Tom Cruise and His Pigtailed Princess

10/06/2008 at 11:00 AM ET

A dapper-looking Tom Cruise took 2-year-old daughter Suri — sporting pigtails! — out to meet the family for dinner at Le Bernardin on Saturday evening.

Besides mom Katie Holmes, the entire family seems to be in town — older children Isabella and Connor, Tom’s mother Mary, and Katie’s parents Martin and Kathy.

See more photos of Tom, Suri, and Katie in our Holmes-Cruise Family Gallery!

Suri wears Helena & Harry’s Dupioni Dress with Front Bow ($259) — she wore the same one back in January — paired with Bonpoint’s Ballerina Shoes.

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Stéph on

It looks like Suri is always dress as if she was going to a big event. It’s not how a little girl should be dressed in everyday life.

Stéph on

She is such a cutie though.
If I had all their money and a beautiful princess like that maybe I would dress her like a princess too.

kmb on

i think she looks adorable! If she’s comfortable and enjoys looking like a little princess, why not?

JM on

Suri looks like she’s four not two!! So cute and grown up looking!

stedine on

Suri is my favorite girl celebrity baby and Kingston is my favorite boy. Every time I come into a Suri post I see people complaining about her wearing dresses every day. Mind your own business. I personally wear a dress every day during the warmer months while my sisters wear jeans and capris. To each their own. She always looks beautiful and hopefully in the future I can have a baby girl who will not mind dressing up every day because I know I am going to want my baby to look cute. I personally dislike the way Adam Sandler dresses his daughter in boy looking clothes, maybe if he put a dress on her and a bow in her hair she could look more girly, but you don’t see me posting that on those threads. Dry cleaners and laundry machines are modern day inventions and money is meant to be spent and if you don’t like it, just scroll the picture away from your screen like I do to the ugly babies.

Marie on

Steph, I understand what you’re saying, but in this picture, he’s dressed up too because they’re going somewhere to dinner. Remember, they’re often stepping out to attend big events, so they dress her accordingly. Also, they may have a more “traditional” approach to how a girl should be dressed. However, if you look at their family album here, you’ll see that she’s worn pants and shirts and other “romper” clothes.

You’re right though, with the money they have, why not dress her in gorgeous duds while they still can, before she starts deciding what she wants to wear 🙂

brooke on

Suri is gorgeous and I rather see kids dressed nice, than sloppy and thrown together like some kids do. Suri is always dressed beautiful and her hair always looks pretty, I love neat nice looking kids. And she is such a gorgeous child, they should put her in modeling, by far one of the prettiest celebrity kids

Lily on

I cannot stress how beautiful that little girl is.

On a side note, I saw these pictures at Just Jared and couldn’t get over how big Isabella and Connor got. Before I actually enlarged the image of Tom, Isabella, and Suri, I thought she was a nanny or friend of the family helping out. Also, Connor looked quite the gentleman in his suit. Such a handsome young man.

Girl on

Suri looks adorable, but I also have an issue with her designer duds. I blame the parents.

They spend a heckuva a lot of money to put her in clothes that she seems to only wear once, and she’s always wearing a dress.

I don’t believe the “traditional” attire for girls and boys is the reason. When the adopted kids were young, they were rarely photographed and they were definitely not taken around like accessories.

I’m thinking a lot of celebs are using their kids for media access. And, they dress her up for a role of celebrity baby, and, to be honest, I don’t like parents giving kids that role.

Fifi on

I’m guessing the reason Suri’s hair is always left down is because she doesn’t like it put up. In the Just Jared photos her hair appears to be taken out at the end of the evening. I totally get that cause when I put my hair up it usually gives me a headache after a while.On the issue of how she is dressed I presonally think its very sweet. When I have kids they will be dressed this way. I don’t think kids need to look sloppy to be able to play and have fun. I’m not saying I would dress my children in outfits that cost hundreds of dollars just to go to the park but I would still dress them in a preppy way.

Bb on

Love her hair!!

Melanie on

I have never seen her in pig tails before, she looks so cute with them. Tom looks dashing too. Saw pictures of Connor in a suit too and he is very handsome. Suri is just my favourite celeb baby. She just makes my heart melt. Red is certainly her color.

May be she has many nice dresses as presents from her aunties she out grows them fast so the best thing is to make her wear them.

Lauren on

While I agree that in general theytend to overdress Suri, I think her wardrobe is absolutely fabulous, and I always like seeing photos of her to see what she’s wearing. I also totally agree with Brooke that I much prefer to see children that are well-groomed like Suri to kids with dirty sweats and sneakers anyday. And in this case where they’re going out to dinner, I don’t think she’s overdressed at all. I love her outfit, and she looks adorable in pigtails.

That said, Suri did seem to wear more “business casual” clothes for lack of a better phrase when she was younger-turtlenecks and sweaters paired with jeans-and she still looked stylish. She doesn’t have to dress like she’s going somewhere fancy all the time the way she does now.

Gianna on

The caption says they’re going to dinner.

But in any case, what’s wrong with her always being dressed up? If it were some over-reaching individual who couldn’t afford to, and was burning through their paycheck to dress their child this way, I could see that being an issue (and there are people who do this, sadly).

