Rapper T.I. Ordered to Pay More Child Support, Granted Joint Custody

09/24/2008 at 10:30 AM ET
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Update: A judge has ordered that T.I. increase his child support payments to slightly more than $3000 a month. In addition, the judge ruled that T.I will continue to pay the children’s private schooling, uninsured medical bills, and any extracurricular activities. While Lashon will maintain primary physical custody, the couple will now share joint custody. Although Lashon still has discrepancies over the amount of child support, her rep says,

“Every little bit helps. She was just getting by with the children, while they lived a different life with their father. It can’t be complete opposites on the other side.”

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Posted September 15th: T.I. and his attorney have responded to the allegations in a lengthy statement. In part, T.I. says,

“A lot of deceiving information has been reported regarding my recent child support proceeding. It is unfortunate that the media has been used to manipulate the circumstances and distort the facts. Those that know me, all know that there is nothing more important to me than my children. I have always supported all of my children financially, emotionally, and spiritually. This has always been the case and I will continue to do so in the future as this is my responsibility as a parent.

To clarify the recent reports, in addition to the $2000 per month I pay in cash to Lashon Dixon, the mother of my sons Domani and Messiah, I also pay for their private schooling, medical insurance, clothing, food, gifts, birthdays and extracurricular activities. Their extracurricular activities have included football, basketball, baseball, acting lessons, summer camp, and any other activities that they express a desire to be involved in that will contribute to them leading balanced lives and developing into well rounded individuals. I have also made an attempt to help Lashon with additional payments that have included a down payment to purchase her home, purchase of an automobile for her transportation and other financial obligations. These expenses are documented and are far in excess of the $2000 cash payment that is being paid direct to Lashon. She has chosen not to work and to live 100% from her child support receipts. This is the reason for her difficulties in making ends meet for herself.

Not only do I support my boys 100% financially, I am also committed to their emotional and spiritual growth. While I would enjoy the luxury of being present for all of my children’s activities, unfortunately the demands of my career and the need to secure my family’s financial security as well as insuring my kid’s personal growth dictates that I travel constantly and work tirelessly. Despite my hectic schedule, I make it a priority to be present for important occasions in their lives. This includes being home for their birthdays, school functions and being present at as many of their extra-curricular activities as I am able. I also am available to them at all times to provide guidance and support as a father regardless of my schedule or location. They are my first priority.

Again, there is nothing more important to me than my children. This is demonstrated by my effort to support them in every way that I can. Any reasonable person knowing the facts would conclude that all of my children’s needs are being far exceeded. My support of them in every way is documented and cannot be legitimately challenged.

I believe that it is every parent’s responsibility to provide unconditional love and support for their kids. I have made every attempt to do so for my boys. Again, I provide 100% of their financial support. I should only be judged for my actions and not Lashon’s conscience decision not to work and not to contribute to the financial support of our boys.”

Originally posted September 11th: Clifford Harris — better known as rapper T.I. — is being sued by ex-girlfriend Lashon Dixon for an increase in child support. The current agreement has T.I. paying $2,000 a month to Lashon in order to help with their sons’ — 8-year-old Messiah Ya’Majesty and 7-year-old Domani Uriah — expenses, but according to the 29-year-old mother, she is no longer able to provide for the boys based on this income. Lashon is hoping that, with a court order, the judge will rule on a figure relevant to the 27-year-old’s successful career.

In addition to Messiah and Domani, T.I. is father to Clifford “King” Joseph III, 4, and Major Philant, 3 ½ months with his fiancée Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle, with whom he also had daughter Llayah Amour, who passed away shortly after her birth in 2007. Additionally, he is dad to daughter Deyjah from a previous relationship.

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Xan on

What names! I hope the kids get the best out of this. It’s a shame when they’re the ones that suffer…

Jessica on

CBB please tell me you made a typo. What human being would seriously name their child “Messiah Ya’Majesty”. That’s actually worse than Jermajesty. Some of these celebs need to stop being different and cool and be realistic.

J on

6 kids by the time he’s 27? goodness! what could these kids be doing that could cost so much? $2000 a month for 2 kids is A LOT

Abbey on

Messiah Ya’Majesty – what a name to live up to.

Mary-Helen on

I think it’s a matter of T.I’s children that live with him probably live in the lap of luxury while these two live in modest means and Lashon wants her kids to have the same oppurtunity. I know $2000 seems like alot but once you look @ rent, utilities, clothes, gas, food, etc, it adds up REALLY fast and even if she’s working part time, there’s no guarentee she can make ends meet in certain parts of the US where the cost of living is much higher.

