Eden and Savannah Have Their Hands Full!

10/01/2008 at 10:00 AM ET

Nineteen-month-old Eden and Savannah Mahoney kept a firm grip on mom Marcia Cross and their nannies while strolling the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica on Tuesday.

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The nannies push Silver Cross Dazzle strollers, one in grape and one in blueberry ($299 each). Luckily for CBB readers, the Dazzle is our giveaway this week! Click here to enter to win one of your own!

On the stroller is Dante Beatrix’s green groovy baby peace sign diaper bag tote ($115).

Savannah wears Baby Lulu’s Knit Roll Hat in Pop Art (currently unavailable).

She also wears Gap Bootcut Legging in pink floral ($12.50).

On her feet are Robeez Blossom Mary Jane in White ($40).

Eden wears Baby Lulu woven knit roll hats from the Waterleaf collection ($26.50).

She also wears Pumpkin Noodle Clothing Co.’s Cute.ology tee in white ($28).

On her feet are Stride Rite’s NMS Pandora sneakers ($48).

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Emily on

Cute girls….
I just don’t understand each girl needing a nanny………MAYBE one nanny for both, but one for each??

Renee on

I just knew someone would complain about the nannies. Let’s just enjoy the cute pictures without complaining just this once.

Susan on


Nicole on

I agree, maybe one nanny, but why two? To each their own, I just wonder.

The twins are so cute though! I love their little hats.

Lauren on

“Let’s just enjoy the cute pictures without complaining just this once.”

Why don’t you enjoy the pictures, leave the discussion to people who want/have a right to have it, not dish out orders regarding what people “can and can’t” talk about just this once. Somehow I doubt you’ll be mature enough to swallow your own medicine as usual.

ITA, Emily and Susan. It’s obvious from these photos and others that Marcia is a wonderful, loving mother. And it is very possible that she simply took them on the errands as friends instead of employees. But if she is using them as help, then yes, three adults to look after two children is total overkill.

Megan on

My goodness look at those beautiful girls! I mean how gorgeous are they! The whole family always just seems so darn happy that you can’t help but smile when you see them…as for the nannies–I was waiting for someone to comment…and my only comment is who cares…maybe they are also good friends-maybe Marcia wanted some company-maybe they are nannies–in the end who cares…the girls are happy, Marcia is happy…let them be.

ahk on

I just love that diaper bag–cute girls, too!

just a mom on

beautiful girls. i am a working mom of 3 kids and i have 2 nannies. i know this sounds crazy and over the top but and i know its a luxury but i cant imagine trusting the job of watching all of them to any one person besides myself and it allows my kids to do separate things. i thought this perspective might be helpful. maybe they are on their way to a playgroup and marcia has to work or something.

blackrose on

i see nothing wrong with having two nannies,maybe she was somewhere else where she needed the nannies help and remember they are always followed by paparazzi so maybe its to do with safe issues. lovely girls! i love Marcia!

Jess on

I don’t feel Emily and Susan need to be attacked for their opinions or comments. None of us (I’m assuming) are celebrities who understand their lifestyle. I know I’m curious myself why a mother would need two nannies. Not saying it’s a bad thing to have two nannies..just curious to why. btw, the girls are adorable and I just love Marcia!

Erica on

Lauren, I completely agree with you. It’s irritating when someone immediately tries to squash all discussion just because they happen not to agree with the other viewpoint. As for the nanny issue, I can totally understand the need for one considering Marcia’s schedule. What I don’t (and will never) get is why each child needs her own nanny. If the girls are spending 90% of their day together anyway, and most SAHM of more than one child don’t have any help, I wonder why some celebrities feel the need to hire so much help.

At the same time, I could see that the nannies in these photos might be there as friends of Marcia and not at work. But I also remember pictures of Heidi Klum, her kids, her husband, and both of her parents AND three nannies in tow, so you never know.

