Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham Welcome Son Brendan Joseph

09/30/2008 at 08:30 AM ET

Update: Life & Style is reporting that the baby’s name is Brendan Joseph Wahlberg, and says he weighed in at 7 lbs, 10 oz at birth.

Originally posted September 19th: Us Weekly is reporting that Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham have welcomed their third child, a son. Although unconfirmed by reps, the baby boy was reportedly born on Tuesday, September 16th, in Los Angeles, Calif. No further details — including a name — have been released. The new baby joins older siblings Michael, 2 ½, and Ella Rae, 5.

Rumors of a pregnancy began in April, with Mark, 37, confirming and sharing the sex in June. Rhea’s due date had been September 21st.

Source: Us

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Cait on

I can’t wait to find out what they name this little cutie!

Congrats to Mark, Rhea, Ella, and Michael!

Stéph on

Congrats, can’t wait to hear the name, I’m sure the baby is a cutie!

The Nanny on

Oooh–if this is true, somebody on another thread on CBB was correct! It was on the post with Mark giving Ella a hug and Rhea holding Ella’s doll. I’m pretty sure it was on the 14th or 15th. The poster guessed the baby would be born on the 16th and be named Christian. We’ll see!

Stephany on

Yay, congrats to them! That’s exciting news!!

I saw that poster, The Nanny! And I’ll have to apologize because I told her not to quit her day job on the 18th because we hadn’t heard an announcement! 😉 I’ll be even more embarrassed if the baby ends up being named Christian!

Alicia on

Whoa– I actually got that correct. I was the poster who guessed the 16th. I must have super powers, haha. Nah, I’m just a good guesser. I’m so excited for them! That’s awesome news.

Alicia on

Now we’ll have to wait and see if I guessed the name Christian correctly. Now that would just be eerie. I doubt it though.

Lily on

Congrats to the whole family! I can’t wait to hear the name.
I’m sure they’ll stick with something traditional so my guess is Samuel, Joseph, Jack, Daniel, James or Thomas.

brooke on

Congrats to them, their a cute family. Their other children have nice normal names, so i’m sure this one will too

Pencils on

Congrats to them, but I can’t help feeling bit jealous, I’m due the 23rd and still pregnant! She was early.

Rosy J on

Congrats to them. Very good news! Just like everybody else, I can’t wait to hear the name.

ellen on

3 kids and not married? Seems kind of sad to me

Bancie1031 on

YAY!!!! I have been waiting on this announcement! Congratulations to Mark, Rhea, Ella and Michael. I hope Rhea and new baby is doing well and hopefully soon we’ll find out the name and weight ….. can’t wait to see him either …. please CBB keep us updated on this family!!!!!

Sanja on

Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear the name.

Now only for the news about Lisa Marie Presley! Could she be one of those rare women that go full term with twins!

phoebe on

Pencils – good luck with the last few days of your pregnancy, fingers crossed for a smooth delivery for you!

And I can’t wait for this little cutie’s name to be released. Ella and Michael are such lovely names, the new arrival is sure to get a good one too! Congratulations to mummy and daddy!

kevin peterson on

Its a very good news. I congrats both of them for their child and my wishes are with them. The third child brings more and more happiness in their life.

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Marilyn on

On the ET website, it says “today” they welcomed the baby, meaning the 19th but maybe they don’t know the exact date he was born. My second oldest son was born 9/19. Anyway, conagratulations to them!

Brandi on

et just linked to us weekly’s story so looks like they just missed the Tuesday part.

Congrats to Rhea and Mark!

Orion on

I remember reading something about how Mark’s father died, and he planned on naming this child after him…so I wouldn’t be surprised if the baby gets named Donald Edward Wahlberg or so variation of that name.

suze on

maybe “donovan” as an updated variation of donald…or greer, which has the same meaning as edward…i’ve also seen dax as a nickname for donald (but i doubt this is their style).

can’t wait to hear what they pick!

Staci on

There’s a cute video about Rhea and Mark on youtube. In the search box, just type in Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham. It’ll be the first video that shows up.

elllen on

i like that this couple gave their children really normal, beautiful names. wonder how they named the little one?

Bancie1031 on

Has anyone heard yet what they named their baby boy? Hope all of them are doing ok!

Stéph on

I like the name Brendan Joseph, do you know if Michael has a middle name??

Lily on

Aww. Love the name! I’m sure he’s just as adorable as his big brother and sister.

Amanda on

I had the feeling that she was going to have him on the 16th…which was my son’s 1st birthday. I was so happy when I was right! Then today I check CBB and they named him Brendan, which is my son’s name! FREAKY! Obviously I love the name…and the day! Congrats!!!

nosoupforyou on

What a beautiful and normal name!

Love it!

JM on

Three lovely beautiful normal names for his children LOVE it!!

Josie Kay on

I had a feeling that they wouldn’t use Mark’s dads name..the baby would have been named the EXACT same name as his Uncle Donnie…Donald Edmund Wahlberg, Jr. I had this same name Brendan Joseph on my baby names for my son! I am happy that he’s here and healthy and that they are all happy. God Bless

Heather Lynn on

HOLY LORDY!!! When they reported them having a boy I thought immediately what will they name him and came up with Brendan or Donovan!! That’s crazy!! The same thing happened with my neighbor. She had 2 girls and when she told me she was having a third I thought.. hmm.. I bet her name will be Emma.. and it was! LOVE THE NAME BRENDAN! how weird

Mary on

Finally, a nice normal name! All three kids’ names are great, gotta love those Irish Catholics.

Rosy J on

Right you are Mary. Another beautiful traditional name. I love it.

Bancie1031 on

Awww I like the name Brendan Joseph. Congratulations to them once again and I hope that we get to see Brendan before he’s 15 months (if everyone remembers we didn’t see Michael until he was 15 months old).
And I do believe that Michael’s name is actually Michael Robert Wahlberg.

Bancie1031 on

OH and BTW CBB thanks for keeping us updated on this wonderful family!!