The Scoop on Suri Cruise’s Custom Made Roger Vivier Shoes

10/08/2008 at 01:15 PM ET
Ahmad Elatab/Splash News

Katie Holmes loves all things Roger Vivier — from her sunglasses to her purse (check out her new one!) to her fabulous shoes, she’s a loyal customer. When we caught Suri admiring one of mom’s red pumps a while back, we had no idea she would end up with a custom pair of her own red Roger Viviers! 

Bruno Frisoni, the creative director of the French luxury label and pal of Tom and Katie, made Suri her very own pair of iconic buckle flats (made famous by Catherine Deneuve in Belle de Jour). Sadly for any budding fashionistas in our own lives, these are one-offs just for this little trendsetter. Reps for Roger Vivier tell PEOPLE that "we do not have a children’s line nor are we starting one."

— Melissa

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I think that’s really cute! And although expensive (if they had to pay…perhaps they didn’t), it’s the equivalent of my son and husband having the same jersey in our Main Street world. I’m sure Suri LOVES having shoes like Mommy’s!

babyboopie on

All the rest of normal children have nice fashionable shoes but not Suri Cruise. She has THE most fashionable shoes made for children! How lucky is she!

mmh on

At least she’s not going around saying “I’m just like every other mom”!!!!!!!! That would be hard to swallow!!

Kate on

I don’t mean to be overly critical here, but I’m just not impressed with TomKat’s excessive spending. I get it, they are rich. I don’t expect them to buy Suri’s clothes at Wal-Mart. But they seem to wear their wealth on their sleeves a bit much. I also get tired of hearing what a budding fashion icon Suri is. She’s a 2 year old little girl- she doesn’t care or know the difference between having one of a kind designer shoes from store bought Stride Rites. She’s a beautiful girl & I just hope she grows up realizing that the things in life that are most important aren’t material things.

J on

I never got the impression Tom and Katie rub their wealth in our faces to make themselves look better.

Gina on

I see nothing wrong with it. Once again they are in a world we will never be in. My 19 month old LOVES shoes has a basket full of them (cheap ones of course) and picks the pair she wants to wear every day. If I had the means I would probably go overboard like Katie. Guess the one big issue with them unlike all the other stars is, you never really hear about them donating their wealth. Anyone agree with me?

Kate on

Yes, I think that factors into my opinion of them. It seems like they don’t contribute as much to charities & such. Obviously a lot of celebs are big spenders, I don’t necessarily fault them for that alone, but it softens their image a bit to hear that they are also using a good amount of their fortune to benefit others.

Heather on

Kate, I totally agree with you. While I think Suri looks adorable, you are right that she shouldn’t be labled as a “fashion icon”. Just once I’d love to see her in Target sweats…

Joey on

They do donate…to Scientology. A very LARGE portion of their earnings.

kaya on

Suri clearly doesn’t want to be photographed, the shoes don’t even fit her and “TomKat” were unable to use the backdoor? They’re just parading her around. Poor kid.

Anna on

i don’t think she paid for those shoes. by the sound of it, they were a gift.

KarenA on

That’s absolutely adorable. 🙂

Kelsey on

I agree. I think she is precious but at the same time I’m turned off by them because it seems as though they constantly strive to create this ‘royalty’ image. Why not try and be normal for one afternoon.

Amanda on

I’ve noticed that a lot kaya. I hate to be critical but it bothers me that Suri is so clearly uncomfortable with all the paparazzi yet still Tom and Katie are cheesing for the cameras. I think they need to pull Suri back from the limelight just a little, at least until she is less afraid of the paparazzi. It’s painful to see her hiding her face and cowering like this. In one video I saw at Celebitchy, she was even crying and that breaks my heart.

