Dezi Inherited the Loud Gene, Says Jaime Pressly

09/25/2008 at 06:30 PM ET
Andy Fossum/Startraks

In a Wednesday appearance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Jaime Pressly dished on life with Dezi James Calvo, her 16-month-old son with fiancé Eric Calvo (aka DJ Eric Cubiche). Noting that "the Pressly genes are very strong," the 31-year-old My Name is Earl actress said that the baby boy has "big blue eyes and dirty blonde hair" just like his mom. Dezi also "unfortunately" inherited Jaime’s skin tone, she jokingly complained to Conan. "I didn’t have a mixed baby for nothing."

"Eric is very, very, very dark. He’s Cuban with an olive complexion. Dezi came out looking like you [Conan]. It’s pretty crazy! Although he does tan really well."

Father and son — who "speaks Spanglish up a storm" — do still have some things in common, however. Jaime said that Dezi’s roots are evident every time he speaks! Cubans are "very loud," Jaime explains. "You think when they’re speaking to each other in Spanish they’re mad, but they’re really just saying, ‘Hey, do you want to go get a cup of coffee?’" A native of North Carolina, Jaime feels that Southerners tend to speak the same way, "yelling everything" and just generally being "very boisterous." Put the two together, and it only makes sense that Dezi would be "really, really loud" according to Jaime.

"So that kid is just like ‘MOMMY’ all the time. And I’ll be standing right next to him. He means no harm. He just wants a cup of Cuban coffee."

The new season of My Name is Earl premieres tonight at 8 p.m. on NBC.

Source: Late Night with Conan O’Brien

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Susan Lee on

My goodness, what a strange thing to say! She is upset because her child is white like mom instead of being a dark-skinned Cuban. She should be happy that her child is healthy and leave it at that.

Fifi on

I doubt that she is actually upset, have you ever heard of a joke? People are hardly every serious in what they say on these shows.

halifaxhoney on

Susan Lee, I believe that Jaime was joking. She was after all on Conan.

A.J. on

Yeah, I saw parts of her interview and through the whole thing she was joking around and stuff….i highly doubt she was being serious about being upset or whatever

Perhaps Not on

Is Eric the biological father I wonder.

Lily on

And here we go again.

Anyway, I definitely understand what she’s saying about that loud gene Dezi seems to have inherited. I’m half Cuban and half Peruvian so I can definitely say my family does not understand the concept of volume control lol.

Sarah on

i’m pretty sure she was just joking, susan. the point of these shows is to laugh about yourself. i doubt she is seriously concerned with her baby’s skin tone.

Renee on

Im going to have to with the majority, so far, and say that she is joking.There is no reason to think she is being serious.

Brittany on

theres always someone who has to nit pick, she was joking!

marla on

she is hysterical! genes are SO interesting, especially when it comes to babies with parents of a different race. my brother, white, and his wife, hispanic, have a blonde hair, blue-eyed little guy. my sister-in-law, would JOKINGLY complain that other moms thought she was the nanny. and he was a VERY premature baby so they are VERY thankful that he is now completely healthy. she just has a sense of humor.

m-dot on

Of course she’s joking. She might’ve preferred a baby with more melanin, but I’m sure she loves his cute little self just the same.

Also, Cubans are THE LOUDEST people you’ll ever meet. lol. I love it!

Mae on

I too, am from North Carolina. I live about 20 minutes away from the town she’s from.

Most Southerns do tend to be VERY loud. I know that me, and my entire family is way too loud. It’s funny though, my niece’s family is from Mass. and they always say what a loud child she is, and too me it just seems so normal.

I love Jaime, she’s beautiful and funny…and Dezi is so cute!!

Ruthella on

I love this woman! She really makes me laugh and Dezi is very cute🙂

I think it’s totally normal to ‘wish’ your child had certain traits from either side. I’d love my kids to get their Daddy’s luscious lips and thick hair as both of those features of mine are on the thin side!

Health comes first, obviously, but when you love your partner you naturally want your kids to get those bits you love the most!

And I really like the name Dezi, I was considering it for my daughter (until she came out a girl LOL)

susan on

That is hysterical. My brother married a Cuban woman and I LOVE being around her family. They are loud and overly caffeinated and just so much fun!

