T-Pain and Wife Expecting Third Child

10/02/2008 at 03:30 PM ET

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Hip-hop and R&B star T-Pain, whose real name is Faheem Rasheed Najm, has new projects in the works, both personally and professionally. Not only is the 23-year-old singer/songwriter preparing to release his third album Thr33 Ringz next month, but he and wife Amber are expecting their third child together. A due date is not known.

The new baby will join their older children, daughter Lyriq, 4, and son Muziq, 1.

Source: The Boom Box

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We got the Funk on

Maybe they’ll name her Harmonie or Rhaposdie or something music oriented and a funky spelling.

tatyana on

Lovely names… LOL.
Congratulations to the couple!

Jess from Ohio on

I wonder what the next child will be named. Most likely a misspelled music related name, preferrably with a q at the end.

StΓ©ph on

Wow Musiq and Lyriq?
I wonder what they will come up with for the next baby.

melanie on

I think his kids names are beautiful, especially Lyriq.

J on

I’m all for going with different spellings for names and I personally like the name Lyric,but not with a q. how about Melody? it’s pretty and music oriented.

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to T-Pain and his wife Amber. Wish them the best πŸ˜€

G. on

I’ll put $5 on the next one being named Harmoniq or Melodiq.

Erica on

I am not a fan of those illiterate baby names. lol. G, I’ll put in my own $5 and guess that T-Pain will go with Melodiq for the new addition.

Allison on

yup, I think this baby is going to have “q” as the last letter in his/her name! Best wishes to this family!

Melissa on

My twin said it’ll probably be rocq. Lyriq and Muziq…. wow.

J, Melody is a good suggestion.

jennifer on

“I am not a fan of those illiterate baby names. lol. G, I’ll put in my own $5 and guess that T-Pain will go with Melodiq for the new addition.”

Erica, I find your comment very offensive. What is the difference between T-Pain’s childrens’ names and other celebs who choose unique, non-traditional names for their children? Is it because he is African-American and our society views unique AA names as “ghetto”?

What about Gwen’s Stefani’s Zuma, Jason Lee’s Inspektor Pilot Lee, Bob Geldof’s daughter Fifi-Trixibelle, Brook Burke’s daughter Heaven Rain?

Stephany on

I love those names! It’ll be interesting to see what the new addition will be named!

coco on

while i am not a fan of t-pain’s or his children’s name, jennifer i agree with your comment. what erica said was pretty offensive, no matter what her race is. im really surpised the CBB staff approved this post since their guidelines are so clear about offensive postings.

jennifer on

To the CBB editors, I think comments like Erica’s need to be addressed. “Illiterate” is a strong word that may be taken very offensively, especially when you are addressing a person of color. Do you know what education level Mr. Pain has attained? Also, Lyriq and Muziq are merely homonyms of the words lyric and music, so to deem these names “illiterate” is quite a stretch, in my opinion.

Erica, choose your words carefully in the future. What if T-Pain read your comment? Is this something you would say to his face? I highly doubt it.

Maryam on

why did you take off Jennifer’s comment, it was VERY valid.

Kelly on

ha he seems like he would be fun to have as a dad did anyone else seem him at the VMAs? he rode up on an elephant! & he just bought a hearse that he painted orange with a blue top lol

Heather on

Actually, his daughters name is spelled Muzyq. And in an interview with AOL, T-Pain said that if he had another child, “if it was a girl it would be Harmony. if it was a boy i would name him Symphony, but it would be spelled weird you know”


MB on

maybe rythmiq?

Chicki on

I’d much rather see photos of his little ones, as opposed to him with those awful gold fronts he’s wearing! Also, I am definitely not a fan of oddly-spelled names, mainly because of the wasted time spent constantly correcting people about how your name is spelled.

Ms.B on

Well congratulations T-Pain! I didn’t even know he had kids. The names of T-Pain’s kids are nice and are ten times better than the ridiculous names most of Hollywood actresses name their kids just to make the news!

Elisabeth on

Actually Heather his son’s name is musiq. I have seen some shows (this was prior to musiq’s birth) but he really loves his little girl, Love that her room is Princess pink they didn’t show the room but you could see it as he was about to walk down the stairs. Congrats to them!

Eisabeth on

Chicki, my name I guess you can say is “oddly spelled”. However my name is spelled with the original spelling instead of the spelling with a z, it was changed to a z once it came to England and became popular there.

The only time in my life I’ve had problems was in kindergarten when my teacher didn’t know how to spell my name and forced me to write my name incorrectly. My maiden name wasn’t popular then and I had to spell that for people too. Then I got married and I now have a popular last name and you know what? Even then people ask you to spell your name (paying bills over the phone etc.)

We even plan on naming our daughter with an alternative spelling because its after someone and we think its beautiful. I know she’ll feel the same way.

Judew on

Good ideas: Harmoniq and Melodiq

What about:

* Soniq
* Atlantiq
* Accustiq
* Comiq
* Epiq
* Dynamiq
* Arctiq
* Artistiq
* Historiq
* Magiq
* Romantiq
* Classiq
* Dramatiq
* Symphoniq

I like Lyriq and Musiq as names!

Allie on

“And in an interview with AOL, T-Pain said that if he had another child, ‘if it was a girl it would be Harmony. if it was a boy i would name him Symphony, but it would be spelled weird you know'”

as mentioned by heather, yesterday. πŸ™‚

brooke on

Interesting names

Christina on

Anyone else think it’s funny that there is a picture of T-pain right next to an ad saying “I hate my yellow teeth?”

Lioness on

I like his kids’ names, I don’t see anything wrong with the different spellings. But T-Pain looks a lot older than 23…

J on

I’m so loving the indirect racism from you people. So all the other celebs on here with their weird childrens names are OK but not his? I like their names they are music related and different. I can name tons of celebrities that you all adore with children whose names are stupid! At least he didn’t name them after a fruit.

J on

“any type of discrimination in the discussions, including but not limited to racism, heterosexism, classism, religious bigotry, or discrimination toward the disabled.”

I see a few comments on here that are racist. Yet when I commented asking why those comments are allowed mine wasn’t posted? I don’t get that. So one can’t ask about racism in a comment yet one who is indirectly being racist in a comment gets posted? Some people should be careful what they write. They are being subconsciously racist.

J on

Still waiting on my comments.

Ally on

I personally do not like the way the names are spelled, but that is probably because I am an English teacher πŸ™‚ The way Jason Lee spells Inspektor bothers me as well. However, he does seem to love his children and is giving a great deal of thought to the names. I’m still not sure if I would trust a Dr. Musiq Pain to perform my surgery! Or Pilot Inspektor for that matter, but he could work in an airport….