Angelina Takes Kids for an Artful Outing

10/05/2008 at 11:00 AM ET
Jackson Lee-Tom Meinelt/ Splash News Online

Angelina Jolie takes older children Maddox Chivan, 7, Pax Thien, 4 ½, and Zahara Marley, 3 ½, on a Saturday shopping spree to Lee’s Art Shop in midtown Manhattan.

Currently in town promoting her new movie Changeling, the actress spoke to the media on Friday evening, sharing updates on the family.

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Lucy on

I’m all for letting kids be individuals, but I just think Maddox’s hair is a bit too much for a 7 year old. Angie looks awesome, and Zahara is looking as fierce as ever 😀

Nicole on

I think it looks good on Maddox. I don’t see anything wrong with hair dye; it’s not like something permanent, like a tattoo or piercing. Infants get their ears pierced when they’re babies, so hair dye at 7 doesn’t seem like that big a deal.

I saw other pics, poor Pax was terrified and ran straight to the car because the flashes were too much.

Jessica on

I like how they’re all coordinating in black. They look cool. Angelina looks very simple yet very stunning. Z is a little Diva, I can only imagine what Brad will go through in her teenage years.

Léa on

I love this family !

actually I think Maddox’s hair look good ! it’s cool to see that he already have a great personality at 7 ! My niece is 7 and she just wants to look like evryone does !

anyway they are all beautiful !

Stéph on

It’s good to see her out again.
I love this family, I really missed them since the birth of the twins.

María2 on

Zahara’s eyes just blow me away. Her face is simply beautiful work of art and her eyes are the centerpiece of it. She probably can toss a look at her dad and he’s once again owned lol. Yeah, I am one who thinks Brad is the property of Zahara lock stock and barrel, and has been since the start. She IMO is the quintessential daddy’s girl.

Michelle on

Those kids are so cute!

babyboopie on

Maddox, Pax and Zahara are absolutely beautiful and they just blow me away!

layla on

angelina is all about individualism with her kids and letting them express themselves just as her mom let her when she was younger. So the hair stuff isn’t going to stop.

Mattie on

They seem to always parade around the adopted kids, but Shiloh is hardly ever seen out. I’m sure as the twins get older, they’ll also be “hidden away” while they’ll add to the adopted clan, and “show them off”.

mslewis on

I think it’s great that Maddox has his own personality and his parents seem okay with it. It’s not really the same dye that adults use. I’m sure it’s that vegetable dye that children use like for holloween and dress up. It’s not permanent and not harmful so why should his parents get upset about it? With six kids, you definitely have to pick your battles!!!!

They all look great and healthy from their summer at the chateau!!!

María2 on

I love that Angie & Brad allow their kids to express themselves via their hair, clothing etc. My mom is the free spirit of her family, and because we were allowed freedom to express our individual personalities, we ended up I think a whole lot more unemcumbered by the silly things that bind my cousins as adults.

yovana on

These kids are just beautiful . And i want to say Princess “Z” wears Stride Rite Brooke Stage 3.

phoebe on

Zahara is a stunner. I love this family and I love watching those kids grow up, they are simply adorable. Angelina looks beautiful.

Jessica on

Maria2 I agree with you 100% Angelina is big on the children expressing their individual personalities and if Maddox wanted to dye his hair she let’s him.

Kayla on

I think she looks soooo much like her mom in this picture. It must be the new hair color, or the smile, or something, but that’s the first thing I noticed.

She looks so amazing for having 3 month old twins!

Natasha on

I love Mad & Pax!! I would love to know how Pax is adjusting (eg. is he fluent in english)!!

About the hair dying, I don’t agree with it and I know other celebs have but criticized for letting their children do it, BUT he’s their kid and therefore their choice 🙂

I think Zahara’s a momma’s girl

DLR on

Looks like Maddox has yet another hair change! There’s many wonderful “natural and organic” hair colours out there and I am quite sure both Brad and Angelina made sure the stuff being put on their children’s hair (Pax had his hair blue or white one time?) is safe for children under the age of 12. Most likely it is that temporary stuff that is used like at Halloween or whatever. Parents should let their kids be individuals, I mean look at Victoria Beckham letting Cruz wear his little Superman cape out in public even though he’s coming up 4 years old. I think with 6, soon to be 7, kids one just needs to know which “battles” to fight and really, hair and clothes are way low on the battle list, imo. I am so envious of Angelina’s slim figure after having twins! She obviously was looking after herself those three months plus she had a lot of help food and exercise wise. I guess that’s the luxury of being a celebrity with lots of money and time. You can spend a few hours a day working out and you have someone making low-caloric and healthy meals. No sitting in front of the telly or computer snacking on crisps, that’s for sure!