Susan on

Yes, clearly a woman who has lots of help for her obviously well kept and happy twin children should be criticized. Especially by strangers who have never met her.

Laura on

Each nanny is part-time. I have no idea why all three were together at the same time, perhaps a fun trip out. I do know that each one splits the week.

Astrid24 on

I’m with you Lauren. None of the comments questioning the use of two nannies were couched in offensive language, it was simply an observation and opinion. Everyone has their own opinions and should be allowed to share them- whether people disagree or not.

Sarah on

I thought we weren’t allowed to insult other readers or do the rules no longer apply?

I’m referring to Lauren’s comment about the other poster not being mature…that’s just plain rude. She had her say, you’re welcome to have yours (though it’d be nice to do it without personal insults)…she wasn’t barking orders.

That said, I believe she was stating what many of us feel: the nanny thing is getting old. People wonder why Jennifer Lopez is talking about being involved with her kid’s lives…I have to say with these comments (and they go far beyond CBB), I don’t blame her.

Renee on

Lauren, as I have said before. If you have an issue with me just email me. I have the right to say my opinion just like you do. I just happen to disagree with the first comment. You don’t have to take my comments as personal attacks

Allison on

As the working mother of seven month old twins who are a handful, I can easily imagine why you would have two nannies if you have twin toddlers. Especially if you can afford it. Toddlers test boundaries and I would much rather have two caring competent people to keep an eye on new walking/running babies.

Irish on

WoW..is this what motherhood is comming to? Having strangers help you raise your children. Why have children if u cant handle them yourself? Nobody ever said motherhood was easy. Its not, its hard and if u cant hack it, dont have kids! Lazy rich ppl!

nikka on

Just to let you all know, Marcia has 4-5 nannies contracted. She mentioned it in some article a while back. She doens’t keep one nanny only available 24/7. Instead, she gets help from the one currently available at the time she needs.

moreover, these two she is out with are actually friends themselves. However, even if she would have three or twenty nannies, it would still be fine. Maybe she doesnt need them for her children but she actually likes them as friends to go out with !!

Lauren on

“I’m referring to Lauren’s comment about the other poster not being mature…that’s just plain rude.”

No, honey-that’s just plain honesty. What’s truly rude is people playing Thought Police regarding what others should and should not say when there are moderators to do that. Perhaps you should re-evaluate your definition of rudeness.

Likewise, Renee, as always you respond for people who disagree with you to e-mail you privately, yet have no problem calling others out in the open. You dish it out, you get it back.

Nikka on

Lauren, i totally aggree. One person handling two busy toddlers, pushing two strollers at once and running errands in such a busy place as Santa Monica is would be more then enough (as in to avoid a total overkill)

phoebe on

Why shouldn’t she have two nannies? She can afford it, I don’t see an issue with regards to the children’s welfare here, so there’s nothing wrong with multiple childcare IMO. But I agree with the majority of the posters here, I don’t like being told off for my opinions either lol. I really think if people are that bothered by comments they don’t agree with, the answer might be to not read comments at all. You can’t control other people’s opinions, and as long as they are respectful, they should have a place on this site. If people aren’t happy with that policy, it is possible to read the posts without looking at the comments.

I love these girls, they’re classically pretty porcelain angels!

Nikka on

Lauren’s comment that other people’s are imature shouldnt go through. It’s insulting and rude and everyone has a right to their opinion.

Lauren on

Sarah, I thought the same thing – folks are coming down a little hard on my fellow Lauren! It sounded like she was making a plea for calm before an expected storm!

