Brad and Angelina's Traveling Twins

10/08/2008 at 03:30 PM ET
KCS Presse/Splash News Online

Angelina Jolie lends a hand to Brad Pitt as the couple unload their fraternal twins — 3-month-old Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline — from a private jet as they arrive in Nice, France on Wednesday.

The famous family, which includes children Maddox Chivan, 7, Pax Thien, 4 ½, Zahara Marley, 3 ½, and Shiloh Nouvel, 2, recently spent time in NYC and New Orleans before flying back to Europe.

Knox and Vivienne ride in Graco Safeseats in French Roast ($140).

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becca on

I saw pictures of the other children from this day, and I couldn’t help but notice that Shiloh is as tall as Pax and Zahara. She is really tall!

SouthernBelle on

I can’t wait to see the next pictures of the gorgeous twins! I’m sure they’ve grown so much and their looks have changed and I’m dying to see who they look like! ☺

Nicole on

I saw pictures of the rest of the kiddies – and they were all dressed in PJs, it was cute. Shiloh is nearly as tall as Pax is!

Are they using Graco carriers? How refreshing.

jaclyn on

we have the same Graco SnugRide Carseat. It is a green and brown print.

Natasha on

You can’t see in this pic (obviously) but in other ones from this set, Shiloh is as tall as Pax and Zahara! She’s gonna be a tall kid!

(LOVE- aJ ) on

I like to see pics of the twins.

gmax on

What a lovely family.
PLEASE STOP calling a family a brood. What is so bad having three, four or more childred which was normal for when I was growing up and I’m so thankful for my sister’s and brothers.

Laura on

i give them such credit for having all those kids and living such a nomadic lifestyle. they never seem to be in one place for too long.

Betsy on

The twins are riding in Graco SafeSeats in French Roast.

trinny on

Hi Becca and Nicole, Shiloh is not as tall as Zahara and Pax. It is the angle from which the picture has been taken.

Fifi on

Its crazy how much they travel! They must all be axhausted after being in all these places in a week!

BornFab on

I’m 10 weeks preg and just had my first ultrasound…I was secretly wishing for twins. But this looks like a lot of work!!!!

Rayan on

Too cute and funny, my neighbors have the same carseats for their boy girl twins.. and they were born the day before the jolie pitt twins =>

My goodness.

The other pictures of the kids are adorable from what I saw earlier today, Shiloh is so tall!

Callie on

What I LOVE is that Brad is bringing out the babies (in Graco’s!) and handing them to Angie. I dont see a nanny anywhere! Im sure they have help (and I dont blame or hold it against them at all) but I love to see how hands on they are. Like ’em or not, they seem like very devoted, hands on parents.

Mia on

ah, I admit. My favorite celebrity-family 🙂

All the kids are so cute and are just like *yay* after landing/long flight.

Thankfully they arrived safely.

Can’t wait to see more pics of the family for the W magazine shoot by Brad.

Natasha on

I find that everything with Brad & Angie (especially Angie) is one extreme or the other. Not particularly this comment thread but I figure I should bring it up in one that doesn’t already have “hot” people.

I find that there are the extreme haters and the extreme lovers. To the extreme haters, EVERYTHING they do is wrong in some way. They’re neglected a child/children, etc. etc.

For the extreme lovers, EVERYTHING they do is amazing, fantastic, they’re the best, most glorifying people to grace this planet and we should be thankful! For example, someone was like “I love that she’s a normal mom and lets her kids have junk food”, but if another celeb did that, people might not have that response.

Anyways, it’s pretty OT to these pics but I know some fans are posting here, so does anyone agree with me?

In my opinion, they are good people and I applaud them for what they do, but it doesn’t mean they can do no wrong 😛


To mia,

I’d agree with you to a point – but, I really don’t get the people that hate on them. The fans I can understand, afterall, there’s is an incredible love story, their charitable projects, movies and babies all capture our imagination and intrigue us. I personally just lump all haters together as jealous females frankly, who have bad feelings toward Angelina because she seems to have it all – some of it is leftover Aniston resentment, some of it is just people hating on the beautiful girl, frankly. Other than that – while i certainly can understand people being neutral, it’s inexplicable that people would have anger towards this family, ESPECIALLY considering the lives they save all around the world – their accomplishments and philanthropic projects are too numerous to list. They seem to be doing the right things, and living life the right way, and giving back. So the haters in my opinion are just envious.

