Angelina Jolie and the Kids Make a Cheetos Run

10/06/2008 at 05:00 PM ET

Touching down in New Orleans after a whirlwind weekend in NYC, Angelina Jolie took a few of the kids — Pax Thien, 4 ½, Zahara Marley, 3 ½, and Shiloh Nouvel, 2 — out to the convenience store for a Cheetos run this afternoon in the Big Easy.

Dad Brad Pitt and children Maddox Chivan, 7, and 3-month-old twins Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline were presumably at home. More photos available at Just Jared.


Shiloh wears Crocs Kid’s Cayman in Lime ($25).

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Jane on

These kids are always eating Cheetos! Too funny! Adorable picture!

Stéph on

Wow, Shiloh is really growing up!
Angelina looks stunning, it doesn’t look like she had twins three months ago!
Pax’s fac is funny, he looks fresh from the bath, his hair looks wet.

michelle on

Another reason I love her. Her kids get to be kids and are always having fun and happy. I love Shiloh’s Crocs. I have the same ones. Every time I see them eating Cheetos I always want some. 🙂

Megan on

Hehe, I love Zahara! She always has this look on her face like “I’m just too cool for you.” Those kids are such cuties.

Natasha on

Awwww Pax & Zahara are holding hands!! My goodness Shiloh is getting tall, look how long her legs are!

blackrose on

soo cuteee! Zahara and Pax holding hands! so cute!& Shiloh is adorable!

Amanda on

Aww. Pax and Zahara holding hands is adorable. Angelina looks stunning.

brooke on

Shiloh looks like angelina, just blonde, but she has the same chubby cheeks brad had as a baby and his head shape too.

me on

Shiloh is so beautiful just look at her!!! Z is a cutie too. I love how Angelina doesn’t see color and she those kids are lucky.

Jacky on

I see so much Brad in Shiloh…I think its the eyes/eyebrows

Kara on

Shiloh looks nothing like Angie, she is all Brad. Zahara is goregeous as usual.

sam on

Oh, but Shiloh has those lips! That’s where I see Angie.

(LOVE- aJ ) on

Angelina looks so gorgeous.
Cute family!!!

Mia on

AWW so cute. Glad they didn’t leave the U.S too soon.

It’s nice that Brad is checking up on his NOLA project, and the family gets to be back home.

I guess Brad hasn’t started filming yet or he has a good week off before they all have to be back to Germany.

I would think Shi, Knox, and Viv will be generally talk-Angie is 5’8 and Brad is about 6’0/6’1. Zahara looks like she will be very tall too. Z and Pax are basically the same height. Too cute.

Lilybett on

Is Pax wearing overalls/dungarees that are tied up? It looks like a button broke or something and they’ve just knotted the strap into the buttonhole. That’s really cute.

Jessica on

Zahara and Pax holding hands is so precious. Shiloh looks really cute in her crocs and her hair is so long. Angie looks nice too! I wonder where Maddox is, probably with Brad.

SJ on

Can someone remind me who the blonde child is 🙂

Also, why do they need to be carried every where.

Jasmine on

These kids look like they dressed themselves. None of them look very happy.

Jessica on


At JustJared they have pictures of Z and Shiloh smiling and they probably did dress themselves.

brangie luver on

my favorite family <3

there are some more really cute ones on justjared and the jjb brad and angelina megapost pg 736

Emily on

I think Shiloh is more of a mommy’s girl. You never see her out alone with her father but always with her mother she is probably very clingy and doesn’t like to be away from Angie.

I saw a close up of her lips on another site and they are prettier than her mothers they look so pink and soft but maybe that’s because she’s still a baby.

Janet on

Actually, go to JJB, JustJared, ONTD and see pictures where the kids are interacting and happy. Shiloh is even talking to Angie pointing at something. I actually really like how they are dressed because it’s different. They follow their own trend and that’s cool to me. It’s okay to disagree though as everyone is free to have their opinions.