I have to say, about nannies…wow. I hoped we were beyond the era when having a nanny or nannies automatically made you an uncaring/substandard parent.
I’m more uncomfortable with photos of Brad and Angelina toting their four kids around, doding paparazzi, maneuvering around crowds, etc. (usually) without help. Soon we’ll see pictures of them trying to corral six kids under the age of eight in public without a nanny or nannies. Nobody scolds them for that choice, yet Marcia and Tom have to hear about the excess of having two “hired hands”. It amazes me. Where’s the equity in judgement?

marciafan on

How did I know the nanny issue would arise…

Basically its not really any of our bisiness, and as the above comments have listed various senarios to explain the nannies I feel I dont need to comment, except to say AWWWWW

These two are just incredibly cute <3

Lauren on

Sorry, I meant to defend Renee’s comment. Just got caught up in seeing another Lauren on the board, I guess.

Ashley on

Marcia’s daughters are so adorable and I am loving that Grape stroller. I just might have to get one for my little girl due in January.

I don’t understand the comments about the nannies. I have a 2 year old and sometimes I would love two nannies just for him when we’re out. It’s hard when they’re at an age where they can’t really understand that it’s dangerous to run off alone. Plus Marcia and her girls also have to deal with the paparazzi which I’m sure makes it that much more difficult! Her girls look super happy and that’s what matters.

Nicole on

I don’t get why everyone takes the “why does she need two nannies” comment as meaning people who post that are saying she’s a bad mother.

Not one comment said that makes her a bad mom. I just don’t get why you’d need two. I can understand having two when you AREN’T there, but when you are with them?

ella on

Those are not friends, those are both nannies and 2 is ridiculous under any circumstances. One woman should be able to handle 2 kids on her own, whether at home or out. I’m sure Marcia loves her girls, but she should have a little more faith in herself to take care of them without 2 assistants.

phoebe on

While I think Lauren’s comment was a bit harsh, I do agree with the sentiment. Whenever I see a story that contains anything even remotely debatable, I know it’s only a matter of time before someone says that they don’t like people saying anything less than positive things. People should be allowed to agree or disagree to their heart’s content, as long as they do it with some respect. Sometimes though, there are comments made that don’t disagree with the opinions, but rather the right to express that opinion, and it’s uncomfortable to see that.

Back to the girls though, I love how mummy and daddy dress them, espcially the little hats they’re almost always wearing!

Gina on

I agree with “blackrose” the paparazzi are a bunch of psychopaths and I would want the extra help if I were a millionaire. And admit it, so would most of you!

Brandi on

Sad that this has turned into an argument yet again.

The twins are very cute and look happy with their mom AND their nannies.

Sarah on

Wow, so I guess the whole insulting other readers is no longer a rule here and I’m not just referring to this post. I’ve always appreciated the hard work the ladies who write her put into keeping things civil – for the most part – but it seems those days are gone. There goes the last of the “friendly” celebrity related blogs I visit/link to from my own blog/send tips to, etc. It seems a lot of moderation went out the window when CBB joined up with People.

zaoli on

Are the nannies dressed identical because its a uniform, or just a coincidence?

Two nannies seems like a lot, not hating on Marsha, nannies or twins. Just saying, two nannies seems like a lot. Shoot! One nanny seems like a lot, and a lot I’d love to have! Marsha, the girls and the nannies are all very lucky.

just a mom on

Just guessing here, that a lot of you who object to her having TWO nannies, would never leave your kids with a nanny. So doesnt it make sense to have more than one?

k on

I agree with the question of why the two nannies? as a young woman who does not have children but works in a daycare with sometimes 14 kids and another teacher it amazes me that if we can handle all of them why cant a celebrity take care of their own children like any other working mother. and most of the times i feel like its the celebrities who say they have a hard time having children and then they go out and get a nanny..its just my opinion.

SJ on

I agree with those who said the girls dont need two nannies. Or even one. Marcia isn’t working that day, obviously. I have four kids, and I never have anyone to help me

Lauren on

Nicole, the reason I brought up wondering if questioning having nannies was a just disguise for questioning Marcia’s parenting is because I’ve never once heard someone say – “It’s great Marcia has two nannies! What a great choice she made!” Whereas you get “Isn’t it great Jen Garner doesn’t have a nanny?” a lot. If that wasn’t the intent of some of the posters here, then don’t concern yourself with my objection. It’s only my opinion. No biggie.