Caren on


Yep it’s true. Messiah Ya’Majesty is the actual name. Seen it on a couple of Unusual Celeb Baby Names lists.

Tricia on

If “T.I.” thinks it’s too much of a problem providing for the children he’s already sired, perhaps he should take better care to not bring any more children into the world.

Alice on

I think that Lashon should get paid more than 2k a month for two kids. TI is making money again and he can afford to pay more, especially since he is wasting 6M dollars on a ring. Since he has money to throw around like that, throw some of it towards his kids. TI stop being a A-hole.

mom2foxkids on

This seems a bit gossipy for CBB?? No?
Personal court issues should probably be kept personal.

phoebe on

Okay, I think we all know that it’s utter rubbish that you can’t raise children on $2000 a month, and the fact that the mother claims this is bordering on insane. However, this isn’t really the issue, because when you consider how much T.I. earns, only giving $1000 a month to each child seems in no way fair. I always thought the purpose of child support was not only to sustain the child, but to allow them to be raised in a way according to the parents means. As much as I don’t agree with the mother’s claim that she can’t raise the kids on this money, I’m still in her camp over this, the kids deserve more than what they’re getting based on their father’s income. CBB, please keep us informed of this story, I’d love to know how this works out.

Jo Ann v. on

J, I thought the same ! Not even 30 and so many kids…

Shawn on

I recive 1,000 a month in child support for one child and i know his dad does not make half of what T.I makes. So 2,000 is not that much and if they live in a higher income area i know that is not enough. I live in Michigan and it’s not a high cost of living but i still struggle with what i get. It’s common sense that he should be paying alot more and stop being so selfish with his money when it comes to his children. They desever the best all kids do.

Bb on

I love T.I. I didn’t realise that althought he has 6 children, they are all from 3 relationships. I thought he’d had them by six different women!

cdneal on

Before we begin to judge, which a few of you have already done, we don’t know how much time he is spending with the kids and how much he might be giving her in addition to the $2000 court ordered amount. No where in the article does it say that he is not willing to give more than $2000 either.

Now with that said, those are some powerful names. I too hope they can/will live up to them.

Bancie1031 on

“I know $2000 seems like alot but once you look @ rent, utilities, clothes, gas, food, etc, it adds up REALLY fast and even if she’s working part time, “
Mary-Helen while I do agree with you that $2,000 isn’t alot when you consider utilities BUT child support is just that support, to help the other parent with the responsibility, not to completely financially raise the child(ren) and/or mother. It’s to help financially with the childs upbringing cost and care: food, clothes, etc… not for the other parent to live off of. The mother is just as capable of getting and holding a job as the father and helping with the upkeep of her children.
The judge told my cousin this last year when she and her husband were going through a divorce.
NOW with that being said I do agree that I think T.I. could help out more than $2,000/month. I also do believe that the Judge will take in to consideration that T.I. has been out of work for (I do believe) a year now because he’s been on house arrest. So he doesn’t have the money from concerts, new c.d.’s, promotional gigs, appearances etc …….
Though T.I. does have a lot of children for his age, he’s really a hands on father and does participate fully with the upbringing of his children including Messiah and Domani. Also I believe that he’s said in interviews that he shares joint custody of Messiah and Domani with Lashon (does anyone know for sure??). Family members of mine have seen him with all 4 of his older children (Deyjah, King, Messiah and Domani) plus we have ran into him at Six Flags.
He does have some pretty/handsome children 😀 Hopefully we’ll get to see a picture of Major on here.

Mtoo on

Bb…what a sad commentary on the state of the world when you think that because his six children are “ONLY” by three different women he is to be commended! Sheesh!

Jessica on

I don’t understand why this information is on CBB. We do not see much info about other stars regarding child support. Yet whenever there is a rapper involved it always makes the news. The media loves to perpetuate stereotypes of what rappers are. Positive info regarding rappers never make the news only legal issues and “baby momma drama”. I think this is pathetic. This is my personal opinion. The fact that he has six children and he is under thirty is his business. So many people on this site love to act like they are “holier than thou” and its pretty annoying. Ity really upsets me that many of the negative stories on this site involve people of color and there are always snide remarks in the comments sections. Please note: People of color are not all the same. Its a shame that in 2008, people still need to be reminded. None of you know the truth regarding this situation so please stop the speculation. I know folks in Atlanta that know T.I and they tell me he takes very good care of his children.

