David Charvet Connects with Rain and Shaya – Through Puppetry!

09/29/2008 at 04:30 PM ET

With Brooke Burke having survived the first two eliminations on Dancing With the Stars, she is in full preparation mode for this week’s show — she’s learning the Paso Doble. A strenuous rehearsal schedule beginning bright and early after taking her two older daughters — Neriah, 8 ½, and Sierra Sky, 6 — to school leaves David Charvet at home caring for their two youngest children. For the 36-year-old actor, this special bonding time with Heaven Rain, 20 months, and Shaya Braven, 6 ½ months, has been a perfect opportunity to form everlasting memories, leading David to "realize what is really important in life."

Taking to Brooke’s blog for a post of his own, David shares that Rain and Shaya were "laughing, screaming, and giggling" when, in a playful mood, he grabbed "one of my older girls’ slipper puppets" and began an improv show. Surprisingly, the simple puppet kept the two kids happily entertained as the proud papa was able to witness what he calls "a moment I will never forget." David says that "this was the first time I saw them holding hands and actually connecting," leaving an everlasting impression as he shares advice with all the working fathers: while raising a family might be hard, relying on a doll is always best!

"Sometimes I try so hard to work and provide for my family, that I forget how much more important these moments are. To all the fathers out there, I know it is hard, but try the slipper puppet game. It’s a beautiful way to start your morning!"

To see a recent photo of Shaya with Rain, click here.

Rain and Shaya are Brooke’s children with fiancé David; Neriah and Sierra are her daughters with ex-husband Dr. Garth Fisher.

Source: Baboosh Baby

Thanks to CBB readers Bellastar4 and Allegra.

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fay on

i hope this doesnt sound rude… but who is this woman, and what has she done to make her a celebrity…

no snark… i’m just not familiar w/ her or her fiance… who are they… usually when i don’t have ANY idea who a person is, it’s because they’re not famous in America, but… she’s on dancing w/ the stars… so i’m just not sure…

Brandi on

HOW CUTE is that picture? Wow. Adorable kiddos.

fay I know her from hosting Wild On E! for many years, and David from Baywatch. And she did that rock star show.

cant wait for dwts tonight! i am rooting for brooke and for lance.

Fifi on

That picture is too cute!!

I just have a question/concern though…you quoted David as saying “this was the first time I saw them holding my hand and actually connecting with me,” but in the blog he says “This was the first time I saw them holding hands and actually connecting.” so I was just wondering if this was supposed to be a direct quote from the blog or if you got it from somewhere else??


Hi Fifi,

This post was written on Saturday, from David’s original posting. Between then and publishing it on CBB today, he’s changed some things in the blog around! We’ve replaced it to read as Baboosh Baby does now. Good eye!

– Sarah, Staff Editor

brooke on

David and brooke are such a hot couple, and she has such an awesome body after 4 kids and she’s my favorite on DWTS this season. Rain and shaya are so cute, a perfect mix of both parents although I think rain favors david more and shaya favors brooke a bit more. Neriah and sierra in the pics I’ve seen are beautiful too. If anyone wants she posted a new blog now, with a great healthy chicken recipe. Brooke likes to cook, but she and her family eat healthy stuff.

Mia on

wow Shaya looks exactly like his daddy.

So cute.

I was hoping to see an updated pic.


DLR on

Sock and finger puppets rock! There’s so many wonderful “how to” books out there and it’s really easy to find cool puppets on eBay and eTsy. Oh, fay, to find out why David and Brooke are considered “celebrities” check out their bios on http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001039/ and http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1036361/

CeeCee on

Sweet story! It’s great to see a dad care so much about those priceless moments.
Not sure every dad in the same situation would have realized what was going on; David is certainly a very attentive father!