Nicole on

They are all so cute! I like how they dress, it tells me Angelina doesn’t obsess and put too much emphasis on how one looks!

@ Jasmine, there are other pics in the set of them all smiling. Angelina and Shiloh were actually laughing together at something!

Natasha on

Emily I think Angie has said that Brad’s girls are all Daddy’s girls! I mean, you may be right but I think Shiloh’s a Daddy’s girl 🙂

Anne on

Lovely children but poorly attired considering their parents have so much money.

Judy on

Angie and her brood walking down the street always reminds me of mama duck and her brood in “Make Way for Ducklings”. Too cute for words!

Laura on

“These kids look like they dressed themselves. None of them look very happy.”

They are walking around buildings. How much fun is that? I’m not saying they shouldn’t be doing it but it’s not as if they are in a park and the kids are bored or something. If the kids weren’t happy they’d be crying or making upset faces at least. IMO their faces now are either smiling or just don’t have an expression (and that is fine. I walk around without an expression on my face plenty. Doesn’t mean I’m upset, there just isn’t anything to smile at)

Anyway very cute kids! And Shiloh is just soooo gorgeous!

Joeanne on

I love this family. I just saw pictures of Pax patting a dog and he looks so excited and one of Angie and Shiloh pointing and laughing at something. What the thing is I have no idea but it’s great to see them out and about before they head back to France.

Jen on

That just proves it: sometimes you just need some Cheetos. 🙂

Mary on

Again,I love to see this normal family doing normal things. I have to disagree about their “poor” attire since they have rich parents. Who knows what their clothes cost and what differnce does it make anyway. Play clothes, not designer wear looks better and this is an active family. I love their normal look and their normal family ways. They are adorable and their Mom is lovely. PS, Shiloh was out with Brad and Maddox in NYC. Just no pictures.

amandamay on

angelina gets criticized for her kids being “poorly attired” and katie holmes gets criticized for suri being “too dressed up” – apparently you can’t win if you’re a celebrity parent!

i think it’s great they are teaching their kids that money and clothing/brand name labels aren’t important. just because you have money doesn’t mean you have to be dressed to the nines all the time. i think they look great!

marla on

anne, they may look a tad disheveled (which is fine), but i have no doubt that those outfits probably cost a small fortune. they live in a world of $50 t-shirts for toddlers. but i actually find this family so refreshing and while the way i dress my kids may differ from theirs(i like a more traditional style for my boys-then again, i’m not tatooed so it’s no surprise there), it is obvious these kids are so loved and blissfully happy. who wouldn’t be while walking around with a bag of cheetos!

Michelle on

I love seeing pictures of this family. The children are so beautiful and Angie looks great.

I love how the kids are dressed — like normal, everyday kids. Even if they are desinger clothes, I like that they look like everyday kids and that they’re munching on an everday snack like Cheetos. 🙂

Colleen on

The thing I like seeing about them is “SHE” took the kids out to get the cheetos when I am quite sure she could have easily sent someone on a grocery run for her. She is proactive with her little ones. Kudos to her.

Heather on

“Lovely children but poorly attired considering their parents have so much money.”

Seriously?!?!?!?! They have clothes on their backs, food in their bellies, and love in their life – does anything else really matter?

steph on

i think this is why i love this family so much, they are basically normal parents dressing their kids in normal clothes and even the unheard of hand me downs. i think its great they let the kids be kids and be free thinkers.


trinh on

can i just say that i love how she lets her kids be kids and eat junk food? 🙂

Anna on

Nice to see that celeb kids can get mess stains on their clothes too! I love AJ so its good to see she’s just like other mums and not trotting her kids out like perfectly behaved show ponies. I want my son to marry Shiloh lol

DD on

She’s by herself (no nanny), go figure!

