Charlotte Church Soaking Up Time with Ruby; Planning Second Homebirth

10/08/2008 at 10:30 AM ET
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Big sister-to-be Ruby Megan Henson, 1, is growing up faster than parents Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson would like! Sharing that their little girl is "changing so much," Charlotte admits that she can’t stand to be away from her daughter, fearing that by missing out "on one day with Ruby," she could be missing a major milestone. "I want to be there every second," says Charlotte who refers to her firstborn as a "real daddy’s girl." Besides having a special place in her father’s heart, Ruby also seems to be the spitting image of Gavin, but did inherit "my chin and mouth," shares Charlotte.

With the 22-year-old due mid-January with the couple’s second child, Charlotte and Gavin have been concentrating on preparing their home in Wales. The Victorian house, which Charlotte "love, love, loves," holds a special memory for the couple as it is where the singer gave birth to Ruby back in 2007. If all goes according to plan, Charlotte is ready to welcome the new baby in the same quiet, serene setting as her first homebirth. They have opted to not find out the sex of the baby, and stress that while they would love to have another little girl, they are looking forward to a baby boy "at some point." Besides more babies in their future, Charlotte and Gavin also dream of one day tying the knot! Says Charlotte,

"It will come in time, when we want to do it. We both think a wedding on a beach would be very romantic — when the time is right."

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Brandi on

So exciting that she’s planning another homebirth! Good luck to you Charlotte!

Jane McDonald on

What ever happened to “First Comes Love, then Comes Marriage, then Comes the Baby in a Baby Carriage!”? I can’t believe how so many celebrities are having babies out of wedlock. It is great that they have a stable relationship, but if you can’t commit to marriage, how can you commit to children. Leaves an easy exit in my opinion. Best of luck to them…and however many children they have.

Harley on

A piece of paper didn’t exist 2,000 years ago, the importance was dedication, same goes for today. If someone is going to leave a relationship, it won’t be hindered because of a paper, it’ll be because htey truly want out. I’ve noticed more people are willing to work harder when they have kids, not marriage vows and it doesn’t make them less capable or less loving as parents.

Abigail on

she’s a lovely young lady and sounds like a doting mother.

i get quite nervous when I see younger girls having babies, probably because I’m only two years older than her and the idea of giving up my life at this point is quite alarming, although my financial state probably has a lot to do with my nerves. parenthood is such a huge responsibility and I know how much children completely transform a person’s life. the feelings of responsibility & care I felt for the kids I nannied for have to far fall behind the feelings of a new parent. while a part of me envies Charlotte (& other younger mothers) for their readiness & firm knowledge of what they want from life, another part of me just can’t fathom that type of life at the moment. Good for her for being so ready and loving to her family. still freaks me out a bit, though.

Congrats to the happy family.

Kate on

Jane, I find your comment quite offensive, and judgmental.
Gavin and Charlotte are obviously committed to one another. Who is to say that having a piece of paper means that leaving a relationship is easier?
It is 2008 – people no longer feel pressured to meet what are outdated social norms. Wedlock is such an old fashioned notion

Devon on

The actual idea of signing a peace of paper when someone got “married,” didn’t happen until sometime in between the 13th & 14th century. Before that, all that was needed for “marriage” was their word that they were committed to another, regardless of witnesses. Even public knowledge that a couple were living together was deemed sufficient enough to considered someone “married.” Marriage in the way it is defined now is a, when considering the vast span of human history, relatively new idea. For thousands upon thousands of years, marriage or commitment to another wasn’t defined by what paper they signed, but by the actions of a couple.

We don’t know Charlotte or Gavin, and we don’t know their relationship. To criticize them for not signing a piece of paper declaring their undying love and devotion is, and forgive me if I tread on some toes, down right rude and cruel.

A piece of paper didn’t stop my parent’s from divorcing. A piece of paper didn’t stop my husband’s father from cheating on his mother and leaving his 2 and 4 year old children. A piece of paper of paper is just that, a piece of paper. I am married, I signed that piece of paper but I know it’s not guaranteeing me a life long partner. I know from his words and his actions that we are in it for the long haul.

