Tom and Katie: Family on the Go

10/03/2008 at 08:00 AM ET

Katie Holmes takes the lead – and totes her daughter’s doll – while Suri, 2, and husband Tom Cruise follow close behind as they head out Thursday into the streets of New York City.

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Suri wears a Janie and Jack dress from 2007. Katie carries a Corolle Chouquette Kim Baby Doll ($45).

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Alyssa on

Hurry everyone look…Suri’s awake!

Zub on

Why is it that Katie & Tom are always (most of the time) warmly dressed but Suri not?

Kay on

Is that a band I see in her hair? About time too. She is a gorgeous little girl who is always dressed well, she has glorious hair nad they should experiment with it.

Kelsey on

She walks!

She looks like a little girl, not a two year old, she is precious.

Bethy on

I like Suri’s little dress, and that doll’s hair cracks me up! I wonder how Katie’s show is doing?

stephanie on

Aww, she looks like a mini Blair Waldorf 😀

rb on

I wonder if Suri ever wears knits? A comfy pair of cotton leggings? Sweats? Perhaps she enjoys wearing dresses, yes…but I wonder what Suri wears at home, just playing.

And I have noticed Tom & Katie are always bundled, but she isn’t. It was like that last fall too.

Anna on

The Holmes-Cruise family is the exact opposite of the Jolie-Pitt family. The first has one child and everyone (even the doll) looks exactly alike. The second has six children and they don’t all look like clones.

angie on

Does anyone know what type of doll is Katie carrying?

BTW Suri is a living doll.

carie on

RB…I too would, for once, love to see this little girl in normal kids clothes. She’s dressed like a doll every day. Which is cute!, don’t get me wrong. But do they ever dress her down? I’m sure they do, we just don’t see it. But, would be great if we did, b/c the “always dressed for a recital in expensive designer clothes” look gives me a weird vibe.

brooke on

Suri is gorgeous, and always dressed beautiful

Blue on

Too funny Stephanie. She does look like a mini Blair with her little headband. I never noticed that before.

suze on

i was thinking the same thing about the cozily dressed parents and the lightly dressed little one…it’s chilly in the northeast these days…!!!

JLK on

I probably shouldn’t even say this because I generally love seeing pictures of Suri and Katie….. for some reason I wasn’t looking head on when I saw the picture and I thought Katie was Michael Jackson… this isn’t one of her more flattering photos…. Suri is a cutie.

Kei on

They is clones (even the doll).

Kim on

Yea it was definitely cold here yesterday so I wonder why Suri isn’t in long sleeves…

Kay on

I think Tom looks hot and Katie is not shabby either. I love her sweater. Suri is not cold from the looks of it. I have never seen her wear a sweater. May be a coat.

Kelli on

My daughter only wants to wear dresses as well so it does not phase me that Suri loves them. It has been weeks since my daughter wore pants or shorts.

jacky on

it was 62 outside and windy, what were her parents thinking? poor little suri

J on

Katie may look cozily dressed but I remember in some photos of her and Suri in the park, she wore long sleeves and jeans in the middle of summer. Maybe she’s just one of those people who get cold easily. I’m in NH and it’s not THAT cold here yet…lol!

Suri IS dressed normally.

CelebBabyLover on

J- I, too, think that Katie may just be one of those people who gets cold easily. As for Tom, I think that he, like many celebs, just likes to make a fashion statement (and who knows, this could be the case with Katie as well).

Tom and Katie are not the first celebs to be dressed warmly while their child is not. If you look closely at a lot of celeb photos taken in summer and early fall, celebs are often bundled up in sweaters, scarves, etc. while the “normal” people in the background are wearing tank tops, shorts, etc.

I think a lot of celebs overdress simply to show off the latest fashions.

All of that said, Suri may already be the type of person that tends to get warm easily. I am that way myself, and I NEVER wear sweaters, sweatshirts, or sweatpants.

While I do switch to long pants in the winter time, I wear short sleeved shirts year-round (and tank tops during the summer, and frankly, I’d sometimes rather not wear ANY clothes during the hotest part of the summer! LOL!). I also definently do NOT wear a coat when it’s 62 degrees outside!

It’s very possible that Suri is the same way. She also strikes me as the type of toddler who, if she decides she doesn’t want to wear a sweater, coat, etc., isn’t going to no matter how much you try to make her!

