Dr. Jason Diamond Shares Photos of Son Jake

10/06/2008 at 07:30 PM ET

The Celebrity Baby Blog recently posted a birth announcement about the arrival of Dr. 90210′s Dr. Jason Diamond‘s first child. We’ve since had the chance to chat with the facial, plastic and reconstructive surgeon, and Dr. Diamond filled us in on the details! Jacob ‘Jake’ Sutton Diamond arrived on Friday, February 8th, 2008, weighing in at 9 lbs and 23 inches long. Turning eight months old later this week, Dr. Diamond tells us, "He’s still a big boy! In the 99th percentile for height; he’s 30 inches tall."

"Jake’s doing great, he’s almost eight months old. He’s been crawling for a month and he’s starting to stand up already."

Dr. Diamond explains that he and pediatrician wife Jessica did continue filming episodes after the birth late last winter, and he believes Jake will be appearing on the reality show again this season. He also passed along some recent snapshots of his son for CBB readers to enjoy!

Dr. 90210 airs Monday evenings at 10 p.m. on E! Entertainment.

Courtesy Jason & Jessica Diamond for use on CBB

Click ‘More’ for three more photos of Jake, courtesy of the Diamonds.

Courtesy Jason & Jessica Diamond for use on CBB
Courtesy Jason & Jessica Diamond for use on CBB
Courtesy Jason & Jessica Diamond for use on CBB

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mikki on

Look at those big blue eyes – precious!!

Rhiannon on

What a cutie!! Those eyes are beautiful!

Jen K on

What a beautiful child.

steph on

what a beautiful baby! those eyes are so beautiful. I think the wife is from Kentucky!


Alice on

Wow, really adorable little boy! He’s looks a lot like his dad in the 3rd photo.

kmb on

gorgeous big baby blues!

Mia on

Aww, Cute. What a beautiful baby.I think a great mix of both parents.

He’s going to be tall!

Thanks for the update CBB.

irene on

Aww! He is seriously gorgeous.

Sara Watson on

OMG WHAT a beautiful little boy!!!! WOW.. them eyes!!!

Morgan on

orange nose?

Kelly on

aww hes so cute!! look at that hair! & those eyes such a beautiful little boy

CLO718 on

He is so cute. He looks just like his dad

erica alayne on

What a GORGEOUS boy!!

Abbey on

Love that mop of hair – too cute! Makes him look like a little man with a toupee (tee hee hee). I love babies with a full head of hair.

Great name, too!

Meaghan on

He is a handsome little fella. Big beautiful eyes and a big boy as well. I was also very tall for my age as a child and topped out at just under 5’11.

Chassity on

he’s adorable & looks just like his daddy!

omgosh! on

omgosh! i totally remember when these two were debating getting married over religious issues, and then having kids, and then her telling him that she was pregnant (which by the way i think was totally staged/acted out, but still sweet)!!

awww!! congratulations to them!!

Linds on

OMG he is so beautiful! such a cute child!!! they need to shoot for a girl!!!!

Sheila on

He definitely looks like his daddy!! Very handsome little boy and I love his eyes– both of my girls have huge eyes like that.

ntassinari on

oh gosh!
what a beautiful little boy!
i love him in the first picture!


He is such a beautiful baby!! wow I love his hair and he certainly has his dad’s baby blues!! So adorable and precious…I hope to see Jason as a good father in upcoming episodes.

Ashley on

What a gorgeous little guy!

He looks just like his dad, but with his mom’s eyes!

Thanks to the Diamonds for sharing this… hope we can see more from them in the future!

autumn on

Yay! I’m so excited to see him! He is so cute! I’m so glad they shared pictures! They are my favorites on Dr. 90210!

kaya on

awwww, sweet! No idea who these people are, but I love the name Jakob (and Diamond, lol)

Melissa on

Wow, he is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing these pictures 🙂

lisa on

What a gorgeous little boy, lovely eyes….great name too, my sons name is Jacob!!


Only word:GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you sure that he’s only 8 months?

phoebe on

Oh my gosh, what a gorgeous child! The girls will be lining up before they know it!

fay on

u guys are all right, but i’m shocked no one said how BIG he is!!!! no way i’d peg him for only 8 mos. but he IS a beautiful baby…

Vanessa on

What a cutie pie! Love the eyes and hair. 🙂

Star on

Don’t look at this baby if you are done having children. This baby makes my ovaries ache. This baby is beyond beautiful. They are also one of my favorite couples to watch on their show. Glad he was able to be by her side during delivery, I enjoyed that episode.

ma74 on

he’s beautiful.his eyes are amazing!

Becky on

Wow! I was shocked to see this! Silly me, I was still thinking he was JUST born after seeing that episode and seeing the birth announcement on here. I should have known that there is always a delay on reality shows, but for some reason forgot that. I can’t beleive the little baby “born last week” is 8 months now! He is so cute! He looks just like his Dad in picture #3. What a handsome, and tall, little boy!

Xan on

Cuteness! Guilty of the same time lapse as you, Becky. Here I was thinking he was a month old, tops. But, he’s already a little squirt!

I want this baby!

babyboopie on

Oh my!! Jake looks sooo much like my son when he was that age- the same huge blue eyes!!

brannon on

yay – he looks like my son! so cute! (of course, I may be biased!)

brooklyn on

he is quite cute!

Mo on

He is so cute…I just saw the episode where she had the baby. So imagine my surprise from seeing the pic,he is a big boy…i love those blue eyes!

Kait on

That baby’s never gonna need plastic surgery from his dad, he looks like he could be Suri’s little brother!

Lila on

My son David looks EXACTLY like him, crazy long hair and all… it’s almost scary. My husband and I just held a photo up next to his pictures and it’s so eerie! One thing is for sure, we have BEAUTIFUL boys 🙂

jenlevi on

What an incredibly beautiful baby. Dr. Diamond’s talent as a facial surgeon is truely awesome from what I have seen on tv and I’m sure his son will have the same kind of talent to go along along with his looks. Great job Diamond’s, thanks for sharing

robbie on

WOW. How cute is that baby. I want to kiss those cheeks. He’s only 8 months? Looks like he’s crawling in a few of those pictures. I hope we get to see how Dr.D is a dad. Im sure he will be a great dad.

Stephanie on

Awww he is, by far, one of the cutest little babies! He definantly has Jason’s eyes!

Ashton M. on

this is the MOST GORGEOUS baby is eyes are so CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s a Cutie Pie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Missy from Ashland on

Hey, Jessica this is Missy from back in good ole’ Ashland, KY. Jake is absolutely adorable. I guess I have the advantage over other fans by seeing his pictures through Shelley and Richard. Can’t wait to see him in person and let him and Mayson play together. He really is gorgeous…love those eyes…and all that hair!

FC on

He’s definitely Jason’s little chip off the old block, blue eyes and everything. He’s adorable.

Tassia on

Beautiful boy ^_^ cute eyes; here in Brazil we have just saw Jason and Jessica’ marriage (…the TV show…)so imagine my surprise from seeing him big!

Kathryn on

Ah, he and the family look so happy. I can imagine that Jake must be getting all the attention in the world and that Jason is probably going to become a doting and very involved father in spite of his busy schedule. I know he is ambitious about his surgery career but I can see that Jason is going to teach this baby everything he knows and spend a lot of time with him. I bet Jake is going to be an athlete. My child was large like that too as well as an early walker. They are going to need their sleep to keep up with Jake’s desire to explore everything like my son did.