Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry 'Working On' Getting Pregnant; Jennifer Lopez Gives Twins Update

10/07/2008 at 11:00 AM ET
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At the 15th Annual Women in Hollywood Tribute on Monday, Elle magazine shined a spotlight on the biggest movers and shakers in the entertainment industry — including several popular celebrity moms.  Honoree Halle Berry, 42, was on hand, and says "life is good" since welcoming 6 ½-month-old daughter Nahla Ariela — whom she went on to call the "joy of my life." So good, in fact, that Halle’s partner Gabriel Aubry reveals that the couple are already "working on" baby #2! Calling Halle "the best mom that anybody could ask for — or wish for," Gabriel tells Us Weekly that their daughter is on the verge of taking her first few steps.

"She is walking with assistance, let’s just put it that way."

Jennifer Lopez, 39, was also in attendance, and gave an update on 7 ½-month-old twins Max David and Emme Maribel — her first children with husband Marc Anthony. The babies are "getting so big," Jennifer said, and hitting some important milestones of their own, like sitting up and getting their first teeth. Their personalities are quite distinct, Jennifer added.

"Max is like Marc, he’s got lungs, he screams and he’s very boy. Emme is very delicate and quiet…but you can’t mess with her."

Also honored at yesterday’s event were celebrity moms Salma Hayek, 42, mom to 1-year-old Valentina Paloma; Nicole Kidman, 41, mom to 3-month-old Sunday Rose with husband Keith Urban and Isabella ‘Bella’ Jane, 15, and Connor Antony, 13, with ex-husband Tom Cruise; and Isla Fisher, 32, mom to 11 ½-month-old Olive.

Sources: Entertainment Tonight and Us Weekly

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kaya on

I wish her a house full with 20 children! And a lot of pictures for me to look at lol

Why don’t you use a picture from the event? She looked absolutely amazing and so, so happy with Gabriel. I want to be her *sigh*


An image is coming when the photo dept is finished preparing it. We wanted to get the post up and stuck this in here in the meantime.

– Sarah, Staff Editor

Meela on

Walking at six months should not be encouraged that is way too early. I have heard of 8-9 months but never at 6 months even with assistance. I know most parents want to think that their child is a genius but just don’t rush children to do things too soon

Kerri on

Meela, I can’t imagine that they’re actually pressing the baby to walk at that age. I interpretted it as holding the baby up by the hands so she’s on her feet, kind of taking steps. I can’t imagine her actually being that close to walking, but I don’t think what they were talking about sounded harmful.

Tam on

I am not surprised that Halle and Gabriel are working on baby #2! They are such a stunning looking couple.

brannon on

My son was up with help at 6 and walking at 7 months completely on his own. I neither encouraged nor wish it on anyone but he was doing it just the same! I doubt Nahla is being rushed 🙂

brooke on

I had a feeling halle and gabriel would try again soon, because of halle’s age and she said ideally she wanted 2 kids. Halle is 42 and by the time the next baby would be born she would be 43, so they probably will be able to have another one, considering she just had a baby 6 months ago and you tend to be fertile within a year after giving birth. Nahla looks more like halle but with gabriel’s blue eyes, hope the next is a boy that looks like gabriel

brooke on

I forget to add i’m glad salma was honored, she’s a favorite actress of mine and one of my favorite new celebrity moms. She seems very hands on with valentina and her daughter is beautiful

Melissa on

I was walking at 7 months alone after crawling at 4 months. Babies will learn at their own pace, be it slower or quicker than average. Why would they try to impede Nahla’s development?

Meela on

Just voicing my opinion folks, my daughter was an early walker she walked at 10 months! So, yes children all develop at their own pace which is fine but 6 months just sounds so young. You still want her to be a cuddly infant, not a baby that you have to chase around and catch from falling and hitting her head.

Nikka on

Wow i didnt realize there is only 2 weeks age difference between JLo’s twins and Nahla !! I thuoght its always like two monts rather

Nikka on

I kind of agree with Meela’s post, even though they are probably not forcing the baby to walk, today parents are really thinking their kids are geniuses and force them to do stuff hence probably her post. Parents today often want their kids to be grown up really fast… remember those horrible “heelarious” tasteless shoes with heels for infants… what parent wants her infant to look like a teenageer rather then a cuddly cutest anything ever. But obviously they are out there, given the success that company had.

