CSI: NY's Anna Belknap Expecting Second Child

09/30/2008 at 03:00 PM ET
Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

CSI: NY‘s Anna Belknap and her husband Eric Siegel are expecting their second child together early next year, the actress has announced. The new baby will join the couple’s 20-month-old daughter, whose name has never been publicly released. Unlike her first pregnancy, this one will be written into the show. "They’re not planning on hiding it," Anna, 36, confirms. Explains executive producer Pam Veasey,

"[Anna’s character] Lindsay will be pregnant. And, clearly, Danny is the father."

Source: Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide

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phoebe on

Is Anna quite a big paparazzi target in the US then? I’m just thinking the reason she didn’t release her daughter’s name was because she’s followed a lot and she didn’t want her baby hollered at from all directions as she grows up. I wonder if she is planning on telling people at all?

Anyway, I loved her on Without A Trace, I’m not so familiar with her on CSI:NY, but I’m sure she’s great. Congrats to the whole family.

Natasha on

I had no idea she was married or had a child already! I’m a big fan of all the the CSI shows. Congrats:)

Dana on

Oh, yay! I am so glad they are writing this pregnancy in. I hated having her hide behind lab equipment and other actors last time around.

Congrats to Anna and her husband on the new little one. I would love to know the name of her daughter, but completely understand why actors choose to keep the name private. They are so much in the public eye on a daily basis that this is one area they still have control over.

Nicole on

Congratulations to Anna & Eric! This is fantastic news, I’m so excited for her. I love her & the show!

To answer your question Phoebe I think that Anna just wants privacy that’s why she never released her daughter’s name. I don’t blame her for making that decision.

phoebe on

Oh, I completely respect a right to privacy, I was just wondering if there was a specific reason with regards to press attention. It’s just that Anna isn’t famous over here in the UK and I just wondered if she got a tonne of attention in the US. She’s beautiful so I’m sure her daughter (whatever her name is!) is too, and the baby in utero! Congrats again!

Brittany on

No, she’s not a big pap favorite. I think she just doesn’t care to make a huge deal about her baby.

But I’m excited about them adding it on the show. That will be interesting. I’m a huge fan of hers and of NY. It’s going to be great.

And a big congrats to her and Eric. She looks so cute pregnant…lol.

Meridith on

Congrats to Anna and Eric!
She’s one of my favorite actresses and I’m so happy the pregnancy is being written into the show this time.

Priya on

YESSS! I am so excited for Lindsay and Danny… oh, and Anna and Eric too! haha

Vicky24c on

I am so happy that this pregnancy is going to be written into the show.! This means that hopefully that can finally stop messing around with Danny and Lindsay ! Congrats to her !

vanina on

YAY! i really thought she was leaving the show! but this is excellent news, she is staying and the writers are including her pregnancy on the show!!!
Congratulations to Anna and her hub!!!

Lisa on

A huge congratulations to Eric, Anna, and their daughter. Ms. Belknap is a wonderful actress and a joy to watch on CSI:NY. Unlike other celebrities, she does not showcase her daughter around. I have a great deal of respect for her because of that. Again, congrats to Ms. Belknap and her family.

Christina on

Congrats to Anna and her husband on the new addition! and I’m also thrilled that she doesn’t have to hide behind computers and file folders this time!

Stella on

Congrats to Anna and Eric! I’m so happy for her and glad that her pregnancy will be written into the show this time.

Jennifer on

Congratulations to Anna and Eric! I love CSI: NY and am excited to hear that they’ll be incorporating her pregnancy into the storyline.

Nina on

Congrats to Anna, Eric and their little girl..
Anna is truly a wonderful actress and sounds like a truly wonderful woman, and I’m happy to hear that they are writing in her pregnancy on the show..will be intresting to see how it will all play out..

Congrats again 🙂

Elizabeth on

I extend best wishes to Anna, Eric and their little girl, who will now become a big sister. May you enjoy happiness and health.

Carly on

Congrats to Anna and her family.

Gunilla on

Congrats Anna and Eric to your second baby! Wonderful news! 🙂

Erin on

I want to extend my sincerest congratulations to Anna, Eric and their daughter! I wish her an uneventful pregnancy and delivery and a healthy baby!

I am a fan of hers, and while I’m very happy to hear that this will be written into the show, my first thoughts are with Anna, her family and the impending arrival of baby #2!

I sincerely wish them all the best!

Nikki on

i am so geared up to see the first csi baby more so its danny and lindsay, and anna and her husband i wish the best of wishes on a happy and healthy pregnancy and birth.

It is just sad to here that some people online are so angry that the characters are having a baby they are blaming poor Anna because she ‘dared to get pregnant’ and they are putting it in the show its not her fault that she has a happy marriage and at her stage in her live she wants to have a family with her husband.
Some people need to stop hating the poor girl because they do not like Lindsay and not be so mean there is enough in the world and how can someone do that with a innocent baby who has not even arrived into this world is lost on me.