Anyway, Suri really looks like Katie in this picture!

Gelareh on

Suri is really cute and adorable, but I just feel she’s hanging out way too much with her parents. I always see other celebrities’ kids with their parents as well, but why do I have the feeling that Suri is a lonely child? makes me sad 😦

Lilly on

Oh my goodness! How precious. I think little girls look adorable in headbands. She definitely looks like a mini-Blair Waldorf 🙂

Shannon on

I am so tired of people picking on this family. To answer all of the critics here:

1. How do we know Tom isn’t carrying a jacket for Suri? We don’t.

2. Talking about Suri’s clothing is getting really old. We can all tell from photos over the years that she is a bright and opinionated little girl. I’m sure if she wanted to wear pants she’d be wearing them. If she wants to wear dresses, so what. I’m sure Tom and Katie don’t restrict her behavior because of her attire…what do they care if she gets dirty. That’s my mindset when my tomboyish daughter wears dresses…I expect her to be 2.5 years old…not stay clean.

3. Talking about how she wears designer clothes is crazy considering she’s usually seen in either repeat outfits or last year’s items while Violet Affleck is seen in $100 dresses daily and no one says a word. Such a double standard!

Each parent does the best they can while most people commenting on here these days are just so negative. Gees, cut everyone a break…not just your favorite celebrities. This is getting so old…

kaya on

lol @ kelsey ‘she walks!’

AB on

I agree 100%, in every pic, Suri has on a dress, no leggings, sometimes she being carried with no shoes on. I live in NYC and trust me it’s getting cold, it’s FALL already no doubt about it.

janis on

Carie, I know what you mean. Suri always looks adorable, but she also looks sort of dressed up. I’m not trying to get Suri to wear pants — that’s not always the most comfortable thing in the world, especially in summer — but just in something low key, cotton, soft.

When I see Suri, it reminds me of how my own mother dressed me as a little girl: fitted, crisp, tailored dresses. They were stiff and binding and I was uncomfortable but not in touch with my own little body enough to understand why until I got older.

That, of course, does not mean that Suri is like I was. I just know that my mom buys similarly stiff clothing for my little boy now, but I always make sure he’s wearing something soft, cotton and comfortable. True, Shannon, that stuff is not always inexpensive. Brands like Splendid Littles, Coccoli, and Petite Bateau (not sure if I spelled that one right) make wonderfully comfy stuff for children that make them look so cute and so relaxed.

J on

Celebbabylover – my mom is one of those people who gets cold easy. She bundles up in air conditioning and even comments on the slightest temperature change when visiting NH from PA, even in the summer! We tease her jokingly about it.

I would run around butt naked in the summer too, I can’t stand the hot summer months. I wear t-shirts all winter long and love the cold. I remember never wanting to wear warm clothing. I hated feetie pajamas and took them off at night and I still don’t have a decent parka for the cold!

Shannon – I hear ya. The comments that I don’t understand are the “where are her playclothes” comments. I thouht her dresses were her playclothes.

CelebBabyLover on

Shannon- ITA! I think that Suri simply likes wearing dresses. Some little girls are like that. They just will not wear pants, no matter what you do! I also agree that if she wanted to wear pants or more “comfy” clothes, she’d be wearing them. She does seem like she’s very opiniated!

As far as not wearing shoes goes…Suri strikes me as the type of toddler who hates wearing shoes and kicks them off as soon as you put them on her!

Also, to answer the poster who mentioned that Suri seems like a lonely child…At Suri’s age, most kids actually love nothing more than to hang out with their parents!

I know we don’t see Suri going to pre-school or playdates. However, just because we don’t see her having playdates doesn’t mean she doesn’t have them.

I remember both Tom and Brooke Shields discussing how Suri and Grier have playdates. More than likely, the playdates are held either at Tom and Katie’s house or at Brooke and Chris’s, in which case the paps can’t take pictures as they would be tresspassing.

KarenA on

Suri is so adorable, gosh. And I just love seeing the Cruises. They’re a beautiful family. 🙂

Also, Katie’s show is doing awesome. It debuts in 1 1/2 weeks, but has been doing really well in previews. And she has been getting praise by everyone. Go Katie!