GRiPPiES: Make Any Sock Slip-Proof

09/28/2008 at 09:00 AM ET

When Anya was learning to walk, she took a fair number of spills on our slippery wood floors. Many socks for toddlers come with rubberized non-slip logos on the sole, but Anya’s tights or handmade booties lacked this feature. This is exactly what Corrie Wilder, mom to two girls, was going through when she stumbled upon the idea of GRiPPiES, iron-on and stick-on non-slip adhesive shapes. Either iron on or stick on the adhesive-backed GRiPPies to the bottom of anything your kid’s foot goes in (like socks, slippers, tights, even footy PJs) and you have a new non-slip surface with no sewing or drying time. I love that they offer non-iron versions so you can add them as needed without having to take off your kid’s socks or tights.

Initially created for the kids market, GRiPPiES is gaining tremendouspopularity among adults as well; knitters, crocheters and felters areadding GRiPPiES to their handmade socks and slippers. They’re also great for adults- I do a fair amount of slipping when I wear tights around my house!

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— Danielle

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