Amber on

I wish people would look at the pictures at JustJared before saying how miserable the children look. There are plenty of pictures where the kids are smiling and laughing. The thing I hate about a lot of sites is they put up only one picture. This is why people always say the kids can’t walk, never smile, etc eventhough there are hundreds of photos of them being happy and active. Also what’s wrong with them wearing t-shirts and pants? Evening gowns and tuxedos is not appropriate for running/playing.

Barbara on

I think Angie looks relaxed and happy.

Faye on

I feel guity saying this because I know the paparazzis are a terrible intrusion in their lives, but I love looking at photos of the Jolie Pitt family. Their kids are adorable and brought up with so much love. They always bring a smile to my face.

laura on

It absolutely makes me smile to know that her kids eat cheetos…like normal kids do! Mess and all!

Mia on

Shiloh is beautiful, and looking at the pics of the twins it seems that Knox looks more like Brad and Viv like Angie.

So I wonder when Knox is 2 if he’ll look exaclty as Shiloh does right now.

In the event they keep his hair long like they have with Pax. The twins are 3 months old already.

stephanie on

Funnily enough Shiloh looks a lot like Angie when she was that age, Angie had light-blondish hair when she was younger 🙂

Bancie1031 on

Wow look how big Shi is now …. and Z is almost as tall as Pax ….. I can’t believe how big these kids are getting. Isn’t the shirt Shi’s wearing one of Maddox’s old ones? I could swear that I have seen him wearing the same shirt.

CelebBabyLover on

Joeanne- Where did you see the picture of Pax patting the dog? I’ve looked on Just Jarad, ONTD, and JJB, and I haven’t seen it. I’d love to see it, though, so if someone could tell me where I can find it, I’d be very grateful! 🙂

Anyway…Shiloh is getting so big! She seems to have grown since Knox and Viv’s first photoshoot!

I also love how Pax and Z are holding hands. They seem to be doing that in a lot of pictures we see of them. It looks like they’ve formed a close bond. 🙂

Oh, and speaking of Z…I was looking at the rest of the photos in this set (well, most of the rest. The Pax and the dog pic wasn’t there), and there’s one of Miss Z sticking her tongue out! LOL!

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and Shiloh actually DOES look a lot like Angie did as a toddler. I’ve seen pics of Angie at about the same age as Shi is now…and she could practically pass for Shi’s twin!

sadie on

I think it’s refreshing that Brad and Angelina’s kids dress like most kids – that is, in normal clothes they probably picked out themselves, that get scruffier and more dishevelled as the day progresses! With all the poverty Angelina has seen through her work as a UNICEF ambassador, I can’t imagine that she would be able to sleep at night dressing her six kids in the kind of excessively expensive garb that Suri Cruise wears.

Nina on

Poor Pax, his hair is not even made and his clothes are terrible. They should take better care of him. He looks like a homeless kid living on the streets. Zahara and Shiloh looklike they had some help with the clothes and their hair..

Nina on

what’s up with that stringy hair on Pax ? When Angie got him he had such a cute haircut. NOW he looks like an orphan !

kaya on

This is not meant to stir something up, but I can never understand the obsession with Shiloh. They’re all gorgeous kids, but I think Zahara steals every picture I see of them! I canNOT wait for her to grow up and give interviews lol

kaya on

ps. this is completely off-topic… but I kind of love that Angelina’s (seemingly) SO obsessed with black. While I start to get bored of all those maxi dresses (not just because of her, that trend just annoys me), it’s cool that she hasn’t changed her looks so much. Although I always found that she looked the coolest when it was just her and Maddox. I miss Angelina in pants! and now I’m off doing something worthwile with my time lol

chicagopearl on

Baby Shiloh looks like a female Brad Pitt with Angelina’s best features thrown in for good measure. Look out world, there’s your next real beauty. What genes!

SJ on

Angelina has an ulterior motive for making her children wear those sorts of clothes. She’s trying to say to the world “I’m just like you”

It doesn’t wash with me.