Bethy on

Since we’re on the nanny subject, can I ask a question? I do not live in California, nor do I ever see any celebrities in person, but in every picture you see with a nanny, the nanny is Hispanic. Is there a reason for this? Do celebrities choose Hispanic women as nannies for a reason? I am in no way being racist or condescending…I’m just curious. Thanks!

fuzibuni on

haha… i was curious why there were so many comments under a normal marcia cross post, and now i know why 😉

you guys sure are feisty!

it always makes me laugh when people criticize how many nannies celebrities have. hell, if i had the dough, I’d hire a cook, a driver, a nanny, a gardener, and a maid in a heartbeat. and i don’t even have kids!

Renee on

If you don’t like my comments just ignore them. I’m just saying my opinion and yes, sometimes I disagree with other people. Being mature means that you can accept that not everyone will agree your opinions. I’m saying I disagree with your comments.If I sound like the “comment police” that’s not what I’m trying to do. I’m not trying to make enemies.

Andria on

Re: The nannies – There is a difference between literally “needing” something, and it being a helpful convenience that you can afford and choose to pay for. Of course she doesn’t “need” two nannies. It is not completely necessary in order to raise her children. having two people to focus on your children at all times is certainly a luxury, but if you can afford it, and are comfortable with having two extra people around all the time, WHY NOT have 2 nannies? She can still love, value, and spend time with her children. In fact, she can do MORE of that than most moms if she chooses BECAUSE she has 2 extra sets of hands! Of course she doesn’t NEED 2 nannies, but if she can pay for it there are benefits for some people, so why judge her for it?

Kelsey on

When I was in college I baby sat for a couple with 2 yr. old twin girls and thier 4 yr. old sister from when the nanny left around three till the parents got home around 5:30 ish. That said, some of the most fun afternoons is when the nanny and I would take the girls to the park, we could watch and play with them but also have someone our own age to talk to as well. If you can afford to have people around that love your kids and are willing to keep an extra pair of eyes and hands on them, why not?

Aside from the nanny debate, Marcia always looks beautiful but even more so when she’s with her girls.

just a mom on

well said, Andria!

Susan on

If you bring children into
this world. Take care of them. I still say 2 nannies is 2 much. When it comes to my children. The first and last word is MINE! These are my children to raise, my privilege and my responsiblity!!

Breanne on

“When it comes to my children. The first and last word is MINE! These are my children to raise, my privilege and my responsiblity!!”

These aren’t your children. End of story.

Danielle on

I am a nanny so not critisizing anyone who has one, if you work then you need childcare. But I think 1 nanny per child plus parent is silly. I have always turned down interviews for jobs were I wouldn’t be the only nanny, and they had a nanny per child. Millions of parents/ childcarers cope with looking after multiple children, and to be honest i think it does the children good not to have one on one all the time and their every whim pandered too.

Molly on

“Those are not friends, those are both nannies and 2 is ridiculous under any circumstances. One woman should be able to handle 2 kids on her own, whether at home or out. I’m sure Marcia loves her girls, but she should have a little more faith in herself to take care of them without 2 assistants. “

Ella, i’m’ not sure how you meant your comment, but this is the first time we are seeing of Marcia’s nanny(ies) Given the twins are a year and half and we were always seeing her with the girls alone, I dont think Marcia’s lack of confidence is a question.

Also, what law forbids a mother to be friends with her babysitter or take them somewhere? I was a nanny for a family with three other nannies (two were students, two worked elsewehre as welL) , all part time. and once they took us all for the camping trip cause we were doing such a great job with their daughter

Alice on

fuzibuni, I’m with you. I’m single with no kids, but if I had the dough, first thing on my list would be maid followed by driver and cook!

Also, I seem to recall that when Demi Moore’s daughters were young, she had one nanny for each of the three girls!

