Brooke Shields 'Ambushes' Jonas Brothers for Daughter

09/23/2008 at 04:00 PM ET
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The tables of fame were turned on Brooke Shields recently following a trip to a Jonas Brothers concert with her 5-year-old daughter Rowan Francis. During an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the 43-year-old Lipstick Jungle actress says that for the first time it was she who was in the awkward position of fumbling with a faulty camera while a celebrity looked on.  As she and Rowan waited to "ambush" the boys as they exited the venue, Brooke says she snapped into action. "I’m like blocking the door, because it’s my daughter and I’d kill for her, and I’m like ‘You’re gonna take a picture with my kid.’ So I put her in front of them and of course I go to take the picture and the camera doesn’t work," Brooke recalled. "I’m one of those people now." When asked by Jay whether Rowan is old enough to appreciate the Jonas Brothers, Brooke said that her daughter has "a crush" on the group — though no member in particular. 

"I don’t even think she knows which one [she has a crush on]. It’s just sort of the boys in general. A Jonas."

It was an eventful summer for Rowan, for she — along with 2-year-old little sister Grier Hammond — also visited Disney World for the first time. Brooke says she wasn’t afraid to use the trip for leverage around the house, either! "If one of them wasn’t eating their peas, I’d say, ‘Do you want to meet Mickey? Eat your peas. Do you want to meet Mickey? Go to bed,’" Brooke joked. "So I used Mickey, because you know, using a national treasure is a good way to teach your children." From the sound of things, all the veggies and early bedtimes had a big pay off for the girls.

"We got there, and Rowan … goes, ‘Oh, this is so amazing mom. I’m looking everywhere, I wish I had eight eyes.’ So it was a hit."

Rowan and Grier are Brooke’s daughters with husband Chris Henchy. The new season of Lipstick Jungle premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m. on NBC.

Source: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

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Brooke Shields is great, she seems so down to earth. The comment that her daughter made about wishing she had eight eyes that’s sooo cute,hehehe, something my little niece would say. Her little girls sound sweet.

Stéph on

Isn’t her name Rowan Francis?

Kelly on

haha that is such a cute story. It just shows how down to earth she is and how normal a life she wants her children to have.

Most celebs would just be like “ok … let my kid meet the jonas brothers”. Clearly she is not like that.

brooke on

Brooke has such a great personality and seems like a good mom, she was so nice on the leno show.

Renee on

Where did the Jonas brothers come from? It seems that they just became popular over night LOL.

Liz on

I have a 5 year old…who loves the Jonas Brothers. Let’s say “we” love them. I hear ya, Brooke!! I bet she has a favorite.

@Renee…they have been around for a while (touring for 18 months), their popularity has just been surging with everyone. They’re sweet!

stephanie on

Renee- lol, same here. I think they’ve been around for a while but didn’t really explode until their TV movie came out. I still have no idea which is which!

Kelly on

Renee i have to say as a teen girl dont let any other teen girls hear or you would get chewed out! lol mostly they became popular in august 07 when disney backed their last cd & they started a sold out tour & opening for Hannah Montana last year helped a bunch

Gianna on

What’s helped their popularity even more are the foolish comments made towards them by the host at this year’s MTV awards and the mini controversy that struck up after. I think a lot more adults look at the boys now as positive role models. So out of something silly (although, yes, I know the host was simply making a joke), came something great. And good for Brooke, going all out for her girl!

far on

I have 9 and 12 year old doughters who hate the Jonas Brothers… I am really happy they do because I intend to raise them to like real stuff that means anyting int society not some nonesense like this group.