Laura on

can someone refresh my memory…how old was Shiloh when they adopted Pax?

Amanda on

It must have been so wonderful to have beeen free of the paparazzi for so long in France. But then the minute your feet touch American soil, BAM! People shouting your name and flashes going off in your face. No wonder Brad and Angelina prefer to live abroard.

And were the flashes really necessary in the middle of the day? You can clearly see in other pictures that they are blinding the children, especially poor Pax. There needs to be a line when it comes to photographing celebrity children.

Stéph on


Shiloh was 10 months old when Pax arrived in the family.

Jessica on

I think she was 10 months, but maybe younger I’m not exactly sure.

Nicole on

Shiloh was 10 months old when Pax was adopted.

shia on

Not surprise me. Angelina out with the 3 adopted. Once again Shiloh was not include.

Laura i think Shiloh had 10 months old.

Danielle on

Nah don’t agree with letting little children dye their hair. Plenty of time to do that when they are older. I really am not comfortable with children being treated like little adults, and then parents turn around and say oh they grow up so fast!
In 10 yrs of working with children I have never come accross a 7yr old boy who was that interested in his appearence. And even if he was, just as if he asked for a tatoo or to piercing I would say no it is for grown ups. Just as I wouldn’t let my young daughter go out with make up on.

Ashley on

She is possibly the most beautiful woman…ever.

Me on

I saw pictures of her at her movie premiere this weekend and she already has the twins’ birthplace tattooed on her arm. She’s made no point to hide the fact that she’s breastfeeding, and I’m wondering why anybody would get tattooed (or tattoo somebody) if they’re breastfeeding. So I’m not surprised that she lets her 7 year old bleach his hair. IMO, I think she’s very vain.

Good to see, though, that she’s not so skinny since having the babies – that extra weight looks great on her.

mslewis on

Of course she’s “vain.” You can’t be an actress and not be vain!!! Silly!! That doesn’t make her a bad mother or partner.

Danielle, you say you’ve never seen a 7 year old that interested in his appearance? Well, I HAVE!! There are lot of little boys who are interested in how they look and they like long hair or hair with streaks of color or having their nails done. There are little boys who love being meat and clean as opposed to sweaty and dirty like boys are “supposed” to be. I see nothing wrong with any of it and to try to supress these feelings in a child, I believe, would be detrimental to their mental health. Children should be allowed to express themselves, as long as that expression doesn’t hurt anyone or anything.

Amanda on

I really think ‘vain’ would be the last adjective I’d use to describe Angelina Jolie.

Jessica on


Getting a tattoo while breastfeeding will not be harmful as long as the the procedure was done properly and continues to take care of the tattoo. Angelina has plenty of tattoos and I’m sure she knows how to care for them. She’s a good mother and if it would harm the babies at all then I’m sure she wouldn’t have done it.

SJ on

I’m a hairdresser and in my salon, I don’t allow children to have their hair dyed, not even professionally. As a personal opinion, I think it is wrong that parents allow and advocate the use of hair dye in their children. It doesn’t make them look cool, it puts a focus on them at a young age that appearance is everything. Maddox stands out as the one who is always well groomed and he has been having his hair dyed from a very young age and that worries me. The chemicals in hair dye are not to be messed with and not to be compromised with children.

Anyway, back to my own professional view of things, in the 10 years of having a salon, I can count on one hand how many parents have brought their offspring in to have their hair dyed.

Nicole on

I don’t see what the big deal is – it’s not like they hold the kids down and force dye onto their heads. The kids always look healthy and – when not being hounded by paparazzi – happy. Not every child has to be like every other one out there. Some kids express themselves with the clothes they wear and the type of haircut they get; I don’t see how this is any different.