Mirabai on

$2,000 may not even cover school fees…

The court will award child support on the basis of both parents’ incomes and the standard of living that the children are accustomed to. This payment can be be adjusted if one or more of the parent’s income levels change.

As for the issue of the mother being capable of also earning an income – this is correct. However, it must be noted that the earning capacity of women is generally less than men (based on equivalent pay for equivalent work/skills) and this parity in pay is also significantly impacted if a woman takes time away from professional life to raise children.

It’s therefore inappropriate for unrelated parties to comment on the financial arrangements of any separated couple with children.

celebritybabyblogfan on

when’s TI getting married? i think birth mom #1 filed for more child support because she’s jealous that TI isn’t marrying her, but birth mom #2. and unless birth mom #1 becomes a rapper, it’s not fair to blame TI because birth mom #1 can’t provide the financial means that he can as a superstar. does birth mom #1 work? is she going to school? i think everyone is jumping on the bandwagon against the dad and i find it sexist. and p.s., i’m a woman!

monika on

2 grand for 2 kids isnt that much. my ex makes less than a rapper and i get more than that.

Ashley Michelle on

I know that I dont have any children but my mother only gets $800 a month an her ex makes 100 grand a year an she only makes 14/hour at her job an the courts still only make him pay $800 my aunt only got $200 an she has 3 kids. It differs by the court systems an by how much they can agree on honestly $2000 is alot an I am sure that T.I. gives her more on the side.

melanie on

It is different based on the cost of living in your area. My ex and I have one son together and he is required to pay $1200 for him and I’m certain that he makes a lot less than T.I. and he sees our son 2 days per week. There is no way T.I. is paying the state mandated amount- not even close. I do think they take into consideration how many other children you have, though, and my ex doesn’t have any others. Anyway, kids are sooo expensive. Childcare is $1200 a month where we live. I could definately see how it would be hard to get by on the support she is getting.

Bancie1031 on

Another thing is here in Georgia they don’t recognize alimony. They also do base child support on how many children each parent has.

“It’s therefore inappropriate for unrelated parties to comment on the financial arrangements of any separated couple with children.”

Mirabai – I do agree with you but you know everyone does have an opinion one way or another, also I was just stating what the Judge (here in Georgia btw) told my cousin.

Harley on

I don’t care that he has 6 kids, etc. I HATE women like her, really and truly do. I get that he makes bank BUT, what in the world is she spending all that money on? Where is she trying to live?

I absolutely hated seeing the man I consider dad paying 1800/mo for 2 kids in the middle of the gosh darn desert in California where the average cost of living was 500-600 in rent.

Child support is not meant to put the mom in the lap of freakin’ luxury. It’s for the cost of raising the kids and helping keep a roof over their heads, not to pay for a Mercedes.

Also, it’s hard to judge the entire situation without knowing what amount of time he spends with the kids, what he gives the kids, etc. Who says he’s not a part of their life? Who says he doesn’t pay for other things (sports uniforms, etc.)?

I’ll go ahead and say I don’t like this article on CBB as it only gives a small glimpse into a BIG “thing”

LJK on

My brother has 5 kids. He just turned 31. The oldest is almost 14 and the youngest turns 6 next month. Do the math! Crazy I know.. you’d think condoms wouldn’t be so hard to put on 😉

Tara20052 on

A lot of people have made great points in the end I hope that the children benefit from the outcome of whatever decision. That the Judge makes they are the ones that matter the most.

brannon on

Wow – I’m really shocked by how little he is expected to pay? Even out of work for a year, he surely makes more than enough to have a higher court ordered payment? That being said, if he is paying school costs (which would exceed the 2000) and other bills on top of the 2000, then maybe it works out. Interesting story though!

m-dot on

I think that $2000.00/mo in cash, along with paying for everything else listed is more than enough.

This woman should not think that child support is HER income. She should get a job and contribute to the finances for her children as well.

Michelle on

When you add everything up, it sounds like he pays closer to $10k per month. I think it’s time the mom got off her behind and started contributing to the support of her children.

I realize that men have a financial responsibility to their children, but so do the women. It seems like some (not ALL, I said SOME) women only want equality when it suits them.

