Jodie Sweetin: Never Underestimate the Power of a Crying Baby!

10/08/2008 at 02:30 PM ET
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Traveling on a plane across the country and dealing with a layover is tough enough, but when you add a baby into the mix, parents can only hope that their trip from start to finish is a smooth ride. Unfortunately, when Jodie Sweetin recently flew from North Carolina — where she was filming a movie — back to Los Angeles, the actress got a bit more than she had expected when she was faced with a missed flight and a cranky, tired baby — daughter Zoie Laurelmae, 5 ½ months.

Braving the trip alone while her husband Cody Herpin chose to drive with their belongings, Jodie’s stressful travel day began with the mommy-daughter duo waiting for a plane that was over an hour delayed. With a second flight to catch, Jodie shares that upon landing and loading up Zoie and her belongings in the stroller, she was faced with more bad news: the next flight left in minutes and the gate was two terminals away! While the pair "literally ran" to the subway to head over to the next terminal, as they ventured down the escalator, Jodie saw "the doors close for the train," forcing them to "wait another three minutes for the next one."

Finally making it to their gate, Jodie shares that the news only got worse, causing her to have a "mom meltdown." Having missed the flight, Jodie — along with other passengers in the same dilemma — were handed their new itinerary, listing a plane taking off two hours later with two extra layovers. As Jodie came to the realization that her new flight schedule wouldn’t work because "I only have two bottles of formula left," baby Zoie — who was starting "to lose it" — had left a pleasant surprise in her diaper, now beginning to leak. After a quick clean-up and a phone calls to Cody and her own mother, Jodie faced reality, sharing that she had to "stay in the moment" and keep a positive attitude "that we will make it home."

Luckily, after making their way to the help desk to "beg to get put on standby," the twosome — with Zoie "crying almost on cue" and helping "our pathetic ‘mom and baby look’" — made it on an earlier flight and arrived in L.A "just as Zoie began to get hungry again." Jodie shares that after a long day, she wishes "all you traveling moms and tots out there, happy trails" and says that "no matter what, at least you’ll have an interesting tale to tell," as she herself has learned several traveling tips as a first time mom.

  • Airports should sell formula, since I’m sure I’m not the first mom this happened to!
  • You’re never too old to call your mommy, she will always make you feel better.
  • Never underestimate the power of a crying baby to help get you on the standby list for a flight!

Source: The Traveling Tot

What are your tips for traveling with an infant?

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amandamay on

i used to travel by myself with my infant son between england and seattle once a month – 12 hours on a plane (more if you include layovers and travel to and from airports/waiting for flights). i know how hard that is!! i still fly all the time with my son (now 6) by myself and i can honestly say it DOES get easier. overnight flights are the way to go 🙂

Chicki on

I bet that first stopover was the Atlana airport – I hate how large it is sometimes! You have to take a train between terminals; I can’t figure out why airlines don’t do a better job of at least keeping connecting flights in the same damn terminal! 🙂 Also, I never once thought about that before – why DON’T airports sell baby formula?? 🙂

Elizabeth on

Little Zoie is adorable! I feel terrible for poor Jodie, I can only imagine how exhausted she was when she finally made it home. Although I have to say I was a little surprised when she mentioned needing formula because I thought she was breastfeeding.

Susan on

Sounds like she has the Mom thing down. Bumps in the road(and flight delays) not withstanding she sounds like a wonderful mother. Good on ya Jodie!

Megan Dunn on

this would be another one of those, “Thank God I’m breastfeeding moments.” That, however, didn’t save me last year when my 5 year old threw up all over the plane and the 2 year old got diarreah. That was an experience!

Rebecca on

I thought she was nursing too Elizabeth.

mary on

Every time we fly it is something new. 1st our two boys ages now 13 and 7 have the same names as two IRA terroists. Hey homeland security! not. So we are always detained. We fly to Disney every year. and it is always something. 2 years ago we flew with my mom, sister ‘n law her two children 20 and 17 years old. My husband, our four children 15 years 13 years 7 years and 3 years old. 2 days before we flew out our 15 year old came down with strep throat. No our doctor would not give me meds for the others. We were at the airport when I should have known that when the 7 year old boy fell asleep in the teminal that he was comming down with something. His ears always give him trouble so I give him and the other children Benadryl about an hour before flying. As soon as we landed in Orlando I heard this faint sound coming from behind me saying “mom” and then blah He threw up all over the terminal. My mom bless her soul ran over to catch the rest that was exploding from his mouth. My husband was trying to find a waste paper basket and I was standing there laughing and crying. I could not believe that this was hapening. I could not stop giggeling. Pour kid had to throw away his clothes. when We got to the hotel He had a fever. That night I had to call for the hotel doctor. (very expensive) He had a double ear infection and strep throat. 2 nights later our 3 year old got violently ill. Once again had to call the hotel doctor. This time she threw up all over his shoes. Once again I could not do anything but stand there and laugh (I was sleep deprived, jet lagged, and giddy) while my husband got a bowl and paper towels. The doctor said that happens all the time. So when faced with something like that I do tend to laugh. When my husband and I finally got to bed that early morning we laughed so hard our bed was shaking. So when faced with anything like that you must keep a good since of humor. And having people around you help clean up helps too.

melanie on

The only thing harder than travelling with a baby is travelling with two or three or four. lol! I’ve been there and I’m still there, but she seems to have the right mindset (you will get home eventually). Anyway, she just said she is formula feeding now so I’m not sure why 2 people are restating the obvious, but it wouldn’t be to stir things up, would it? 🙂

Jaclyn on

Stop with the stupid breastfeeding wank. It is old. We get it, breastfeeders are gods and us formula feeders are scum. Get off your damn soapbox, so people have great reasons to switch or use formula. Stop using breastfeeding as a way to feel better about yourself.