And Maddox hasn’t been having his hair dyed from a young age. The blue hair from when he was 3 was gel – my brother has the same stuff. It’s basically hair gel that, when applied to hair, makes it stand up and adds blue to it. And it washes right out.

I think they’re using something a bit more permanent now, but I doubt it’s something loaded with poison that will have an averse effect on him.

m-dot on

Zahara is beautiful! She is has perfect features. Ethiopia has some of the most beautiful women in the word, so it’s no surprise.

brannon on

Love them! My son is 2 and very into his clothes, hats, shoes, etc. — not just a girl thing!!! Maddox obviously has a strong personality and as a very big brother, I’m sure this was something special just for him. Those two boys are gonna be heartbreakers – as for Z — wow. most stunning child I have ever seen. Truly a gorgeous family — all the way around and inside and out!

Jane on

Sorry, but I do NOT agree with the dyed hair on kids even if it is washable.

Laura on

Thanks for the info on Shilohs age ladies

Natasha on

In that photo its not bad but in the other ones from this set Mad’s hair is bleach blonde…like white.

Lauren on

At the risk of sounding fuddy-duddy at the age of (gasp!) 37, I honestly think dying a child under the age of 16 is slightly nuts. I agree that you have to pick your battles and that it’s probably safe (I hope so, I have to paint away my grays on a regular basis!) but I think it’s overly permissive. On the other hand, I had very thick eyebrows as a kid and my parents wouldn’t let me trim them (hello, the ’70s!) so I shaved them off one morning. And I had to live with the consequences, and while I and my eyebrows survived I learned at a very early age that you maybe shouldn’t have everything you want!

brooke on

Zahara’s hair looks like it’s never brushed or combed, just like she wakes up with it and angelina does nothing to it. It’s not cause she is african american cause you see kids like willow smith who is also african american, but her hair is always nicely done. Angelina never does much with shiloh’s hair either. I’m not into dyed hair on such young boys either

CelebBabyLover on

Okay, I’ve seen the other pictures in this set, and Mad’s hair doesn’t look THAT bad! In fact, in the other pictures, it looks more gray than bleached white (as some other commentors have suggested) which leads me to believe that the lighting in some of the pictures made his hair appear to be a different color than it actually is.

He probably just recently got the blonde hair, too, as he had blue streaks in his hair in Knox and Viv’s first photoshoot. That makes me think that they DO use washable dye on his hair.

Anyway, I see nothing wrong with Maddox’s hair. Now, if he had a blonde-streaked mohawk or something, then I might be a little concerned, but this is just some highlights!

All of that said, I’d love to see how much Knox and Viv have changed since their first photoshoot, but I completely understand Angelina and Brad wanting to keep them out of the public eye at this tender age!

Speaking of which…I think they did this outing perfectly! The older three got time with mommy, while the younger three had daddy time!

Mae on

My sister is a stylist, and I showed her a picture and this is what she thinks it is.

If you remember in the people issue a few weeks ago he had blue hair. With hair as dark as his to get it as blue as it was you’d have to bleach out some areas. So she thinks that was bleached, and then they used something like ‘Manic Panic’ which is a rinse that last a few weeks (it’s safe, even used on dogs). And the blue has just faded/washed away, and that’s the bleached out area left.

I think it’s fine, so long as the kids want it, and like it, what’s the big deal? No one said you have to dye your own kids hair.

Zahara was simply born to be Angie’s daughter, she has such beautiful eyes, and she seems so serious like her Mother. I love how they are all dressed in black!

Jessica on

@ Lauren

I’m glad you and your eyebrows made a full recovery.


Lorus on

I don’t see anything wrong with the way Maddox and Pax have dyed their hair. It grows back and can always be cut out or dyed back to black again.

I know plenty of boys who loved wearing coloured washable hair dye when they were 6, 7 and 8. My daughter has mostly boy friends and any “special” day at school (crazy hair day, halloween, etc) they proudly wore their blue, green, and red hair.

I personally wouldn’t allow my 7.5yo daughter dye or highlight her hair though. I love her natural colour too much!

Katie on

I am an assistant in a 2nd grade classroom (7 and 8 year olds) and one of the little boys has a mohawk dyed just like Maddox’s. I think it’s important for children to have a sense of ownership over their own bodies from a young age and don’t see anything wrong with it as long as it’s what the child wants and not parents just making a statement. I’m not saying children should get *everything* they want. But as long as they aren’t hurting themselves, I don’t see a problem with them expressing themselves this way.

