Adam Sandler Totes His Tot

10/07/2008 at 08:00 AM ET

Sadie Madison Sandler, 2, smiled at a relative as Adam Sandler, pregnant wife Jackie, and members of their extended family went out for breakfast on Saturday morning in West Hollywood.

Adam and Jackie expect their second daughter this fall. Check out Jackie and other celebrity moms-to-be in our Who’s Due Next Gallery, updated last week!

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asfan on

She is such an adorable little girl..and her dad isn’t too shabby either..

eeennnaaa on

sadie could be nick jonas’ little sister.

Susan on

That little girl looks like her daddy!!! She is a cutie!

kitty on

She is very… unique.

mistychick on

She definitely doesn’t look like Shiloh or Suri.

Georgia Lee on

she is so cute, but I have yet to see her dressed like a little girl, she always looks like a boy…WHY????

Lily on

Horses don’t automatically scream boy to me. It looks entirely gender neutral. Just because they have a girl, doesn’t mean she has to be wearing dresses and sticking with colors like pink and purple. Judging from the smile on her face and the fact that she’s two, I doubt she could care less.

brannon on

My son wears pink most days. I’m guessing you wouldn’t like that either 🙂 Personally, they say to pick your battles and this certainly isn’t one of mine …

kendrajoi on

As always, she looks just like Adam. I wonder if their new little girl will favor Jackie more?

Danielle on

Shoot me down but I really thought Sadie was a boy at first, even now If I didn’t know and just saw a pic i wouldn’t be sure she was a girl. Not because of the clothes just I don’t think she looks girly and I think maybe some girly clothes would help that.
But I don’t see think she is attractive child anyway, sorry.
And before people start having a go, no looks shouldn’t be important (although they are very in hollywood) and I’m sure her parents love her and think she is adorable regardless.
I am just saying i really don’t see the cuteness everyone speaks of here. Neither do alot of other people.

irene on

This kid always makes me smile. She’s so unique and adorable.

H on

I am not saying there is anything wrong with it but I agree she does usually resemble a boy if you went with her clothing and short hair.

babyboopie on

As I have said before, I pray that the next baby favours Jackie!!
Adam looks cute as always!


Sadie is a very cute little girl and she’s not dressed ALWAYS like a boy.Sometimes I see her with boy clothes but I have seen a lot of photos of her with beautiful and very elegant dresses!

JK on

I actually think she resembles Jackie. I think her clothes are gender neutral but that it would be soooo cute to see that curly hair done up in some bows or clippies!

hillary on

WOW… genetics are AMAZING… she’s a spinning image of her daddy!

Summer on

You guys are silly, if that outfit was on a boy, someone would definitely say that it was to girly….

ginger on

Who cares what this girl wears. She is absolutely adorable and could very well be picking her own clothes. We don’t know…

Valerie on

How is this a boyish outfit?! I don’t agree at all. Also, this is 2008 and aren’t we beyond labeling outfits as boyish or girlish!
Anyway, she is such an adorable child! I think she is looking more and more like her mom, and of course her dad too but I defintely see her mom in her too.

Lu on

Seriously, does anyone outside CBB ever use the word ‘totes’ in a sentence quote so often? Find yourself a new verb guys – there’s nothing wrong with carry is there?

J on

She looks like his clone. And I would have to agree she looks like a little boy. Put a cute outfit on her and do her hair. Maybe some earrings. I know it’s not traditional in the states but where I’m from people get their daughters ears pierced as babies.

Bren on

In that picture I think she resembles her mom. I wouldn’t mind seeing what she would look like with a pony tail. I love when little girls have curls and they have pony tails. Her hair may still be to short but I don’t know I just love curls! My sister had curls and I had straight hair so maybe its that love what you didnt have.

sarah Outlaw on

Sadie is so adorable! one thing that makes me really mad is perez hilton always says mean things about her, he needs to grow up and stop making fun of children