Nicole Kidman 'Besotted' With Sunday Rose

10/09/2008 at 01:30 PM ET

When Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban welcomed Sunday Rose, 3 months, there was never any doubt that they would forego a photoshoot as a way of introducing their daughter to the world. "We were opposed to that, even for charity," Nicole explains. "I just couldn’t imagine a photographer flashing in her face and then scrutinizing her — let alone millions of people." Instead the couple opted to "hole up" in their Nashville home, a safe haven they "didn’t leave for days," Nicole reveals.

”You bring your baby home. It’s so precious — something never to be experienced again… We were quite besotted with her. After all, this was Keith’s first child and for him a huge, huge change."

As mom to Isabella ‘Bella’ Jane, 15 ½, and Connor Antony, 13 ½, with ex-husband Tom Cruise, parenting is not new to Nicole, but the age difference between her children is striking — even to the 41-year-old actress. Noting that she has "a daughter who’s about to turn 16, and then an infant,” Nicole reveals that what she currently holds nearest and dearest to her heart is ”a very special photo" taken of Bella holding Sunday. Her older two children have had a "relationship" with fame "their whole lives," Nicole observes, and they are "very good at taking care of themselves and not getting swept up in it." The emphasis for Nicole and Tom remains on "protecting [Bella and Connor]’s identities as individuals" and — as co-parents — being there for their children, no matter what. 

"You have to sort that out pretty early on. If you don’t, it’s very selfish. As my mother told me, once you have children, that’s what it’s all about."

Source: Chicago Sun-Times

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Heather Lynn on

Good for Nicole… she seems like such a kind-hearted person!

Sarah on

I hope this puts to rest those rumors about Nicole’s relationship with her older kids. She obviously loves all three of them and I’m sure that the picture of Bella and Sunday is beautiful.

Dancer on

Well, good for her for wanting to protect her baby. But remember the savage reaction to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes not wanting to put Suri out in the public eye after she was born? Why the double standard?

MB on

I’m not sure there was a double standard, Dancer. I saw comments on here questioning Sunday’s existence and such too. Basically, I don’t think celebs can ever win: darned if they don’t do a photo shoot, darned if they sell photos, even if for charity, darned if they carry their child in public or don’t, etc.

Liza on

One photo wouldn’t have hurt, and they could have donated the money to a worthy charity.Done something to benefit someone else for a change.

playmate on

I am so happy she and Keith were able to have this little angel and I hope they will have a little playmate for her!

momof3girls on

I love how she says they stayed in their house for days. When we saw pics on this very website of her three days after the birth having lunch with friends. And then a week later her and Keith were photographed out together with no baby. I would never have left my baby that soon after birth with even my husband.

Maggie on

Wow Momof3girls! You must be an amazing mother! So amazing that you know what is best for others, and how they should behave post pregnancy.

Amber on

To each his own when it comes to leaving your child with somebody else. For me, I didn’t want to let my baby out of my site for a second. My husband told me that I “guarded” her too much. But they’re human, and like the rest of us, can probably only take so much of being holed up inside all the time.

Annie on

Well I used to like Nicole Kidman, but after this baby she just annoys me. I’m all for parents protecting their children. But I could never refuse any amount of money that I would be able to give to any charity i chose to help numerous people just because I didn’t want someone to take a picture of my baby, I also think any celebrity who doesn’t do a formal introduction of their child isn’t supporting their fans and is drawing more attention to themselves. If they wanted to stay home for a month I don’t care but are you going to tell me they didn’t take pictures of her themselves? OOo a flash in her face my goodness never!Thats just plain silly Children have their picture taken, people judge people and children everyday. Thats their lifestyle learn to live with it.

DiamondGirl on

I think she’s referring to bringing Sunday out into the world for people to see.

It was quite some weeks before there was even a glimpse of the baby out in public.

I had a feeling that Nicole sees her older children more than publicly known – this would confirm that somewhat.

When they were babies, she was never photographed with them in public. It was Tom who started that after the divorce.