MB on

Just goes to show there are always two sides to every story! It sounds like he does do quite a bit of at least the financial end in raising his children.

terri on

$2,000 isn’t a lot for what he makes. Just look at what other celebrities pay. But it does appear that he is paying for much more than just his child support. I hope that they can work things out outside of the court.

melanie on

The truth is that the court will likely require him to pay a lot more support to his ex directly. She can then decide how she sees fit to use the money. If she is capable of working and chooses not to, the court will factor that into the decision. But 2000 is not enough direct support. He doesn’t get to choose where the money goes (like he seems to be doing). It’s her choice how to use. Maybe she doesn’t need new clothes for the boys, maybe she needs something else. Just my opinion, as my ex and I have been through this very similar situation and he wanted to dictate where his support was spent (or buy the things himself- controlling much?) We settled out of court, but lawyers on both sides agreed that his way wouldn’t fly before a judge. Anyway, good luck to them.

Beverley on

I have known 27 year olds with six kids before, but never with 3 different people. Maybe T.I. should be more thoughtful about having babies with every woman he’s in a relationship with. And maybe these women should realize that he does this over and over again and will probably keep doing it. What’s next – he’ll be 30 with 10 kids by 6 women. Disgraceful.

Tier-Leigh on

I actually clicked the extended post because I wanted to read the comments but I was disappointed to see that noone read the whole statement by T.I.
T.I. stated that he supports his kids 100%, he pays for anything they need or want want and helped his ex with a house and a car. His job is to be a father and to me it looks like he does a good job at that. He is no longer with that women, he should not have to support her. I personally do not think that she deserves a cent more. She wants him to support her because he sure seems to be supporting those children.

grace on

how much does he make?? 2000 a month plus all the other things listed sounds like PLENTY to me. i agree with whoever said that child support is not HER income, and it sounds like he pays for everything else. i rarely hear of an ex paying for down payments on a house, car etc. sounds like she needs to get a job. i’m a single mother, full time student, i work part time, and i receive ZERO child support as of right now. oh wait, i forgot my ex did pay 80 bucks once:/ i’m waiting on dhr to handle my case since unfortunately i can’t afford a lawyer. i have no sympathy for women who act like this. get a job and quit being greedy and lazy, appreciate what you have.

RJH324 on

$2000. a month may not seem like a lot but consider he spends an easy $1000. per child for school, a couple of hundred a month on health insurance, He bought her, the mother, a car, gave her the down payment on her house, provides for all of their extra cirricular activities(and they can be expensive), buys all of their clothing, buys presents for their friends birthday presents, plus groceries. He probably easily spends $3,000 to $4,000 per month on each child. If he was not who he is he would be getting a lot more sympathy. Most men grip about just paying child support much less chipping in for cars and down payment on a house.

liz on

He said she chose not to work and lives off of the child support money. she is f****** lazy. get a job and help take care of your kids!!!!!
He is doing his part, he said he even helps besides that money. he s being very supportive to his kids, he owes nothing to that lazy a** B****!!!!!!!!

Jo on

I don’t think that paying $2000 a month is unreasonable at all. I think that the people who believe that it is unreasonable did not take the time to read his entire comment. He mentioned that he is also paying for their school, medical insurance, extracurricular activities, food, etc. Child support should be that: money to support his children. He has no financial obligation to their mother. From what I can see, he is a great father to all of his children and he should not have to give this woman more money just because she refuses to get a job. These children are hers as well and if she is having financial trouble with all of the money that he is providing to her, maybe she should consider GETTING A JOB.

MB on

Do the kids go to private school? In my state, private schools run between $10,000 and $20,000 a year so that does get pricey, especially if he is paying all that for 3 kids (4 if King goes to private preschool). I would imagine in bigger cities like NYC or LA those prices would be higher.

Hea on

Since he states that he pays for everything, and I see no reason for him to lie, the mother needs to get a job. If she can’t provide for their kids with all costs covered AND $2,000 per month in cash, then, well, I don’t know. Two kids do not eat and dress for $2,000 every month.

Bancie1031 on

MB – Yes they go to private school and he stated that he paid for that. And yes private schools here in Atlanta can be very expensive. And you are right he does do alot of the financial end fo his children but as I stated before he’s also a very hands on dad.
For a couple of you I don’t think you read it completely
“in addition to the $2000 per month I pay in cash to Lashon Dixon” – meaning he pays ALL of the other things (which sounds to me like he TOTALLY supports his children) plus he’s giving her $2,000/month CASH ….. he doesn’t tell her how to spend that money. “These expenses are documented and are far in excess of the $2000 cash payment that is being paid direct to Lashon.” – sounds like a very smart move on his part!
And for same of the other’s most of these comments were made BEFORE the update was included (which is T.I.’s side of the story).
I’m glad that people are seeing that he does more than his part to take care of his children.

