Jennifer and Violet are Pretty in Pink

10/03/2008 at 10:00 AM ET

Jennifer Garner kept busy on Thursday morning, as the pregnant actress met friends for a bite to eat at Ivy at the Shore in Santa Monica, then continued on to pick up daughter Violet Anne, 2 ½, from preschool. Violet played with mom’s hair while she chatted with friends.

Jennifer, 36, and husband Ben Affleck expect their second child this winter.

Violet wears Juicy Couture’s Smocked Babydoll Dress ($94).

Click ‘More’ for a side view of Jennifer!


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Megan on

Look at these two–they are definitely pretty in pink…I love seeing Violet kind of playing with mom’s hair…how sweet is that. I love this family oh so much and Jennifer is just adorable pregnant! I cannot wait to meet Violet’s brother or sister…

xena on

I usually dont make comments on this kind of picture, but always there I see violet she is not walking..and her mother is already too big to be carrying her around. IMO.

Emma on

Stop talking about the fact that Violet is not walking. There’s paparazzi everywhere! I would be the first one to hold her in my arms. And if Jennifer couldn’t carry her because she’s pregnant, she probably wouldn’t.

Harley on

How adorable are they!?

I am tired of everyone acting like a pregnant woman should never pick up a kid! For starters, I wouldn’t have my kid walking when there are Pap’s everywhere and they are not standoffish type people. Also, like Emma said, if she couldn’t pick up her daughter, she wouldn’t. This is not 1952 where the little woman was ever so fragile. For pete’s sake, European women, for the most part, are far more hardcore than we are.

Berjoui on

My son is almost 3 and still likes to be carried sometimes when he doesn’t feel like walking – my daughter was 3 when my son was born and I carried her at times until my 9th month if not until the very end of my pregnancy so I’m pretty sure if I could do it, so can Jen!

xena on

yes, but she is always being hold. there is not one single picture lately where she is not being hold.. I usually see this discussion and also dont give a damn.. but at least from other celebrities I still see the kids walking once in a while ( Suri, Shiloe).

Chloe on

Can’t people see that Jen carries her because of the sheer amount of paps they are followed by? She is just protecting her daughter. Her bump has really popped lately, and she looks fantastic! I bet Violet will be a great big sister.

Brandi on

actually xena she was pictured just last thursday:

brooke on

I love that juicy dress, and violet looks so long and tall when her mom carries her, she is half of jen lol. She is totally’s jen’s mini me.

Kristin on

I am pregnant in my first trimester with my second….no family around and my husband works all day. I have a 17 month old daughter. I have to hold her when she needs it or to do different things. No one else is going to do it for me. Jennifer is just protecting her……she’s being a mom!! We would do the same!


Violet is growing up to be a
young girl already.. The woman that is with her is her
publicist.. Wow Vi has long
legs…Thanks CCB for the photos… Never say anything
negative about a cute child
like Violet Anne Affleck

Bobbi on

Violet is going to either be really tall or really petite, I can’t tell which :] As for her not walking, I really wouldn’t want to let my young toddler daughter running around with paparazzi snapping photos and following me around, either. Who knows what kind of frenzy would occur and the poor child could get trampled or frightened.

Stéph on

They are just too cute!

We have seen Violet walking. But because of all the paparazzi around I would also hold my kid all the time. Plus it’s fun to have your kid close to you.

Laura on

Usually Violet and Jennifer get their pictures taken when they are walking somewhere. As people said, there are tons of paps around. It is easier to carry the child than to just hold their hand when you are in a public place with lots of people. Now if Jennifer and Violet were getting their picture taken at the park, I would hope Violet would be running around, etc. But like I said, usually the pics are taken when they are going to the store, dropping her off at school, etc. Places where there are probably lots of people and maybe even lots of cars.

