Spice Girls Off the Hook for Babysitting Duty, Says Mel C

10/03/2008 at 12:30 PM ET

Expectant mum Melanie Chisholm isn’t taking parental advice from her fellow Spice Girls, and she’s not signing any of them up for babysitting duty either! In a new interview airing today on Al Murray’s ITV show, when questioned about which of her former bandmates Mel would choose to watch her baby-on-the-way, she jokingly replied, "Any of their nannies!" The former Sporty Spice was quick to add, however, that "they’re all mums and they’re all really good mums actually.’"

Mel, 34, and partner Thomas Starr expect their first child together this winter and are planning on a delivery surprise.

To see photos of Mel on the show (and to check out her growing belly), click here to go to The Daily Mail.

Source: The Daily Mail

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phoebe on

I don’t want to start a negative debate or get anyone’s back up, but if I was one of her friends, hearing her say that, even if it was a joke, would hurt. I just get the impression from Mel that she really believes she can gain little from the experiences of other mothers, which may just be an oversight, but the most valuable advice and pointers you can get are from your friends IMO. They go through things with you and know you in a way that no one else does, so they really are an invaluable resource. Perhaps I am doing Mel an injustice, it’s just that I feel her comments are a bit pointed and would make me very uncomfortable if I knew her.

Regardless, best wishes for a safe and smooth pregnancy, and a happy and healthy baby.

Crystal on

What Phoebe said exactly. Thank you for putting is so nicely, Phoebe.

mmh on

Well said Phoebe — I would just add that she WON’T be getting friendly advice or offers to babysit with that attitude. So don’t worry, Mel.

I don’t know how I would have gotten through the first few weeks without my girlfriends… My mom is great, but she hadn’t done the newborn thing as recently as my best friend had… My mom was at the point where she had sort of a “rose-colored glasses” view of early motherhood. My best friend did not! She realized I had PPD right away…

Not to mention it appears all of the Spice Girls are pretty hands-on mothers. I agree it would hurt to hear her say that, even in jest…

Michelle on

I wonder if that comment was perhaps taken out of context? Anyway, she may change her tune once the baby arrives. A lot of my mom’s advice was outdated and I definately reached out to my friends. It’s always nice to talk to someone who understands what you’re going through.

Anyway, I hope she has a good pregnancy, a safe delivery and a healthy baby.

It would be cute if she had a girl because then there would be four Spice Girl boys and four Spice Girl girls. 🙂 But of course the baby being healthy is the most important thing.

Tam on

I agree with what Mel said earlier about not taking advice from her friends. All my friends are having babies and I won’t be asking them for advice when it’s my turn. Second, I guess it’s a celebrity thing…but I would never hire a nanny. I just think it’s weird to pay someone to help take care of your own children. That’s what husbands (or baby daddys) are for!

phoebe on

Michelle – I’m in the UK so I’ll try to watch the show to see how it was said. I’m openminded, but somehow, I think the way this has been reported is likely quite accurate. From the Daily Mail article, it appears that she dodged the question for a while before answering, which to me sounds like it was a thought out answer.

I said what I did because this is the second time I’ve read something on this site alone about Mel making ‘joke’ comments about not wanting help, and it’s also the second time that I’ve sort of reeled back from the comments and known that if I did know her, I would be wounded by them. Putting it another way, if a friend of mine got pregnant now and someone asked her who she would take advice from or ask to babysit, as a mum I would be incredibly offended to hear her say, even as a joke, that she wouldn’t take advice from me or ask me to babysit, and even though Mel has said this to a third party and not to her friend’s faces, I don’t think that makes it any better. Like I said, perhaps she didn’t mean it the way it sounded, I just hope she has some very understanding friends!

And thanks to Crystal and MMH :).

phoebe on

Tam – why would you not take advice? I’m very interested as maybe you could shed some light on why Mel might feel this way?

MB on

I am pregnant and I expect that I will listen to advice from my friends with kids. I have already asked them all sort of questions. I also am curious as to why you won’t be Tam. In my book, listening to advice doesn’t mean taking it. I have some friends whose parenting skills I admire and I will probably try out some of their suggestions, while realizing they may not work for my own child. Other friends I’ll just let the advice go out the other ear. I just figure that with my first, it can’t be bad to have a variety of people to get ideas and help from as my husband and I try to figure out our baby and our parenting styles.

Tracy on

I completely agree with what “phoebe” and most of the other readers posted.

It sounds quite harsh to me…

Tam on

I believe in minding my own business and doing things MY way. My friends and I are in our mid-twenties, while they have decided to get married and have babies BEFORE starting their careers, I have decided to focus on my career first, then kids. They are great mothers and I’m happy for them. By the time I have kids, their kids will be in elementary school and in a different state of mind. That’s why I won’t take their advice.

