Maddox and Pax Monkey Around at the Playground

10/08/2008 at 09:00 AM ET

Working off those Cheetos, brothers Maddox Chivan, 7, and Pax Thien, 4 ½, climbed high under the watchful eye of mom Angelina Jolie on Tuesday in New Orleans.

Angelina and partner Brad Pitt (not pictured) took the boys to a housing project in the hurricane-ravaged Ninth Ward, which Brad is helping to rebuild with his Make It Right Foundation.

Other photos available at Just Jared.

Pax wears Knuckleheads Greaser Jeans ($58).

Click ‘More’ for three additional images of Angelina, Maddox, and Pax.


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Natasha on

Maddy & Pax together….SO adorable. These two are my faves!

Amanda on

Angelina and the boys look happy and healthy regardless as to what other people might claim. Lovely pictures.

Abigail on

Maddox is getting really tall. I remember pictures of him when he was just a little, chubby baby. He’s so handsome. I don’t care for Pax’s hair, but whatever. I think he looks a little like Brad in the third picture (where P & M are in the cups).

michelle on

I was just thinking the same thing that Pax has the facial expressions of Brad. That is so cute. Angelina, my all time FAVORITE, looks amazing and the kids look so great. I love how happy they always look.

babyboopie on

Angelina looks every inch the proud mother, and there is so much love in her eyes, as you can see in the first picture where she is looking up at Maddox, her beautiful boy! 🙂
Both boys are absolutely stunning. Brad and Angie have done a good job!

Laura on

it is very interesting how adoptive kids start to look like their adoptive parents. and i don’t know if it is the few more pounds angelina is carrying or the darker hair but she just looks radiant/healthy. even with her all black attire again.

sigh on

I love the pictures of Brad and Angie cuddling. They are precious (and she is so cute)! 🙂

Desiree on

They have to be my favorite celebrity family ever! With the cutest kids… Ok I know this is weird, but is it just me, or does Pax resemble Brad some? Sometimes when he is making a certain face, he looks like Brad… I think its so cute! 🙂

Joeanne on

Cute video of the family to go along with the pictures 🙂

Karen on

I have a question. What in the heck are those cup things? I have never seen them before, lol.

Heather on

I think it’s wonderful that they along with other celebrities are helping New Orleans rebuild but I have to wonder where our help is. I’m down in the Houston area and we got hit pretty bad a few weeks ago.

They are still digging up bodies and up until last week we still had people without power.

Entire cities were wiped off the map and we don’t have celebrities clambering to help us rebuild. on

Cute photos and that looks like a great park…my kids would love those bucket things!

Jo Ann v. on

The pics on JJ are so so so awesome ! Specially theones where Angelina is in owe with her sons and the ones with Brad and her cuddling. Very sweet !

Dana on

Okay, I love that picture of Brad and Angelina cuddling! (Does she not look fabulous without make-up on?) They remind me a bit of my husband and I. We only have 2 kids, but we are as much in love today as when we first married, if not more so. We make it a point to show affection in front of our children everyday.

I feel a little guilty always seeing pictures of celebrities out with their families doing “normal” everyday activities. But at the same time, I love the non-posy pictures. You can see the real love that the families share.

Nanny-Emma on

Thanks Joeanne for the link to the video. Maddox and Pax are adorable. I just knew Angie would end up taking the umbrella off of Maddox loll (he got it back though!) and Pax making funny faces whilst his Moms having her photo taken was hilarious!

Judy on

Hilarious pictures of Madd and little Pax on Evidently the two of them got into it, and Pax put up his dukes, and Madd is fending him off with an open umbrella. Angelina must have her hands full with those two!

Nicole on

In the video you see Pax teasing Maddox and then running to have mommy protect him! Typical kids in every way. That’s so refreshing – for all the glitz, glamor and media frenzy associated with them, Brad and Angelina seem to be raising typical kids who like to play out in the rain and tease each other.

Nicole R. on

We go to a park that has a spinning cup exactly like those. My 3-year-old son won’t get in it! But other kids seem to love the thrill ride.

Sarah on

I love how in the video you can hear the boys laughing! You can tell they are having fun and make boring (for little kids) trips a little more fun. Oh and Pax yelling “Mom” when his cup stopped spinning, so adorable

MaríaM2 on

My mother after seeing the family in the twins issue of People said to me “you know, it’s weird how that little one Pax really favors his father.” Seriously, she said that, and reading so many others concur, it really makes wonder about fate, serendipity and the rest. Love the clan much. Also saw a neat video of those scenes and it’s really a nice glimpse of them interacting.

Erica on

I have always thought that Pax resembled Brad! They’ve got very similar lips and noses. I remember wondering if maybe Angelina and Brad were taking on too much by adopting Pax so soon after the birth of Shiloh but it’s painfully obvious just how much the boy was meant to be with them. Cute fam.

MaríaM2 on

Nicole, that part of the vid was so funny. So typically boy play. Pax would get one in and then when his brother came charging, Pax would fly to Angie. So cute.

BNIM Architects on

BNIM Architects partnered with KOMPAN Playgrounds, Kellogg’s, PlayGreen Initiative and the Make it Right organization to design and build an Eco-Playground located within the Lower Ninth Ward project area.

The Eco-Playground is the most technologically advanced playground in North America. The design integrates sustainable strategies which feature a digital playground that utilizes solar power technology to power the equipment and incoprorates site strategies related to recycled materials, pervious concrete, rain gardens, and native plantings.

CelebBabyLover on

Heather- I also live in an area that got hit really hard by flooding earlier this year, and celebs haven’t exactly been clamboring to help us, either. However, that doesn’t upset me.

Frankly, I’m just glad that the majority of people in my area managed to survive the flooding. I also am greatful that we are having some help rebuilding, celebs or not!

CelebBabyLover on

Let me clarify my previous statment. I meant that I’m glad we’re getting ANY help, whether or not that help is in the form of celebs!