123 on

my dad only pays 300 and he is worth a lot lashon should be thankful she could get a lot less and he’s paying for all those other things

tomi on

I think it’s absolutely ridiculous how some of you women judge so quickly. Just because there are an abundance of dead beat dads doesn’t mean that other men don’t do another for their children. 7-8 years ago, how many of you knew who T.I. was? He hasn’t started making his money until about 3 years ago, so to sit there and judge how much his child support without even known when it was even set-up is just unfair to him. He doesn’t have to put them in private school, but he says he does. All he has to do is give the mother enough for her to put them into a school, (depending on what state) half medical, and then a reasonable amount for all other expenses. He didn’t even have to help the mother, but he did it anyway. And why is it that only one mother is stepping up to get an increase? If it really was an issue, then she would be asking for more to. I’m sure some of you don’t listen to T.I.’s lyrics but he isn’t like some rappers that talk nasty all the time, he does talk about real life issues and he has addressed the issue of supporting his children. If the mother is able, she needs to work – plain and simple. I personally think they should keep it at $2,000 because then it regulates how much the mother is really using because if they are being encourage to go to college, T.I. can’t be expected to pay all of it. Rapper or not, that doesn’t mean you leave behind your duties as a mother.

Jo Ann v. on

If he pays for everything, the 2K seem more like “pocket money”… a mother shouldn’t live of that money at all, they are for the children.
It’s sad they get to see their parents dishing each other publicly… 😦

Jay on

I’m so glad T.I. set the record straight. That was a one-sided story and he has been pictured with all of this kids on numerous occasions. Unfortunately, there are alot of mothers who want to live off their child support check. Two thousand isn’t alot of money to solely live off of but if it’s going toward the children like it should then there shouldn’t be a problem. Anyhoo, I’m glad he was able to get his side of the story out there.

Morgan on

As a single mother dealing with the OCSE (Office of Child Support Enforcement) here in Georgia, and not receiving the assistance of said program with enforcing the court mandated child support my ex is supposed to pay, I’m just plain aggravated state time and money is being diverted towards even addressing a woman like Lashon Dixon. I make more money than my ex and as a result, was ordered less support. It would be different were he paying as many expenses as TI, but he isn’t. I’ve got good reason to be bitter about “dead beat dads”, but there are plenty of guys out there supporting their kids and too many women simply looking for a free ride.

amanda on

sure – he could pay more then 2000 – but i personally think that’s a lot for 2 kids. i get that kids are expensive – but a whole lot of people make a whole lot less than that and are able to support their kids just fine. i get that he has a more extravagant job and his kids should be privy to some of the benefits of that but at the same time – i wouldnt want my kids to have thousands of dollars worth of clothes and all that stuff. i’d want them to be as normal as the kid next door..that’s just me of course.. but I don’t see why these moms think they dont have to work and just live off the guys. I would never want to be that mom, ya know.. I want to know I can make it w/o anyones help. Granted, like I said, he could pay more and I get certain places are a lot more expensive then others – but where I live 2000 would pay rent, school, extracurricular activities, and anything else my kid would need – without me having to lift a finger. So I think that’s enough *personally* but I see others points on this too..good luck to the kids, TI and his baby mama.. seems they’ll all need it.

Gianna on

I recently read an article titled “A man is not a financial plan.” More of these women who have children with celebrities would do well to read it.

This idea that a man is supposed to sweep you off your feet, give you the life of a princess where you don’t lift a finger and you live off his money, and then he must continue to maintain you whether the relationship works out or not, is ridiculous. GET A JOB. Your children are entitled to be maintained by their wealthy father, not YOU. They make life difficult for women who have a LEGITIMATE reason for going to court and getting support for their children.

SweetDiva on

I am so sick of these lazy women who think they need to be kept by a man. She was not married to him so Lashon has no claim to alimony or any support. The $2000 seems to be the discretionary amount that she is being paid for the boys. I’m sure there is some evidence of who is actually paying these bills, so I doubt TI is lying. Yes, there are deadbeat dads out there, but we have to be careful about who we brand with that title. For the simple fact that the mothers can go to news outlets and smudge the celeb dad’s name and start demanding more money. What kind of example of womanhood is Lashon showing her boys to counteract all the video vixens in their dad’s videos? Is it any wonder that so many men feel like meal tickets – and then treat women accordingly? Have some pride, already!

