Poppy Montgomery Ate Her Way Through Pregnancy

09/24/2008 at 09:00 AM ET
Albert Michael/StarTraks

Some actresses spend their pregnancies clutching over-sized purses to conceal their growing bump, but not Poppy Montgomery — and she couldn’t be happier about it. When the producers of Without A Trace agreed to write her pregnancy into the show’s plot, she decided to make the most of the situation! "I was like, ‘Great! Ben & Jerry’s for breakfast, Ben & Jerry’s for lunch, Ben & Jerry’s for dinner,’" she said Tuesday on Live with Regis and Kelly.

All the ice cream came at a price, however — Poppy gained 67 pounds while carrying son Jackson Phillip Deveraux, 8 months. "I ate, like, everything," she admits. "I would have eaten my desk if I could have fit it into my mouth." When Jackson arrived, Poppy says she feared "he was going to weigh at least 15 pounds," but he was instead a healthy 7 lbs, 4 oz. The weight gain was ultimately a price worth paying. Of Jackson, Poppy, 36, said "he’s the love of my life" — and in a separate interview with The Early Show she called motherhood "amazing," proclaiming, "I’m in love with my baby boy."

Jackson is the first child for Poppy and her boyfriend Adam Kaufman.

Sources: Live with Regis and Kelly and The Early Show

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Serah on

He is a doll…I love the hat!!! “ben and Jerry’s for breakfast” Thats awesome…

maggie on

Clearly she loves her child so that is great. But isn’t it unhealthy for the women to gain that much weight? I thought most doctors recomend a women gain no more than 35 pounds during pregnancy? If that is true, she gained almost double that amount!!

Brandi on

Actresses are usually underweight to start, so I think they can gain more. Milla Jovovich gained 70 lbs! I’m not sure what the healthy limit is though.

Ella on

Maggie-I think your right but Ben & Jerry’s didn’t help…He is a cuttie..

Avery on

Wow, I watched Without A Trace religiously and never knew she has an accent…Baby is too cute

April on

Eh, Maggie. I think those weight guidelines are pretty much b.s. Lots of women gain more than that, even if they eat well and *don’t* eat Ben & Jerry’s for every meal! 🙂

She looks great now, and she and her baby are healthy so that’s all that matters!

maggie on

I meant unhealthy weight as it pertains to giving birth. A high body weight gain– can’t it lead to hypertension, high blood pressure, pre acclampica…If you are that heavy doesn’t it endanger the mothers life and possibly a safe delivery of the child? That was the distinction I was making.

melissa on

1st off, the lil guy is a CUTIE and I commend Poppy Montgomery’s honesty on this matter{weight gain}I’m no Hollywood actress or model but {I’d like to say} when I was pregnant with my 1st son,I gained 87 lbs and I won’t lie I LOVED to eat and I,too had alot of medical problems{pre-eclampsia,high blood pressure and placenta previa to name a few}and my doctor NEVER said that I was gaining too much,every person is different and come to find out when I had my C-section,my son weighed 6 lbs and 14 ozs and my placenta weighed 14 lbs{which was causing the majority of my problems} So,the guidelines on what a “healthy” weight gain should be is different for all women.

Kate on

He is so CUTE!!! I am so happy for her. She is going to make a GREAT mother!!!

Danielle on

I gained between 50 and 60 pounds with each pregnancy and never had a problem losing it. I think women will gain what they gain no matter what. Genetically we are all different so we can’t expect that the amount of weight one woman gains is the right amount for another. I think Poppy looks fabulous and her son is adorable!!

maddie on

I love Poppy, she’s just so joyful! Jackson is just so cute, I wanna squeeze him!