Niki Taylor on Raising Teenage Twins

10/02/2008 at 12:00 PM ET
Rena Durham/KPA/ZUMA

As a single mom to her 13-year-old identical twin boys Jake and Hunter for most of their lives, Niki Taylor knows the key to their hearts — like most men, it’s through their stomachs! "I always know what they want to eat! If they have a full tummy, they’re in the best mood," says the model. As the boys’ primary caretaker for many years, Niki has taken on the role of both "good guy and bad guy" when it comes to disciplining the pair. Although she shares that "now that they are in middle school, they would say I’m a lot more meaner," she goes on to reveal that they don’t always have it so rough. A house rule for some time now, Niki has always been against taking drinks upstairs in the bedrooms since "they always forget to bring it downstairs," but the mom can’t hide that she often lets them break that rule…"a lot!"

Entering into the teenage years, Niki, 33, says that she does have her ways of embarrassing her boys and doesn’t mind who is watching! "You might think that it’s really funny, but we spank bums for fun. That would probably embarrass [them] because I do it in front of everybody too," laughs Niki. Between making rules and breaking them, working and being a mother, and raising two teenagers, Niki insists that there is nothing she wouldn’t give up for the sake of her sons.

"There is absolutely nothing that I refused to give up when I became a mom. I knew I wanted to be a mom at a very young age."

Jake and Hunter are Niki’s kids with ex-husband Matt Martinez. She is now married to NASCAR driver Burney Lamar.

Source: Glamour TV

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Michelle on

So is the biological father not part of their lives? The way the article is worded – “sole caretaker” – it sounds like he’s not.

Emily on

I just wanted to say that I LOVE Niki and her family. And that my mom is also a firm believer in the ‘bum spanking for fun’ thing as well, and as funny as she finds it, it is and always will be embarrassing!

Lissette on

Wow! I remember when those boys were babies!! Interesting that it says she’s been the sole caretaker for many years. I wonder what happened with her ex-husband?

jashmom on

WOW!!!! I can’t believe her sons are already teenagers. I remember when they were babies. Boy, time sure has flown by!! And Niki looks gorgeous as usual.

gigi on

It says primary caretaker, not sole caretaker. She probably has a majority of the custody.

Lorus on

I agree! I can’t believe they are teenagers. I remember like it was yesterday when she posed on the cover of a magazine holding both of the boys as babies.

Kelly on

they live in Brentwood now & my mom met Niki once in the natural foods store here once

Kelley on

I remember when she announced her pregnancy in an article in Madamoiselle magazine back in 1994! I remember very well because she & I are the same age.

brooke on

Wow she has teens already. I wonder if she will have more babies.