time out of their lives to look and comment, that’s real power. i love the pics, and find it interesting no one is responding to previous posts about the hypocrisy between papparazi shots and shots taken by Brad. The papparzi shots are ok because they allow sites like this to exist so we can all come and give our superior judgement on how shameful Angie and Brad are for ….. taking pics.

123 on

Those “breakup” rumors have been around since when they first got together in 2005! They are on covers of tabloids every week. Even when Angelina disappears for FOUR months people can’t stop talking about her. She did the interview for this magazine when Brad was at the Toronto Film Festival when all the tabloids were claiming she was home crying and depressed

... on

W magazine asked Brad to take these pictures for their magazine. Angelina HAS to promote her movie just like all other celebs.
I really hate the double standard when it come to Brad and Angelina. Lots of other celebs have done photo shoots with their kids but Brad and Angelina get all the complaints! Even Johnny Depp who people say is so private took a photo of his wife breastfeeding.

Laura on

What beautiful photos. In the image of her wearing the hat and the sling, she looks like a gorgeous Italian woman.🙂

Although, skipping over the debate raging here, which I don’t really need to read first thing in the morning while I’m enjoying my breakfast, I admit I did wonder if the photograph of her eating was to prove that yes, she’s normal, she does in fact eat, heh.

Mary-Helen on

But the timing of this “private” photo is excellent, isn’t it? Angelina has another Oscar-bait photo out and people haven’t talked about her in hours, so let’s put the baby on the boob so everybody will. Whether it’s perception or the woman’s personality, I will never know because I do not know her, but from my POV (and I work in media), she is desperate for attention and will market her kids to do it. Brad has a movie coming out, People buys pics of Maddox’s birthday party, Angelina’s film comes out, the vacation ski trip is in OK! Brad has Burn After Reading, the twins are in People, Angelina has Changeling, she’s breastfeeding on the cover of a magazine talking about how she bought her 7 year old boy knives. Since her first big role in Hackers, Angelina has always come across as desperate for people to talk about her and continues to act desperate for people to talk about her. This cover reeks of attention seeking, it was obviously taken for the sole purpose of people talking about Angelina Jolie and her “controversy”, which is unfortunate because it is a lovely photo. The only good thing about the JP’s fame loving ways is that this will generate conversation about public nursing, something people should talk about.

Mary on

First, beautiful photos of a beautiful family and a serene and happy Angelina Jolie. I think Mr. Pitt has a calling and that only he should be allowed to photograph his family. The love and gentleness is obvious.

Of course, this has de-volved into an anti-Angelina rant for many. If this person craved attention has so many seem to feel, then why did she disappear for nearly four months? Why no romantic dinners with Brad or cute shopping trips to be photographed? This family (and I do mean their children)is not photographed nearly as much as many of you folks outlined above. You basically see her when she has a film to premier or promote. So, if you don’t like this, then get ready for alot of other actors doing photoshoots to promote their films. I prefer this type of photo of them, not those from helicopters or with frightened looks on their children’s faces.

Also, this photoshoot, and yes, it is a photoshoot, was the magaznine’s and Brad’s idea, not hers. It is outlined on the W web page how it came about, so don’t blame her. As said above, they don’t do things to answer tabloids. If so, they would be photographed every other hour.

If I had not been told this was a breastfeeding photo, I would not have known it. Except for the babies hand, it is very subtle. More skin is shown on the red carpet and at the beach with folks wearing thongs. Now some of those photos are a bit much to me.

But as Ms. Jolie has said, she has nothing to defend in her life and I like that attitude. She and Mr. Pitt have a gorgeous family and a great relationship and not much else matters to them, so why should it matter to any of us.

NLT on


Forgive me, it may just be the way your words arre coming across, but, you seem to have a bit of pent-up anger towards Angelina. May I ask what she’s done to you personally?

Since you’re the expert and all, I’d like you to tell me what celebrity with a movie coming out doesn’t talk about their children?

Johnny Depp has, Halle has, Nicole Kidman has, Nicole Ritchie has, even Julia Roberts and Tom Cruise have.

As a matter of fact, this wholw website is FILLED with celebs givein quotes about their children, so, why is Angelina any different?

That this woman can disappear for months at a time, however, disputes your theory.

Aya on

Nothing wrong with the one with Angie, and nothing wrong with this one of Vanessa Paradis either.

