Michelle Monaghan's Delivery Surprise a Boy?

09/25/2008 at 04:30 PM ET
Tony Wise/London Entertainment/Splash News Online

Opting not to discover the sex of the baby she’s due to deliver in late fall has had some unexpected fringe benefits, said Michelle Monaghan during a Wednesday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. "Honestly, I think it’s saving us money," the 32-year-old Eagle Eye actress explains. "Because I’m not, like, buying things up a storm." Michelle revealed that she and husband Peter White have "a few names" picked out but nothing is yet set in stone. "We’re going to wait to see the baby and then we’ll decide," she said.

While the couple "don’t want to know" whether that baby is a boy or a girl, host Ellen DeGeneres did her best to predict the answer by trying out a number of popular gender predicting wives’ tales on Michelle. First, she asked Michelle to show her her hands, and Michelle initially responded by holding out her hands with palms facing down. Then, Ellen asked her to pick up a key, and Michelle did so by grabbing the round end. Lastly, Ellen dangled a ring on a string over Michelle’s hands and it began to slowly rock back and forth. If the wives’ tales are to be believed, all three indicate that Michelle and Peter are expecting a son!

Clearly pleased by the news, a beaming Michelle smiled and said "I’m crazy about boys, so that’s great."

Eagle Eye is in theaters Friday.

Source: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Did you try out any wives’ tales while pregnant? Which ones? Were they correct?

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TampaBaby1 on

I am curious what others have to say about this. I am currently 15 weeks with my first and am just so curious to know the gender. I have even looked at the chinese gender charts.

JM on

Ellen did the same thing with Minnie Driver and I think 2 out of 3 said boy so maybe these old wives tales aren’t so far fetched!! BTW I have done the chinese baby chart for everyeone I know who had (or having) a baby and 98% of the time it’s actually correct! Pretty wierd lol!

Allison on

JM, Ellen WAS right about Minnie Driver, but I remember her doing the same thing for Halle Berry, and then she had a girl. so you never know

Stacey on

I did the Chinese baby chart and it said boy for me. I had a girl! It was right for a lot of my friends though! Weird!

Dana on

I looked into all of the first wives tales. All told me I was having a girl. They were right. I don’t know if I put much stock in them, but they sure were fun!

Brianne on

The gender charts I looked at while pregnant all said girl.. and my daughter was born in january. When I gained weight, it went right to my butt, which I hear is a wives tale for a girl. I also craved sweet stuff constantly (I’m told women carrying boys crave salt, and girls crave sugar). But the truest one, without a doubt, was the constant heartburn that radiated through my fingernails no matter if i ate skittles, ice cream, chocolate, or anything. Our daughter came out with more hair than most 3 year olds. She’s 8 1/2 months old and has had 2 haircuts already!

Tiffany on

Well, any guess does have a 50% chance of being right.

Rye on

These old wives tales are just that…old wives tales. They aren’t legitimate in the least bit. It’s a 50/50 chance guessing either way and the odds are even so it’s only LUCKY GUESSING!

My mother had two boys and with both pregnancies she carried all over and gained a lot of weight all around her body and everyone was telling her she was having a girl with BOTH her kids. She also craved non-stop sweets. She said ice cream and chocolate were must haves for her while preggo with me and my brother. She would make my dad run out at 3 in the morning for ice cream with whipped cream!🙂

My aunt, who had all girls, craved spicey foods and carried all in the front and didn’t gain any weight besides the healthy amount expected. She looked like her normal self just with a big baby bump every time.

I have tried these old wives tales on friends and the results always come out muddled. it either works or it doesn’t…which just proves that it’s all a guessing game.

Hannah on

The Chinese calendar was wrong with my first pregnancy. But the ring test was dead on. It swung back and forth and I had a boy. This time I have this strong feeling it’s a girl and the ring test is going in circles. We’ll find out Oct. 14th!

marla on

i read a study that tested the accuracy of the chinese gender test, the draino test (i forget what you do with the draino-something with your urine) and one other old wives tales. and guess what? they were all about 50% accurate. for me, the chinese gender chart was right on one, wrong on the other. it’s fun to guess with these methods though. but it’s just that…a guess.

TampaBaby1 on

Another thing regarding the gender charts – they definitely vary. Some say I am having a girl, others say boy. Some are also based on lunar month and age too!

MB on

The Chinese chart said I’m having a boy so we’ll see when the baby is born in Feb.!

larkling on

The only prediction I might believe is my paternal grandmother, she’s been opposite for all 8 grandkids, the last two we all wanted to know what she thought so we could believe opposite

babyboopie on

When I was pregnant, during my baby shower, my friends decided to predict whether it was a boy or a girl by using the ring test and after about 2 tests, we were all convinced it was a girl! There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that it was a girl and so you can imagine my shock when my son came out complete with his boy bits!! We joked that it was like it’d always been set in stone that he was a boy, and so I named him Pierre which is french for stone.

karen on

We didn’t know with our last baby what gender was. All the old wives tales pointed to a boy and we had a girl! You just never know.

Me on

I did the threaded pin in the pencil trick (thread a sewing pin and sitck it into the eraser of a sharpened pencil) and dangle it over your upturned wrist. Side to side means boy, up and down means girl.. and it supposedly tells you how many children and their genders. Mine said girl, boy, boy, girl. My first child is a girl! That trick has been done on a ton of people (even those who already had children) and it worked every time. Maybe just a fluke, but it was fun.

I also took the Gender Prediction test (a cup that you buy, pee in, and if it turns orange you’re having a girl, green it’s a boy).. the colors supposedly react to the levels of testosterone in your urine. Anyways, it’s 99% accurate if it comes back as girl, but only about 45% accurate if it says boy. Mine said boy and was wrong.

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