Kristy Swanson and Her Little Rocker Dude

09/23/2008 at 06:30 PM ET
Amy Graves/WireImage

Actress Kristy Swanson, 38,  and 19-month-old son Magnus Hart — looking spiffy in a vest, tie and leather wrist cuff, topped with a fauxhawk! — attended Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Day of Peace at Griffith Park on Sunday in Los Angeles, Calif.

While at the event, Kristy enjoyed a environmentally friendly manicure at the EcoStilletto kids tent, listened to music, and watched the Hot Moms Club-hosted fashion show. Magnus’ father is figure skater Lloyd Eisler.

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amandamay on

cute little boy! i’m not a fan of people over stylizing little kids, though. when i was a kid, kids dressed like kids, not mini adults. but i suppose that’s just my opinion. to each his/her own.

J on

she’s leaning over like it’s hard to hold him or something.

fuzibuni on

that wrist cuff is making me itch.

Lindsay on

Cute little boy but why does she look so awkward and uncomfortable holding her own son. She looks as if she has never held him before.

Kait on

he’s cute, the cuff looks a little unsafe/-comfortable on him, and she looks very uncomfortable too, like she might fall over from holding him that way.

Rye on

i dont think she looks akward. i think she is just posing. that baby looks just like her.

Brittany on

Hes soo cute!!

And also, im sure hes pretty heavy being nearly 2 years old, heck i strain holding my 5 months old! I see nothing wrong with the way hes dressed either, we dont have to be critical about every picture.

Autumn on

Yeah she does look a little awkward holding her son, although I think she’s just trying to pose for the cameras on the red carpet.

Ginger on

cute halloween costume, but not for everyday…

The Nanny on

In regard to the posts about how she is holding him, maybe she was dancing back and forth and the camera caught her in mid-swing? She’s certainly holding him close–I don’t think she looks uncomfortable.

Tammy's Tupperware on

Awww he’s adorable and looks just like his mom IMO!

Gianna on

Lol! How she’s HOLDING him? Oh dear, imperfect stance and posture, tsk tsk. I guess people had to get creative to find something to criticize in this one, lol.

Allie on

Gianna — It’s more of an observation. All that was said, is that she looks uncomfortable. I don’t see anyone criticizing her, at all….

Kia on

Wow who are any of you so called ”perfect” moms to criticize how she chooses to dress HER kid, again HER kid.There is nothing wrong with wanting to dress your kids a certain style or fashion. Just the same way im african american and other african americans accuse me of dressing my 5 yr old like a lil white punk rocker. Oh so is his pants suppose to be sagging like a little thug, oh why won’t i just put a oozie in his back pocket while im at it. Really people get off it, and take the stick out of your butt for a min.

yogadaisy on

lol, it does seem odd to make note of someones posture while they hold their 2 year old!

That said, she IS on the red carpet and probably has been holding him for some time and was trying to adjust his weight onto hers to relieve her back and arms. I do that too when I’m holding my toddler for an extended time.

I think he’s adorable and it’s fun to dress up a little one for a special event!

Christina on

They both look adorable! I love his outfit – why should baby girls have all the dress up fun?!?

brannon on

I agree! He looks adorable and little girls shouldn’t be the only ones with fun hair and accessories. Halloween? What would he be dressed as other than an adorable baby boy!

Allie on

It does seem odd, too, in my opinion, the comments on her posture. But, it’s probably a mom, noticing that a fellow mom looked uncomfortable, because I’m sure she’s been there, done that. That’s all. I didn’t see any harm in it, as it’s just an observation! It shows how easily someones words can be taken out of context….

buhler on

I know those guys and let me tell ya, Magnus is a handful! He so awesome and cute! I’m sure Kristy is just trying to keep him still long enough for the photo to get snapped. Tough handling the red carpet while carrying a two year old, ya know!

but I can tell you, she’s far from uncomfortable with her son. They litterally do EVERYTHING together!

Go Swannie!!!

Autumn on

LOL! I just noticed the pic of Josie Maran holding her two year old daughter on the same red carpet, and she’s holding her the same way! So I guess Kristy’s pose isn’t that unusual.

Brandi on

she’s just balancing his weight on her hip! totally nothing to complain about. my goodness. and I really love his outfit, it’s very stylish and he looks adorable.

Kelly on

actually thats the way i hold my little sister but i guess it might be a little different shes 6 & im 14 so

Nicole on

I love his little outfit… much better the puppies, bugs, and sports themed clothing that every other little boy on the planet wears! I try not to dress my son as a ‘baby’ but as a kid. And that’s apparently Kristy’s choice as well.

Love it!!