Judy on

The “hair stuff” is called DYEHARD. It’s a temporary hair color that washes right out. The kids have a lot of fun with it. Here is a link to the product and some info:


DYEHARD® is a thick opaque temporary hair color styling “gel” available in an easy to use squeeze tube. This hard holding formula may be used for styling as well as coloring. It is available in 11 colors: 5 neon shades, (Electric Banana™ , Electric Flamingo™, Electric Lava™, Electric Lizard™, and Electric Sky™), 4 mattes (Purple Haze™, Raven™. Vampire™ Red and Virgin™) and 2 extreme metallics : Glam Gold™ and Stiletto™ .

Click on the link to see some photos of kids wearing it. I’m not sure I’d want to see my kid walking about with blue or green or gold streaks in his hair, but I had to live through his Sun-In stage when he sprayed Sun-In all over his head and hit it with the blow-dryer and his hair came out bright orange! It’s just hair, after all, and sooner or later it’s all back to normal.

Judy on

I don’t think a temporary hair color is “overpermissive”. I think Brad and Angelina emphasize what’s important: good manners, courtesy, cooperation and respect. Hair, when all is said and done, is just hair.

Bancie1031 on

I personally don’t allow my daughter (whom is 8) to dye her hair. BUT if Angie thinks it’s ok then that’s her business. I’m sure that she checked into it before actually letting him change his hair color. Also when I was younger I wasn’t allowed to dye my hair (or do anything else for that matter ie …. piercings ….) until I was 18 and no longer living at home. But I would put food coloring into a bottle of hair spray, that had a little left in it (I would put the rest of the hair spray into another container until later use was needed). I didn’t get in to trouble and it washed out in a couple of days, no big deal, plus I got to have blue, green, purple, red, yellow or whatever color hair I chose that week :). Who knows maybe she does something as simple as that for Madd.

WOW I can’t get over how big these kids are getting!

sadie on

I’m all for kids expressing their individuality but it’s the chemicals in hair dye that worries me. The only thing that lightens black hair is peroxide and there’s no way that’s organic or harmless. Hey that’s just where I stand though – love this family and all they stand for!

SJ on

If this was Britney’s kids, there would be uproar. Fact. But because it’s St. Angelina, people believe it’s cool and it’s not cool. Children having their hair dyed is not cool.

Jade on

What a gorgous family. Angelina gets prettier and prettier!I don’t know how it’s possible. It must be true that happiness makes you beautiful.

kaya on

LOL @ Lauren
I shaved my eyebrows as a teen, the stupidest thing ever! hahaha

I’m in love with Zahara, she’s such a little queen.

shiri on

I have a question to the CBB staff:
Why you not post the pic of Angelina with Shiloh arrived in New York, wednesday 2 October?
This is the only picture of Shiloh in MONTHS that we have of her.


Because it was very poor quality and not up to photo standards.

-Sarah, Staff Editor

ellen on

Being a parent is all about picking your battles. Why argue over hair. It’s his own and was probably his choice.

Nobody knows if they were dead against it or supportive if it was his decision. It’s nobodys business but their own.

Grayson's Girl on

Look at little Ms. Zahara! I feel for her father and her brothers in a few years, goodness she’s going to break some hearts! I saw another set of photos of the same outing and it’s scary how much Maddox has his father’s mannerism and carriage. He’s such a little man compared to his brother’s adorable impishness. They really are gorgeous kids! Their mother is looking all kinds of fabulous herself for having just had twins.

As far as the hair dye goes, if being stalked by paparazzi and having his name called by random strangers on the street hasn’t hurt him, I doubt a little temporary dye will. In the grander scheme of things in his life, this falls at the very bottom of the priority chain.

brookefan on

In spite of the hassle for them, I love seeing this family. Isn’t it possible, Maddox gets to “do” his hair, because his dad might be changing his hair for differnt roles? I had a 7 yr old boy ‘groomer”…Let’s see if Pax follows his older bro !

Jess on

1. Maddox’s hair –

I’m 16yo & have never dyed my hair – I’ve used hair spray dye once & another form of temp. dye but it all washes out first wash. I don’t see any problem with Maddox (or Pax for that matter) having his hair dyed. If he wants it, then why stop him – its not like he’s asking for per. dye.

