Angelina Jolie: Brad Makes Traveling Easier; Twins 'Made for Each Other'

10/09/2008 at 11:30 AM ET
Evan Agostini/AP

Many have wondered how the Jolie-Pitts deal with the less-than-easy side effects of traveling with six children, including altered sleep schedules and all that luggage! After recently moving from France to Germany while Brad Pitt films Inglorious Bastards, then hopping a flight to the US for the Changeling press junket and a New Orleans visit, Angelina Jolie admits that its been challenging. "After the flight from Europe [to New York], we were all suffering a bit from jetlag," the actress tells German Vanity Fair. "Althoughwe went to bed early, [the kids] were up at 4:30 a.m. goofing around." Luckily for Angelina, Brad took control of the situation and let her sleep in a bit longer.

"Brad took care ofthings. He just said, ‘Go back to sleep, you have to worktomorrow’ and then went to the living room with the kids. He’s anamazing father: totally devoted."

As for the newest members of the family — 3-month-old Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline — Angelina reveals that as twins, they definitely have a special connection. "When you look at them, it’s likethey were made for each other," she explained. "They smile at eachother, sniff each other, touch each other. It’s just beautiful." That’s not to say the babies are alike though — "They already have completely different personalities," Angelina, 33, notes. "Knox is more the quiet one, very relaxed, while Viv is a little more aggressive andloud. It’s funny, Knox looks more like Brad and Viv more like me."

Despite having help a few nights a week, which they take full advantage of, the actors are still tired. "We’re exhausted a lot, because it’s twice as hard with two babies than with one," shares Angelina. "But it’s twice as much fun, too."As for the tabloid rumors about their relationship and postpartum depression, the couple are too busy to take note, Angelina admits.

"I’ve made it a habit not to pay attention."

Source: German Vanity Fair via PEOPLE

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Olivia on

Are you kidding me? Of course it’s easy to travel when you do it with a private jet. You don’t have to bother with checking in, lugging your stuff thru the airport, you don’t have to push your way thru hoards of people, and so on, and on.

It’s a world of a difference between private jets, and commercial travel – no matter how many kids you have.

Dana on

All I have to say is that as the mother of a 7-year old and 4-year old, my husband and I need a break, too. We are lucky to live by my parents, and they usually “kidnap” the kids for a night over the weekend so that we can have some down-time and sleep in. I cannot imagine how a couple with 6 little ones manages it without all kinds of help. All props in the world to them.

Penny on

I think that it’s great that Brad is such an awesome dad. And Angelina certainly seems to have found her place in the world.
Even with private jets and nannies, traveling with children is a challenge. I have to laugh though, about everyone who ‘needs a break’. What do you think happened 150 years ago while the wagon trains were headed west in the US? They couldn’t take breaks and didn’t have nannies. That was the ultimate travel challenge!

Samone on

I totally know what both Angie and Brad are going through. We have 2 children of our own and I can’t even get sleep or rest in myself, so let alone having 6 children that’s chaos. So congrats to them.

susan on

The Jolie’s are over-rated!

SH on

I don’t care if you have 1 kid or 6…if you have a tribe of nannies or no nanny, if you have a private plane or fly coach, or if you’re going to grammas across the state or going to europe…taking a kid or 6 kids out of their routine is a challenge…any way you do it. It’s just as hard for them as it is for us, they just have more help. The kids are still out of their routine any way you look at it – they’re still not sleeping in their beds…and that’s ALWAYS hard to deal with.

gmax on

What a great family and wonderful parents. One irritating thing about when we hear about this family, why do you call a family with more than two children a brood. Brood is so insulting to both the children and parents. Call it what it is– A FAMILY!

Lis on

Are you kidding? They have more nannies than they have kids…and body guards, and assistants, and so and so on. I think it’s great that they have such a big family and enjoy being parents, and their kids seem happy too, but they’re hardly living in the ‘real world’. Most people don’t have millions of dollars to afford all the luxeries and amenities, not to metion a personal staff. I just get annoyed with the celebrities who act like they’re the ones doing everything themselves…

Maggie on

Poor Poor Angeline !! we should all have it so rough – steal someone elses gorgeous husband & henpeck him to death. Nannies chaufeurs private jets – sex with brad -cute kids -huge houses- staff of hundreds- GIVE ME A BREAK –
Poor Saint Angelina- I hope her children are not just another phase in her life .Maybe she will carry a vile of their blood too!

Faye on

Lis – From all the accounts I have read from people who know this couple they are definitely hands on and do not have an army of nannies. But Angelina has also been humble enough to say in her TV interviews that she is a very blessed and lucky woman, and she has nothing but admiration for working mothers who don’t have the money or assistance that she does.

LolaCola on

Traveling with six kids is hard compared to traveling with 3 but Olivia is right. Can anyone here possibly tell me that jumping onto a private jet right off the runway is as hard as checking in, loading luggage, unloading luggage, with six kids and hundreds of people around you as the average person would have to deal with. Not to mention the plane ride. I didn’t realize why people hate babies on planes so much until I took a trans Atlantic flight this summer.

Amy on

They have 3 nannies, according to Angelina, not 20 or 50 or whatever number somebody wants to throw out there. Bodyguards are there to protect their property and keep the paparazzi away from them not to change diapers. I really don’t understand why people insist that Brad and Angelina have nothing to do with their kids. If that was true the kids wouldn’t be happy and confortable around them.

CelebBabyLover on

LolaCola- True, they don’t have to deal with checking luggage and stuff, but they DO have to deal with something us “normal” people don’t have to: The paparazzi.

That probably DOES make even boarding a private jet challenging for them.

Amy- ITA. Don’t believe everything you read in the tabloids! Also, to those who think they aren’t hands-on with their kids, just watch any of the several videos out there of them with their brood.

Before anyone says anything, I also don’t think being hands-on is “just for the cameras”. I just watched a very recent video of Angelina, Brad, and the boys (minus little Knox) from a few days ago when Mad and Pax were playing at the park…and I’m not kidding, it was just like watching a homevideo of my own family when my brother and I were kids (minius the paps and such, obviously!)!🙂

lis on

Listen, I am sorry if I have offended anyone. I just get a little annoyed. I do not think that they aren’t hands-on parents. I do VERY MUCH SO think that they are very involved. I just think that there is a world of difference bewteen celebrities with 6 children vs “normal” people. We don’t have all the extras and the help – maybe not necessarily with the kids, but with meals, laudry, housekeeping, etc. etc.

LanLan on

I agree with the others that it is a world of difference between normal travelling parents and Brad/Angelina. Yes they do have the paps but that’s what their entourage of bodyguards and security is for! They don’t have to deal with the paps directly and they have not only nannies but assistants who would obviously carry all their luggage etc. and do anything else for them so all they have to do themselves is help watch the kids. But yes it is dreadful that they may have to (gasp) carry their twins from their private jet to a waiting blacked out luxury chauffeured SUV 50 yards away.

Try taking kids through the NORMAL route through the airport at rush time and on the plane, bustling crowds nd tutting passengers and all. Now THAT will garner my respect.

Shelby on

Regarding the comments about getting the kids out of their routines: I imagine that can be difficult, although it seems they’ve all been travelling a lot since they were young, so perhaps they are somewhat used to it. In my opinion, though, it’s better to travel with the kids than to leave them at home with the nannies or relatives or whoever all the time. (Not to say that wouldn’t be appropriate on occasion, though.)

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