Stephany on

Once I saw that there were over 40 comments on what seemed like just a regular picture of Marcia, the twins, and her nannies, I kind of figured it would turn into a nanny debate. Personally, Lauren, I felt very turned off by your comment. Some of the things you said were very, very rude and I really don’t know why it went through.

Personally, these are Marcia’s children to raise and if she wants to take 2 nannies with her to go out and play, then she should! It’s obvious she spends time with them herself and they are happy, well-balanced little girls. Heck, I don’t have children but if I did have two toddlers, I think two nannies would be very, VERY helpful!

Kat on

here’s a thought… you can’t have two of you or anyone else in your family, but like friends, if you can have one nanny for each kid, each having someone that belongs to them and not their sibling, why not?

It gives them an early sense that their parents see that they are two different people and gives them each someone who is only devoted to them.

this isn’t usually possible, but since they have the money to do it, why not?

As the girls go through childhood with these nannies, I think it will be nice to know that, like a special friend at school, they have a person at home that is just for them.

And seeing this picture gives me another realization as to why… the girls couldn’t be walking like this if she didn’t have at least one nanny. with two, the kids are more easily protected from the paparazzi.

Lisa on

Wow, it took me like 20 minutes to read all the comments! I do have to admit, when I saw the picture, the first thought that came into my mind was “why two nannies?”…. but when reading all the comments, I thought about and thought, well??? I guess more the merrier and the girls look happy which is all that matters. Marsha does seem to take the girls out in public more than other celebs, so maybe she needs two just incase the paps get too close to them? Then each nanny can scoop up each girl while Marsha tends to the paps? Who knows???

Bren on

I would think with how scary it must be to be a celebrity and have your child photographed by strangers wherever you go, it would be understandable to have extra hands in case something happens. They don’t seem to travel with security so I am guessing the nannies are there to be Marica’s extra eyes and ears. I think in a normal setting where you have twins and no strangers oogling your children and its you and one other nanny then it probably wouldn’t be needed but I doubt any of us can understand their lifestyle.

Deb on

Is one forgetting that she works 8-10 hours a day on desperate housewives? It is HARD watching two kids, much less twins my god! All kids are diffrent, and maybe her husband is busy and she needs extra help! No one should be criticized for needing help! and she can afford it, so who the freak cares.

Lacey on

Who cares how many nannies she has!? I love the fact that even though they each have full time nannies, Marsha still tags along to everything she can. That shows that is deticated to her family. The girls are beautiful!

Maggie on

It’s almost comforting knowing exactly what conversations are going to take place when I see certain pictures and 50+ comments.

Ladies, take note.

The portion of the lives that we witness in these photos is likely less than 10% of the lives that these public figures lead. If you were to be judged based entirely on that 10%, do you belive that would be a true depiction of your life or your skills as a mother?

CBB is a site dedicated to specific people; celebrities. My job entails having a lot of knowledge in this industry. Not the fame and glamour portion, but the bad things people will do to those in the public eye.
My point is..you do not, and could not have any idea what these women’s lives are truly like. Therfore, it would benefit you to spend a little more time worrying about your own parenting skills, and a little less time judging theirs.

CelebBabyLover on

Lauren- Regarding your comment about the Jolie-Pitts…I understand what you’re saying. Handling that many kids alone in public DOES seem dangerous for celebs who get followed as much as Angie and Brad.

HOWEVER, they do usually have bodguards with them when they are out in public. We just don’t see them most of the time because they are usually cropped out of the photos. 🙂

phoebe on

I still am not seeing the problem, even after reading all the comments again, with Marcia having more than one nanny. Unless there’s a child welfare issue concerned with childcare, I don’t see that there is a problem with anything or anyone she chooses. An extra pair of hands is always welcome with kids, or at least in my household anyway!