As for Jennifer, she has gotten big even just in the past week. I love pregnant women. They are so adorable and gorgeous!

mmh on

My son loves to play with my hair too. It is probably the sweetest thing I’ve ever experienced!!!!!

courtney on

I agree that the child is way too big to be held ALL THE TIME! She’s almost three meaning she’s been able to walk for about 2 years now. I don’t buy into the whole fear of the paparazzi theory either. What is Jen going to do when she has two kids to tote and no extra help? Carry them both? I think not.

Lauren on

Katie Holmes is probably followed by 10 times the amount of photographers Jen is, and she doesn’t carry Suri as constantly. Likewise, Matilda Ledger is constantly pictured walking despite her and Michelle being followed and photographed on a daily basis last month. So the paparazzi argument, while valid, does not hold water after a certain point.

I agree that considering her age, Jen’s stage of pregnancy, and the rate at which this occurs, Violet is too old to be carted around everywhere she goes. And because this is somewhat of a recent thing (there were far more photos of her walking as a toddler than there have been recently), it makes me wonder whether she’s going through a clingy stage where she demands to be picked up all the time. If that’s the case, she may be in for a rough ride when the baby’s born and she’s no longer the center of attention.

Susan on

I think it is important to make judgements on people we do not know; whose situation is not entirely apparent.

Okay, okay – sarcasm aside (mostly), I am sure Jennifer and Ben are doing what is right for them and their child. I am no one to judge that.

Laura on

I agree with Lauren, that there are bigger celebrities then Jennifer and their kids are not carried as much as violet when paps are around (maddox for one). it will be very interesting what she will do when she gets in her third trimester and she should not be carrying violet around to the extent she does now. i do think violet may be a bit clingy to jen right now. hope she grows out of it before baby #2 arrives. my friends have told me that you start to prepare baby #1 by being more independent/doing more solo activities before baby #2 arrives because your time will be limited.

sharon on

sweet pics 🙂

Adri on

When looking at these pictures, you’re obviously not going to see the paparazzi along with the celebrity and his/her child(ren). So judging these pictures, you have to take into account how much paparazzi there was that day, how crowded it was, etc. I am sure that no matter how famous I was or how used to paparazzi I was, I would still be extremely protective of my child under all circumstances – especially such – and should there have been a lot of people that day, I would have held my child just as Jennifer did with Violet. I don’t even have children (but there is that maternal instinct right there!) and I’m sure that people who actually have children would feel just as protective about their child. So one should “step into Jennifer’s shoes” and think, “If there were swarming loads of people who are obviously taking pictures of me and my child and following me around, would I feel more comfortable carrying my child or being the active & lively toddler she is, let her run around?” Just my standpoint and opinion.

Jennifer is as vibrant as ever and Vi is extremely cute – as always. 🙂

Rosy J on

Jen and Violet are indeed pretty in pink. I’m sure Jen has consulted her doctor with regard to the safety of the baby and whether or not carrying Violet is harmful in her condition. She certainly doesn’t seem to be in any stress. I wish her well and can’t wait til the baby gets here.

Rachel on

Jennifer just picked up Violet from school. Maybe Violet just missed her mommy and wanted to be held.

Stephany on

Courtney, I wasn’t aware that you see Jen and Violet 24/7? How do you know she’s held ‘ALL THE TIME’? We see her mostly when she’s being picked up from preschool. When we see her at the park, she’s running around and playing. But, YES, they carry her from place to place. Saying that she carries her ‘ALL THE TIME’ is such a ridiculous statement. Obviously, when they are home and not swarmed with papparazzi, Violet is down and playing around.

Sure, “bigger” stars with babies let their children walk when swarmed with pap’s. That’s their choice but Jen obviously feels safer carrying her. You don’t know how many pap’s are around, how vicious they are, and/or what they’re saying. So you can’t say it’s safer for Violet to be down and walking than for Jen to carrying her.

Also, if it was really such a big deal for Jen’s baby, her doctor would say something and Jen wouldn’t be carrying Violet this late into her pregnancy.