Those kids, especially Shiloh and Pax, are gorgeous and should be drssed better than that.


Angie is looking so good as usual. The kids look healthy and happy. I think they dressed themselves too which is a wonderful thing. I think it’s obvious in these photos that Angie and Brad are great parents and wonderful, caring people.

Cindy on

The only time a parent gets to dress their kids up/cute is when they are little. Jolie tries to hard to dress her kids down. I also notice that in almost all of her pics taken with the kids they invariably have junk food and sugary drinks. She doesn’t even make them share one bag, but buys them each large bags of their own. I read somewhere that she allows the children to eat whatever they like. Everyone praises this woman for adopting, yet overlook the fact that she is too permissive. Being a parent is about setting limits.

yovana on

Why do they spenD so much time in LA when they are in the USA?

By the way Shi is realy beautiful and i just can’t belive Z is walking . Wow

paige on

brad and angie dress their kids in normal kid clothes. I wouldn’t expect to see Shiloh and Zahara in a dress and tights all the time they let their children be kids, unlike tom and katie.

ila on

Sadie, I’m pretty sure Angelina works with ACNUR not UNICEF.

Sarah on

I think Angelina and Brad are great parents. It’s clear they love their kids but I have to be honest. In my opinion, her kids do look a bit disheveled here. Quite frankly, the younger ones usually look disheveled. Do I think they are neglected, No but she needs to locate a brush before she takes those kids out.

This isn’t about what they are wearing.I don’t think celeb kids have to look picture perfect all of the time. It’s fine for them to wear less expensive brands or designer brands….it’s up to the parents. I just think they could be put together a little better. Jen G’s daughter always looks great and she’s usually dressed in “regular” brands. I just think Shiloh (who is just beautiful) would look so cute if she took the time to fix her up, maybe do something w/ her hair. Yes, I know she has 6 kids but she also has nannies so what’s the problem.

I’m sure I will catch lots of flack from this but it’s just an opinion. I’m not judging her worth as a Mother.

Nina on

The kids are beautiful and I see nothing wrong with how they are dressed or what they are eating. Why are people obsessed with such stupid things? It is far more important that the kids are happy and healthy rather than what they are wearing. The kids may not be dressed to your liking but they are clean and enjoying family time.

Do you know what I see? A gorgeous (damn her- LOL) Mother spending time with her children. I see a Mother allowing her children to be children instead of worrying about what other people think. Good for Angelina.

ana on

Of course there is gonna be critisizing of Angelina. In the NYC picture from the art store the other day all kids were dressed very stylish. It is obvious that in this picture kids are in play clothes, they put some shoes on and went around the corner to get some snacks. What is wrong with that?

Pearl on

I think it just shows that Angelina might have status and a ton of money but at heart she seems like such a simple mom. Dude she went to the cornor store bought cheetos and drinks, it doesn’t get more down to earth than that for a celebrity.

blackrose on

i dont see anything wrong in the way they are dressed! i love their outfits! so cutee!i just love Zahara! and Shiloh is beautiful!

Gina on

Shoot, if you had six kids you would probably encourage your older children to learn to dress theirselves a little earlier in life. Who cares! Independence is a good thing for children over three.

Camille on

The overall Pax is wearing is by Juney Bloom. My daughter has it too, and loves it!

Sarita on

Their hair looks brushed to me and their clothes also look normal, only Pax’s overall is a bit different. I think some people just like to find something negative about this family.

MommyX2 on

I’m confused. Other than Pax, who is wearing overalls that look “messy” but quite obviously that is the way that they are made, how are the kids disheveled in any way? Zahara and Shiloh look perfectly fine. What is messy about their outfits in any way? They look like they are wearing normal, regular clothes. I can’t believe how critical some people are. What do your kids look like when they go out? Little beauty queens? Give me a break. They look perfectly fine and normal, like any other child.

Amber on

I just can’t get over Angelina, 6 kids and she is just beautiful! I need to know her secret.

