Angelina Jolie: I've Been Running After Kids and Nursing the Twins

10/05/2008 at 08:00 AM ET
Jackson Lee-Tom Meinelt/Splash News Online

In one of her first few public appearances since welcoming Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline, actress Angelina Jolie admits that she was "not nervous" strutting her stuff on the red carpet for the premiere of her new movie Changeling, but did have to stop and "take a deep breath because it’s been so long." As a mom of six, Angelina was quick to admit that her role in the movie as a mother whose son is abducted was extremely eye-opening and had her — quite literally — counting her blessings after filming. "Your worst fear is anything happening to your kids. Every day I came home, and I was so clinging to my kids. I was grabbing them. And checking them in the night. It scares me," says Angelina as she explains that for the same reasons, she "didn’t want to do the film for a long time."

Since the birth of their 3-month-old twins, Angelina and actor Brad Pitt have been spending most of their time at a chateau in France with their brood — which also includes Maddox Chivan, 7, Pax Thien, 4 ½, Zahara Marley, 3 ½, and Shiloh Nouvel, 2 — spending time together as a family and enjoying life. While the 33-year-old shares that "the babies are getting big, and healthy, and developing personalities," like most parents, two new babies in the house means many sleepless nights for the adults! In an effort to not surrender completely to sleep deprivation, Angelina says that the couple do have "some help a couple of nights a week," and wisely use those few opportunities to "catch up on our sleep." The actress tells ET,

"We try to keep them on the same schedule, feed them every certainamount of hours, wake the other up if the other got up so they stay upand go down at the same time. But the girl is much more demanding!"

Sharing her secret to staying fit after delivering twins, Angelina credits her post-baby body to active kids and hungry babies! Saying she is feeling "great" and is "very happy" that her kids are healthy, these days Angelina is all about running "around with all of the other kids" and "breastfeeding, which I think is a part of your body’s recovery." "It’s genetics," Angelina notes. "Certain peopleare different in their shape. But I’m breastfeeding and I think that’sit. That’s how your body naturally responds."

As for more children to chase after in the future, Angelina reveals that the family is "going to wait a little while" before adding another baby to the mix, but that they’ll "have more kids. One way or another."

Angelina’s new movie, Changeling, is in theaters October 31st.

Source: PEOPLE; Entertainment Tonight; OK!

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Lisa on

Wow. Props to angelina. I can’t imagine running after 4 kids 7 and under while breastfeeding twins. Good for her. She looked great at the event yesterday and im happy the twins and the older kids are doing great. Question for all people commenting… how long do you think she will wait to have / adopt another kid. My guess is she will adopt next and my prediction is around spring/summer 2009. Just a guess!

Nancy S on

I have much respect for any woman who sucessfully and happily breastfeeds twins.
And twice as much for Angelina, as she has 4 other children to look after also!

Mary on

I think she’s becoming a bit of a role model for younger girls. She making motherhood seem rewarding and a fun experience. As usual she looks fantastic!

(LOVE- J ) on

she looked beautiful last night on the red carpet. Love her new hair styled and her new weight looks good on her.

Marianne on

I agree about the weight. She looks fabulous now, I hope she doesn’t lose any more, she looks so great with more curves that she’s had lately.

Michelle on

My guess is that they will adopt another older child next and probably african. She has always expressed that she wanted Zahara to have a sibling that looked like her.

Michelle on

I also think the next baby she adopts will be of African American decsent because I remember a comment like that also. But I don’t think it will be next summer. I’m guessing sometime after the twins turn one.

Elyse on

Just when you think she can’t look any more beautiful…wham! She does it. I couldn’t put my finger on why she looked so much more beautiful, but after reading your posts I realized it’s her weight. She looks so much better with some curves. She really is an inspiration and a role model.

mslewis on

I think “a while” means when the twins are past the two year mark. And I think she will adopt and not give birth again because of the C sections she has had. C sections take a toll on your body.

Whatever they decide to do or when they decide to do it, I think Brad and Angelina both love being parents. It’s obvious when they are with the children.

I’ve heard the “W” magazine with the new photos of the family will be out in about two weeks. It’s the November issue and should be on the shelves by the 16th of so. Can’t wait!!

Bancie1031 on

WOW Angie looks GREAT! Especially for just having twins. Can’t wait to see the twins again.

Rayan on

Wow she looks amazing..

