Meet Miss Sunday Rose Kidman Urban!

09/26/2008 at 10:30 AM ET
Big Pictures/Bauer Griffin

Nicole Kidman — who’s currently living in London while she prepares for her role in Nine — gave us our first clear glimpse at her 11-week-old daughter’s face while out in the city on Thursday.

Sunday Rose was dressed in a pastel pink dress and tights, and stayed cuddled close to mum as they strolled. Dad is country star Keith Urban.

Click here to visit the Daily Mail and see the close-up!

Click ‘More’ for a photo of Nicole giving Sunday a kiss.

Big Pictures/Bauer Griffin

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Moore on

She looks adorable! I was truly excited and happy for Nicole when I found out she was pregnant.

phoebe on

Aw cute, although it’s not really a clear enough picture to tell who she looks like yet. I wonder how much Sunday gets to see of her older brother and sister?

Mandy on

Awww sooo cute!

Great to see the two of them out and about.

Philippa on

Very cute!

Alana on

As any other baby, she’s very cute and i’m sure with gorgeous parents like Nicole and Keith, it’s only a beginning for her blossoming.

I can’t beleive i’m writing this…
They are in London and Nicole wrapped in all this warm cloths, Sunday on the other hand is wearing short sleeve summer dress and no warm hat. Am i missing something?
In no way i’m trying to disrespect, can’t understand though how come the child isn’t dressed up at least as warm as her mom.

Gelareh on

I never found out what’s the fuss about seeing celebrity babies’ faces, let alone paying millions of dollars for their photos (I think the photos are more about parents, other siblings and the environment). I mean except for your own baby, they all look the same. Equally adorable, peaceful and cute.
Anyhow Im sooo happy for Nicole, she totally deserved this.

phoebe on

I’m just outside London and it’s been quite warm today, although to Nicole, it may seem colder because of where she is from. I think it’s probably not been quite warm enough to not put a cardigan on a small baby, but Nicole might just be transferring Sunday from the house to the car or something like that, in which case, this won’t do the baby any harm.

And Gelareh – really?! You think all babies actually do look the same?!

Skipsie on

My computer won’t let me open that webpage😦
But I’m sure she’s adorable!

Sarah on

It’s Nicole who is over dressed. It was pleasnatly warm in London today and dressing Sunday Rose in anything more would have overheated her. Beside, I’m sure Sunday’s wearing a nice comfy baby vest underneath. At least Nicole can remove her own clothes if she feels too warm, but Sunday Rose can’t.

Jenni-Girl on

ah! so cute

she looks like she could be a doll and wow she look big for 2 months. Adorable! just adorable!

Heather on

What perfect timing. The minute Keith Urban leaves London, he has a show at the Opry in Nashville on Saturday, we get a face photo of Sunday Rose. How convenient.

Lily on

She seems just darling! And from what I can see, she looks to have Nicole’s nose. So adorable.

Jeannette on

I think Nicole is over-dressed is because she’s fair-skin and to avoid getting sunburn/rash she protects herself. I remember seeing Nicole wearing a long sleeve shirt over her bikini while on a beach with Keith, wearing a sun hat. She’s just trying to protect her fair skin.

Tracy on

Lily ~

I was thinking the same thing about her little nose!

I can’t wait to see her once she gets a little older.🙂

Mia on

She looks cute.🙂

Considering the angle (and the angle can be a huge difference) she seems to look more like Nicole. Her baby hair looks blonde, but maybe will have a darker red shade when her full head of hair grows in.

Diane on

Wow!!! Beautiful little girl.


Thank you phoebe for letting us know the weather over there. I was gonna ask a friend but you answered my question first.

It was a warm day. I’m assuming there’s 2 reasons why Nicole is “over dressed”. She’s fair skinned being one and she probably was trying to go incognito. She may even feel cold in general…my mom is ALWAYS cold somehow…even if it’s nice out. I’m sure she knows it’s not cold out and Sunday is fine.

Give her a break seriously. It’s not winter yet.

tippythepoodle on

alana and phoebe–

celebrities usually go from one air conditioned area to another–they are often not outside long enough for it to matter! Don’t you notice a lot of celebs wear scarves and long sleeves when the rest of us are in shorts and tanks?

Rosy J on

Adorable baby. So happy for Nicole and Keith.

FC on

Sunday is adorable in her little pink dress. Love her little nose, too. Maybe next time she’ll be awake, but she’s a cute little baby.

Anais on

Nicole has said many times that she is always cold, even when it’s perpetually warm. That should explain her being bundled up.

Also, Nicole was born with more blonde hair than red, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Sunday is a little blonde, too.

brooke on

From what I can see the baby resembles nicole already

CelebBabyLover on

ERIKA- Good point! My dad is the exact same way. It’s not unsual for him to be a bit overdressed (he’s even been known to wear sweaters on summer mornings occasionally!). He often makes the people around go “You’re making ME warm!”.

I, on the otherhand, am the exact opposite! I am very “warm blooded”. I’m usually more likely to be underdressed. LOL!

As for all babies looking alike, Gelarah, I have to agree with Phoebe. You seriously think all babies look alike? That is certainly not the case!