Stephany on

Good, then it’s not just me! She has said more than once that she won’t be asking for any advice/help from the Spice Girls. I don’t know but it just rubs me the wrong way, even if it is in a joking way. If I was a friend, I might get a little offended and I’d be GLAD to keep all my advice and help to myself! I have a feeling she might get a huge wake-up call once the baby comes.

Marie on

My first reaction to the comment was the same as Phoebe’s. That would hurt if it were directed at me by one of my friends. Then again, we’re all asuming they’re all friends. She’s said she didn’t want to do a reunion tour and from everything I’ve read, she seems like the least-involved one of the group. You always hear or see the other girls socializing with one another, but Mel C is rarely, if ever, involved. So maybe the comment was a jab at the interviewer for not realizing that she’s not really “friends” or friendly with them and therefore, the question isn’t relevant? Just a thought…

Kelly on

Phoebe you took the words out of my mouth! but the way i said it might have sounded mean as im not very eloquint (spelling) but its good to know im not the only one who thought that the way she said it sounded a little mean

fghfg on

You people just don’t have sense of humour…. oh well..

kaya on

I seriously doubt they’re even friends in real life, I bet Mel C is just bored by the same old questions. It was joke, I laughed.

Ruthella on

Kaya; just what I was thinking! I’d guess that Mel WILL be taking advice from her friends…rather than her ‘work-mates’, as it were. She most likely barely sees them, at least two of them live in the States!

She’s probably had that question asked a million times and is sick of it, I would be!

From what I’ve seen of the Spice Girls, Mel will probably be the most down to Earth, ‘normal’ Mum of the lot, anyway. And she probably has plenty of old friends and relatives with kids (I wish I had when my first babies were born!)

Kerri on

We’re making the assumption here that they are actually friends…I’ve never really gotten that impression.

Carrie on

I think Marie is on the right track. Maybe Mel C. just isn’t that close with the other Spice Girls. She may have plenty of friends she’d let babysit- just not Victoria, Mel B., Emma or Geri.

phoebe on

It’s possible it is because they aren’t close, but to me it’s been the way Mel has phrased things and the tone that has been used. She’s not daft, she probably has realised the way her comments have been taken and she hasn’t changed the way she’s been speaking. That’s fine, it’s her right to speak how she wants to, I’ve just found her quite snippy and pointed recently.

The reason I’ve been so surprised that she’s against taking advice from the other Spice Girls is mainly because they are probably in a better position than anyone to give her pointers as to how to raise a child when you’re constantly travelling and doing a showbiz job. Granted, Mel is not quite as in the public eye as Victoria and some of the others, but they would still have things to say that could help her a lot, likely more so than her non-celebrity friends in that respect.

I partially do understand her wanting to do it all on her own. There were moments during my pregnancy when I was just so happy I was about to become a mummy that I wanted to do everything myself and in my way, but I soon learnt my friends were such an incredible support and inspiration and it wasn’t long before we were swapping stories and info and feeling so much better when we had the help of the people who knew us best.

I really hope Mel has that kind of back up and that her comments were not meant the way they sounded. Once again, I wish her all the best.

Elizabeth on

I think a) that Melanie was entirely joking, as she’s always said that the other girls are great mums, but that b) while I think she gets along with the rest of the Spice Girls, they’re hardly her closest friends. I’m sure she has plenty of friends and family members to turn to for advice and support.

Melanie seems like a very level-headed and caring person from what I know of her, and I’m sure she’ll be a great mum.

J on

Maybe she’s tired of people asking and assuming that the Spice Girls are a mom and baby group that get together daily to share stories and problems.

I didn’t think they even hung out with one another very much anymore besides the reunion tour.

I’m sure she has good friends and family OUTSIDE of the Spice Girls where she will get help if she chooses to accept it.

I know a few women who feel they need to give out free child advice to anyone and everyone who will listen. Once a woman in my group of friends is pregnant, these other women are quick to give all sorts of advice and tips, even when told to back off. Perhaps it’s people like that Mel is trying to avoid. I honestly don’t blame her.

Elizabeth on

And also, I just watched the interview and when the host asks her which Spice Girl would she let babysit, the first thing she says is “well, they’re all mums and they’re all really good mums, actually. Geri lives the closest to me and Emma’s not far but the other two are over in America” – only when she’s pressed on which specific one does she laugh and say “any of their nannies.” So she was complementary to them before she ever made the joke. I dunno, it seemed fine to me.

Sascha on

This has been taken totally out of context! The actual interview went something like this:

– So who out of the Spice Girls would you have babysit?

> Well Geri lives really close, and Emma’s not far, but the others live over in America now.

– But which one?

> Oooh I don’t know. That’s really putting me on the spot. They’re all really good mums and great with their kids.


> Haha, er, ANY… of their nannies!