Brittany on

Firstly, who cares if shes not breastfeeding anymore. Maybe it didnt work out.

Zoie is sooo cute! I agree they should sell formula at airports.

sonya on

i adore children, although i don’t have any yet, but the only thing worse than a crying baby on a plane is a crying baby on an overnight flight (amandamay). cbb readers, please don’t get on me, i don’t blame the babies, i know they can’t help it.

Elizabeth on

Brittany, there is no need to be rude. As a fan of Jodie’s I try to follow her and was just curious.

sara on

i’m not sure why she didn’t pack extra formula. You never know what a flight will hold. I always pack extra snacks for my kinds and self.

well flying with children is a learning lesson.

babyboopie on

If we flew at night, I made my son has no nap in the afternoon so he would sleep all the way through the night and if we flew in the day, he would be fine.

Amber on

Being a first time mother has all kinds of surprises and I’m positive she didn’t mean to not pack more formula. It’s just one of those things. I ran out all the time and had to lug my 6 year old (who, at the time did not want to leave the house after school) and the new baby to the store at inopportune moments. It happens to us all. Nobody’s perfect.

KM on

Reason number 293483934 to breastfeed 😉

Liza on

KM. Again. Who cares if she is no longer breastfeeding. Why does everyone have to be so snide in the comments in regards to breastfeeding infants? I did… and I think that people should, but its NOT MY BIZ!

Lucy on

My comment was simply going to be, one more reason to breastfeed! But I feel like I should reply to Liza’s comment. None of the stories or pictures on this site are anyone’s business – we read them because we like to read about the lives of celebrities. I think that mentioning the benefits of breastfeeding is a positive comment to share.

KM on

Call me weird, call me kooky (and Im sure you probably will) but I do care. I care about babies not receiving what’s best for them. I also care about mothers being fed the line, both in subtle and not so subtle ways, that formula is just as good as breastmilk. We have a shocking breastfeeding rate in most developed countries. It is truly appalling and that needs to be addressed wherever possible rather than just patting people on the back for making sub-optimal decisions. I dont think Jodie or anyone else who isnt still breastfeeding at 5 months is a bad mother. I just think the pressure to take the supposedly “easy” option is way higher than the levels of support and encouragement (or lack thereof) that exist for breastfeeding. More than anything I think women need a lot more support and encouragment to breastfeed. There’s enough encouragement to formula feed out there that’s for sure.

Liza on

I said its NOONES business to JUDGE someone for their choice NOT to breastfeed their child. I also said that I did too. I have read and commmented here for years so obviously I enjoy reading the topics. The tone of the comments “one more reason” if what bothers me. Do we know she didnt have any problems that prevented her? Or maybe she had formula along because she didnt feel like nursing in a crowded airport? Some people are not comfortable about nursing in public. I had a horrible experience while breastfeeding, (which I did, with all of my children) because my motherinlaw is a lactation consultant and nutritionist. (you’d think that would be great, but with her personally, no.) She hovered and nitpicked every way that I held, the way my sons latched on, how often, and where and for how long. When I made the decision to stop nursing when my children were both about 8 months old, for various reasons, including the fact that I’m a hairstylist and it is close to impossible to pump milk in the back room of a busy salon that is also your dispensary, without getting HAIR in your milk, She was on me like a fly on you know what. I was told that I am feeding my children poison, they arent going to be as smart, and they were just going to be sickly. Emotionally, it screwed with me. When people put the pressure on you to nurse, and JUDGE you, it could make it close to impossible for some. Obviously, its nutritionally better for children BUT if you met her in person, would you to her face say “Jodie, you wouldnt have had such a problem at the airport if you were still nursing!” Probably not.

Elisabeth on

I know of a couple of airports that sell formula. Cleveland and BWI (Baltimore Washington). I happened to catch that earlier today. They also sell diapers.

Melanie on

I don’t think anyone was trying to be rude by saying “running out of formula when your flight is laid over is a good reason to breastfeed.” I think they were just saying it’s yet another good reason to breastfeed – which it is. 😉

That said I totally feel for her: I flew solo internationally with my then-22-month-old-son (and 2 transfers, wee) and ran out of snacks/drinks with airport shops closed all around me! (Why do those things close so early?!) not fun but a definite learning experience. I’ve def. been learning the meaning of “be prepared” the hardway as a mama! 🙂

Lauren on

I agree, airports should sell formula! Jodie’s baby is gorgeous.

Melea on

I’m also glad I’m breastfeeding and this is one of the moments it would have helped ALOT!

I have a question for you ladies out there. Have you seen a breastfed baby compared to a formula fed baby? USUALLY but not always, the formula fed baby is heavier than the breastfed baby. There is also a chart for weight for breastfed babies and one for formula fed babies. My daughter who is 100% breastfed is 45% on the breastfeeding chart for her weight but only around 25% on the formula charts for weight. Does that not tell you that breastmilk is best? Does that not hint around that children are overweight now and alot of it is because their mother’s didn’t breastfed?

Now with that being said, some mom’s just can’t breastfed, be it working or whatever. BUT to hear a mom say she can’t breastfed because it just didn’t work out or she wasn’t producing enough to me is a bunch of bull. If you don’t want to breastfed then just say that, don’t make excuses.

I don’t down people who choose not to breastfed but I do support the ones that do nurse their babies. It takes alot to breastfed and it’s not always easy but I do what is best for my child and what will help her all through her life. What better way to give your baby a head start in this hard world.