Di on

What everybody keeps forgetting is that child support in based in large part on the father’s earnings so if TI is making millions or hundreds or thousands of dollars then his child support should increase. The fact that most people can live with $2000/month is irrelevant considering that TI most likely lives in a mansion even though he could live some place far less expensive. If the mother was getting $10 or $15,000 I could understand the outrage but $2000 in relation to TI’s income is probably nothing.

Look, paying for the extracurriculars and private school education is great but that has nothing to do with child support. For example, the actress Anne Heche pays child support in addition to 75% of her son’s private school education. Most likely, the court will increase child support and mandate that TI continue paying for the private school.

Lastly, I think this case has a lot of to do with control. Many fathers and mothers want to dictate where the money goes so instead of paying child support directly they pay for the children’s clothes, sporting equipment etc.

anna on

These guys (rappers) do not always make as much money as people think they do. In videos they sometimes exaggerate everything… That is part of their “game”… T.I may not have all that money, plus he has other kids to look out for! His ex is being plain greedy…

Harley on

I can’t believe some of you ladies still saying he should pay more! Child support is SUPPOSED to include paying for extra-curricular activities. I don’t care how much the man makes, in addition to paying for everything AND helping her pay for a home, etc. she has been putting that money to selfish use and NOT working. The money is to cover the expense of a child, I don’t know any kid that requires $1000 a month to support but, whatever. Point is, he pays for everything, why the heck should he continue to pay to keep her from working? I am no TI fan, heck, I’ve never listened to his music but child support is ridiculous in many states. 2k, fine, I’ve seen it worse, like my dad paying $1800/mo for two kids in the middle of desert town USA where the average cost of living is $600/mo.

lilith on

” Many fathers and mothers want to dictate where the money goes so instead of paying child support directly they pay for the children’s clothes, sporting equipment etc.”

Di, while there certainly are cases where the controlling of every last cent of child support can get tedious, I don’t see a problem in this particular case. He’s the father of the children, he too has a right to decide about their education, the clothes they’re wearing, the extracurricular they’re doing, even the food they’re eating (e.g. organical food vs. fast food, don’t know if it’s the case here). On TOP of that he’s giving her 2000$, which she can decide completely on her own how to spend. You say that extracurriculars and private school education has nothing to do with child support, but what else is it?
And honestly, T.I. may have more money than the regular poster here, but he’s no Jay-Z either, and I don’t think that he has that many millions on his bank account.

Nicole on

I think she is being a little greedy. It says in the article that on top of the $2000 he pays for a bunch of other things as well so the only thing she really needs to pay for is food and rent. Which he also stated he helped her with a down payment for a house and a car.

Kelly on

First off this is no ones business. At all. How much child support someone pays, is in not place for anyone else to judge.

But since there is such a high volume of responce and he clearly wants this in the spotlight making comments about it, I thought I would weigh in.

Given how much he makes a year, yes he should be paying more child support. 2000 a month is ALOT of money and yes no matter what world of needing huge houses, fancy cars, and fancy clothing you think you need, it would be like a person making 35k a year, and then being taxed, would have a month. A person CAN live off that.

Child support is to take care OF THE CHILD. Not of the parent and whatever type of life they want to live. It is to support the CHILDREN. I find it completly disgusting when parents receive child support and think it’s there money and that they can just lay around the house all day on there butt waiting for the money to come in. There is no reason that someone who receives child support should not have a job.

Not to mention, I sure would rather my childs father be in my childs life, spending time with them, then be complaining about how much money they are giving me every month. And if the father is not even in the picture, I dont see why someone would want to take there money. Clearly that is not there child.

People need to just get out of there worlds of thinking I need expensive things to live a happy life. I cant just live a normal middle class life.

SeanJay on

Schooling & activities is part of child support DI. TI also pays for everything the boy need including food, clothes, medical insurance..etc.

On top of that he give Dixon $2000 in cash she can do whatever she wants with & money for a house & a car. That isn’t being controlling & is more than enough. Dixon needs to get a job. Child support is for he child’s needs no the parent to have fun with or replace a job with.