Compare, for example, Nahla Aubrey and Harlow Madden. The two couldn’t look more different! Even though both babies are techincally bi-racial, Nahla looks much more bi-racial than Harlow does. She also has thick, curly black hair whereas Harlow has wispy blonde/brown hair.

Also, compare Suri and Shiloh when they were babies. They also couldn’t have looked more different, even in their first photoshoots! Suri had a mop of black hair, while Shi had very little brown hair. Also, Suri had a much more “exotic” look to her (and still does, and I mean that in a good way!).

DLR on

Oh yay, what a cutie baby. Now just have to get a picture with her eyes open and looking alert!

Katie on

Man Keith & Nicole can sure make an adorable baby girl, we need to see some father & daughter pictures!


Of Course that baby is beautiful! With Nicole Kidman for her mom and Keith Urban for her daddy, you can’t go wrong. I am so happy for Nicole and Keith, I know they both wanted this baby very badly. She is precious!

Stephanie on

Great Picture!!!!!!! I am a huge fan of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. Congrads

SJ on

I’m in the UK, and a lot of babies I see lately are not wrapped up in blankets. It’s not that cold or even breezy.

But of course celebrity parents are not as perfect as us.

debbie reinert on

what a waste of a cover if you didn’t already know aiken was gay then you’re out there geez how about a cover of the american golf team that won the ryder cup back from the europeans after 9 years now that’s newsworthy….more info won at vahalla golf course in louisville,Ky sept 21 2008

maggie on

At last we can see the gorgeous Sunday Rose!! so pretty and i am so happy to see this little girl! I live in Ireland and we are having exceptionally hot weather here and we re only an hours plane ride from London. Also Nicole has said many times that she is always cold! Even in Nashville during the pregnancy Nicole would be covered up leaving the gym!! Do the family own a home in London?

rreed on

So happy to see such a sweet little baby girl. Am sure she is giving her mom, dad, and the rest of the family much joy.

It’s no wonder how proud and protective Nicole and Keith are of this little one.

CelebBabyLover on

maggie- Not to my knowledge. I’m guessing they are either staying in a hotel or in a rented house (like the Jolie-Pitts often do).

SJ- Nobody was trying to say that they’re “perfect” parents and Nicole isn’t. I think they honestly didn’t realize that it’s actually been warm in London lately. In otherwords, they didn’t realize that it is Nicole who is overdressed, rather than Sunday being underdressed.🙂

cate on

It was 18C/64F that day. Not so warm.

Angel on

Congratulations to Nicole and Keith for not ‘Selling’ their beautiful baby daughter’s precious image. Refreshing! (Go Australia!) I am surprised though why Nicole would want to be back at work so soon when money isn’t an issue.


Let’s be careful of judging other celebrity parents, who have chosen to ‘sell,’ their children’s pictures, whether it’s Gwyneth Paltrow selling her kids pics for $50K and keeping the money or whether it’s Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie for getting 14 million and giving it ALL away to charity. Bottomline is, the pictures will be got – one way or the other. You commenting on a celeb baby website, that makes money from said pics of babies, is blatantly hypocritical to judge parents who do the pictorials. YOU are the market that they are appealing to. If you say, ‘oh I don’t buy those magazines, I just look at the candid paparazzi shots here on celeb babies – then that is EQUALLY bad, as the parents nor the child, have consented to these snaps being taken. How can you be such a hypocrite?? Some would say, it’s an obligation to not give tabloids and press FREE money, made off the back of your kid, because you’re famous. If you know they are going to be making money – take that money and put it to good use, RATHER than letting the tabloid celebrity media make millions that will only line some fat cat’s pockets, having come at the expense of the celeb parents being harrassed and annoyed and chased down in the street. It seems a worthwhile SMART exchange to say, if you’re going to make my life hell – I’ll see to it that something GOOD can come of it – which is why admire Brad & Angelina, they’ve turned this on it’s head -a nd taken that demand, and made it aid other less fortunate people in the world. Finally a reason for these craploid ragazines to exist and do some good – even if it’s indirectly.

jenny on

Nicole is certainly keeping Sunday Rose warm with her kiss! It was very sweet to see that!

Judith on

It’s very sad that Nicole seems to have forgotten her older children. It’s no wonder they call Katie Holmes: Mom. Very sad.

rori on

Sunday Rose, you are so beautiful like your mama!!!Do anyone know if there’s already a magazin with Sunday’s big picture in it?bec. I will order it online(we dont have many choices here in Jpan)

CelebBabyLover on

Angel- I’m guessing that either Nicole just likes working (not all moms, regardless of their income, are cut out to be stay-at-home moms!). Also, Keith mentioned that Sunday came at a very busy time for the couple.

She apparently wasn’t planned, and Nicole and Keith already had projects lined up when Nicole became pregnant. Therefore, Nicole may have signed on to Nine before she became pregnant.

In otherwords, she may not have WANTED to go back to work so soon, but was bound by a contract and didn’t have a choice.

However, from what Keith has said, it sounds like Nicole is planning to take a break from acting after she films Nine, as she and Sunday will then be joining Keith on tour.

Jenny- What a sweet way to put it!

shanna on

OMG what a sweetheart,,, awwww!!! I remember when my daughter was that age,, the grow fast!!! she is an active 14 month old

Silvermouse on

A little nippiness never hurt anyone.

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