I personally love that Suri always looks so well put together in the gorgeous little dresses she wears. I don’t see why a little girl ‘shouldn’t’ dress like this, even every day. What could be wrong with that?

But what a gorgeous little girl!

KarenA on

Absolutely adorable. And yes, she’s dressed up, but they all were. Did you see what Connor was wearing? A suit like his father. They are a beautiful family. I love the pics of Katie hanging out with the kids too. (Hopefully to be posted as well.)

HIllary on

Those are PONY tails because they’re loose. Pig tails are braided.

SH on

i always thought when you have 2 it’s pigtails and 1 is a ponytail…but who really cares?

Meg on

Hillary, we tend to use “pigtails” when somebody has their hair in two ponytails… when I think ponytail I think one.

I think Suri looks adorable! 🙂

Sam on

They should dress her in regular clothes instead of dresses all the time. They should take notes from Angie and Brad on how to dress little kids.

Amber H. on

Adorable! Maybe Suri likes to wear dresses? I have a two year old and she certainly lets us know what she does and doesn’t want done to her hair or her outfits. I always thought two were pigtails and one was a ponytail too. We finally had our daughter leave her pigtails in this weekend!

SJ on

So, so, so cute!

I love Suri’s pigtails and at least she gets to go on outings with her brother and sisters.

Liz on

Well, as a mother of a 3-year-old who likes to pick out her own clothes and prefers dresses … I can see why Suri may always be dressed up. I say enjoy the princess phase while it lasts! Eventually she’ll change her style. LOL. Just the other day mine wore white tights, pink plaid sneakers, bright green shorts, a pink t-shirt and green hoody.

Shell on

Tom looks like Katie…

carie on

She looks adorable, but I still continue to think it’s strange that she’s always dressed up so much. But it’s really not a big deal, just odd to me. I guess where the weird feeling comes in is that when children are dressed like this to go out, we tend to get generally more restrictive, telling them to not get messy, don’t run and fall and tear your dress, keep your fingers out of this and that and don’t get food/dirt on your shirt, etc. Know what I mean? How this ends up happening….to keep nice outfits clean? Well, I guess I wonder if this is how Katie and Tom get…and, if that’s the case, WOW, that’s ALOT of time in her daily routine where she’s gotta act proper…and, she’s only two….this is the time for play and dirt and silliness. I’m not sure I’m articulating this very well, but hopefully you know what I mean.

angie on

Dear Carie:

I totally understand what you are trying to say in your post, we make a big debate about her dresses because we are all thinking that Katie and Tom don´t let her to act like a child, am I right?, It´s not the expenssive dress or fancy shoes, is the fact that we feel that she is required to behive properly all the time, and we as mothers feel sorry (in the inside) for Suri.

I hope that she is having a normal childhood, and that she is allow to play, eat, run, fall cry and get dirty as our children do.

Rachel on

I don’t think it has anything to do with dressing her up or dressing her down… that dress and those shoes would look awful on ANY two year old. That said… she’s still a cutie patootie!

N on

With all of the money they have I think its pretty safe to assume that they don’t care if she gets these clothes dirty. I am sure they will just go buy her some more….or she will get them free from the many designers that want her to wear their clothes for advertising purposes.

Kate on

Suri is by far the most beautiful baby girl in Hollywood! Love the pigtails!

Amelia8557 on

Pigtails are generally when you have two ponytails regardless of if they are braided or not. A pony tail is just one – usually put up or down in the back.

Bethy on

Cute pic of Suri and Tom…he looks very nice in this picture. Love the pigtails!

Brandi on

She is a beautiful girl.

Blue on

She is such a dainty child. You can really see alot of her mothers mannerism’s in her. I love how she is dressed.

Jane on

Suri is one of the prettiest little girls I have ever seen!

Jennifer on

Suri is such a beautiful little girl, and her pigtails are so cute! 🙂

sandy on

My granddaughter who is the same age picks out her clothes, loves the princess look and won’t wear pants or shorts at this time. She is quite the independent child and that is what we want of our children. Suri is adorable (just like mommy and daddy.

CelebBabyLover on

sandy- Very good point! How do we know that it isn’t SURI’S choice to wear dresses all the time?

Anyway, Suri is adorable with pigtails (well, she’s ALWAYS adorable, but you know what I mean!)! I love that picture of Isabella holding her little sister’s hand!

Isabella, Connor, Tom’s mom, and Katie’s parents must have all come to NYC to see Katie’s play! 🙂

Kat on

What a beauty! I have to say that it is nice to see little Suri wearing dresses she has worn before. She look’s like a happy child and when it comes down to it, isn’t that most important!?!

Ruthella on

I think Suri always looks adorable. My daughter is almost two and wears dresses, skirts and sparkly things every day of her life! I don’t see the problem, I’m the one who has to do the washing and ironing so I’ll decide what she wears LOL

There may come a time when she wants to wear jeans and trainers but at the minute she loves all her sparkly shoes and pretty dresses. Of course, it’s me that buys them, but believe me, she soon lets me know when she doesn’t want to do something so I’m confident that she loves dressing like a Princess!

It’s a personal choice, of course, but I just don’t see the problem if you can afford it and don’t mind the upkeep 🙂