Katie Holmes and Suri Step Out in the City

09/27/2008 at 04:00 PM ET

Accessorizing with a headband, actress Katie Holmes clutches a wrapped-up Suri, 2, on a rainy Friday in NYC. Katie, 29,is currently living in the city while she stars in All My Sons on Broadway. Dad is Tom Cruise.

Visit Just Jared for photos of Katie giving Suri a kiss!

Suri is wrapped in a Little Giraffe Plush Chenille Blanket ($86).

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UggaMugga.com on

Cute photo of those two. And Katie looks a bit like her old (young) self…I like the headband in her hair!

LisaS1968 on

OK…does anyone else think it odd how sheltered this child appears to be? She is always carried, wrapped in blankets, and dressed like she is going to a fashion shoot. I contrast this with the beautiful natural shots of children like Marcia Cross’s twins or Jennifer Garner’s daughter cavorting in the park like normal children, and something just seems odd…

Sarah on

the blanket could be because its cold or because suri was just napping. the dresses are beautiful and as long as suri isn’t uncomfortable, i don’t see a problem. and, there have been a few shots of suri playing in the park (with both tom and katie on separate occassions). i guess she’s more sheltered, but considering how the paps hound them, i would probably shelter my child too.

Kim on

i live in nyc and it was definitely muggy and humid yesteday, not cold….

i agree with the sheltered bit…you never see her playing with other kids her own age, either

Brandi on

Love Katie’s headband!

I live in Brooklyn and it was pouring rain yesterday morning and then very cloudy with rain off and on throughout, although it was on the warmer side.

Beccasmama on

As far as the dresses thing, my daughter will be 3 in Feb, and REFUSES to wear pants. She won’t wear anything except frilly dresses. She’s just not a princess without one! 🙂 Suri could be the same way.

marla on

that volumnious blanket (love little giraffe by the way) is rather telling, given the weather. is she hiding a bump? just a thought. i think this is the second or third time she’s been photographed carrying this large blanket…only time will tell.

CelebBabyLover on

I doubt she’s hiding a bump, as I doubt she’d be doing a Broadway show if she was pregnant. I’m guessing Suri’s just going through a “blanket” phase right now. 🙂

As for Suri being sheltered…You never see the Jolie-Pitt kids playing with other kids their ages either (and there also aren’t many shots of them playing at parks), but no one complains about that.

Also, Suri actually walks plenty (for example, she was walking in most of the photos from her and Tom’s outing to Build-a-Bear workshop). It just seems to be when there are a lot of paps around and/or they have to pass the paps that she’s carried.

I could be wrong, but I think that, for families as famous and as hounded by the paps as the Cruises and the Jolie-Pitts, it’s hard to do “normal” things with the kids, such as having them play with other kids.

I also don’t think it’s that easy for them to have playdates with “normal” kids, as they’d be running the risk of the “normal” kid’s parents spilling stuff to the media.

Finally, when you think about it, you rarely see ANY celeb kids playing with other kids (this includes Violet Affleck, Marcia Cross’s girls, Heidi Klum’s kids, etc.).

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I have seen recent photos of Katie on PEOPLE magazine’s website…and she looks pretty darn skinny to me. I can’t see any belly whatsoever in those pics!

CelebBabyLover on

I just want to add that I’d LOVE to see another Holmes-Cruise baby! I have a hunch that Suri will get a baby sibling sometime in 2009! 🙂

Mama C. on

I think Katie looks like herself in this shot because she isn’t wearing huge, dated sunglasses. Those sunglasses she wears do make her look older (when combined with the haircut and the clothes.) I think she’s doing the whole “Jackie-O” thing for both herself and Suri–the Kennedy kids were ALWAYS immaculately dressed as was Jackie. As for not letting her walk, I have an 18-month-old and a 3-year-old: I wouldn’t DREAM of letting them walk loose in a busy city sidewalk–especially if there were a) lots of folks taking pictures and b) my child–due to the fame thing–were at higher risk to be snatched in a crowd. Finally, I imagine Suri runs and plays plenty when the world isn’t watching.

Anne on

Why not put Suri in a stroller instead of carrying her all the time?
Would be different to see Suri in a two piece outfit-top and pants for a change.

Jen K on

CelebBabyLover, Violet goes to pre-school and I’m pretty confident they have other kids there.