And to Renee – I think Lauren and others were not objecting to your opinions, but rather the fact that you were implying you didn’t want them to express their opinions in the first place. That’s what made it sound bad, not the fact that you might have disagreed with what they had to say once it had been said. And I’m not saying you do sound like the thought police, but the way you worded your first comment on this thread did sound like you just didn’t want to hear opinions that were bad about the nannies. That’s fine, of course, but it’s not fair to expect other people to think the same way and you can’t really tell people not to say certain things. I don’t know if that’s what you meant to do or if that’s just the way it came off, but this whole debate is essentially unneccessary if we can all respect each other’s rights to free speech.

BebeB on

My only comment is that the nannies look glum and resigned, and Marcia looks artificially “happy”. I love CBB but am starting to question myself for wanting to spy on these people’s lives. This picture saddened me because it shows the strain for all concerned.

Nat on

I don’t see what the big deal is. From the tons of other pictures that we’ve seen, Marcia and her husband are very hands on and loving parents.

I think the security/paparazzi issue is most likely. I’ve seen footage of at least two incidences where Marcia and her babies had to be escorted by a police officer because the paparazzi got too threatening. In one incident Marcia was with the girls and one nanny and that wasn’t enough to stop the paparazzi. Marcia’s husband had to come in the car and pack them all up to take them home.

In this case, they are walking on a main street. I would be extra conscious too.

It’s just very hard to know exactly what’s going on from just looking at a picture.

Danielle on

re: the jolie-pits, Angelina does have a nanny, and possibly more than one since she had the twins, but they usually stay at home with the other kids, it’s very rare you see just Angie out with them all at once.

MB on

We never know the whole story. I forget who commented about Heidi and Seal’s outing in Italy, but didn’t they say later the nannies are like family and they weren’t working but on vacation with them? My mom used to nanny and some vacations she would go with the family to work and some she would be invited as a “reward.” It’s totally plausible that the 2 nannies here are friends and just hanging out. Maybe Marsha is taking them to lunch.

The only thought I had looking at this picture was “why 2 strollers and not a double?” I figured one stroller would be easier, but I don’t have twins so maybe it is easier to bring 2 single strollers?

Lisa on

MB… I can’t resist this comment (question) that I will most likely hear about… but, if they only had one stoller, then which nanny would have to push it? hhhhmmm? ( I’m sure I will hear about that comment…. I guess this will be the next debate?

~ Beth ~ on

Lisa – LOL!! Way to lighten the mood a bit! ha ha

I personally love my double stroller, but at times I do think it would be easier to push if there was only one in there! Maybe that’s the reason for 2. That, and maybe it’s so if only 1 twin goes somewhere they have their own stroller. I see no reason to have 2 singles AND a double. Maybe that’s just me though.

astrid on

who cares about the two nannies? what i have a problem with is walking four abreast with other people trying to use the sidewalk.

Jess on

Us Mom’s really need to stick together more.

Mary on

I think that if you have money for nannies then hire them.I dont see anything wrong with that unless the parent is spending all their time at work and the nanny is basically parenting the child but i dont think marcia does that.

Susan on

Hey Breanne.

Don’t have children do you?

And if you do I am sure they are something else!

hazel on

I have twin toddlers and, if I could afford it, I would have two nannies. A toddler is a handful for one person let along two for one person.

brooke on

Peop;e always sonder if those are marcia’s bio kids, but they resemble her IMO

CelebBabyLover on

Danielle- I’m pretty sure Angie DOES have more than one nanny. I remember her mentioning that (and this was prior to the twins, so who knows, they may have more now), they have three.

However, it seems like they usually only take two of them when they go traveling. Angie also stated in an interview just before Knox and Viv were born that, at the time, they didn’t have anybody stay the night (Angie also said that they may have to adjust that once the twins arrived, so perhaps they do have a nanny spend the night now). 🙂

Anonymous on

I can’t really imagine this being a uniform, it looks too relaxed. As a uniform, I more imagine a blouse and a skirt as a uniform for a young live-in maid/nanny girl.