And I thought it was pretty funny how she said the little girl twin is much more demanding.. my neighbors had boy girl twins the day before Angelina and Brad had their twins and the girl twin is much more demanding then the boy.. which I find really funny to have in common =>

DLR on

Ah, yet another lovely picture of Angelina. I sure wish I had hair, wardrobe, and makeup artists to make me look as put together as she does! I did notice (zoom in function) she has a little bit of bags under her eyes, but that’s normal considering she’s not getting much sleep. I so hope she doesn’t lose any more weight. The reason she looked so pretty during her pregnancy and shortly after is because she put on weight. She just doesn’t look good when she’s rail-thin and all sticks and bulging veins, ya know? I think we can expect an announcement of a 7th child adopted from Africa or another country with the same skin colour as Zahara. Not sure if it would be a boy or girl, I think they’re focusing on skin colour than gender. I wonder if that will be it then seeing as Shiloh has Knox and Viv, Maddox has Pax, and Zahara will soon have hers.

Amber on

I’m just so surprised that she already has the twin’s birth place tattooed on her arm. She’s breastfeeding – doesn’t she know that getting tattoos while pregnant or breastfeed is harmful?

Kelly on

i saw a video of a interview she did & she looked & sounded amazing i loved how she said “the kids are at the hotel tearing it up & running up & down the halls screaming” it sounds exactly like my family on vacations but i was wondering why did she say “The Girl” instead of Vivi?


Angelina looks amazing, I think she looks better with some extra weight. She sounds like she truly enjoys parenthood and it’s great that they want to have more kids. I think they’ll also adopt next summer probaby from Africa. Also, the older she gets the more she looks like her late mother.

Lillianna on

She needs to quit having/adopting kids. She’s no role model, more like she’s trying hard to be one. In one article she talked about getting a nanny for each kid…how pathetic.

LolaCola on

Yeah, I found it strange that she said “the girl” instead of Viv. I wish she would’ve explained how she is more demanding. Is she always crying does she need to be fed more?

CelebBabyLover on

I, too, think they will adopt next summer from Africa (and I do think it will be a girl as they adopted a boy for Maddox. Plus, we all know Brad wants a house full of girls! :)). Keep in mind that Angie said they would wait “a little while” rather than simply “a while”. For the Jolie-Pitts, “a little while” usually means a year or less. 🙂

Anyway, I think she looks much healthier after this pregnancy than after Shiloh’s pregnancy. I think a lot of that is due to the fact that, when Shi was born, Angie’s mother was battling cancer. Obviously Angie was probably very stressed out about that and that, in turn, probably caused her to lose weight.

I also think, and I sincerely hope I don’t offend anyone here, that she was much more at ease with this pregnancy and is much more at ease postpartum than she was with Shiloh.

She just looked more relaxed throughout this pregnancy and in Knox and Viv’s first photoshoot, and she doesn’t seem to be as “guarded” talking about Knox and Viv as she was with Shiloh.

As I remember, Angie didn’t speak much about Shiloh until she was past six months old, when she made the (and this is the part where I hope I don’t offend anyone!) she made the now infamous “blob” remark (albeit after the interviewer suggested the term!).

This time around, she’s been talking about Knox and Viv pretty much from the get-go. I think it’s cute how she said they getting “big and healthy and developing personalites”.

I think that’s also what she was trying to say about Shi when she made the “blob” comment (she said either just before or just after that comment that Shi’s personality was starting to come out). Unfourtnately, the media and the general public took that one remark and ran with it.

Anyway, I also saw some pictures of them arriving in NYC (the quality was not the best, which is, I suspect, the reason CBB didn’t post those pictures), and Angie was holding Shiloh. I am not kidding, Shi seems to have grown even since Knox and Viv’s first photoshoot! 🙂

Finally, if I’m allowed to do this…I have a blog about the J-Ps, and I just made a slide show of photos showing the evolution of the family from just Angie and Mad to Angie, Brad, Mad, Z, Shi, Pax, and now Knox and Viv.

The link to the blog is:

The slide show is in topmost post on the page. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

I thought it was strange at first that Angie referred to Viv as “the girl”. However, we have to remember that Angie is caring for almost three month old twins (they won’t techincally be three months until next Sunday, October 12), running around after 4 other kids (all of whom are under the age of 7, and 3 of whom are under the age of 5), AND just admitted in this interview that she is quite sleep-deprived.

When you are sleep-deprived, it is very easy to say silly things and/or things that don’t make much sense! In my case, I tend to DO silly things when I’m sleep-deprived, such as putting ice cream in the fridge instead of the freezer! LOL!

