Tea Time for Suri Cruise!

09/30/2008 at 09:00 AM ET

Two-year-old Suri Cruise peeks out from a mop of hair while leaving her New York City apartment with mom Katie Holmes on Monday. The pair visited Alice’s Tea Cup, where they met up with dad Tom Cruise to enjoy some tea and scones!

Katie’s Broadway show, All My Sons, is currently in previews. It opens on October 16th. For more great photos of the Holmes-Cruise trio, check out their Family Album!

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Valentina on

Time to get those bangs trimmed again. I wonder why they leave it so long. Suri is so pretty.

sara on

Too me Suri dosen’t look like a happy child. If you look at the pictures of her she never smiles. She looks like she wants someone to help her.

kmb on

poor girl needs a haircut! those bangs are almost covering her eyes!

Nicole on

Maybe they’re growing it out so it’s all one length? They could pull it back, but eh, who cares? She’s still adorable.

Dana on

My 4-year old has her bangs in her eyes all the time. Her hair has been short her whole life and is finally growing. She refuses to let us cut her bangs because she wants long pretty hair. I try to pull her hair back everyday, but it usually ends up in her eyes. She is adorable that way, as is Suri. It suits my daughter’s personality to a T.

Elyse on

I so can’t stand it when my bangs get right past my eyebrows! I hate hair hanging in my eyes. It’s time for a trim, or maybe they are going to grow her hair out to all one length. Suri certainly is a beauty though!

Kay on

Suri is such a pretty girl. Her hair grows so fast too. I wonder how long it would be if they never cut it. What beautiful hair.

fay on

i wish she’d smile more…

Nikka on

She has beautiful haircut, and I would just like to add, that banks in the eyes so much may damage teh eyesight development as the baby’s eyes may work harder on one side to see through the hair. So even if the child fights the haircut or hairclips, I would definitely not compromise.

Rachel-Jane on

Haha I’m laughing at these comments about her fringe being in her eyes! Mine is too, and I’m an adult. I’m just too busy to get a haircut at the moment, maybe it’s the same with Tom and Katie. Or maybe Suri, being the fashionable girl that she is, knows the long fringes are in 😛

kmb on

that’s true fay. i rarely, if ever, see her smile. 😦

kim on

Fay and KMB, no offense but you try to smile as a 2 year old kid with 15 paparazzi camera’s in your face. I find it hard to picture it myself sometimes as we only see one side of the photo. But if you could look at it from Suri’s side than there are at least 10 to 15 camera’s around her. Wouldn’t make me smile, lol

Barbara on

The paps may or may not have anything to do with her not smiling. I think she is just a somewhat somber child. Compare her to Leni Klum or Violet Affleck. Both are usually smiling or animated. Suri is just a little more reserved.

em on

I can think of a number of pictures with her smiling, generally when she is engaged in actually doing something fun, something other than being carried around while they are facing hordes of photographers. 🙂

Bethy on

Gah….she has the prettiest colored eyes!

homehealth on

Katies covered again with a sweater and Suri is bare arms and no sweater or jacket…I think it’s what Suri wants, Suri gets.

Alex on

To add to the comments to those who already mentioned why she’s probably not smiling.

I’ve seen a little video of her and her mom walking out a door. As soon as they walk out the paps start yelling Suri’s name. 15 strangers yelling your name at you has got to be terrifying. Whether you’re 2 years old or 20.

agos on

she looks so cute!

Denise Briggs on

She is such a pretty little girl…a visible combination of looks from both parents equally.

CelebBabyLover on

Babara- True, but the Garner-Afflecks and the Klum-Samuels don’t have nearly as many paps following them as the Holmes-Cruises or Jolie-Pitts do.

The Jolie-Pitt kids also rarely smile in pap photos, and Britney’s boys also aren’t big smilers.

homehealth- Actually, Suri strikes me as the type of toddler who hates to have a coat on and is constantly taking it off. Three other possible explanations:

1. They may very well be going right from the car to the teahouse, and thus spending maybe two seconds outside.

2. Celebs often tend to be overdressed compared to “regular people”. In a lot of pap pictures, you can see the celeb wearing a sweater, jacket, etc., and the “normal” people in the background wearing tank tops, shorts, etc. Celebs usually like to wear the latest fashions, even if they make them sweat a bit.

3. Katie may be one of those people who always feels cold. My dad is that way, and believe me, he has made people around him go “You’re making me warm just looking at you!” more times than I can count. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

I also want to point out that it probably isn’t THAT chilly in New York right now. If it were the middle of Winter, that would be one thing, but it’s barely Fall!

Kay on

You make very good point celebabylover. Katie said that Suri is very aware of what goes on around her. That might explain her sensitivity to paps. She actually smiles a lot when she is indoors and she can’t see the people taking pictures like those in the bear store.

Violet has one or two photogs taking pictures of her, she smiles because most kids her age do when they see a person taking their picture. But when it is 30 strangers yelling your name, it gets a bit scary.

JK on

Has anyone else heard that little Suri has a birthmark on her forehead? I recall in the first photo shoot we saw in Vanity Fair that there was something that looked suspiciously like a faint hemangioma or port wine stain on her forehead. My son had a small one on his arm when he was born but it went a way on its own. I find it odd that little Suri has always had a very think mess of bangs going on in almost all her pictures. Just asking…..

Cristina on

Suri’s hair looks like it grows at a extreme rate. My oldest has hair just like Suri’s and I was always cutting it, in fact I still am, and I could never keep up with it.

CelebBabyLover on

JK- I have heard that rumor, but I’ve seen several pictures of Suri with her hair pulled back (including a very recent, very adorable one of her with her hair in pigtails!), and no birth mark is visable.

My guess is that Suri has the type of hair where her bangs fall in her face no matter what you do unless you pull them back with a headband or a hairclip. My hair is like that. I can push my bangs back all I want, but they always fall right back into my face!

I don’t like wearing headbands or hairclips, so I just let my bangs do what they want to do (and keep them short to avoid having them hanging in my eyes!).

Suri may very well not like headbands or hairclips either.

Oh, and I have a copy of the Vanity Fair issue with Suri’s first photos in it, and I can’t see any birthmark in any of them. 🙂

brooke on

suri is a gorgeous child, she could be a child model