Dierks Bentley Welcomes Daughter Evalyn Day

10/05/2008 at 09:00 AM ET
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Country singer Dierks Bentley and his wife Cassidy are new parents after welcoming daughter Evalyn Day Bentley late Saturday evening in Nashville, Tenn. “Evie,” as her parents will be calling her, weighed in at 7 lbs, 10 oz at birth and arrived just before midnight on October 4th. Dierks said in a statement,

“She is the most beautiful baby you have ever seen. Cass did great, and I’m so happy!”

Dierks, 32, had announced the pregnancy in May, saying “Cass’ eggo is preggo!” The couple said they were unsure if they’d find out the sex of the baby, but if they did, it would be kept private. Last month, Dierks and Cassidy, 33, celebrated with a co-ed baby shower.

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Gigi on

love the name!
love the spelling.

Sara Watson on

awe yayayay !! I LOVE THE NAME.. It’s great!!!

Congrats to them!

Bethy on

Very pretty name. I wonder if “Evie” is pronounced Evie with a long E sound, or eh-vie, with the short e? Did that make any sense? haha Either way it’s a beautiful name and a cute lil nickname.

Mama2two on

My 18-month-old is named Evelyn and we call her “Evie” too…we say it “Eh-vie.” For us it’s an old family name–naturally, I love the name!

poppy on

Love the name, hate the spelling.

Brandi on

I like the traditional spelling better, but the name is pretty and I love the nickname.

Rye on

Congrats to them! That is one of my two baby girl names chosen for if I ever have daughters! How cute! I LOVE IT!

Summer on

Congrats to the family!!!
Love the name!!

Colby Taylor on

The name is gorgeous!! Who cares how you pronounce the name specifically. Its not like you will be seeing the kid anytime soon and need to make sure how to say the name as to not offend the parent. Someone is always leaving messages on exactly how to pronounce names, drives me crazy. Even easy names people struggle with!! Crickey!!!

Kelly on

aw congrats!! i love her name Evelyn with the nn Evie is what my sister in law plans to name their first daughter & i was wondering because i live in Brentwood Tenn so i was wondering if it is one near me or farther away?

Bethy on

Geez….calm down Colby Taylor! I wanted to know the pronunciation b/c it is so pretty, NOT b/c I think I may run into them sometime and need to know how to say it right! Good grief, find something else to complain about.

St├ęph on

Love the name!

Colby Taylor on

Obviously you are not going to run into them. I was saying that sarcastically, reread it. Sound the name aloud if your struggling….

Bethy on

I have no problem with pronunciation. Maybe you should brush up on your spelling though.

mtoo on

Okay, that’s hilarious! To criticize someone’s spelling and have such an obvious error in your own sentence! LOLOLOL I love when hypocrites get theirs.

Colby Taylor on

Obviously you don’t handle criticism well…my spelling is just fine thanks. I think you meant to take a hit at my punctuation. Usually I go all out for papers, but with CBB comments I don’t ensure my punctuation is always correct. Anything else you will like to take a dab at?? I was simply making a comment earlier about the numerous comments on the pronunciation of celebrity baby names. It’s sad and rude. Get over it…

marla on

i hate to beat a dead horse, but actually colby, what bethy and mtoo are referring to is “Sound the name aloud if your struggling….” it should be “Sound the name aloud if YOU’RE struggling…. ” just wanted to clear it up for you.

beth on

Marla, I think she knows that since she said something about punctuation rather than spelling. Who knows! The name is beautiful, congrats!

Bethy on

Thanks Maria. Bitter people around here.

Ana Bella on

Celebrity baby names always give me a lough. I like this name but the spelling needs some attention.

Colby Taylor on

Bitter that you can’t pronounce?

Colby on

Bitter??!! Haha, definitely not! Unbelievable. And it’s Marla**

Mouse on

I never read these but now I will. A little comic relief in the afternoon is good for the soul. Great name for the baby and I’m very happy for the parents.