Kylie on

my fav family <3

there a blurry picture of what i think is viv at bauer griffin…cant see much, but from what I can see she looks like shiloh did : )

here’s the link:

Lauren on

Natasha, you are 100% correct. When it comes to this couple, it really is alarming how many people are so quick to either critique everything they do or praise them as if they’re Mary and Joseph incarnate. Every celeb parent gets critiqued in some way here, but write something that is uncomplimentary in the slightest about this family and God help you; you’d think you wished them physical harm the way some members of their brigade react. Angelina has said that she could care less what others think of her-and I believe her-so I guess her fans think they need to do all the caring and defending for her.
In all fairness, though, it hasn’t been that way in the last few posts about them; people have been able to have differing opinions without biting each others’ heads off recently, so maybe things will cool down from now on. Let’s hope so for all our sakes.

Car on

What a gorgeous family, Angie looks great, poor Brad looks exhausted though, guess it is the difference between dealing with their family lifestyle in your 40’s v in your 30’s.

But gosh, how do they deal with the intercontinental jetlag on what seems a weekly basis. I dread the impact even a 3 hour time difference has on the sleeping habits of my 2 girls !

As I am usually curious about the number of helpers Heidi Klum always has with her, I am equally curious by the lack of pics of helpers for the Jolie/Pitt’s, they cannot possibly be travelling with 6 kids and no help ! Just looking at those pictures of her trying to round up the kids between plan and car looks stressful.

carie on

They are by far my favorite celebrity family with children. And that goes beyond anything deeper than just thinking things are cute. I like them as people….as much as we can know about them as people. I believe the criticism comes from AJ’s past. And people just don’t like her, and view her as a man-stealer, and hope that this couple will fail. Even the so-called innocent questions, are easy to see for what they are….veiled criticisms. I certainly don’t think they can do no wrong…but think people have waaaay too much time on their hands analyzing and criticizing every little thing they do.

tsagrednerp on

I totally agree with Lauren and Natasha. What I hate though are people who say stupid ish about people they don’t even know. I like this family…for all the above reasons and more but I don’t know them at all. I think Brad and Angie are gorgeous and their kids all of them are too cute. I hope they aren’t corrupted by Hollyweird and I hope the family stays as normal as they can.

Mia on

I think they usually have their assistants and one nanny travel with them.

And Angelina stated in her recent press/interviews that they have 2-3 nannies helping them out at night right now since the twins are so little.

Mia on

I do agree about the extremes thing, but I think thats like with any celebrity.

I just love the Jolie-Pitts. For me, it’s really the aspect of Brad Pitt. I’ve been a fan of his since 1994/995 and being older now and reading over everything he was in that settling down/kids mode since he was engaged to Gwyneth Paltrow and I’m so happy for him that he finally (10 years later) got what, not only the kids he wanted but a partner he’s truly compatible with.

Mia on

I just think its going to be very interesting to see all of the Jolie-Pitt kids reflecting on their childhood in 20 years.

Just a very different perception of their family life and Brad/Angie as parents Vs. how we view it in the celebrity aspect.

They seem very happy and there is a lot of love. I think its cute that Brad/Angelina are so affectionate out in public and in front of their kids.

sil on

I agree with you Natasha, specially for the cheetos thing…for me is ok to let kids eat junk food once in a while, but I remember some time ago there was a picture of Matilda Ledger and Michelle, and they were having a drink (like a fruit milkshake or something, excuse me i don’t know the name, i’m not from the u.s.) and people where saying why Matilda is always drinking those, that are full of sugar ?!?….but for Angelina is ok and funny to have cheetos with the kids…I mean, is ok to be fan of the family, but comments should be the same with all celebrity parents, not just because is Angie and Brad they are perfect not matter what.
Just my opinion.

kaya on

I wholeheartedly agree with you – *thank you* for saying that lol quite frankly, it’s annoying how the ‘haters’ criticize absolutely everything, but sometimes I’m even more alarmed about the level of admiration that family receives.
I, too, wonder how they deal with the constant jet-lag, *I* would have a hard time, but I guess they’re used to it or know better than I do;)
Whatever, lovely pics! Gorgeous family.

Rachel on

I have the safeseat and it is the best. They hold a baby that is big and can stay in them longer because of the weight limitations. Plus you can get the click and go stroller. A total must!

Shilohsmommy on

We are having a baby in November and naming him or her Shiloh. We chose the name for Biblical reasons in May of 2005 before we got married and I was so bummed when I found out they used our name a year later! we’re still using it though. So I find it funny that theyre also using the car seats we have the graco french roast! I guess brad & Angelina & I have more in common than I ever knew.

JenniferSanDiego on

This is one of my favorite celeb families. And I’m so happy to see that they bought the same exact carseats that I bought (and used) for my 9 month old son. Although my son is now too big for his, he’s in an infant-toddler carseat now (the Graco Comfortsport in the “Frazier” design).