Can’t we just be happy that a couple is in love, they are committed to each other and that they have a beautiful daughter and another one on the way?

CelebBabyLover on

I both understand and disagree with Jane’s point. As the daughter of a minister, I believe very strongly in marriage.

However, I know that marriage isn’t the right choice for all couples. It is my belief that some couples are actually better of NOT being married, especially in Hollywood.

Look at Goldie and Kurt, for example. They have been together without being married for, I believe, over 20 years. In Hollywood, a couple being together that long is almost unheard of.

Another example is Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. While they haven’t been together for as long as Goldie and Kurt, they have been together for at least 10 years. That, too, is unheard of in Hollywood.

When you really think about it, it’s the unmarried couples in Hollywood who seem to stay together the longest, rather than the married ones.

If I met “the one” would I marry him? You bet! However, just because that’s the right choice for me does not make it the right choice for everyone.

Similarly, for some people the right decision is to marry and then have children, while for others the reverse is the right decision. Different strokes for different folks!

Sasha on

That certain piece of paper is a binding contract. And un-doing it can get very very ugly. I understand where Jane is coming from; yes, it certainly could be seen as an easy out. But really, when two adults make a life-long commitment to each other, the relationship will last. If the commitment isn’t there, for whatever myriad reason, having signed that piece of paper won’t change that. I just don’t see it…the commitment is to each other, not to the piece of paper.

Devon on

CelebBabyLover, ITA!

Just because someone isn’t doing it the way that you would do it, or want to do it, doesn’t make it wrong.

For the LONGEST time I was anti-marriage since I had seen how badly my parents ended things. However, as soon as I met my husband I couldn’t wait to get married. Now that I am, I am so happy I did it, but I would never in a million years tell someone that they have to or that it’s wrong not too.

Kurt & Goldie, Tim Robbins & Susan Sarandon, Johnny & Vanessa…they’ve chosen not to get married and they’ve been together a lot longer than most Hollywood marriages. My aunt and uncle have been together for, I think, 17 years with no signs of getting married. It just works for some, and not for others. When did we become the relationship police?

Nicole on

Right on! Jane! More power to you. It is sad that certain celebs are not good examples for other people. A lot of the celebs do not have any morals or values anymore. It is easy for a celeb to have a baby out of wedlock especially if their partner is a C.E.O of a company or makes six figures,they won’t need to worry about child support. But not everyone is a celebrity and some people who do have a baby out of wedlock don’t have a guy that makes six figures to support that child or children.
It is a shame that a lot of the celebs treat marriage as being insignificate and the father can come and go as he pleases, since he has no ties to the family. Oh well. Best wishes to Charlotte, Gavin, Ruby and the baby on the way.

CelebBabyLover on

Nicole- Actually, umarried men DO have ties to their familes. They are called emotinal ties.

Veronica on

It’s their choice, whether they get married or not. Being legally married doesn’t guarantee that relationship will last forever. A lot of the Hollywood couples that have been together the longest, are not married. Some people might not do things that way, but some might. My uncle has been with his girlfriend for 10 years, and they have no plans to get married. But, they are committed to each other and have a very happy, very strong relationship. They’ve chosen not to have kids either, and they are more than content with that decision. To each their own.

Gretchen on

Instead of focusing on whether they are married or not, how about focusing on the actual title of the article “Planning Second Homebirth.”

Here in the US homebirths are only 1% of the babies born. 1 out of every 3 born is via cesarean section. This is supposed to be for saving mothers and babies, yet our maternal and infant morbidity/mortality rates ranking is at the bottom of the barrel with other industrialized nations. Behind Estonia for heaven’s sake.

The fact that she is having a peaceful and loving homebirth is something to applaud. Her marital status should not even come up. I wonder how many would be criticizing her if they were married and 3 months after giving birth was getting divorced.

Homebirths are a wonderful and personal experience that is hard to be matched in a hospital setting. Good job Charlotte