Judy on

Angelina looks fantastic. I hope she keeps the extra weight; it looks good on her. She has more curves and her face has filled out. She looks radiant and glowing.

I think their next child will be an adopted child from Africa, so they will have another child who looks like Z, and I think they will call it quits at seven. I don’t think it will be any time soon, either. I think they will wait to adopt until the twins are two years old or toilet trained, whichever comes first.

Jay on

She needs to keep some weight on her, looked almost aneorxic at one point. Looks more beautiful with some curves, but needs to stop collecting kids. Enough is enough, what are they trying to prove? It’s ridiculous; then just adopt kids that are already born that don’t have a home, stop adding, you’ve got 3 biological…

Jade on

She’s so beautiful and elegant. I agree with Clint Eastwood. She reminds me of the actresses of the golden age of Hollywood.

blackrose on

CelebBabyLover, i dont understand y u found it strange that she referred “Vivi” as the girl?i just would like to knw..

Jess on

I don’t see why everyone is so impressed. Yes she’s gorgeous, but if you think she’s runnning after kids in a chateau in France that’s just ridiculous. She has nannies and trainers and more help than any of us can imagine.

LanLan on

Nancy S,
why would Angelina have “twice” the amount of respect as a normal woman with a fraction of the amount of money, resources, time and nannies? It REALLY bugs me the amount of celebrity worship that goes on here; yes its great that they’re involved with their kids but that’s what EVERYBODY ELSE is doing now and has been doing for centuries without the kind of help she gets. There are millions of people right now who have the same number of children she has but can barely rub 2 dollars together but still manage to get by and be involved with their kids. This in my opinion is FAR more deserving of respect.

Angelina herself admits that she gets overnight help with the twins, not to talk of the other kids during the day. How TRULY involved they are with their kids, who knows? We can’t judge by a couple of pics we see of them taking the kids out.

Btw, I hardly think she meant anything bad by calling Vivienne “the girl.”

Jade on

Having respect for her doesn’t mean people don’t have respect for other mothers who have it harder.It takes nothing from them.It doesn’t mean people aren’t aware some women have it harder. It’s not that black and white. I don’t get why it affects people that people admire a celebrity.If it doesn’t have any effect on my life people can admire whoever, whatever they want as far as I’m concerned.

Live and let live 🙂

brooke on

Yea I think the next child she adopts will be african american. I also think she will adopt like 6-7 more kids though probably one every year or so. I picture her like mia farrow with like 13-14 kids, mostly adopted ones.

jeannem on

I have six kids and the last two are twins as well–they are seven months old and i am still breastfeeding them–I had help in the beggining for 6 hours a week–I had to cut off the help after 3 months as could not afford it–Its great she is still breastfeeding the twins as it is no easy task at times–but we must remember she has the money to get so much help–some people may think that six kids is easy because she makes it seem so but its so not easy–and twins are incredibly hard work!!!! Much more so than singletons!!!! I say cudos to Angelina for mentally and physically suriving it all!!!

rachelsun on

I w/ some of the rationale posters. I don’t think respecting Ms. Jolie’s mothering skills some how means you are talking away respect for mother’s that don’t have her resources. People who grow up w/ a working single mother don’t have to hate on people who may have had a stay at home mom or nannies (like some of my college friends). That is a ridiculous position.

Hope she keeps the weight on because she does look better w/ a few lbs.

MAS on

She looks great, as beautiful as ever!

Nancy S on

“Nancy S,
why would Angelina have “twice” the amount of respect as a normal woman with a fraction of the amount of money, resources, time and nannies?”

I said I respect her twice as much, I didn’t say everybody did.

My reason being – I am nursing my one year old, and I am able to stay at home and do that full time – and it is a damn hard job.
Angelina has many more children to look after than I do (whether she has help or not) – and is a very busy woman beside that – yet she still makes the time to give her new babies the very best that they deserve – a fantastic start to a healthy life.

I feel you took my words to try to make yourself feel better about not having help.

Louise on

blackrose-i too found the ”girl” comment weird.after the blob comment re;shiloh,i find it strange she doesnt refer to vivi by name-why wouldn’t she?! strange…

i agree she’s looking fantastic,as is Gwen! x

Angel on

To all those who think it’s strange that Angelina refers to her daughter as ‘the girl’, here’s another take on it. You know how when you talk about people that you know but that the people you’re talking to don’t, you don’t neccesarily use their names? Although we all feel that we know celebrities, they can’t really feel that they know us. So maybe her use of ‘the girl’ seems strange to us because we’re familiar with the name Viv, but she forgets that we feel that way since she doesn’t. If you think of it this way, saying, ‘the girl’ is not strange at all, in my opinion.

