Violet Affleck Gets Her Licks

10/06/2008 at 09:00 AM ET
Limelight Pictures

Actress Jennifer Garner took daughter Violet Anne — toting a package of dum-dum pops — toy shopping on Saturday in Pacific Palisades, Calif., The 2 ½-year-old held mom’s hand and enjoyed a treat as they entered the store.

Jennifer, 36, and husband Ben Affleck expect their second child this winter; they are keeping the due date and sex of the baby private.

For more photos of Jen, Ben and Violet, check out our Garner-Affleck Family Gallery!

Jennifer carries Coach Hamptons Vintage Leather Hobo in brass/gray ($698).

Violet wears the top half of Juicy Couture Kids Rainbow Hoodie and Pant Set in Joanna ($170).

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Susan on

I used to work in a children’s bookshop and kids would come in with lollipops and sticky treats and since it was a neighborhood store I got to know the kids. They would give me these great hugs with what I began calling “jammy hands.” I would get home and be inexplicably sticky from my hips down. It was hysterical.

michelle on

I love how Violet is like every other kid. Has her lollies and is just the cutest kid ever. I can wait to see the new addition. Love them as a family.

Elyse on

Jen’s bump is so adorable. And of course little Violet is as cute as ever!

p.s. I love jen’s glasses!

Elizabeth on

Jen has the Coach Hamptons vintage leather hobo. I believe it retails for $698.

Elizabeth on

PS Rumors are swirling that it’s a boy.

Brandi on

They look so normal here! That’s what I look like when I go out with my kids in the morning…

Cute story Susan.

Elizabeth that was a rumor started by Petite Tresor. Jennifer wasn’t even in California when they said she had shopped at the store!

Tracy on

For all those people complaining how Jen always carries Violet – look – Violet is walking by herself!

sharon on

cute picture 🙂

Jen K on

Hahaha Tracy! Exactly what I was thinking!


Tracy and Jen K., I was thinking that too! LOL!

brooke on

I love jen’s bag, I bought the same one for my mom last month as a gift. Anyway jen is such a cute pregnant lady and I think it’s a boy this time around. Violet is such a cutie pue

Lauren on

“For all those people complaining how Jen always carries Violet – look – Violet is walking by herself!”

Not to start something, but if you want to get technical, the other photos from this day show her being carried.

SH on

Thank God I’m not a celebrity. I would get so sick of people dissecting every aspect of my life from what purse I have to if I’m carrying my child or not.

Amanda on

Wow Amanda, you sound like loads of fun. How about we look at the pictures, we ooh and ahh over how cute Violet is (because she is) and how great Jen looks and how awesome she is (because she does and she is).

You guys ever heard of “live and let live?”

Gina on

Violet looks tall for her age. Guess her daddy is tall.

Elyse on

I don’t see what the big deal is if she was carried. At least Jen didn’t carry her the whole trip. I guess I just don’t see why this is such an issue.

p.s. I really hope I don’t start anything here!

Susan on

I’m sad and disappointed that we can’t have a posting of a healthy young woman and her child and celebrate who they are. Why must we tear them down? We do the same to others as well. Maybe it is jealousy – I certainly understand that. But I wish (perhaps futiley) that we could just enjoy these photos.

Brittany on

Jen is pretty tall too, i think she’s 5’9″ and i think ben is 6’2″ so it’s not a surprise violet is big for her age

Rosy J on

It doesn’t matter what these two are doing I just love their togetherness. It is so not important whether she is carrying her baby or if Violet is walking (I think this pic was taken before the paps got too close) I enjoy seeing them. They are so adorable.

lyssa on

Ah look it’s my #1 fav celeb family by far 😛

Jennifer on

Violet is such a cutie! 🙂

Aurora on

Very sweet looking mama & daughter. It cracks me up that Jen’s wearing a tracksuit (very nice and perfectly fine!) that looks like it could be from anywhere and could cost $40, and her purse is $700! LOL

CelebBabyLover on

Brandi- Good point! Petite Tressor is notorious for making things up just to get publicity!

For example, when Jessica Alba was in the early stages of her pregnancy with Honor, they claimed that Jessica and Cash Warren shopped for boy clothes there. They, of course, had a girl!

When Jamie Lynn was pregnant with Maddie, they claimed that SHE shopped for boy clothes there (and, like Jennifer, Jamie Lynn wasn’t even in California at the time Petite Tressor claimed she shopped there!). Just like Jessica, she had a girl!

I also want to point out that, even if those celebs HAD shopped for boy clothes at Petite Tressor…How would we have any way of knowing the clothes were for them? They could have been shopping for a friend’s baby or a pregnant friend!