Aya on

P.S. I love those of you that are bashing these pictures and the celebrities for showing them.

Here is a question.. why are you looking at them ?

Jade on

Ok one last time people: W commissioned photos of Angelina Jolie. That means they placed an order for pictures of Angelina and granted a photographer the authority to take photos of her for the magazine. It involved asking her permission to take photos which they would then be allowed to publish in their magazine, as the owners of said photos. The photographer was charged with the task of shooting photos of Angelina for a spread and W had decided that Brad Pitt would be that person, able to show something new about her and take the best photos of her. At no point in this chain does it state that Angelina will have Brad take private photos of her and the family (i.e. photos taken by them for them) and they will just release them to W magazine. The photos have not been taken for their private enjoyment and in fact were never ‘owned’ by the couple, but the property of the magazine the whole way through the process.
I can’t belive 140 comments later some people are still going on, erroneously saying this was a series of “private” photographs. They have at no point been private photographs. If you moaners bothered to go on the W site there is a whole article explaining the back story to getting these excellent photos. Including how the decision was made to have Brad take them.
This cover is does not need to seek attention. It demands attention. This is due to its absolutely amazing composition and of course the subject of the photo is so beautiful! The photo was probably chosen as the one which would get more people interested in the photo shoot and buy the magazine. In which case though W was spoilt for choice it would seem they made the right decision. Look how much discussion it’s generated and I guarantee that sales will increase.

Mary-Helen you obviously just dislike this family and that’s your opinion. Fine. But at least when spewing could you please not make ridiculous statements that are so far from the truth. There probably isn’t a week that goes by where one paper/tabloid/magazine doesn’t mention Angelina. They might be rumours, interviews, made up rubbish but all the media cannot help but mention her name. Why? Well obviously because she and Brad help boost sales more than most other things.
At no point in the interview does Angelina advocate breastfeeding. She simply is pictured doing it and (possibly) mentions that she does it. She doesn’t encourage others to follow her like sheep (as you seem to imply) or condemn others for choosing not to.

She is hardly an attention seeker in the mould of the young ‘hollywood’ startlets of today, eg. Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan. If she were desperate for attention she would be out calling the paparrazi to photograph her every day/week etc in the paparrazi hotspots. Is she? Not at all. She’s going about her business living her life free of care. Good on her.

I really don’t like the accusation that Brad and Angelina are marketing their kids. Do they not have a right to show their children off, as all parents do? Why are the kids not allowed to be involved in photo shoots? If they want to and the magazine has no problem with that (and let’s be honest all of them would love to have more exclusive pics of the family) then they have the right to include their kids.

Ok for a person working in the media Mary-Helen you seem to have no idea of when some interviews/articles/photos were printed, movies came out, who bought the rights to which photos etc. Perhaps you don’t deal with the entertainment side of things, but accurate reporting is obviously not a forte. People never bought pictures of Maddox’s birthday party. There were never any released to the press, only some photos taken by the paps of Brad treating Maddox to some go-karting. Ditto the vacation ski trip, those pictures were all taken by paparrazi from across the road, through trees/fences etc. Also Brad and Angelina have never sold pictures to OK! to the best of my knowledge they tend rather to deal with People. Just to show the level of ignorance in that post: the twins were in People at the beginning of August, Brad’s film Burn After Reading was released in the US in September and first shown in Venice at the very end of August when his promotional work only really started.

Angelina has Changeling to promote and so she’s doing her contractual duty by doing press tours and interviews. The interviewer is entitled to ask whatever questions he or she wants unless the person being interviewd restricts the topics they can be asked about. Angelina does not do this, as far as I know (there was once something where her lawyers(?) were looking out for her, but she still answered questions on the subject). She’s not desperate to talk, she simply quite open and forthcoming. People want to ask and know about how this awesome family gets along day-to-day and other details. She isn’t ashamed of her family and has nothing to hide so she talks about it. Bet the same people having apoplexies would criticise if she chose never to speak about her family life or to let the kids be photographed. Can’t win…

nicole on

I love the fishy face photo. I think it might actually be one of my favorite photos of Angelina. I think Brad has found another calling.

sigh on

What Jade said.🙂

The pics at W’s website aren’t showing up for me. I hope they wind up somewhere else.

SAR on

There’s nothing offensive about a photograph of a woman breast feeding her baby.