Bancie1031 on

It doesn’t matter that T.I. is a rapper, he definitely pays his share of child support. Is everyone missing in the article where it said “She has chosen not to work and to live 100% from her child support receipts. This is the reason for her difficulties in making ends meet for herself.”
He sees his boys all the time, he pays for everything for them ….. what exactly is she supposed to pay for them? Nothing? Now how fair is that?

Bancie1031 on

Also someone said something about Lashon spending that $2,000 on food but if you read his statement he pays for that also…… “their private schooling, medical insurance, clothing, food, gifts, birthdays and extracurricular activities.”

Ms.B on

T.I is saying he does all of these things but who knows if he does for sure? There’s many fathers who front in public like they’re such great fathers when in reality, they don’t do anything at all.

CelebBabyLover on

Ms. B.: Well, first of all, TI and his attorney would probably both get in serious trouble if the court found out they were lying about TI paying all that extra money.

At the very least, Lashton would probably make a very angry public statement if she found out he was lying. I don’t think TI would be willing to risk that.

Also, he has apparently been seen with his boys several times. I mean, come on! Eddie Murphy he’s not!

Harley on

God I’d love to be a judge at times. My statement to her would probably have been something along the lines of, “Grow up hunny, it’s time for you to get a job. He pays for EVERYTHING the kids need and then some. If you aren’t making ends meet with an extra $2k in pocket every month, you need to reevaulate your spending habits.”

Danica on

That doesn’t seem like a lot of money. She’s got to support herself too. Gee, I wonder who those boys will want to live with when they hit the age of 12 or so?…hmmmm….

mom-squared on

I say the judge made a fair decision based on these bit of facts. I believe this woman is of the same ilk as 50-cent’s baby momma and the judge taught her a new trick by reducing her child support greatly. I say too many baby momma’s and ex-wives think child support is “free money” for them to buy designer goods and line their pockets. Not even pretending to do something productive with the money like a college-savings plan for the children or heck if using the money on themselves going out and getting the best college degree money can buy and building their own career and wealth.

I happen to like some of T.I.’s music, though I’m disappointed in his recent troubles with the law, but this Lashon was clearly trying to smear him and a seemingly competent judge saw through her nonsense.

Child support does not equal gravy train. I don’t care if it’s T.I. money or UPS delivery man money. The money is for the children–that’s why the word CHILD is int he phrase. If you want alimony or palimony you need to file a seperate case for that and let the judge rule on it.

I can’t stand dead-beat dads, but I really can’t stand lazy-gold-digging moms who are panicking because their children are getting older and the gravy train is about to come to a halt.

Serena on

I know the family personally. 2000 is enough because Clifford pays the 2000 on top of the boys tuition, clothes, toys, etc. He is a very good father. And he takes care of his boys very well.

Bren on

I didnt realize you could use your child as income! I mean if he is paying a certain about for child support then that money goes to the child and if she does have to life in a 3 bedroom or 2 bedroom verses a 1 because of her child then sure take what the difference is and split it in half and use that money for that and food but to me I think sometimes women rely on a rich man and he should pay more because he makes more but I always wonder what these women really spend the money on. Its your choice to have a child with this man so you both split the price of the child, he doesn’t pay for everything just because the child lives with you. Sorry if this is harsh, it just seems annoying to have to hear about when so many other people are struggling and this women is complaining about how much she is getting. My mom only got $100 a month for my brother and luckily my dad took care of him as his own child but my mom never complained she worked hard and did it herself and she had a hard life with no support so this women cant have it to hard but who knows.

J on

if he already pays for everything why does she need more child support?

FAY on

i hate when you ppl come on hear and judge when you have no idea what you’re talking about…

in THE LAST POST THAT WAS PUBLISHED ON CBB, t.i. says that he pays lashons housing bills, the boys school bills, their extra ciricular activity bills, buys them clothes, takes care of their health and medical insurance. i think the only thing he ISN’T PAYING FOR IS THEIR FOOD when they’re over their mothers house…

the woman is living free… FREE… and if w/ 2k a month she cannot feed and transport her children, she needs to get a JOB… that’s what parents do when you divorce… you work…

my cousin is a lawyer, his wife stayed at home, they got a divorce, he’s paying quite a bit in child support, but there was a lifestyle she was used to living, SO SHE GOT A JOB… and now she’s able to sustain that lifestyle…

plain and simple…

it shouldn’t be equal on both sides, because their mother isn’t a rapper… their mother doesn’t do anything… if she was unable to work, i may think you had a case… but she’s not unable to work… she just DOESNT’… and for an 11 and 12 year old… there’s no reason for her not to…

i SWEAR there’s a link to the previous article in todays posting… if you’d JUST CLICK IT… i mean… WOW…

and edit this if you must, but this man is being raked over the coals here, so if u’ve got to edit it, please do… but PLEASE publish this posting…

thanks a bunch

Courtney on

I can’t stand when women use their kids as a way of making money. When it said that they were barely making ends meet my first thought, well she needs to get a job. She shouldn’t be using her child as a way of getting free money.