Kim on

yes, i live right by them and i always seem to cross paths with them.

they are always parading that little girl around, and she is never appropriately dressed for the weather! many times i have seen her wearing short-sleeved dresses with no stockings or leggings on very chilly days, with no coat in sight….and they were not exactly running to the car everytime…

Carol on

Suri looks like she didn’t want anybody to look at her. I think she always looks uncomfortable in her little dresses and especially the shoes. I think I would have blisters wearing all those shoes without socks….she never seems to have socks on and I think those types of shoes are uncomfortable.

ila on

I love this site and seeing pics of my favorite celebrity babies BUT… over the past few weeks I’ve been getting the feeling that this little girl hates beeing photographed and I think it’s pretty safe to say that she looks terrified by papz. In the light of that my opinion is that CBB should abstein of posting this pics… we’ve seeing plenty of Suri… lets just wait for more unintrusive pics.

Chris on

I too am starting to get the feeling that they dress Suri up and parade her around even though this little girl obviously is afraid of the paps. She looks traumatized in many of her photos lately. She may be introverted and thus unable to handle all the attention at her age. Her parents really should take that into consideration. They have more than enough money to come up with ways to shield her if they wanted to.

Also it seems really odd that a 2 year old has custom designer shoes. However I think I remember Zahara Jolie-Pitt having a designer bag like her mom Angelina so maybe it’s not uncommon in celeb world. 🙂

brannon on

The shoes don’t bother me but the media label of “fashion icon” is annoying. Just because you have designer baby clothes doesn’t really make you an icon? She’s two. And yes, usually looks miserable. Granted, probably because of paparazzi but they obviously have enough resources to use back doors but they never seem to do so. Of all the celebrity babies, Suri APPEARS to be the one living the least normal childhood. Maybe not fair bc it’s hard to tell much from random photos, but I’ve yet to see her playing, eating, with other children, doing “kid” things, etc. Always seems to be living in an adult world – out late, dressed fancy, 5 star meals. None of that is bad when balanced with the occasional playdate, ice cream or laughter. JMO

Lauren on

I agree with the general consensus here-Suri appears to have a very bizarre, indulgent childhood (I have a funny feeling it’s her way or no way and Mommy and Daddy are all too willing to bow down), and all the designer items she owns can’t make up for how utterly miserable she appears to be in most photos. And what’s worse is that her parents not only appear oblivious, but are smiling away, too busy milking the cameras to see how upset their own little girl is. I see photos like this and really wonder about that family-where their priorities lie, how that child is being raised, and most importantly, how she will grow up to be a happy, well-adjusted woman. They better get going, because well-adjusted is the last adjective I’d use to describe Suri right now.

CelebBabyLover on

When Tom and Katie kept Suri out of the public eye for the first several months of her life, people criticized them left and right for it. People constantly said things like that Suri must be disfigured, have a genetic diease (such as Down Syndrome) or possibly not even exist (and don’t even get me started on all the conspiracy theories about Katie’s pregnancy!).

Now they take her out a lot…and they are getting criticized for that, too! Were they to start hiding Suri away again (and, for the record, I don’t think it would be fair to her to keep her cooped up inside all the time), you can bet they would be criticized for that.

Also, just because we don’t see her playing with other kids doesn’t mean that she doesn’t (in fact, I remember both Tom and Brooke Shields talking in interviews about Suri and Grier having playdates).

Similarly, she is not the only celeb kid who often doesn’t smile when the paps take her photo.

For example, the Jolie-Pitt kids are never seen playing with other kids, and a lot of time, the younger ones don’t look very happy in photos.

Yet nobody accuses Angie or Brad of parading their kids around. The fact of the matter is, as famous and watched as the J-Ps and the Holmes-Cruises are, they are always going to have the paps chasing them in public, no matter what (with the exception of when the Jolie-Pitts go somewhere that either has strict paparazzi laws or is harder for the paps to get to, such as Namibia and France).

Are Tom and Katie supposed to keep Suri indoors all the time? That’s no way for a toddler to live!

In terms of playdates..Granted, the J-P kids have siblings they can play with, but the fact of the matter is we still never see them playing with other kids, and no one ever criticizes Angie and Brad for it (except for the occasional comment along the lines of “Why do they have to move around so often? It must be hard for the kids to make and keep friends!”).

Why then, are Tom and Katie criticized for seemingly not having Suri playing with other kids?