María2 on


Amanda on

You know what I like to see? Celebrity kids that look just like my kids. Who look like they’ve had a good time, who look like they might have been horsing around in the garden, who look like they’ve been doing the ordinary things that everyone else’s children do. I really can’t stand the need to impress on children a certain standard of how they should look whilst they’re out in public. Whether it’s criticism of clothes, or hair or whatever, it just seems a little shallow to me. They’ve still got high school and their teens to go through. There will be plenty of time for them to worry about the way they look to other people and at the ages of 5 (almost!), 3 and 2, now is most certainly not the time.

Besides, I’m sure Zahara and Pax will look back on these photos in 20 years time and be thankful that they both were bought up in a stable, seemingly very loving home rather than being left to languish in an orphanage. I rather think that what they were wearing at the time will be quite far down the spectrum of importance.

Jasmine on

I made the comment about the clothes because it was very noticeable to me. The kids, especially Shiloh, never look happy to me. I agree that Suri is over-dressed in many of the photos I’ve seen. However, other kids like Violet, Roman, Valentina, Nahla, etc. are dressed comfortably and cute. Violet, since there are always so many photos of her, just excudes with happiness and she always look good and very well cared for.

I dont think Angelina should get the Mother of the Year Award for taking her “own” kids out for cheetos. I’m sure she had an entourage of nannies with her that were not captured in the photograph. I think I read that they have nannies for each of these kids. I also read that they have a very messy house. Judging from the photos, I would tend to believe it.

ana on

Jasmine, you are reading too many tabloids.

Amanda on

CelebBabyLover, here is the picture of Pax and the dog. He sure looks like an unhappy kid, doesn’t he?

Pax looks an awful lot like Brad in this picture. The facial expression and body language:

And a few more pictures of the unkempt, unhappy Jolie-Pitt children 😉 :

NLT on

Yes, Jasmine. Especially when, if you look at other pics from this same set, there are many pics of Shiloh laughing, and of Angie laughing with her. I have seen many photos of Shiloh and the other kids laughing. So, that statement, while it is your right to make, is not accurate.

Nicole on

Jasmine, where do you get your info? Tabloids? Considering that almost every single one of them have articles online right now saying Angelina gave birth 4 and 5 months ago, you really shouldn’t believe everything you read.

Angelina isn’t a saint or a perfect mom, nobody is. But I sincerely hope you don’t always take what you read in tabloids as the truth, because even when they print positive stories, most of it is made up.

SJ on

I’m done with this place

CelebBabyLover on

NLT and Nicole- Good point! Also, I have seen uncropped photos of the J-Ps out and about, and I have rarely, if ever, seen ANY nannies in them. I have seen bodyguards in most of them, but not nannies.

Angie has also said that they have THREE nannies (although that was before the twins were born, so who knows, they may have a few more now), not one for each child.

As for them having a messy house…While I certainly don’t believe the tabloids, I also don’t believe their house is neat as a pin. I mean, think about it. If YOU had six kids, all under the age of 8, would YOUR house be squeaky clean all the time? I doubt it!

Finally, about the kids being “disheveld”…If you look at the full set of pictures, you can clearly see in some of them that Z’s hair is actually in a little ponytail.

As for Pax and Shiloh…Shiloh may very well be at that stage where she HATES having her hair styled (Brad mentioned that Z was the same way when she was Shi’s age). And Pax, well…How many boys Pax’s age do you know that actually LIKE having their hair brushed?

Janis on

Amber, Angelina’s secret is a team of nannies. Shhhh!

Seriously, I don’t mean this to sound catty, it’s just a fact. The more help we moms get, the better. That’s why they say it takes a village to raise a child. In our culture, we feel like we’re supposed to do everything ourselves and we just can’t — not without feeling overwhelmed, and when you’re tired and harried, it shows.

Good for Angelina that she has help — she needs it! We all do. But that’s her secret to looking great.