And there would be nothing wrong with a photograph of a woman bottle feeding her baby either. I’ve heard of women getting bawled out in public for bottle feeding their babies. For heaven’s sake, not every woman is able to breast feed! Sometimes lactation does not occur, or does occur and is too painful for the new mother to endure. My own mother was too sick after my birth to be able to breast feed me.

carie on

lol. yeah. what Jade said. It’s so tiring to read all these rants against her…yet, in other threads about celebrities doing the same things…you all are fawning over that person!!! It’s obvious when people just don’t like HER. Fine. But at least, when telling why you don’t like her, please try to use logic and facts. Makes it a lot less frustrating for everyone else.

J on

Someone above said to use logic and facts when giving complaints. Even when some here use logic and fact and remain respectful, they get picked on by some of the hardcore fans.

I think using logic and facts and respect should come from both sides in these ongoing JP arguments.

I guess either you like this family or you don’t, there doesn’t seem to be a happy medium. With all the bickering about this family that certainly seems to be the case anyway.

CelebBabyLover on

I love the photos! I do wish some of them were in color, though! I was looking forward to seeing the J-P family through Brad’s eyes…in full color!

Anyway, I love the picture of Angie with one of the twins! I also like the one of her laughing with Maddox and the one of her with Shiloh and Pax (who appears to have face paint on!)!🙂

me on

she so does not look like she is breastfeeding, lol!

me on

Those photos are soooo staged. See Angelina drifting around home in a see through dress! See Angelina sitting on a rock wall with her children, looking at peace! See Angelina beatifically smile out at the camera while breastfeeding! See Angelina pull a face cos she is a fun gal underneath all that glamour…. I dont believe for a second that any of it is real! LOL gotcha good I think.

carie on

I think the thing that irritates the fans, is that the complaints seem to ONLY be lodged against her…not all the other celebrities who are doing the exact same things that the complainers are complaining about. And the frustrating thing is that when people call them out on it, and say, oh, it’s obvious you just don’t like her, the complainers deny that. Yet, like I posted earlier…..all these people saying she exploits kids for career…..why are they not over in the NIcole Richie thread complaining about the People story…which is coincidentally timed with her guest appearance on a TV show, and his new album/videos coming out…but no. There are just 50 comments gushing about her….not one mention of exploitation. So it’s clear there’s a double-standard, which is why people get so irritated, b/c it’s obvious that all these actions being complained about are only important to people when Angelina Jolie does them…not other celebrities. I’m not saying anything about you or your feelings…I’m just explaining why fans, and myself, get irritated about this stuff.

blessing on

Using logic and FACT for real not just to attack someone.Someone said as soon break up rumours start she does a photo shoot.Thats a lie,we heard about Brad taking these photos weeks before the NE weekly rumours.Just read W to see how it all came about.Lets make this clear,she is doing the photo shoot and interview for her movie Changeling,that was clear from when we first heard about it.She is proud of it,she will proudly promote it for an Oscar just like Kate Winslet who let her husband shoot her sex scene with Leo,kate and her husband will make money and run for an Oscar.The husband filmed Leo kissing his wife’s body as per Kate herself.I heard Kate talking about it and she also talked about her children.

CelebBabyLover on

carie- You hit the nail on the head! I also want to add that another thing that irritates me and, I think, several other fans, is that, most of the time, it is only Angie who gets the criticizim. Very rarely do you see people criticizing Brad for the things they criticize Angie for (exploiting the kids, being an attention seeker, having and adopting so many kids and so as quickly as they have been, up until recently rarely taking Shiloh out with her siblings, etc.).

Heck, even with the whole Brad/Angie/Jen thing, it’s always been Angie who has been blamed and criticized. If anything DID happen (and I am of the belief that it didn’t), then Brad is just as much to blame as Angie, if not moreso (after all, he was the one who was married to Jen! It was Brad, not Angie, who said vows of commitment to Jen).

I am not in any way saying that Brad should be critcized. I don’t even think Angie should be. I’m just saying that, if you’re going to critcize Angie, then criticize Brad, too. Most of the things Angie is critcized for are just as much Brad’s doing as hers.

NLT on

Let us please leave Jen out of it. She’s such a non-entity at this point. It’s been almost 4 years people!

CelebBabyLover on

NLT- Believe me, I feel the exact same way you do! The only reason I brought Jen up was to help get my point (that it’s only Angie, almost never Brad, who gets criticized) across.

Ordinarily I do try NOT to bring her up!🙂

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