Jennifer and Violet Belly Up for Lunch

10/08/2008 at 11:00 AM ET
Limelight Pictures

Actress Jennifer Garner locks up her car as she and 2 ½-year-old daughter Violet Anne headed inside Brentwood Country Mart for some lunch on Tuesday afternoon.

Expecting her second child with husband Ben Affleck this winter, the couple are keeping the sex of the baby and the due date private.

Jennifer wears NOM’s 9 Months long-sleeve tee in red with orange ($69).

She carries Coach Hamptons Vintage Leather Hobo in brass/gray ($698).

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Annabelle on

Jen is looking a lot bigger lately I wonder when she is due. Any guesses?

Susan on

Love the shirt!

Jen K on

She is always beautiful. Love that hat!

Ann on

I’m guessing and I may be right – I think I am -, she will have another little girl.

miameows on

hmm, maybe since she is wearing a 9 month shirt she is due sooner??


I think she’s due late November early December.I think she’s having a boy.I agree Annabelle she looks bigger than the last time.Violet is cute and please stop talking about Jen uses like carryng Violet.It’s her choice,Violet is her daughter and not our daughter.So please stop talking about it

Brandi on

Sara no one is talking about that here.

That shirt is great! I think Kate Hudson wore the same one years ago when she was expecting. I wish they were cheaper so I could get one for myself.

jashmom on

Reading the previous comments, no one brought it up but you Sara.

Jen’s belly looks like it suddenly popped. I might be in the minority, but I’m thinking this baby is a girl. Regardless, I’m sure this baby will be gorgeous!!!

Shannon on

I’m wearing that same shirt today…that’s really funny! It’s been a staple through all three of my pregnancies. This is my last one and I’m thinking of having it made into a pillow in a month when the baby is born.


I wrote my comment before everyone begin to talk about it.
Because I was sure that this “theme”will come out in this post.I knew that nobody brought it up in this post

Dana on

I am thinking December, as well. I usually don’t play the guessing game. Yet this time she reminds me of a co-worker. My co-worker is petite and due in December. She was sporting just a tiny bump like Jennifer until last week, when she just popped out! Right around the same time Jennifer.

I could be totally wrong, though, especially since this is number two for Jennifer.

Tam on

Maybe she’ll have another Sagittarius baby to keep the fire going in the family! For those who don’t know what I mean, Jen->Aries Ben->Leo Violet->Sagittarius. I’m into Zodiac signs.

fuzibuni on


Just kidding! 🙂

Tee on

I love coming to this site because of how cheerful it is and always enjoy reading the comments. This is my first time to ever post a comment, but I want to speak up in defense of Sara here. I have noticed the frequent comments about Jennifer carrying Violet as of late and also find these comments to be a bit extreame. I have been studying to become a midwife for several years and have had the privilege of working with pregnant women. I feel certain that Jennifer is not causing herself or her baby any harm. She is obviously having a wonderful pregnancy and, barring any problems, there is no reason for her to not carry her daughter. I appreciate what Sara had to say. Everybody is intitled to their own opinion and I enjoy getting to read other people’s opinion, but Sara is right. It seems to me that all I read anymore is about Jennifer endangering her pregnancy by carrying her toddler and that is not necessarily true.


Is this her signal to us that she’s 9 months along??…interesting. She doesn’t look 9 months though.

Liz on

I bet a boy from the get go – I also read a column where she was caught shopping for some blue newborn paraphernalia – including a pillow with the letter “A” on it… If its a boy i hope it looks like ben…they can each have a mini-me! 😉

Laura on

i would like to know what kind of jeans she is wearing. they don’t look like your average maternity jean

amena on

Why are not people complaining about her kid always wearing average cloths? or her carrying the child while she is pregnant like Angelina?

BornFab on

Don’t you wear a 9 month shirt when you’re ready to go????

Tarsha on

I don’t think she is nine months along…if so, she’s small.

Rosy J on

I think she is in the 9th month. If she was 6 months in July, it makes sense. Also, thats probably why she is wearing that #9 Tee. Boy or girl? I wish I knew.

Nelle on

This pregnancy seems to be just speeding by. Can’t wait to see the new baby.

CelebBabyLover on

Liz- That rumor was started by Petite Tressor. Not only are they notorious for making stuff up just to get publicity, but Jen wasn’t even in California at the time they claimed she stopped at the store!

Tee- Very well said! I also think that Sara was just trying to ward off the “Why is she carrying Violet” comments.

Anyway, I don’t think she’s due until December at the earliest, given the fact that with Violet (who was born on December 1, 2005), her pregnancy became obvious in June of 2005.

This time around, it didn’t
become obvious until late July (granted, people were speculating before then, but it didn’t become undeniable that she was pregnant until July).

Therefore, I’m guessing she might actually be due in late December or early January. As for her shirt…Read the description carefully. It is a “Nine months long” maternity shirt, NOT a “Nine months pregnant” shirt. “Nine months long” just seems to be the name of that particular line of shirts (granted, I’ve never been pregnant, so I don’t know for sure if those shirts are usually worn at 9 months). 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and if you look close, the shirt actually says: “9 Iron”. I’m guessing it’s just a little play on the fact that pregnancy is 9 months long! 🙂

Helen on

I got a funny feeling that the baby will be born on Dec 4th – Violet’s 3rd birthday!

Brandi on

Baby Lover, where are you seeing 9 iron or 9 months long? The shirt says “9 mos.”

Shannon on

The shirt says 9 mos…I have the same shirt (which I wore yesterday) and have worn it through multiple pregnancies…throughout my entire maternity-wearing months…which is what it’s meant for. It’s not a signal or a shirt to only be worn for 1 month…that seems silly.

It’s a 9 mos shirt because pregnancy lasts 9 months…plain and simple.