Morning Dropoff for the Garner-Affleck Family

10/09/2008 at 09:00 AM ET

Actors Ben Affleck and a fresh-from-the-shower Jennifer Garner, both 36, were spotted dropping off daughter Violet Anne at preschool on Wednesday in Santa Monica, Calif.

The couple expect their second child this winter, a sibling for 2 ½-year-old Violet. They are keeping the sex of the baby and due date private. For more photos of the trio, check out our Garner-Affleck family album!

Juan Carlos/Ramey

Violet is wearing the top half of Splendid Little’s Stripe French Terry Hoodie and Pant Set in Pool ($118).

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What a beautiful family!
Ben is the hottest dad in Hollywood this is sure.Jen looks great I think boy for her.And how cute is Violet???????????????

Jennifer on

where does violet get her blonde hair from?? hehe.. she is soo cute!!

susan on

I wonder why Ms. Violet is barefoot. Love the little hair clips; the pigtails they often put in her hair are so cute I want to just squeal.

jashmom on

It’s always nice to see a (complete) Garner-Affleck family picture.

And Sara I agree, Ben is the HOTTEST Hollywood dad!!!!

lilith on

That poor family. Can’t a day pass by without their picture being taken?

Patti on

I think Ben should be holding Violet. My doctor advised not carrying an older child.

Anna on

Jennifer: Genetics is a really funny thing. My whole family is dark haired and brown eyed and then came me with all the platinum blond hair and very blue eyes! My hair turned light reddish-brown later but I’m still odd-looking, lol! I think it’s funny – you never know how your child will actually look like because genes are the real players!

april on

Yes, they are a beautiful family—but why is she barefoot??? Ive noticed in alot of celebrity pics, the kids are barefoot!!!

stanley on

Lillith, I was thinking the same thing. I think they are adorable but really feel bad for them that they have to be bombarded by photographers every day.
I suppose its the price of fame?

CC on

I know at that age my daughter would take off her shoes and socks as soon as I strapped her into the car seat. I hated it!!!
But what can you do?

kendrajoi on

I love love love seeing this family all together!

And, yes, Ben looks so hot!

I am always amazed at people coming to CBB and complaining about celebs being “tormented” by having their picture taken. It’s because people like ME and YOU log onto sites to look at them- if it bothers you so much, don’t look! Are you surprised when you come to CBB and see pictures of celebrity babies?

Sarah on

Patti, I’m sure that if Jen’s doctor didn’t think that she should carry Violet, he would tell her. Everyone is different and no two pregnancies is alike. Also, it could be that Violet is a mommy’s girl. I was exactly Violet’s age when my mom had my sister and up until she was born I was attached to my mother’s hip.

noelleclaire80 on

not sure the difference in age and weight but if i’m not mistaken gwen carried kingston a whole lot and pretty far into her pregnancy as well.

Berjoui on

In a normal pregnancy most doctors will tell you to do what you’re comfortable with so if she’s comfortable carrying Violet then why shouldn’t she – I think I carried my then 3 year old daughter until the day my son was born!

Lilliness on

Holding a child Violets age isn’t a problem at all. She’s nearly 3 and can hold her own head up and most of her own weight. That’s a lot lighter than holding say an 18 month old who has decided to do the dead weight thing as soon as you pick him up, lol (I do love my son!)

Bethy on

Ben is looking hunky in this picture! Seems like the last picture I saw him in, he had a beard and looked like a homeless guy! haha

KarenA on

Beautiful family.🙂

me on

Beautiful family🙂

me on

oh and I’m buying the Hoodie and Pant Set😛 it’s super cute

Karen on

Thought that I would add that perhaps little cutie pie Violet had a mishap at pre-school. As previously mentioned, she is not wearing any shoes in this pic. On another site, there are pictures of Violet wearing a completely different outfit including sneakers. (Jen, is wearing the same dress) and the pics state that Jennifer is dropping Violet off at school yesterday.

aj on

Beautiful family!!! That must be Ben’s favorite shirt because People posted a picture of Ben wearing that same shirt on Monday. (The picture was taken on Friday, but posted on Monday.) =)

Nikko on

I was outside this preschool(I work around there) when they were dropping her off and it was crazy! Seriously no more preschool photos! Think about all the other kids that have to go there, it was so insane even for me, imagine being only 3? There are paps waiting outside everyday!!!

lilith on

kendrajol, I know that there’s a certain hypocrisy with coming to CBB and then “complaining” about the amount of pictures. However, I think that especially the Garner-Affleck family are way too much portrayed and I definitely don’t need to see Violet being taken to school every single day. That’s me. But she’s a favourite here and I know that there are people who would like to see 24/7 what little Violet and her mommy are doing. In moments like these I realize how uncomfortable celebrities might feel with a bunch of paparazzi following them around. And in this special case I ask myself if it’s really necessary to see Violet, a child who was thrown into this without being asked, every single day. See for example Naomi Watts and her son. I adore her and like seeing her pregnant or out with Sasha. But her photos come up every now and then and that’s perfectly fine with me. Much more than my little pleasures being fulfilled I want these kids to be able to live a somewhat normal childhood.
As Nikko said it it’s preschool, not the red carpet.

Lilly on

This family is lovely, but I really dislike that the paps follow them to school. That’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed, just like they shouldn’t be taking pictures of them on their private property.

One thing is to photograph them at a park or at an event, but at school… really?

Rosy J on

I love this pic of this beautiful family and feel bad for the ones who don’t appreciate it. As much as I also feel the paps are sometimes too invasive,this time I will forgive them. Thanks CBB for this one. It is beyond adorable and worth all the aggravation involved.

Nikko on

To Rosy J- the aggravation involved happens to be thrust on 3 year olds who are just trying to go to school!
Seriously I wish I had video of all the paps EVERY single day waiting for them!! It’s a mess! I wouldn’t look at this site or any other until the paps respect the other children! It’s just not fair to them!

KF on

Very cute photo! And I’m just curious… I know this is probably a really nosy question, but does anyone know what preschool Violet goes to? (I’m just always dying to know what types of schools celebrities choose for their little ones!)

Jasmine on

Lovely photo of a very lovely family. I wish them well. I know it’s weird to “love” strangers, but if it wasn’t, I would have to admit to “loving” them!

Rhona on

Nikko I understand what you are saying but why are you on the site then if you are telling us not to look at the pics?

Taryan on

I believe what Nikko is saying is that she knows from personal experience how bad the paps are around the preschool and until it cools off she won’t come back to this site.
I agree totally with her!
How sad for this and the OTHER kids/families involved!

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