CelebBabyLover on

Uh, brooke? She’d adopt an AFRICAN, NOT an African American. She adopts from foregin countries, and a person from Africa is African, not African American. A person from America who is of African descent is African American.

Jess- She probably IS running around after the kids. For one thing, Angie is nothing but honest in her interviews. For another, she and Brad have made it pretty clear that, while they DO have nannies, they do most of the work themselves. In otherwords, they don’t let their nannies raise their kids.

Also, she and Brad alternate work schedules so one of them is always home with the kids. Obviously, it’s important to them that they spend plenty of time with the kids and that THEY parent them, NOT nannies.

I honestly think that the nannies are there as extra sets of eyes, ears, and arms more than anything. 🙂

blackrose- It was mainly the wording, and it was just for a split second. I don’t believe she meant anything bad by it! 🙂

Louise- She herself has admitted that she is sleep-deprived, and when you are sleep-deprived, it is very easy to forget/mix up people’s names.

She may have simply found it easier to say “the girl”. I also don’t think she meant any harm by the “blob” comment. First of all, it was actually the interviewer that suggested the comment, and second, when you think about it, newborns ARE basically blobs!

Personally, I see “blob” as a term of endearment for a newborn! 🙂

LanLan on

Nancy S,
who said I even have kids or have help or not? I’m not against nannies but it would be foolish to deny that Angelina has resources that has enabled her to bypass everyday difficulties the average person has.

I hope I don’t sound like I’m arguing but I just want to clarify: When I said why would Angelina have twice the amount of respect, that was in reference to you. I know that many people wouldn’t have “twice” the amount of respect for her seeing as most would take into account her financial status. Despite what you said I’m sorry to say that I still don’t see how Angelina has it any harder than other poverty stricken women, that she deserves twice the amount of respect. I’m sure Angelina herself would agree with this.

I think its absolutely great that she’s adopting children of similar ethnicites. I hope that Zahara will get an African sibling close to her age who she can relate to. Being so close in age to Shiloh, who is the biological blond haired blue-eyed sibling is going to undeniably hard for her when she’s older.

LanLan on

I’m not against celebrity admiration per se, its just if this admiration appears to be based on irrational logic.
If you re-read her comments Nancy said that she has twice as much respect for Angelina than normal moms despite them doing the same job.

CelebBabyLover on

I can understand Nancy’s comment. It’s not just that Angie’s taking care of six kids. It’s all the other stuff she does besides.

She has her acting career, obviously, and she does quite a bit of charity work. On top of that she and Brad are raising six kids. Help or no help, juggling all of that can’t always be easy!

Judy- I wouldn’t be so sure about that! Remember, Shiloh was only 10 months old when Pax was adopted. I’ll actually be surprised if they don’t adopt again until the twins are two!


I see the haters are out, albeit restrained due to the site they are on, not taking nonsense. First of all, to the people commenting on ‘The girl is much more demanding,’ you have to HEAR the actual interview in context with Jan Karl of ET (it’s on their website if your interested, under Jan’s blog) – who started off asking her how ‘The twins are,’ (she didn’t refer to them by name) and that’s when Angelina started talking about the schedule they were on, how one is up, when the other is down, and how they wake them up, etc. (it’s transcribed above in the article) – at the end, she added at the last, ‘the girl is much more demanding.’ She was talking about the schedule and caretaking aspects of TWINS, NOT commenting on what each baby was like personally. Plus as someone said, she knows the world does not KNOW her children, even if they THINK they do.

cath on

My husband and I sometimes refer to our son as “the boy,” so I guess I didn’t see anything odd about Angelina’s reference to Viv as ‘the girl.” She’s mentioned Viv enough times by name that I didn’t see any reason to wonder about it.

She recently said in an interview that they were not planning on adopting any time soon and I’d be really surprised if they adopted within the next 18 months. I have a hard enough time chasing after a 19 month old — I cannot imagine considering another child while running after 6 children, all under the age of 6!

Jeannette on

jess, Lanlan, right on. You said it well. How can a someone who isnt part of their centre KNOW that they are always HONEST in interviews is beyond my understanding. They are probably good parents, but they are most likely not saints. I just wish fans would realize this, esp the ones here. I am sorry but this couple is treated like royalty, they are no different than you and me…heck even if they do something wrong, all will be forgiven by the CBB readers…. now only if we could apply that logic to other less fortunate celebs who get crucified on the CBB site..