Denise Richards and Lola Chow Down

10/08/2008 at 05:30 PM ET

Denise Richards and 3-year-old daughter Lola Rose had lunch — including chicken fingers and french fries! — at the Brentwood Country Mart on Friday. After the meal the pair, plus 4 ½-year-old Sami, picked up clothing and toys at the shopping center.

Dad is Charlie Sheen.


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Michelle on

I love the expression on Lola’s face. It looks like she’s thinking “Oh God – not that annoying papparazzi again” LOL

brooke on

denise is so pretty and lola looks just like her. Both of denise’s girls are adorable

kelpy on

The Sheen genes shinning through there!
Such a Cutiepie. Lola does look like she’s thinking along the lines of ‘not again!!’

EB on

Oh my goodness, Lola is too cute!! I can’t believe she’s 3 already…

Jane on

are those girls EVER happy?

SouthernBelle on

Sami is the spitting image of Charlie and Lola of Denise. Both are beautiful little girls and it makes me happy when I’m able to see a smile on their little faces. Life could not have been easy for them, even at such tender ages, with all the changes and stress a divorce and high-profile drama can bring. I wish those little girls the very best.

SouthernBelle on

Jane, I watched one episode of Denise’s reality show and barely made it through. I wouldn’t watch it again. It just wasn’t for me with all the foul language flying. IMO, those little girls looked scared to death much of that episode and I couldn’t watch it again.

Lisa on

I guess I am one of the rare ones that liked her show. I think she is a good Mom and loves her daughters to death and would do anything to protect them. It seems that she only wants what is best for her girls and has really gotten a bad press with all that has happened with Charlie whether we agree with what ever happened between them or not, she really is only looking out for her girls.

She also really got bad press when she dated Richie Sambora, I wouldn’t have dated my friend’s husband, but regardless why just blame Denise and not Richie? He wasn’t so innocent and I think he is worse since he is the one that was married to Heather. He didn’t seem to get as much attention as she did for some reason?

As far as the show, I thought she seemed “real” and I thought she has a great relationship with her Dad and he seems like such a nice man. They were there for one another after her Mother died and they were lucky to have each other. I loved the episode when she had to give away her shoes to the GoodWill store for having a “potty mouth” and she still came out of the store cursing and we hear the “bleep bleep”. She seems like she can laugh at herself just as much as anyone else does when they are being silly.

I just think we need to give her a break and stop critiquing her so much.

yogadaisy on

I think Denise is doing the best she can in the circumstances she’s found herself in. She definitely has room for improvement parenting-wise, but who amongst us doesn’t?

I also caught the show a few times and think her relationship with her Dad is really special and sweet.

dharma28 on

where is the dress from? Love it!

FantasiaFirefly on

Is it just me or does Lola look just like Drew Barrymore as a child?

m-dot on

Lola looks EXACTLY like Denise’s deceased mother, more so than either parent. It’s interesting because Denise looks just like her dad. Genetics are forever amusing. 🙂

jo.ann on

Given that the photo is so upclose, and Denise is smiling so happily, Denise probably called the paps in herself

CelebBabyLover on

Lisa- Very well said! I caught a little of her show once (I was channel surfing, saw it, and decided to watch a bit of it…Mostly, I’ll admit, to see Sam and Lola!), and it seemed okay to me. Densie DOES seems to have a great relationship with her dad, and the girls seemed pretty happy in that particular episode.

As for her cursing…I am very against cursing, but I realize that some people just have potty mouths. Is that neccesarily right? No. However, nobody’s perfect!

Kelly on

Neither her or her sister ever look happy.

SouthernBelle on

I will agree with a previous poster on Denise’s father, Irv. He is a lovely man! In fact, he was the best part of the show and it was very, very apparent that he adored and cared for (emotionally and literally) those two sweet little girls. I think Irv needs his own reality show!

SouthernBelle on

I would like to add that I expressed MY opinion on why I didn’t continue to watch the show. I’m allowed to do that. I didn’t call Denise a bad mother, I just stated that I was uncomfortable with the cursing so I changed the channel. Again, I am allowed to have that opinion and make that choice. I have expressed nothing but fondness for those two little girls. They are precious.

Mom2three on

Is it just me, or is the blanket ( looks like Little Giraffe) really dirty?

Lynn on

I have a new found empathy for Denise Richards. I really like her. Its hard being a single mom, and being in the spot light doesn’t help. As for the pic, they probably just caught Lola at a bad moment, it happens. Stop being so critical of them.

Erica on

Denise’s father Irv is a total sweetheart. I’m glad that her daughters have him in their life.

Zoe Girl on

Well said Lisa! I couldn’t agree with you more!
I have always liked Denise and feel that she really took far more than her share of the blame in the whole Charlie/Denise/Richie/Heather saga. It seemed that overnight people forgot ALL about Charlie’s past exploits (which in my opinion are far worse than anything Denise ever did) but because he plays a funny, likeable guy on tv and she is a strong, capable woman on her own, so many people sympathized with Charlie all the while crucifying her.
In any case, I really enjoyed her show (the one dedicated to her mother where they made the bears for Sam and Lola had me in tears!!!!)and I think she has two of the most adorable children in Hollywood by far!

Lisa on

Thanks CelebBabyLover and Zoe Girl for the support and not bashing my opinions on how Denise seemed to get the brunt of the bad press.

I thought that the show where they made the bears for the girls was so sad and inspirational at the same time. I never would have even thought about making bears out of fabrics from thier Grandma’s belongings. I’m sure Denise will have the girls save those bears forever. It was such a great idea.

I enjoyed afew other shows they had as well. I thought it was funny when Denise was babysitting her nephews and the oldest boy had a few friends over and one brought over the Playboy she was in. It was funny and yet an awkward time for her to discuss the pictures with him. I think she handled it pretty well though.

I agree with you Zoe that Charlie has had his problems in the past that were far more serious than anything Denise has ever done, yet we look past it because she was one that walked away. I remember that they tried to work things out after she had Lola because I remember seeing pictures of them on the beach somewhere on vacation together.

I also remember when they first started dating before they had thier girls, everyone was so pleased with Charlie because he was starting to get his life back on track which I think she had something to do with. This was when he was on Spin City with Heather Locklear but I guess people have forgotten since it’s been so long ago?

Hopefully someday people will treat her fairly again.