Elizabeth on

Gabriel and Halle make such a beautiful couple. They are so gorgeous its almost unfair.

Anonymous on

Since when is Nicole Kidman a new mom? Do Isabella and Connor not count?

Meaghan on

When my daughter was that age I used to have a good hold on her as she kicked her feet on the ground and I was convinced she was on the verge of walking and the most advanced baby ever. Gabriel could have meant a million different things by his comment. That’s all it was, just a comment. I’m sure they’re great parents and have a darling and gorgeous baby. Can’t wait until we can see another!

Kaylee on

Good luck to Halle and Gabriel. I read Gabriel is 1 out of 9 kids. And Halle has an older sister. So I can understand why they would want a little sister or brother for Nahla. They look so happy and I wish the best for their family. BTW They have got to be the pretties family in hollywood.

Emma on

Please correct Nahla’s age. She is almost 7 months no 51/2 months old.

FAY on

ummm, not tryna be a prick, but why did you only put one of nicole kidman’s children up there… she has three, not one…

Sheena on

I’m not surprised they are already trying for another baby. Halle was on Oprah when she was about five months pregnant with Nahla and said that they was going to try for another one right after she was born.

Gemma on

I hope they have another child They are a beautiful couple and Nahla is gorgeous. Unfortunately, I don’t think time is on Halle’s side but I hope things work out. All the best to them.

Abigail on

Haven’t seen a picture of Jennifer Lopez’s twins in awhile, but Nahla – god, is she gorgeous?!? how couldn’t she be beautiful, though, with genes like hers.

Autumn on

I’m not surprised that Halle & Gabriel are trying for baby #2 already. I wish them the best of luck, I’m sure they’ll have a beautiful child.

As far as Nahla “walking” no doubt it is like my cousin’s description of his daughter (who’s Nahla’s age) “walking” when he holds her up.

Still though some kids do develop early, case in point a neighbor boy who I remember learned to walk at 9 months old, and then two years later learned how to ride a bicycle w/o training wheels!?! lol!

jordyn on

Well, if I had a man that looked like Gabriel, I’d be trying to have a baby too!!
And, not trying to start any rumors, but here is a picture from the event, where she looks a little pregnant. Now, don’t jump down my throat, but she looks a little full in the tummy:

Dee on

I saw that too. Gabriel did say they were working on that. That could mean a lot of things. Like getting pregnant or that could mean she is already pregnant.

DLR on

I knew Halle and Gabriel would try for baby number 2 soon and here is the confirmation! I went to look at those pictures jordyn posted about. Oh yeah. I mean I know it is normal to still have a baby tummy six months later, but I think Halle would have been really working out and taking care of herself, especially if she’s on the cover of Esquire in a rather skimpy outfit. That dress she wore is not forgiving to bellies. She could have worn one of those body shapers and made her belly flat, but she didn’t so yeah, those pictures do make me go “Hmmm, could she, is she?” I think we’ll know in a few weeks!

Lorus on

I’m so glad Halle has found happiness. She so deserves it! I can’t blame her since Canadian men are sexy! 🙂

I hope that her second pregnancy comes quickly. It might make it more difficult if she’s still breastfeeding often. Maybe she’ll conceive before she gets her first post partum period. My daughter is 9m and still breastfeeds often and I have yet had a period.

babyboopie on

i LOVE Nahla Aubry, she is absolutely beautiful! Hope Halle and Gabriel have another baby, it would be as beautiful as Nahla is!
My son was 9 months when he started walking, an early developer but he started crawling when he was just five months! All babies develop at different ages.

CelebBabyLover on

I looked at those pictures, and if Halle WERE pregnant, she’d be about three to four months along….Which is when she confirmed her pregnancy with Nahla.

Not only that, but she practically shouted it from the rooftops (and all I mean by that is that she was so happy she just couldn’t contain her excitement!). Therefore, if she was pregnant again, I think they’d have told us! 🙂

Also, in some of the other photos, her belly doesn’t look to be nearly as big. I’m guessing that one picture was just taken from a bad angle, and the lighting may have made her belly look bigger, too.