This debate is getting SO OLD! How are this: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all…

cheryl on

With all the photographers, I would carry my child too!!!

Is meeting friends to eat and picking up your child really a busy day?;) Sounds luxurious to me!

SewCalMom on

My son was 3 1/2 when I was pregnant, I still carried him. If I had a bunch of strangers following me around and in our space you’d better believe he’d be carried everywhere! Being pregnant for the first time and not heavy-lifting is different than subsequent pregnancies where you’ve been lifting your older child all along. I would bet she gets plenty of walking time at their home and school.
My daughter is three and still likes to be carried now and then, and we don’t have a group of scarey-looking men following US arond!

CelebBabyLover on

courtney- Who says Jennifer can’t carry both Violet and the new baby? Have you never seen celebs carry more than one child at the same time?

The Jolie-Pitts do it all the time (and nobody complained when Angie carried Maddox during her pregnancy with Shiloh and Z and Shi during her pregnancy with Knox and Viv), and I believe I’ve seen Heidi Klum doing it, too.

And what about people (both celebs and non-celebs) who have twins (or even triplets or more)? What are they supposed to do? Just carry one of them?

Also, when you have a toddler and a newborn, there is another option besides carrying both (or having the toddler walk): Wear the baby in a sling and carry the toddler (Angelina did this when she first adopted Zahara. She’d wear Z in a Baby Bjorn and often carry Maddox at the same time).

I don’t mean to sound like I’m attacking you. I honestly am just curious as to why you think people should only carry one child at a time.

Also, like other posters have said, I’m sure Jen wouldn’t be carrying Violet if it wasn’t safe for the unborn baby.

jo.ann on

I’m sorry, but we see Suri Cruise carried around much more than Violet is. Moreover, you cannot really used Maddox as an example. He’s what? 7? It’d be utterly ridiculous if Brangelina are still carrying him at this age. And Michelle and Matilda? I love them, but other than the time of Heath’s death, I can bet they do not have as many paps following them as Ben and Jen do. Michelle’s not nearly that big a star

Laney on

Another thing to consider is distance. A lot of the Matilda Ledger/Jolie-Pitt family ones where the kids are walking, are taken from across the street. It is obvious the photogs are right there in their faces, and not on the other side of the block in this case.

Anne on

I’d just like to know how all the posters who are claiming Violet is too old/big/etc., to be “carried all the time”, know for a fact that she is? Do you personally observe every waking moment of this family’s life? Please….just stop already. Its really making me not want to even read posts about these two anymore!

JM on

I too thought the other day when Jen was carrying her to school, “does this child ever get put down?” But we don’t know what it’s like to be followed by people all the time having your every move watched. Infact I think it’s gotta be quite frightening and annoying and perhaps Jen and Violet together feel it’s safer! I would like to see though how she handles two kids out and about though but if Angie can do it so can she!!

CelebBabyLover on

jo.ann- Actually that’s not true. Suri actually walks quite a bit. Granted, we haven’t seen many pictures of her walking lately, but I think that’s mainly because they’re currently in New York City. I wouldn’t let my two year old walk in NYC either!

CelebBabyLover on

In Laura’s defense, I think she may have confused Maddox with Pax (this isn’t the first time I’ve seen that happen, and the boys do look similar!), who will be 5 next month and is still carried occasionally (but usually he walks).

Rebecca on

Exactly whose business is it whether others choose to carry their little ones? How does their decision affect you? I also have a delicious little daughter, I adore carrying her and I will enjoy her toddler cuddliness while I can. Oh, and I am pregnant! 🙂

ha on

omg. for crying out loud, if a mother wants to carry her toddler, whos business is it but hers????

SH on

The people making judgmental comments about Jen carrying Violet need to mind their own business and walk a mile in Jen’s shoes before they judge!

And Jen is ONLY going to have TWO kids…not seven. AND it’s not like they’re that close in age – they’ll be 3 years apart. She’ll be able to handle them! Lots of women do it with lots more kids EVERY day!