And Heidi & Marcia’s kids, at least they have siblings to play with.

brooke on

Suri is beautiful. As for not being around other kids you don’t see other celebrity kids either usually playing with kids. I’m sure if they have play dates it doesn’t have to be in front of the paparazzi lol. We just get pics of parents with their kids out and about, not a daily basis of what they do through out the day. You don’t see violet or the jolie pitts having play dates either, yea they have siblings the pitt kids but every kid could us someone other than their siblings to play with. But it doesn’t mean they don’t have play dates just cause we don’t see every single thing in a child’s life lol

Nicole on

Very cute picture of the two of them!

And who cares about their ‘reasons’ to shelter their daughter. It’s their decission and other people have nothing to do with it.

Why oh why does everyone always have a comment about every little detail, can’t you just say it’s a nice picture and get back to your own ‘business?’

Kay on

Love that picture of Katie. Suri is a cute pie. I wish people would stop being so critical and realise that there is a reason why she carries her child. Any mother would tell you raising a child is no joke. So give her a break.

J on

Sure DOES walk on her own, there are plenty of shots of her walking with her mom and dad. Maybe she just doesn’t like a stroller. My mom had a devil of a time getting my sis to ride in a stroller. She ended up walking next to the stroller while my mom pushed it. Whatever works I guess..lol!

Maybe Suri just loves dresses, what’s the harm if she doesn’t wear pants and shirts (that we see anyway).

SH on

A stroller wouldn’t make sense if she’s just walking from a car into a building…people need to think about these types of things before making comments.

CelebBabyLover on

brooke- Good point! I actually think Suri has playdates with Grier Henchy. Tom and Brooke have both spoken about that to the media.

SH- ITA! You always make such good comments! 🙂

Jay on

You can’t tell what someone life is like from a picture. If that was the case we all would be in trouble. It’s just a picture…take it for what it’s worth. A mother holding her baby girl.

shiri on

Suri is soo adorable : )i love see pics of her with her parents.

celebbabylover you are talking again about no one complains about the joliepitt kids never playing with other kids on the park. First like always, the pics of the park was with the adopted kids because they never went with Shiloh too. Second no one cares if they play or not. So no one can complain about something that not bother them.

I’m not worried that Suri went to the park and don’t play with the other kids. You can go and see the Suri pics on the park and you will see that she is very happy and smiles a lot.
I think is better go to the park and bound with her parents than staying always in home with her nanny, never being including on the family outs when is obvious to everybody that she could be go out with her family. I think that i don’t need to say the name of this little blond beauty girl.

SH on

aren’t the jolie-pitts still in france? don’t they have a law there protecting the children from paps photography?…meaning we don’t really see a lot of pictures of what they’re doing now. how do YOU know what shiloh is or isn’t being included with her family and brothers/sisters??

CelebBabyLover on

SH- Actually, they are in Berlin, Germany now (Brad apparently is going to start filming a movie there in a few weeks). I think Brad and Angie are just laying low like they did in France (we did see at least one picure of Zahara in France after the twins first photos came out, so I’m guessing us not seeing them didn’t have to do with any laws).

Anyway, thank you for referring to Shi’s brothers and sisters as just that! I don’t understand why they always have to be singled out and called “the adopted children”, or why people make Shi (and now it will probably start with the twins, too) seem more important than them (case in point: Shiri’s comment seemed that way to me.).

It’s obvious Angie and Brad love all of their children equally, and I doubt they think along the lines of, “Maddox, Pax, and Z are our adopted children.” Their children are their children, period!

Also, Shiloh not only goes out plenty, but is being seen more and more as she gets older. I just went through the CBB archives, and found 8 pictures of her taken in September and October 2007 alone! In at least three of those pics, she was even enjoying alone time with her parents!

She also has been to parks with her siblings, as there were pictures of her at a park in Prague with her parents and siblings in summer 2007.

Shiloh has been seen in Germany (a few months after her birth), on the set of her father’s movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, going on boat rides with her siblings, going shopping with her parents and siblings, on a “girl’s day out” with her mother and sister Zahara in Monaco, on a bike ride with her family, in New Orleans with her mommy, on a ski trip with her family, etc.

All of that said, for Shiri and anyone else who’s wondering, I brought up the J-P’s because people were saying Suri seems sheltered because you never see her playing with other kids (among other reasons). I was trying to point out that noboday says the J-P kids are sheltered because they aren’t seen playing with other kids.

In otherwords, I was trying to point out that I think there’s a double-standard when it comes to the Cruises.

I also assure you that I actually only bring up the J-Ps when it is somehow relevent to the post (for example, I have mentioned tem on posts about celebs selling their babies’ first photos, to point out that sometimes selling the baby pics is neccesary). 🙂

To everyone else, I apologize for getting so off-topic! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Jay- Beautifully put!