It looks like he uses Dyehard’s Glam Gold (a dye that washes straight out). They’ve also got it in Electric Sky which is prob. the one Pax wore in the Viv/Knox photoshoot.

I love how Ange and Brad allow the children to express their emotions! At the end of the day, you only live once so who cares what colour your hair is or what clothes you wear!

2. Pax, Zee and Mad –

WOW! I can’t believe how big they’ve gotten! Maddox is a little cutie as always! Pax is so sweet, looks to be settling in well but poor thing didn’t seem to comfy with the paps (=(). Zahara…what a stunner! She is just gorgeous!

Love this family xx

Deana on

******HAIR CARE**** I really love the fact that they have enough love for all their kids(children), but it still puzzles me why they do not find a hair dresser( FOR LITTLE ZHARA) that is good with black hair, She look like the children we see in the bush when they have to scrap for food and water this should not be, her mom never looks crazy and she can just toss it around and go not for this baby she need her hair combed every day sorry Angelina get a grip learn to comb black hair get some hair oil a brush some “Just For Me” detangleing spray and comb her hair…..lots of love…Deana

brooke on

Not much into dying kids hair so young, but to each is own. I do think angelina should do something with zahara hair, maybe some braids or pigtails, it always looks like zahara wakes up and nobody even brushes or combs her hair. Before anybody says she is african american so is will smith’s daughter willow and lots of other children, and that doesn’t mean you don’t do nothing to their hair.

Anais on

Wow, and I thought I was going to be a strict parent. I would have killed to have my hair a funky colour when I was seven! I think it’s great that Mad and other kids these days get the opportunity to that.

As to the “chemicals” in hair dye – they make completely organic hair dye for kids these days (and for adults) that’s completely harmless. I highly doubt that Angie is taking him to the salon to have Redken (or whatever) put in his hair.

As for age limits – I got my first professional hair dye job when I was 14 and I was happy for months (when it wore out). By sophomore year I was dying my hair all colours of the rainbow. Hell, I even shaved my hair at one point. Kids are expressive, and as long as they aren’t shaving cuss words into their hair, who cares? I mean, yeah you guys do and I understand that, but to me there are just so many worse things a kid can do (how about these slutty halloween costumes being marketed to 12 year old girls that are essentially hooker-wear?).

Aidan on

Maybe he really wants a mohawk, I don’t see what’s wrong with it at all; most bright colour hairdye is natural – manic panic’s for example – and it washes out really quickly, hence the grey-blue-white of mad’s hair here. When she’s letting him tattoo four-wheelers and matchbox cars on his arms at 14 then I’ll agree with all of you who think she’s too lenient, but in this one I don’t think she’s doing anything irrevocably damaging to him.

I know when I was five all I wanted in the world was rainbow-coloured hair and now, 17 years later, despite my parents’ firm disapproval, I can definitely say my hair’s been nearly every colour – I just had to wait until I went to college. 😉

fuzibuni on

hahah. i think it’s pretty funny that so many people are objecting to something as minor as hair dye.

perhaps maddox should also stay away from those new fangled computer contraptions and make sure not to play any of those devilish “video games.”

Aurora on

I’m going to comment on the hair dye…but not Maddox’s: Angelina’s! I LOVE her with darker hair, very reminiscent of her in 2004 when she was a young single mom, and adopting a baby on her own (something I think was very admirable and brave). I find it just adds to her youthfulness and STUNNING beauty.

CelebBabyLover on

fuzibuni- Your comment made me crack up! Way to lighten the mood a little! 🙂

I, too, think that Mad’s hair color is due to his previous blue hair dye having washed out, rather than any bleach. And believe me, you don’t have to bleach dark hair to get it blue.

When I was in Elementary school, we always got to wear our costumes on Halloween (or the day closest to it if it fell on a weekend) if we wanted to, make-up and hair dye included (the only requirment was the obvious one: The costumes had to be school and age appropriate). Many of my classmates had blue or green streaks in their hair as part of their costumes…and some of them had very dark hair (and obviously they didn’t have time to bleach their hair at school!).

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I love the added photo of Angie and Miss Z!