All of that said, I have actually seen plenty of pictures of Suri smiling (in fact, for awhile, Suri smiled more in photos than Shiloh did!). I suspect that she’s just going through a clingy, stranger-anxiety phase right now or possibly the “terrible twos”.

I do want to add, though, that I have heard that Scientologists treat their kids like little adults (mostly, though, in terms of letting them make a lot of their own decisions).

Joeanne on

Can we please have one discussion without bringing the Jolie-Pitts into it? I’m a fan but find it tedious to see them used as an example for every situation that may arise.

At times I do question Tom and Katie’s motives when I see the many pictures of a scared Suri coming out of a restaurant late at night (late for a 2 year old)surrounded by the paparazzi. I wonder why Tom and Katie don’t choose to enter and leave through a back door but I remind myself that I’m only seeing what amounts to seconds or minutes in a day and pictures don’t tell the whole story. So for now I choose to give them the benefit of the doubt.

jo.ann on

First the Christian Loubs and now the Roger Vivier. Seriously, Suri would not be able to tell the difference from these to a pair of Wal-mart shoes. Everything the Cruises do is just so extravagant and excessive

Jen on

It seems to me that Roger Vivier got a lot of publicity, and probably sales, from Suri and Katie’s press coverage. hence the ‘gift’ of shoes to Suri. If I had Katies means I would definitely have a balenciaga in every colour 🙂 We all have our weaknesses.

kaya on

I’m not talking about keeping her inside all the time, that’s the other extreme and I agree that this wouldn’t be healthy. But you can’t tell me that the level of exposion she gets isn’t deliberately created by her parents. They are fame hungry. Katie Holmes was photographed twice on a daily basis when she went to her rehearsals(backdoor, anyone?), they’re constantly photographed, as someoneelse pointed out, leaving fancy restaurants with Suri etc – that’s not something I would describe as ‘just living their life’. It’s parading her around and while I agree with Joeanne that it’s dreadful to always bring the Jolie/Pitts into this, I would say they’re staging candids just as well. it’s not that obvious and they do spend months hiding, giving their children a more normal life which is why I like them a lot better.

I don’t know… It’s just that in the recent weeks, Suri has been so obviously uncomfortable and it’s so sad. She’s such an extremely gorgeous little girl and used to be so different (from appearance). I wish they would keep her hidden just for a while. (And, for the record, I’m not one to believe in conspiracies;)

Don’t even get me started on Scientology. People need to educate themselves on that, Tom Cruise or not.

Kay on

Suri has Roger Vivier shoes? And custom made for her? WOW. Now she is my fashion icon. She is going to grow up with a great sense of fashion. No crocs for this little one.

Jay on

I rarely hear about too many celebrities donating their money to charity…but that doesn’t mean they don’t do it. No one knows what they do with their money. But when you donate it’s a personal thing not something to be broadcast.

kaya on

Yes, yes, yes, I would LOVE to see her with crocs lol that would be sweet! Imagine that, all dressed up in front of a posh Manhattan restaurant, wearing crocs:) We should donate some!

Lynn on

If I was rich I would still buy some of my clothes at Walmart becaue I like their clothes.

Morgan on

I’ll have to agree wth CelebBabyLover on this one; I think they’re damned if they do, damned if they don’t. As for the backdoor approach; this is New York, not LA and people need to remember that. There are only so many “backdoors” available. And why exactly should people have to spend their lives going in and out through back doors? Because they’re worried about what we’re going to say? I’d be a little more worried about the message that sends to my kids rather than some designer sending them shoes which will (in all honesty) work more in that designer’s favor than my child’s.

CelebBabyLover on

Morgan- Thank you. That’s exactly what I wanted to say, but I didn’t know quite how to word it.

In terms of them being “damned if they do, damned if they don’t”, I just remembered something I meant to point out yesterday.

First of all, I apologize in advance for yet another Jolie-Pitt reference! Anyway, up until recently, Angelina and Brad were constantly criticized for leaving Shiloh at home all the time (now that Shi’s older, she seems to be going out with her siblings more).

At the same time, people criticize Katie and Tom for taking Suri everywhere! Talk about damned if they do, damned if they don’t!