Brooke Burke on Dealing with Jealousy, School Lunches

10/07/2008 at 06:30 PM ET

Besides the normal sleep and schedule adjustments when welcoming a new baby, parents who already have little ones at home know that — in most cases — it is only too soon before jealousy issues among the siblings start to arise. According to Brooke Burke, her youngest daughter Heaven Rain, 21 months, "is going through something new" and seems to be entering into this very phase when it comes to mommy time with baby Shaya Braven, 7 months. Brooke shares that whenever she holds her son, Rain — with her "limited vocabulary" — becomes a bit frustrated and "insists that I pass him to her Papa whenever he is close" by pointing to her father. However, the 37-year-old mom isn’t too worried and attributes this new behavior to her "hectic schedule" these days. In fact, Brooke says that she has "never devoted so much time to anything in my life" and can only dream of "the lazy days with nothing to do but hang with my kids." Luckily for the entire family, Brooke is looking forward to a "relaxing vacation" when she is finished with Dancing With the Stars.

Once again taking to her blog for some mom advice, Brooke is looking for new ways to make her girls’ — Neriah, 8 ½, and Sierra Sky, 6 ½ — lunch boxes fun and exciting, but more importantly healthy! In the past, Brooke shares that she has packed "jello, string cheese, nuts, yogurt, crackers, fruit and edamame, but being blessed with kids who have "never been sandwich eaters," the lunch maker is asking her readers for some suggestions on snacks for her kids. For Sierra, snacks these days might need to be soft as Brooke reveals that her daughter "lost her first two [teeth] this month!"

Rain and Shaya are Brooke’s children with fiancé David Charvet; Neriah and Sierra are her daughters with ex-husband Dr. Garth Fisher.

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How did you deal with jealousy issues among your kids? Any healthy treats for your kids in their lunch boxes?

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Abbey on

I used to make mini muffins for the kids i nannied for, from scratch. mixes are way too sugary. But i put some fruit, bran flour, and then some silk tofu in it to get them some more protein. they always loved these treats.

Doe on, the whole site is about packing lunches and time saving ideas.

lola on

brook is doing so great on dancing with the stars last time her dance was so good and i loved the song she did it to and how she included her daughter in it at the end

Dana on

My kids were both bottle fed, so one of the ways we dealt with jealousy was to “take turns” with our younger daughter. We also made special “dates” our oldest. One parent would take her out to do something fun, then the next time the other parent would take her. We were also lucky enough to have my parents very close by who would “kidnap” our older daughter or else take the baby so that we could take our older daughter out together. Now, they are 7 and 4 and we still separate them from time to time.

As far as healthy eating, I stock the house with as many “good foods” as I can. My kids have never been huge sandwich eaters, especially my youngest. For lunches, I pack mac and cheese or cheese and crackers. They then get veggies, which is usually carrots or celery with dip. For something sweet, they get no sugar added cinnamon applesauce, grapes, berries, or apples. They love the snack packs of apples and grapes, or apples with caramel (one little indulgence I allow them). They also love yogurt and string cheese. There is a new type of string cheese we found (can’t remember the brand) that has crayola crayons and fun facts on the package. They like to pick their colors. For something fun, we keep soft pretzels in the freezer and will pop a couple in the oven. The girls get to sprinkle a little salt on them and help put them on the cookie sheet. On special occasions, we let them pick a recipe out of a kids’ cookbook that we have. They love to help cook, and I can have some input over the ingredients we use.

brooke on

I love brooke, she’s beautiful, in great shape, seems like a wonderful mom and she dances awesome on dwts. When she kissed neriah at the end of her dance, it was so sweet. Nice to see she feeds her kids healthy foods and snacks too. She has beautiful children

Stephanie on

My kids are all big fans of hummus with carrots, pita bread, bell pepper slices and the like! I have some sandwich disdainers too.

Sadaf on

Muffins, bananas, biscuits, bran bread french toast (bite-sezied pieces), or croissants. Great stuff for non-sandwich eaters – no mess, and kids are happy.

For extra healthy stuff, put in carrots or cucumbers.

Lorus on

My daughter loves hummus with whole wheat pitas. I also pack a “make your own pizza”. Mini whole wheat pitas, pizza sauce in a small container (with a spoon), and low fat mozza shreds in a sandwich bag. She also likes fruit but says she doesn’t have enough time to finish a whole piece (peach, apple, etc) so I pack her the mini plastic cups of peaches or mandarins in juice.

dsmom on

While my son loves his sandwiches, to change it up a bit, i sometimes give him leftovers from the night before, or chicken salad (without the sandwich) he loves chicken and i can sneak in some celery, grapes , or apples and some nuts. I also find that writing a note (a simple I LOVE YOU with a smiley face) tends to cheer lunch up!

Bren on

I have a question, how do you guys do it? I mean, the cold stuff or the fruit/veggies don’t get soggy or turn bad by the time they kids eat lunch? I am always scare my daughter lunch will turn bad.

I give her almonds, apples, gold fish..for snack. she eats at the cafeteria but does not really like the food. Any ideas for me to give her food without turning bad? like cheese strings or jello…do I have to put an ice pack?

My child is in first grade and I am so confussed….lol

jordyn on

Bren, when I pack my daughters lunch, I throw an ice pack into her lunch bag, so i can give her food, like fruits and cheese, without it going warm before lunch =)

Angela Lake on

in my lunch in school, I always had a hard boiled egg, and a cucumber, and jell-0 back in junior high when I was still quite the athlete my lunch always consisted of a salad, with half a can of tuna and no dressing. My lunches may have not been that special, but my mom made me a special lunch bag every day, it was always decorated up nicely, one of the perks of having a artist as your mom.

Bren on

Thank you Jordyn…I will get an ice pack 🙂