Ugly Betty Costars Dish on Rebecca's Due Date and Downtime

09/29/2008 at 02:30 PM ET

If Rebecca Romijn‘s Ugly Betty co-stars have anything to do with her due date, her twin girls will be born in December! While actress Ana Ortiz is "sure they’re going to come sooner," Judith Light reveals that Rebecca is already expecting the twins early arrival. "She’s due in January, but she said because they’re twins … they might be coming early, maybe December," shares Judith. With recent pictures of Rebecca laying low and visiting friends, Ana says that the 35-year-old mom-to-be has "been off since the end of August, taking it easy." Not wanting to reveal any Ugly Betty secrets, Ana slyly says that "we had to give her a little baby break!"

Vanessa Williams — mom herself to four kids — shares that she has been giving "plenty of advice" to Rebecca including recently, tips on breastfeeding! Confirming Ana’s statement that Rebecca is taking it easy, Vanessa goes on to share that she is full swing in the nesting stage. "She can’t leave in the next couple of months because she has to stay close to home," says Vanessa. As for any doubts that Rebecca and her husband Jerry O’Connell will be great parents, Vanessa can’t think of a better couple to take on parenthood, calling the pair "the most fun, zany parents in California!" Says Vanessa,

"The kids are going to be gorgeous. [Rebecca’s] smart, she’s talented, she’s funny, and she’s well-grounded. That’s what you need to be to be a great mom and raise great kids."

Rebecca begins partial bedrest on October 1st, according to her rep.

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lilith on

Dear CBB, why are you linking to that atrocius website that is Perez Hilton? You have some standards, don’t you remember?


The rep quote regarding Rebecca’s bedrest was given exclusively to Perez Hilton, hence the link.

-Sarah, Staff Editor.

DLR on

I love Perez Hilton’s web-site, and even if he has a lot of snarky stuff, people actually give him exclusive interviews because of the immense popularity of his web-site. Anyway, I was surprised to read Rebecca isn’t working on Ugly Betty right now. I guess she managed to film a few episodes before she went on leave. I’ll just have to keep watching Ugly Betty to see how things go. In the first episode of the season she was pretty much filmed from the waist up and her clothes were vastly different from the previous season.

Brandi on

I thought the filming was different too! It reminded me of on will and grace when they were trying to hide debra’s pregnancy. if rebecca has to be on partial bedrest, maybe they will have the show come to her like they did for marcia cross. i would hate to see her written out.

Lilith that comment was a little rude, no? obviously there was a reason it was posted.

amelia on

oh wow, bed rest this early? Is that usually normal when expecting twins? Just curious, if anyone knows.

I wish Rebecca all the best!

Sheri on

I don’t think Lilith’s remark was rude. I’ve been thinking the same thing over the last couple of months. It seems CBB has begun running “stories” like those of Perez and TMZ which are geared towards controversy (including the one recently asking for people to post their views on whether it is okay to express a desire for a certain sex child – I believe the views were posted [and created much drama] on the Charlie Sheen story). It’s really sad because I really like the articles CBB has. You may get more hits on your web sites by creating drama, but is it really worth it in the end?

CelebBabyLover on

amelia- I am by no means an expert on bedrest, but I think that partial bedrest while pregnant with twins is fairly common.

Marcia Cross was also on bedrest with her twins, and Angelina Jolie was basically on bedrest with Knox and Viv for the last few weeks of her pregnancy (although what was offically released was that she was admitted to the hospital for normal monitering, obviously that meant she was basically on bed rest).

~ Beth ~ on

I am speaking strickly from my own experience here, but I am always a bit surprised how quickly celebs go on bedrest with twins. I had my twins 13 months ago @ 28. They were #s 4 & 5 for me, but my doctor never suggested bedrest. I was active thoughout my pregnancy. So much so that I bowled in a charity event @ 34 weeks. I was told that anytime after 35 weeks it was safe for them to be born, but at 38 weeks I had a c-section. Very healthy baby girls weighting 6.7 lbs each. No NICU & home after our 3 day stay.

I am thinking with age of celeb moms (with the exception of AJ) is the reason for bedrest, but unless there is a real threat there really shouldn’t be a reason for it in my opinion.

CelebBabyLover on

Beth- I have heard that some doctors just prescribe bedrest to moms-to-be of multiples as a precautionary measure. That seems to have been the case with Angie. US Weekly DID report that her bedrest was due to high blood pressure, but I doubt that was the case for four reasons:

1. US Weekly has printed lies about the J-Ps before (case in point: Their story about the twins being concieved via IVF. Obviously they were just mad because they didn’t get the first photos of Knox and Viv.)

2. Angie’s doctor said on multiple occasions that her hopspitilzation was simply a precautionary measure. As open as Angie and Brad tend to be, I have no doubt that they would have had the doctor say it was because of high blood pressure if it truly was.

3. Angie was seen attending Cannes, going out to dinner with Brad, etc. in the weeks preceeding her hospital stay. I doubt she’d have done all that if she had high blood pressure.

4. Angie’s doctor also said that her hospitilization had been planned for “quite some time”.

Now, Angie probably did have SLIGHTLY elevated blood pressure (who wouldn’t, being pregnant with twins and chasing around after 4 young kids every day?), but I doubt it was serious enough to have been the actual reason for her hospital stay.

Anyway, my point is, her stay more than likely WAS just a precautionary measure (and who can blame her for being cautious, as it’s hard to take it easy at home with four young kids around!).

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and before anyone says anything, I’m aware that Angie and Brad use nannies, and therefore they do have help with the kids (i.e., it’s not as if Angie was doing EVERYTHING herself while pregnant).

However, they seem to do most of the parenting themselves. The nannies seem to be there mainly as extra sets of eyes, ears, and arms more than anything! 🙂