CountryGirl on

Sorry, but I didn’t think it was funny neither. There is nothing wrong with having a white child.

Bb on

This made me laugh. I love Jamie Pressly.

Allie on

i think countrygirl wrote that to stir the pot. what a silly thing for you to say, honestly.

no one said there is anything wrong with a white child. i know i’m white, very white. my ancestors are american indians, and i just WISH i had a bit of the natural coloring my brothers do, because it’s a beautiful golden skin…. that doesn’t mean i don’t like my skin color. at all. i think the same applies here. i’m sure she’s very proud of the way her son looks!!!

Carol on

I think you always look for the qualities you love about your spouse in your child. She was probably expecting a darker skinned child just because she’s in love with a darker skinned man. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t love Dezi any less because he’s white. Geez, people….just chill.

Love on

i think she’s hilarious, and i love that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. as joy on ‘my name is earl’, she might be my favorite person on TV right now.

Regina on

You know what would make CBB SO MUCH BETTER? Not commenting on the people that clearly comment to stir up trouble! Wow, what a novel concept!

Jaime is so flipping funny, I love her!

Brandi on

It’s called having a sense of humor. If you know anything about Jaime (or Conan) you know the whole thing is a big joke. The post even says it. Lighten up.

Anyway, who watched Earl last night? I loved it.

Wondering? on

If her husband is “very very very dark” why didn’t he take something after him? Is it possible HE is not the natural father?

Sarita on

I would love to have a child with beautiful brown skin. I’m so white and I just think a little darker is more beautiful. I’ve been joking for years that I need to find a darker skinned man to have my babies with! Of course I know it doesn’t matter at all, it’s just joking around.

yogadaisy on

Sarita, Love the skin you’re in! White, porcelain-like skin is just as beautiful.

I do think Jamie was joking but there is an underlying message in there…

Sorry! I’m not trying to stir the pot more or anything just pointing out if a darker skinned woman married to a white man said she wished her baby was more white there would be an outrage.

phoebe on

I think she was likely kidding about the skin colour thing. I remember her talking about when she was pregnant, she didn’t like it because she got bigger and she was used to being ‘hot’. She’s always joking around. I think you need to take it with a pinch of salt when celebrities say something like this unless you know they’re being serious in a bad way. I don’t think Dezi looks a whole lot like his mummy, but he is very cute.

Emma on


I remember a time when blonde, fair skinned children were the standard of beauty. I’m glad to see that beauty of all shades are equally appreciated. I hope we can all have a sense of humor at some point about all this.

Mia on

I’m pretty sure she was joking. I think the baby looks exactly like her, especially in the nose and coloring.

But I understand the context. I mean, I”m a redhead with fair skin-which I love. I wouldn’t want it any other way..but naturally there is that curiosity to what I would look like with darker hair and darker skin. My dad is very dark, and has dark hair and olive skin tone while my mom has the red hair/coloring.

brooke on

She meant it as a joke, she is a funny lady in general. Baby looks just like her, just with the dad’s nose IMO

Camilla on

I have three children and always wished for them to inherit my husband’s full, luscious lips rather then my pencil thin ones. Who knew the thin lip gene is more prominent then the full one? All three inherited my lips. Oh well… at least they’ll never have to experience sunburnt lips like my husband does at times. I’m glad they inherited my butt chin, though!

decemoni on

Oh my she was joking please lighten up people, she’s a comedian and the show that she was on is nothing but jokes. As a black woman I love my biracial child his skin tone everything, not every biracial child will come out looking how you think they would. My child was whiter than his father when he was born and he has fairer skin now I wanted him to stay how he was but he’s just as cute as he was when he was born. I think that what she was feeling like every new mother and a woman in love,she wanted him to be a lil replica of the love of her life and there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone that has a child has that image of what they picture their child to look like, so stop acting like she said something wrong because I’m sure all the haters that have kids wanted them to look a certain way or to look more like them than their spouses.

Isabel on

I’ve seen a picture of Eric, and he’s definitely not dark dark like she is saying. He is of medium complexion…I wouldn’t even call him olive.

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