Cate Blanchett Introduces Son to Fashion

09/28/2008 at 03:00 PM ET

You’re never too young for your first fashion show! Cate Blanchett, husband Andrew Upton and oldest son Dashiell John, 6 ½, sit front row during the Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2009 Collection on Monday in Milan.

The 39-year-old actress and Andrew are also parents to Roman Robert, 4, and Ignatius ‘Iggy’ Martin, 5 months.


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Cassandra on

What a gorgeous little boy! I think he has his fathers head but his mothers face. Still adorable.

phoebe on

What a beautiful child! He seems to be a lovely mix of both his parents.

Jaisa on

She looks always so serene..
Wondering how she does it.
Seems like a family full of love and attention for everyone. Great!

Nanny-Emma on

He’s gorgeous! Looks like him Mum

Bethy on

I’m not sure what she sees in her husband, but I think she is beautiful, and her son is a cutie. Wonder if he liked the fashion show?

Aelys on

Dashiell definitely has his mom’s eyes!

Allison on

I can’t quite tell who Dashiell and his brothers look like, but they definitely all resemble each other.

Siobahn on

He looks just like her!!
And she is always so flawlessly beautiful…

Allie on

What a BEAUTIFUL boy!! I think he looks just like his mom.

The only thing that sucks about the picture, is that she could have taken him to any show, but she chose Armani!! Boooo!! Armani has actually gone against his word, and has turned back to using REAL rabbit fur in his children (and adult) collection!

Crystal on

She looks beautiful. She does not look like she had a baby 5 months ago.

Stéph on

I think it’s the first time I see this little boy, he is such a sweetheart. Cate looks amazing, she does not look like she had a baby five months ago. She is gorgeous!

Kelly on

does anyone else notice that Cate & her son have the same look? its cute & can i say they are both BEAUTIFUL

Alex on

She is so beautiful. I just have to hate her for it. 🙂

mslewis on

Allie, Cate has to be at the Armani show because she endorses his brand. That’s why she is always wearing his clothes. I really don’t see what the fuss is about. If you don’t approve of fur then don’t wear it!!! Let others make their own decisions.

Anyway, Dashill is really adorable but I would think he would be bored stiff at a fashion show!!!

eva on

I understand where Allie is comming from.It is my wish but not my obsession that people with certain amount of power or impact in public life (or a woman who seems to be lovely and sincere with her public like Cate Blanchett)would stop wearing fur.I don’t dislike her for endorsing Armani,I just think this way.Just like other ladies here say “I wish they would protect their baby from the sun”,”I wish she was toilet trained”,”I wish they hadn’t named him X or Y”.Its the same thing.As long as its done politely ideas and wishes can and should be expressed.

Jade on

Wow I thought she’d be one of those celebrities who hide their kids from the public.

He’s cute I hope he enjoyed the show. He looks bored.

Aitch on

She is so naturally gorgeous. I am envious!!
I love all the names they chose for their boys.

aurora mia on

What a gorgeous boy! I nearly chose the name Dashiell for my little boy…DH wouldnt go for it! I just love her.

amy on

woah!!! how much does he look like Cate!!

Allie on

Chill mslewis. I’m a lover of animals, what can I say? If you want to be foolish and run around wearing real fur, that’s your deal. For multiple reasons, I’m sure you wouldn’t be like, “Don’t you just LOOOVE my REAL fur coat?!?!” Personally, I wouldn’t want my child playing with a stuffed animal that was at one time, a living creature. I’m sure if the child knew the truth, they would be horrified. That is MY opinion. If you don’t like it, tuff titty said the kitty!!

lizamo on

I’m loving Andrew Upton’s bling!

kelpy on

Handsome boy!
I would think a girl could be very intimidated dating one of those brothers, when they grow up…imagine being taken home to meet Mum (aka Cate Blanchett)!
Beauty & Grace personified!!!

Lilybett on

I saw Cate and Andrew in person a few months ago at the cinema up the road. I actually reconised her husband first because she was so tiny! She still had that ethereal quality about her though.

Stephany on

Dashiell is a beautiful child. He looks just like his mom!