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ann on

While not every baby needs a shower, every baby deserves a sprinkle. Celebrating every pregnancy and new baby is great. I have three kids, and I have three showers. Everyone loves to shop for babies, well almost everyone loves to get to together and have fun. If you think it’s tacky, don’t go.

Dana on

I had a shower with both of my kids. I did not request a shower either time. My mother-in-law threw my first shower. When I found out I was pregnant with my youngest, my husband’s step-sister and step-mother wanted to throw one for us. My first shower had been “girl only” and many of my husband’s friends felt slighted. So, for our second, we had a coed shower and they loved it!

We are currently trying for number 3. I have already had my mom, my sister, and 2 different friends saying they are throwing me a shower. I have not desired or requested a shower at any time, but I agree that all children are special and should be celebrated as such.

Gabbie on

I can see a big shower for the first baby and just a small celebration for a second. Maybe dinner out with the girls, day at the salon for pedicures, something like that. Nothing big. Just my opinion!

Sera may on

just a note on the baby eating “grown up foods” my 18 months old eat absolutly everything we make to eat…she is very curious and while we still feed her baby foods she always gets a small portion of our dinner lunch and breakfast, for example today we had Pad Thai (non spicy sauce) so did she, yesterday pasta, so did she. she eats everything from mexican to arabic food to simple french toast (only very small portions of course its just to get her used to different tastes – though she is always asking for more!)

I think its in importand as I am a fussy eater due to my mum not giving me enough variety when i was younger. i didn’t even taste mexican until i was 17!

~ Beth ~ on

In regards to the baby shower debate:

I had a baby shower for my 1st (a boy) given by my mom & dad. We got so much stuff because we ddn’t have anything yet.

When I found out that we were having #2 (a girl), my sister-in-law decided to throw another party & requested guest bring clothes & diapers in all different sizes. That was really all that we needed.

Baby #3 (another girl) didn’t really get a party & I regret that now. There is no reason not to celebrate every birth.

Babies #4 & #5 (girls – that’s right, 2 MORE girls!!) got a very large celebration mainly because it was twins & while we had everything, we didn’t have 2 of everything! We did a big BBQ with all of our friends (guys & girls). We got diapers in every size (thank goodness) & wipes & gift cards for the grocery store & a group of friends all went in together & got us a second crib. We also got a 2nd bassinet, a second bouncy seat, etc… It was a huge hit.

I had some people come to some that didn’t come to others 7 that’s ok. I’m with someone else who said if you think it’s tacky then don’t go. I personally LOVE buying baby stuff so I love baby showers. To me, it’s not just the gift giving, but each baby should be celebrated & welcomed. And who couldn’t use a bit of extra help when the little one gets here?

MB on

I was just wondering about this because I wanted to offer to throw a little party for a woman at church who is about to have her 5th baby. I figured that while she may already have a lot of “stuff,” even just a girls’ night out would be fun. It sounds like it would not be weird for me to offer then, based on all your comments!

marla on

i don’t really have a problem with 2nd or 3rd celebrations in general. but i had a friend for whom i threw a baby shower when she was preggo with her 1st. after the baby was born and progressed through different stages, my friend sold all the gear on craigslist and ebay…all the stuff her family and friends had bought her. and she knew she wanted more kids. so when she was preggo again, she registered AGAIN! and then complained b/c the baby was almost here and no one had gotten her anything. i’m like, been there, done that and i’m not buying you anything off your registry because it’s the tackiest thing i’ve ever seen.

with my second son, friends and family threw me a surprise party that was very simple and nice. i agree that every baby deserves a celebration but i’m not sure if that means buying a bunch of stuff for the sake of it.

~ Beth ~ on

Marla – I can see where you are coming from. Parents that KNOW that they will be having more, or even are unsure but are leaning towards more – why get rid of what you already have? And if you do get rid of it, then don’t expect people to “replinish” your essentials. Things like bath time stuff & diapers are always welcome, but I would NEVER expect someone to but us a new breast pump because I got rid of my first one.

brooke on

I think baby showers are fine for 2nd or 3rd babies. If your having 5-6 kids every few years though, not sure if people will wanna keep giving presents. But for a 2nd baby or even a 3rd, it’s ok in my opinion