Paris Bennett Welcomes Daughter Egypt

10/06/2008 at 09:25 PM ET
Rick Diamond/WireImage

The number five must have particular significance for Paris Bennett. The 20-year-old songstress, who placed fifth on season 5 of American Idol, welcomed a daughter at 3:36 p.m. today following five hours of labor. New baby Egypt Bennett weighed in at 5 lbs, 15 oz. In a statement, Paris said she is "so excited" to meet her "little angel" — who appears to already be taking after mom. Reveals Paris,

"Man, does she have lungs on her. I guess she’s gearing up to be the next American Idol."

Paris’ pregnancy was announced in June. Her Christmas album, A Royal Christmas, will be released on October 14th.


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eva on

I love geographic names, Egypt is new for me and I like the sound of it.

Abbey on

That baby, i’m sure, is probably just gorgeous. Paris certainly is a beauty. I love the name, too.

But, 20 with a baby? Oh, man, that would have scared the life out of me when i was her age (& even now). I’m in no way criticizing her choice to become a mum at a young age & I’m sure she & her family are thrilled about Egypt’s arrival, I just would be terrified if I was her! I’m sure, though, becoming a parent at any age is quite terrifying.

Good luck to her and little Egypt. Congrats to the whole family.

ntassinari on

i love both their names!
i think its great since Paris’ name is a location, she chose a location also for her daughter!
just as Paris Hilton has said that she would name her child London!

Jaclyn on

I am a parent at 20. Nothing wrong with that at all. Everyone accepts and handles responsibilities at different ages. Great parents happen at any age and shitty ones too.

meghan on

hmm – i moved to egypt two months ago – not a fan of naming a child after the location.

Stéph on

Paris and Egypt? Nice!
Does she have a husband or she’s gonna take care of that baby alone?

fay on

steph she has a boyfriend who works @ a club her father owns & her father owns a few successful business ventures in the twin cities… they’ll be fine…

Monique on

If I am not mistaken, she is engaged. I think she will make a great mom and she also has a support system too with mom and grandmom! I wish her and Egypt the best!!

Onyx Jones on

What a wonderful blessing!! I am sure Paris will be fine as a young mother. She will not be the first or the last. Congrats to the entire Bennett family.

Liza on

Abbey, I know that you are “in no way criticizing her” BUT you have to remember that there are plenty of us here that read and comment frequently that were parents at younger ages and I personally, find comments like that insulting. Its not like she is 12 years old. 20 years old is a grown woman.

I was married at 18, and had my first baby at 19, (started reading CBB when I was preg with him)had my second at 20, and ill have my 3rd at 22. Think that I’m terrified? I never was.

Danielle on

I know having 2 kids (4 yrs and 5 mo) at 23 is a blessing as it would be at any age. Congratulations to Paris and to Egypt for I am sure she has been born into a wonderful loving family.

Kelly on

Liza-I also got married at 18 had my first child at 20, second at 22 and third at 24–I would not change this for anything! When you are ready you are ready and everyone is ready at a different time. It was the right thing for our family. I have alway been a full time Mom on top of having a licensed home daycare for other peoples kids. I opened my daycare at age 20. I may have been young but that has never turned anyone off–I have always had a huge waiting list. People grow up at different rates and 20 is an adult. I have been married 13 years today and my kids are 11,9,8–I would not have had it any other way. Now that our kids are older my hubby and I enjoy our alone time- we loved being younger parents.

Liza on

Thanks Kelly 🙂

I wouldnt change my lifge for anything. I think that some people just know what they want and I knew exactly what it was that I wanted and it was a family, right away, and thats what i did.

meghan on

there are plenty of us though that know we were not ready for children at such a young age. this is a subject that has been brought up before…

anyway – i was 26 when i had my first – 27 when i had my second. i was no way wishing for mommyhood at 20 – even though i love it now. everyone is different.

Abigail on

Oh my gosh, you people take everything so personally. you misread and misrepresent what I was saying. You transformed a remark I made into something completely outrageous. I was trying to commend the girl for having the child at a young age, criticizing myself for being too selfish to want to give up my life at at young age. And, another thing, I don’t care what you say, parenthood is terrifying. The magnitude of the responsibility of another life is overwhelming to many people and you are LYING if you say otherwise.

You people need to grow up and stop reading into and creating humongous deals out of simple, innocent comments.

Andrea on

anyone know the baby’s last name?

Ms.B on


It says Egypt Bennett. She gave the baby her last name. I wouldn’t give the baby the father’s last name if we weren’t married either.

Sarita on

Does she have any relation to Egypt, are her ancestors from there or has she been there?

I don’t like these geographical names. It’s like naming your child “United States” or Scotland” or another country.

Liza on

I RARELY ever comment negatively about what other people say, but when you say “oh GOSH 20 with a BABY!!!!” its like yeah you couldnt see yourself do it but it happens. Its her life, shes not 12, and if you couldnt see yourself do it, thats great. But I’m sure if Paris read the comment she would be insulted also.

observer on

congratulations to Paris own her God given gift.. I hope that her baby remains healthy and enjoys a life of prosperity…an old saying that never gets to old “if you dont have anything nice to say, say nothing at all”…