Honestly, it makes me sick.

*now, IIIII am going back to work since I want to maintain our lifestyle so its up to me!*

lilith on

LOL at Harley, that would’ve been exactly my words too to her.
Seriously 2000, now 3000$ on top of everything else? And gold-digger “still has discrepancies over the amount of child support”?! Le Sigh.

Chicki on

I’m not here to judge because frankly, I’m torn on this issue – it’s a very complex set of circumstances to be reviewed in order to come up with a fair decision in these cases. BUT I think that as a mother, you should want to set an example for your children and show them the value of hard work, regarless of whether or not the kids’ father is wealthy or not. IF she is relying solely on TI’s money to support herself and her children, I think she’s doing them a huge disservice in the long run. How else do you instill the value of hard work if you don’t lead by example? TI’s doing his part and she should do hers too.

Destiny on

Fair or unfair, and I do think that it’s unfair, it’s going to cost TI an extra $12,000 a year. That’s probably not much to TI. Hopefully he will pay it and continue being a great father to his children and not let this get in the way of his parenting, or him and the mother getting along.

terri on

I thought initially that we were just talking about one child, but I see that it’s two.

melissa on

Tier-Leigh that was well put and I couldn’t agree more,after reading the older posts I too thought this woman wants him to support her and she seems to keep downplaying his role{as their father and provider}because CLEARLY his kids aren’t doing without and he has stated besides the child support he pays for their schooling{private}medical and whatever they need. Sorry,but I gotta back T.I. on this one…

carie on

Yeah, sorry. this still seems outrageous to me. He pays for everything except the food on the table and clothes….yet mom can’t raise the kids on $2000 a month? And now it’s $3000? ridiculous.

carie on

Also wanted to add….the majority of the comments criticizing him, that everyone is responding to…those were all posted before the Update and Statement from him we’re given explaining how much more he pays.

LanLan on

I think what people are missing here is that child support is PROPORTIONAL to what the father earns. Why should a millionaire and a minumum wage worker pay the same amount of child support? So WHAT if she can raise the kids on $2000 a month? If he can(and he CAN afford it)he should pay the amount of money that will allow the kids to sustain the lifestyle they would have if he lived with him. Whether that $12 or $12,000 he should pay it. I’m ready to bet his kids with his fiancee have a more costly lifestyle than these ones. I don’t care about whatever he wrote in his statement which for all we know could have been written by his lawyer anyway; anyone can SAY they’re a good father, only some put their money where their mouth is.

Chyna on

No one know what is going on in their household, besides this garbage that is on the site. It seems to me that CBB only post stuff pertaining to African-Americans when there is some kind of scandal, or something extra trifling that they take out of context.

Monique on

Apparently so of you didnt take the time to read what he said. She sounds like another greedy baby momma to me who just want to sit on her tail. TI clearly stated that he pays for everything. He pays for the kids school, clothes, activites, medical bills, etc. He put a down payment on her car and also house. I guarantee you she is not using that money on the kids. She is probably buying herself some clothes, getting her nails and hair done, and God only knows whatelse. The reason why his kids by Tiny might be living better is because of the simple fact, Tiny is successful also with her group Xscape.

Ree on

I think 2000 is more than enough, Considering he is responsible for the school. Private school is not cheap, pay medical bills, spend time with them, I am sure he buys the clothes and give 2000 a month. Give me the 2000 a month in child support and help with all the other things. She should understand the support is not for her it is for the kids. T.I also have other kids, if doing all of this for his other kids also, He have his hands full.
2000 is enough she need to get up and get a job.

Leslie on

We have become a society reliant on hand outs. She needs to contribute to the financial well being of her offspring. He’s obviously doing all he can. She’s not his child as well. She is a grown able bodied adult who is also responsible for making these two children. She needs to step up and be a responsible parent too.

The child support system needs to be revamped. We all need to start being treated more equally as far as being responsible for the children we made. It shouldn’t all rest on the man’s shoulders.